Nicholas de Soulis

( - 1296)
     Nicholas de Soulis was the son of William de Soulis and Ermengarde Durward.
     Soules, Dominus Nicholaus de (miles), (Nicol de Soules, chiualer). ' - swore allegiance to King Edward I at Berwick, 1291 Ragman Roll.
     Nicholas died in 1296.

William de Soulis

     William de Soulis married Ermengarde Durward, daughter of Alan Durward and Margery, of Scotland,.

Children of William de Soulis and Ermengarde Durward

Mary Elizabeth South

(26 April 1799 - 1866?)
     Mary Elizabeth South was christened on 26 April 1799 in St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey. She was the daughter of James & Mary.
     Mary Elizabeth South married Hamor Rich, son of John Rich and Mary Keen, on 8 November 1832 in Christ Church, Southwark, Surrey. Hamor Rich, bachelor & Mary Elizabeth South, spinster, Christ Church by licence.
     Mary Elizabeth South and Hamor Rich appeared on the 1841 census in Newington, St Mary, Surrey. Hamor Rich, 40, gent, born in the county, with Mary Rich, 40 ditto.
     Mary Elizabeth South was recorded on the 1851 census in Marshfield, Gloucestershire. Mary Elizabeth Rich, visitor, widow aged 51 , born Borough, London, in the household of Thomas James & Mary Ann Robinson adn their three children. He was curate of Marshfield.
     Mary Elizabeth South was mentioned in the will of John Rich dated 2 November 1855.
     Mary Elizabeth South appeared on the 1861 census in 103/183 Lisson Grove, St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. Mary Elizabeth Rich, visitor, widow, 61, fundholder, born Boro of Southwark, Surrey, with Charles Smith Robinson, surgeon, 46, and his wife Mary Jane aged 46.
     Mary died in 1866?. A Mary E Rich death was registered in the Lewisham RD in the Dec quarter of 1866 (1d/436). BLackheath parish register gives the burial on Oct 13th, Mary Elizabeth Rich, aged 67, abode Morden Head, Blackheath.

Child of Mary Elizabeth South and Hamor Rich

George Southern

     George Southern married Margaret Cook Trull, daughter of John Trull and Margaret Cook, on 14 January 1794 in St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk.

Angelina (Ann) Southgate (possibly)

(circa 1829 - )
     Angelina (Ann) Southgate (possibly) married Robert Buxton, son of Thomas Buxton and Sarah Fuller, Dec 1/4 of 1853 in Stow RD, Suffolk. Angelina (Ann) Southgate (possibly) was born circa 1829 in Shelland, Suffolk.

Alfred Southgate

(1847 - 1894)
     Alfred Southgate was born in 1847.
     Alfred Southgate married Sophia Cocksedge, daughter of John Cocksedge and Mary Unknown, in 1875 in Stow RD, Suffolk. See Helen Catchpoles file southgatecatchpole.pdf for details of descendants.
     Alfred died in 1894.

George Southgate

(1886 - 1950)
     George Southgate was born in 1886 in Edmonton, London.
     George Southgate married Lillian Mary Cocksedge, daughter of Charles Cocksedge and Charlotte Yonge, on 4 March 1911. They lived in Southgate, Middlesex and George worked for the London General Post office, he became Postmaster of Southgate Post office.
     George died in 1950.

Sarah Southward

(circa 1780 - )
     Sarah Southward was born circa 1780 in Nottinghamshire.
     Sarah Southward married George Stancer, son of John Stancer and Ann Reaynes, on 13 July 1804 in St Mary, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
     Sarah Southward and Richard Stanser appeared on the 1841 census in East Gate, Worksop, St Mary (Priory). Richard Stancer 38, labourer & Sarah aged 60, both born in the county.

Children of Sarah Southward and George Stancer

Ambrose Sowgate

(30 March 1646 - )
     Ambrose Sowgate was born on 30 March 1646 in Buxhall, Suffolk. He was the son of Thomas Sowgate and Bridget Jacob.

James Sowgate

(before 14 December 1664 - before 14 December 1664)
     James Sowgate was born before 14 December 1664 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     James died before 14 December 1664 in Buxhall, SFK. He was the son of Thomas Sowgate and Bridget Jacob.

John Sowgate

(20 March 1653/54 - )
     John Sowgate was born on 20 March 1653/54 in Buxhall, Suffolk. He was the son of Thomas Sowgate and Bridget Jacob.

Thomas Sowgate

     Thomas Sowgate was born in Suffolk, England.
     Thomas Sowgate married Bridget Jacob, daughter of Edmund Jacob and Sara Stevens, on 30 November 1637 in Buxhall, Suffolk.

Children of Thomas Sowgate and Bridget Jacob

Thomas Sowgate

(22 July 1649 - )
     Thomas Sowgate was born on 22 July 1649 in Buxhall, Suffolk. He was the son of Thomas Sowgate and Bridget Jacob.

(?) Sowter

     (?) Sowter married Agnes Bland, daughter of Thomas Bland and Rose Unknown.

Elizabeth Sowton

     Elizabeth Sowton married John Ruby, son of Thomas Ruby and Agnes Bray, on 8 July 1679 in Tavistock, Devon.

Children of Elizabeth Sowton and John Ruby

Rebecca Spalding

(say 1670 - before 6 June 1703)
     Rebecca Spalding was born say 1670.
     Rebecca Spalding married John Cocksedge on 4 September 1689 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Rebecca died before 6 June 1703 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 6 June 1703 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Rebecca, wife of John Cocksedge.

Children of Rebecca Spalding and John Cocksedge

Frances Spark

(before 1600 - )
     Frances Spark was born before 1600.
     Frances Spark married Luke Cocksedge, son of Luke Cocksedge and Rachel Gooch, in 1616 in Hawstead, Suffolk. Frances Sparke was the daughter of a widow also named Frances Sparke. Frances, the mother, re-married in 1617 to yet another Sparke, one Henry Sparke, no doubt a close relation of her first husband of that same surname. Henry Sparke had a son, Robert, who proved not to be Robert Sparke the clockmaker. Henry also had a godson of that same name, Robert Sparke - we don't know who he was. Robert Sparke the clockmaker must surely have been related by marriage to Luke Cocksedge, but I have been unable to establish the exact relationship.

Children of Frances Spark and Luke Cocksedge

James Sparkes

(circa 1824 - before 1854)
     James Sparkes was born circa 1824 in Wattisham, Suffolk.
     James Sparkes married Maria Bullett, daughter of Harriet Bullett, on 24 December 1850 in Wattisham, Suffolk. Aged 25 widow, 26 bachelor, b.o.t.p. Witness: Robert Fox & Eliza Fox.
     James Sparkes and Maria Bullett were recorded on the 1851 census in Wattisham, Suffolk.
     James died before 1854 in Wattisham, Suffolk.

Joan Sparkes

(circa 20 February 1914 - 2007)
     Joan Sparkes was born circa 20 February 1914 in Stow, Suffolk.
     Joan Sparkes married William George Bullett, son of William George Bullett and Mary Anne Rosbrook, in 1935.
     Joan died in 2007 in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Mary Sparrow or Sparham

     Mary Sparrow or Sparham married Jeremiah Noble, son of Thomas Noble and Alice Sparrow, on 26 June 1767 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Sparrow or Sparham and Jeremiah Noble

Alice Sparrow

(10 September 1714 - before 6 January 1797)
     Alice Sparrow was christened on 10 September 1714 in Lt Livermere, Suffolk.
     Alice Sparrow married Thomas Noble, son of Thomas Noble and Dorothy Crosby, on 2 October 1733 in Lt Livermere, Suffolk.
     Alice died before 6 January 1797 in Gt Livermere, Suffolk. She was buried on 6 January 1797 in Gt Livermere.
     The administration of her estate was granted to Jeremiah Noble in 1797 at Gt Livermere, Suffolk. Extract of Probate of Alice Noble of Gt Livermere. Died intestate (widow of Thomas Noble): Goods and chattels of Alice Noble of Gt Livermere probate granted to Jeremiah Noble natural and lawful son and one of the next of kin of deceased.

Children of Alice Sparrow and Thomas Noble

Samuel Sparrow

(circa 1761 - before 11 March 1820)
     Samuel Sparrow was born circa 1761.
     Samuel Sparrow married Rebecca Brewster Cocksedge, daughter of Thomas Cocksedge and Rebecca Brewster, on 8 October 1792 in Cockfield, Suffolk.
     Samuel died before 11 March 1820 in Cockfield, Suffolk. He was buried on 11 March 1820 in Cockfield.

Margaret Spear

(circa 1852 - 1937)
     Margaret Spear was born circa 1852.
     Margaret Spear married Frederick Augustus Devonshire, son of Charles Devonshire and Elizabeth Rashleigh, in 1881 in Victoria.
     Margaret died in 1937 in Yarram, Victoria.

Children of Margaret Spear and Frederick Augustus Devonshire

William Speche

(say 1070 - )
     William died in Warden, Bedfordshire, England.
     He was lord of Warden in Bedfordshire and described Miles strenuus Conquestoris (valiant soldier of the Conqueror).. He was born say 1070.

Children of William Speche

Charlotte Sarah Spedding

(1819 - 1872)
     Charlotte Sarah Spedding was born in 1819 in St Gabriel, Fenchurch.
     Charlotte Sarah Spedding married Henry Burton Bradley, son of Henry Bradley and Annie Singer Burton, on 25 August 1839 in London. Henry & Charlotte had 11 children from 1840 to 1862 in the Paddington area of Sydney.
     Charlotte died in 1872 in Paddington, New South Wales.

Children of Charlotte Sarah Spedding and Henry Burton Bradley

Alice Lillian Speed

(circa 1932 - 1974)
     Her father was 'Pop' to Ken & Monica - presumably great grandfather?. Alice Lillian Speed was born circa 1932 in Victoria. She was the daughter of Clarence William Speed and Louisa Edith Jones.
     Alice died in 1974 in Prahran, Victoria.

Clarence William Speed

(12 September 1903 - 19 February 1995)
     Clarence William Speed was commonly known as Clarrie. He was born on 12 September 1903 in 'Heathville', Mack's Creek, Won Wron, Victoria. He was the son of George Daniel Speed and Isabella MacKenzie.
     Clarence was educated at Macks Creek, Won Wron.
     Clarence William Speed married Louisa Edith Jones in 1928 in Victoria.
     Clarence William Speed lived at Hyland Way, Won Wron, 1982.
     Clarence died on 19 February 1995 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 91. He had 22 grandchildren and 55 great grandchildren. He was buried in the Presbyterian section, Yarram.

Child of Clarence William Speed and Louisa Edith Jones

Darren John Speed

(30 October 1962 - 22 November 1986)
     Darren John Speed was born on 30 October 1962 in Victoria, Australia.
     Darren died on 22 November 1986 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia, aged 24. He was buried in Yarram, Victoria.

George Daniel Speed

(1873 - 17 June 1955)
     George Daniel Speed was born in 1873 in Warrnambool, Victoria. He was the son of William Speed & Jane Sutherland.
     George Daniel Speed married Isabella MacKenzie, daughter of William MacKenzie and Lily Weston, in 1902 in Victoria.
     George was registered as as owner of land in Boodyarn, and farmer at Won Wron, on the 1949 electoral roll.
     George died on 17 June 1955 in Won Wron, Victoria. He was buried after 31 July 1988 in the Presbyterian section of the cemetery, Yarram.

Children of George Daniel Speed and Isabella MacKenzie

George Daniel Speed

(26 April 1905 - 31 July 1988)
     George Daniel Speed was born on 26 April 1905 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of George Daniel Speed and Isabella MacKenzie.
     George Daniel Speed lived at Hyland Way, Won Wron, Victoria, 1982.
     George died on 31 July 1988 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 83. He was buried in Yarram.