Bridget Colbert

(circa 1820 - )
     Bridget Colbert was born circa 1820 in Fermoy, Cork, Ireland. She was the daughter of Garret Colbert and Bridget Toohill?
     Bridget Colbert arrived per "Elphinstone" on 8 October 1840 at Sydney, New South Wales. Bridget Colbert, singlewoman, aged 20, farm servant of Fermoy. She was the daughter of Garrat (dead) & Bridget Colbert.

Edmund Colbert

(before March 1820 - )
     Edmund Colbert was also known as Corbett (of TIP & NSW) in records. He was born before March 1820 in Ballynahill, Tipperary, Ireland. He was the son of John Corbett Colbert and Hannah Hickey.
     Edmund Colbert married Margaret Unknown before 1842.
     Edmund Colbert and Margaret Unknown arrived per "Woodbridge" on 8 March 1842 at Sydney. Edmund Corbet aged 22, with wife Margaret & son John. Son of John Corbett, labourer and Hannah Hickey.
     Edmund died in New South Wales.

Child of Edmund Colbert and Margaret Unknown

John Corbett Colbert

(before 1800 - before 1842)
     John Corbett Colbert married Hannah Hickey. John Corbett Colbert was born before 1800 in Tipperary, Ireland.
     John died before 1842.

Child of John Corbett Colbert and Hannah Hickey