Catherine Colbert

(circa 1830 - )
     Catherine died in Victoria. Catherine Colbert was also known as Culbert in records. She was born circa 1830 in Tuam, Galway, Ireland.
     Catherine Colbert arrived per "Lady Kennaway" on 6 December 1848 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Catherine Culbert, house servant, departed Plymouth 11 Sep 1848, mother living, RC, neither read nor write.
     Catherine Colbert married William Swane in 1850 in Victoria. They had a son John Swane born in 1858 to Wm Swane & Kath Culvert.

Catherine Corbett Colbert?

(circa 1846 - )
     Catherine died in Victoria. She was born circa 1846 in Ireland. Catherine was a housekeeper.
     Catherine Corbett Colbert? arrived per "Vimiera" on 7 April 1868 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They departed Liverpool 19 Dec 1867, and went to Mr Thompson, Richmond Bank, R.C. read/write.

James Colbert

(circa 1836 - )
     James Colbert was born circa 1836 in Maghalin?, Armagh, Ireland. He was the son of Thomas Colbert and Elizabeth Unknown.
     James Colbert arrived per "Kate" on 4 December 1855 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He was aged 19, son of Thomas & Eliz, C/E, a sister Ann Archer liv Goulburn St.