Margaret Shaw

(30 October 1660 - 10 June 1684)
     Margaret Shaw was born on 30 October 1660 in Charterhouse, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire. She was the youngest daughter of the Rev John Shaw, [& Margt Stillington?] one of the most famous puritan preachers in the north. He was vicar of Rotherham and a noted preacher in London, York & Hull. He was ejected at Hull in 1662. She was christened on 7 November 1660 in Kingston upon Hull.
It is likely that her half-sister was Rachel who married Francis Burdett - Pre-nuptial settlement (lease and release) - 25-26 Dec 1666: Francis Burdet of Wolley, parish of Silkstone to Jonathan Staniforth of Rotherham and John Revell of Dongworth, chapelry of Bradfield. All those freehold messuages and lands etc. of Francis Burdett in Penistone, Silkstone and Darfield to stated uses in consideration of a marriage arranged between Francis Burdett and Rachel, daughter of John Shawe of Rotherham..
     A marriage settlement between Margaret Shaw and Elkanah Rich was made on 4 October 1680 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Pre nuptial settlement and counter part. Silvanus Rich of Bullhouse to Jonathan Staniforth of ffirbecke and John Garland of Toddwirke. Part of the manor of Smallshay, parish of Penistone, a messuage in the tenure of Elizabeth Greaves, a capital messuage called Bullhouse, corn mills called Bulhouse Mills, messuage called Hornethfitt Hall, 2 corn mills called Thornstone Mills, in consideration of a marriage arranged between Elkanah Rich, son and heir of the said Silvanus Rich, and Margaret Shaw, daughter of the late John Shaw of Rotherham, and of £600 paid to Silvanus Rich by Margaret Shaw widow of John Shaw as a marriage portion for her daughter, at trust to stated uses. .
Margaret Shaw married Elkanah Rich, son of Silvanus Rich and Mary Wordsworth, on 20 October 1680 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. On the 14th according to the Phillimore's Yorkshire marriage registers.
Her brother John died in 1683 aged 20 leaving his sister his heir. Margaret Rich died soon afterwards (c.1684?) and Mary Rich & Margaret Rich are described as her daughters and co-heirs; and in 1690 Mary Rich, daughter of Margaret Rich daughter of John Shaw was admitted to land in Storrs. In 1680 Daniel Rich of Smallshaw, had lands at Midhope, which he left to Emor Rich, his second son, cousin to Elkanah abovementioned. [History of the parish of Ecclesfield / J Eastwood, 1862]. Crewe muniments #893-4 relate to Margaret & her family.
Deed to make a tenant 15 May 1683: Gilbert Kene of Utseter Staffs and Roberta (Rebecca) his wife, Francis Burdett of Silkstone and Rachel his wife, Humphrey Marler of Manchester and Easter his wife, George Dale of Moniash, parish of Bakewell and Ruth his wife, Elkana Rich of Bulhouse and Margaret his wife to Francis Carhill of Elloughton. All those lands inherited from John Shawe, late of Rotherham, deceased, and divided among his daughters and their husbands as follows:- to Gilbert Kene and Roberta his wife, 2 closes called the Royds in Ecclesfield several parcels and closes of land in Kimberworth a messuage and 2 cottages in Kingston upon Hull and the reversion after the death of Margaret Shaw of a messuage called Whitehart with barn, several closes [named] with water corn mill in Thurlstone meare; to Francis Burdett and Rachel his wife, a messuage called Spitalhouse and several parcels of land in Wentworth a messuage and arable land in Wadsley, par. Ecclesfield and the reversion after the death of Margaret Shaw of a messuage called Sheppards Castle in Penistone and several closes of arable land, a cottage and parcel of meadow called Ferneley Holme, a messuage and close adjoining Penistone Green, 2 acres of land in close called Hesletofts; to Humphrey Marler and Esther his wife, a messuage in Marchborough [Masbrough?] par. Rotherham called Lydgate House, and 4 acres of land, all the arable meadows at Riall in Holderness, part of a close called Levellands and the reversion after the death of Margaret Shaw of a messuage called the old Hall and 4 closes [named], a messuage and arable land, closes called the Holmes and Rick Ing, parcel of land in Hesletofts, all in Penistone, to George Dale and Ruth his wife, a messuage in Brampton Bierley with lands adjoining, a cottage in Wentworth and 5 acres of land, close called Shoulder of Mutton in Kimberworth and the reversion after the death of Margaret Shaw of close called Highfields, 2 acres in the Levellands, and 2 acres of land, all in Penistone to Elkana Rich and Margaret his wife, arable land called Great Grange or Barley Grange Wood in Staveley messuage and 4 acres in Dongworth, par. Bradfield closes called Hagarcloses and Hartleys in Kimberworth and the reversion after the death of Margaret Shaw of a messuage near the church of Penistone and lands belonging, and 2 closes called Highfields and Bromefields, messuage called Coalpittfield house and closes adjoining: that the said Francis Carhill may be tenant and suffer a recovery to be brought against him.
     Margaret died on 10 June 1684 in Yorkshire, England, aged 23. She was buried on 12 June 1684 in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

Children of Margaret Shaw and Elkanah Rich

Marjory Shaw

     Marjory was present at Donald MacPherson's christening on 19 June 1739 in Inverurie, Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.
Marjory Shaw married George MacPherson, son of unlinked early MacPherson, circa 1740 in Banffshire, Scotland.

Children of Marjory Shaw and George MacPherson

Martha Shaw

(circa 1614 - before 27 March 1695)
     Martha Shaw was born circa 1614 in Frickley, Yorkshire.
Martha Shaw married Daniel Rich, son of Edward Rich, on 9 May 1639 in Frickley, YKS. Daniel Rich, yeoman 27, Silkstone & Martha Shawe, spinster, 25, Frickley, there.
     Martha Shaw and Daniel Rich were mentioned in a civil court action on 19 November 1654 in Wakefield. Indictment: Rich Daniel,Martha Rich
Barnsley --
And That Daniel Rich late [Barnsley?] of York Y--- Yeoman? Martha Wife of the said Daniel, Eliz--- Rich late of the same spinster & D--- Rich son of the said Daniel the Nineteenth day of November In the year 1654 at Thurleston afsd ---
.. Into one Messuage or dwelling house there --- situate & being, then in the peaceable possession of one John Roebuck & the freehold & inheritance of Silvanus Rich gen’, by force & arms unlawful - & by strong hand did make an entry into, whereas no such entry to them or any of them is given by the Law, & him the said John Roebuck from thence unlawfully & by strong hand did expulse & eject & him the said Silvanus Rich deseise & he the said John Roebuck so being expulsed & ejected & him the said Silvanus Rich deseized from the said Nineteenth day of November, in the year aforesaid, until the day of the taking of this Inquisition, by force & arms unlawfully & by strong hand did hold out & hitherto do hold out, to the great damage of the said John Roebuck & Silvanus Rich, Contrary to the Public peace, And Contrary to the form of the statute in that case made & provided./
[Left margin] Witnesses John Rich –sab-l [Isabell?] Rich
     Martha died before 27 March 1695 in Penistone, Yorkshire. She was buried on 27 March 1695 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Martha uxor Danielis Rich, Cathshaw.

Children of Martha Shaw and Daniel Rich

Rebecca Shaw

(circa 1680? - )
     Rebecca Shaw was also known as Roberta in records. She was born circa 1680?.
Rebecca Shaw married John Rich, son of John Rich and Martha Rich, on 10 September 1702 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.
     A marriage settlement between Rebecca Shaw and John Rich was made on 26 April 1706 in Penistone, Yorkshire. John Rich of Parkinhouse to Jonathan Shaw of Dungworth Storres and Daniel Rich of Smallshaw. A messuage in Thurlstone called Parkinhouse and all his other lands in Thurlstone in consideration of a marriage solmnized between John Rich, his second son and Rebecca Shaw sister of said Jonathan Shaw and of a marriage portion received with her, to stated uses.

Children of Rebecca Shaw and John Rich

Unknown Shaw

     Unknown Shaw married Mary Hooper, daughter of George Hooper and Catherine Maclaine. The Shaw line is now extinct.

Child of Unknown Shaw and Mary Hooper

Lt William Shaw

(circa 1780? - )
     Lt William Shaw was born circa 1780?.
     He served as a Captain in the Bombay Army in India. As a Lieutenant he was attached to the Marine Battallion of the Bombay Military Establishment. He first appears as Lieut there in 1804, 1808-14, on leave (still Lieut) then having been absent on leave "for over 2.5 years" he is struck off. No service record has survived.
     Lt William Shaw and Frances Catherine Steer obtained a marriage licence on 20 January 1809.
Lt William Shaw married Frances Catherine Steer, daughter of Richard Ryther Popplewell Steer and Frances Steer, on 23 January 1809 in St George, Hanover Square, London. Monday last was married, Wm. Shaw, Esq; of the Bombay Military Establishment, to Frances,
daughter of late R. R. P. Steer, Esq; Bawtry, in this county
. Alexander Johnson & Sophia Ann Steer were witnesses but she has not yet been identified.
Di Comley wrote: I am a descendant of William Shaw who married Frances Catherine Steer in 1809, but not a descendant of Frances.
William's life between 1808 and 1845, when my Great-grandmother was born near Plymouth, has until now been a blank for me ... Circa 1843 William married Augusta Sophia Willoughby WATT who had been born near Caen in France and probably lived there until after her father's death in 1842. John Willoughby Watt had been a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and after gaining his commission immediately went on half-pay, married Mary Georgiana LORIOT and went to live at Allemagne (now called Fleury-sur-Orne) together with Mary's father who had been born in Caen.
I haven't been able to find William and Augusta's marriage record in England or in Fleury or Caen but, judging by the information on your tree about Frances and their daughter dying in France, perhaps they were married in France, after all.
William and Augusta had 2 children, Augusta Sophia and William Willoughby, in Tamerton-Foliott, Devon and migrated to Australia in 1851. Before they left they appear on the 1851 census - William as having independent means and Augusta as teacher of languages. William was the Ship's schoolmaster on the voyage out and Augusta the Ship's Matron. Once out here she worked for 1 year as a teacher before dying aged only 31 while William worked for many years as the Clerk of the Court at Willunga in Sth Aust. He died aged 87 years in Adelaide having seen both children marry and their first 4 children born

Children of Lt William Shaw and Frances Catherine Steer

Thomas Edward Shea

(circa 1898 - 1978)
     Thomas Edward Shea was born circa 1898.
Thomas Edward Shea married Grace Katherine MacKenzie, daughter of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Lily Hannah Attenborough, in 1925 in Victoria.
     Thomas died in 1978 in Parkville, Victoria.

Ada Shean or Sheada

     Ada Shean or Sheada married Albert G Rubie in 1891 in Forbes, New South Wales.

Child of Ada Shean or Sheada and Albert G Rubie

Elsie Shearer

(circa 1895 - 19 June 1964)
     Elsie Shearer was born circa 1895.
Elsie Shearer married Robert Duncan Robertson, son of Robert Robertson and Emma Pyke, in 1923 in Maryborough, Victoria. They had no issue..
     Elsie died on 19 June 1964 in Maryborough, Victoria. Aged 70, M.I. devoted wife of Robert Duncan, M.I. at Maryborough cemetery.

Harriet Shearing

(before 1800? - )
     Harriet Shearing was born before 1800?.
Harriet Shearing married James Cocksedge, son of James Cocksedge and Ann Joslin, on 28 July 1816 in St Mary, Newington, Middlexex.

Children of Harriet Shearing and James Cocksedge

Mary Sheder

     Mary Sheder was born in Sussex.
Mary Sheder married William Putland on 25 September 1744 in Willingdon, Sussex.

Children of Mary Sheder and William Putland

Elizabeth Sheehan

(before 1840 - )
     Elizabeth Sheehan was born before 1840 in Cork, Ireland.
Elizabeth Sheehan married John Colbert (of Conna). Elizabeth was present at John Colbert (of Conna)'s christening on 28 December 1856 in Conna, Cork, Ireland. Elizabeth was present at Catherine Colbert's christening on 13 March 1859 in Conna, Cork.

Children of Elizabeth Sheehan and John Colbert (of Conna)

Malcolm Kenneth (Max?) Sheehan

     Malcolm Kenneth (Max?) Sheehan married Zeta Gwendoline Brown, daughter of Vernon Ritchie Brown and Mary Isabel MacKenzie, after 1920 in Victoria, Australia. She married secondly T Adams..

Mary Sheffield

( - before 4 June 1619)
     Mary Sheffield married Ferdinando Fairfax 2nd Baron, son of Sir Thomas Fairfax (1st Baron) and Ellen Aske, in 1607. They had six daughters and two sons. Mary was the daughter of Edmund Sheffield, 1st Earl of Mulgrave.
     Mary died before 4 June 1619. She was buried on 4 June 1619.

Children of Mary Sheffield and Ferdinando Fairfax 2nd Baron

William Sheldon

     William Sheldon married Abigail Rich, daughter of Thomas Rich (of Worksop), on 9 September 1711 in St Peter & St Paul, Sheffield. Abigail Rich of Worsop & Wm Shaldon of Auston..

Laura Lillian Shelley

(5 April 1873 - 4 November 1959)
     Laura Lillian Shelley was born on 5 April 1873 in Ash Island, near Hexham, New South Wales. She was the daughter of William Shelley and Emma Jane Bowden who died young. They were of 'Edithville', Millers Forest. She and her 4 brothers and 2 sisters were adopted by the R B Wallace family of 'Rowhallion'. Mrs [Eliza Ellen] Wallace was the sister of Emma Jane Bowden. William Shelley was the grandson of William Shelley who was sent to Tahiti in 1896?? on the 'Duff" by the London Missionary Society..
Laura Lillian Shelley married Edward Ballard Bowker, son of Richard Ryther Steer Bowker and Lydia Frances Phillips, on 7 April 1900 in St John's, Newcastle, New South Wales. They are supposed to have had a stillborn son [Bruce], but there is no record.
     Laura was registered as Laura Bowker, domestic duties at 30 Watt Street, Newcastle, on the 1903 electoral roll. Edward in not listed.
     Laura died on 4 November 1959 in Pymble, New South Wales, aged 86. She was cremated. Her ashes were placed with Doc at Beresfield Crematorium, F831 is the official location. The cremation took place at Northern Suburbs Cematorium.

Children of Laura Lillian Shelley and Edward Ballard Bowker

Caroline Sheperd or Powling

(before April 1816 - )
     Caroline Sheperd or Powling was born before April 1816 in Semer, Suffolk.
Caroline Sheperd or Powling married Thomas Grimwood, son of Thomas Grimwood and Sarah Grimwood, on 26 October 1846 in Ringshall, Bosmere RD, Suffolk.
     Caroline Sheperd or Powling and Thomas Grimwood were recorded on the 1851 census in Battisford, Suffolk. Thomas Grimwood, head, 24? ag. lab, born Battisford, his wife Caroline, 31, born Bildestone, children James 11, John 9, both born at Bildestone, Caroline 3, Sarah 1, both born at Battisford.
     Caroline Sheperd or Powling and Thomas Grimwood were recorded on the 1861 census in Ringshall. Thomas Grimwood, 34 born Battisford, farm labourer, his wife Caroline, aged 45, born Semer, John Percy son, aged 18, labourer, born Battisford, deaf; Thomas Grimwood, son, 9, born Ringshall; Daniel Grimwood, son, 4, born Ringshall, Eliza Grimwood, daughter aged 1 born at Ringshall.

Children of Caroline Sheperd or Powling and Thomas Grimwood

Ann Shepherd

( - before 1664)
     Ann Shepherd married John Ludlam, son of Stephen Ludlam, on 16 June 1658 in Barnsley, Yorkshire.
     Ann died before 1664.
     Ann Shepherd was mentioned as being deceased in the will of John Ludlam dated 1 July 1664.

Child of Ann Shepherd and John Ludlam

Catherine Mary Shepherd

(23 December 1870 - )
     Catherine Mary Shepherd was born on 23 December 1870 in Glynde, South Australia. She was the daughter of Stephen Shepherd and Rebecca Colbert.

Charles Walter Shepherd

(11 November 1874 - )
     Charles Walter Shepherd was born on 11 November 1874 in Glynde, South Australia. He was the son of Stephen Shepherd and Rebecca Colbert.

Henry William Shepherd

(24 December 1868 - 1936)
     Henry William Shepherd was born on 24 December 1868 in South Australia. He was the son of Stephen Shepherd and Rebecca Colbert.
     Henry died in 1936 in South Australia.

Isabel Rebecca Shepherd

(6 December 1878 - 5 October 1960)
     Isabel Rebecca Shepherd was born on 6 December 1878 in Glynde, South Australia. She was the daughter of Stephen Shepherd and Rebecca Colbert.
     Isabel died on 5 October 1960 in Prospect, South Australia, aged 81.

Katherine Mary Shepherd

(circa 1905 - March 1937)
     Katherine Mary Shepherd was born circa 1905.
Katherine Mary Shepherd married William Leslie Wafford, son of George Ernest Wafford and Elizabeth Frances Vallence, on 9 August 1927 in Foleshill, Warwickshire.
     Katherine's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1937 in Coventry RD, Warwickshire.

Mary Dorothy Shepherd

(10 July 1906 - 13 December 1998)
     Mary Dorothy Shepherd was commonly known as Dot. She was born on 10 July 1906 in Barbados.
Mary Dorothy Shepherd married Richard Robert Crosby Halahan, son of Samuel Crosby Halahan and Maud Ethel Galton, on 22 July 1940.
     Mary died on 13 December 1998 in Hampshire aged 92.

Stephen Shepherd

(circa 1834 - 28 June 1913)
     Stephen Shepherd was born circa 1834.
Stephen Shepherd married Rebecca Colbert, daughter of William Colbert, on 5 March 1868 in St George's, Woodford, South Australia.
     Stephen died on 28 June 1913 in Magill, South Australia.

Children of Stephen Shepherd and Rebecca Colbert

Stephen Colbert Shepherd

(23 December 1870 - 23 March 1936)
     Stephen Colbert Shepherd was born on 23 December 1870 in Glynde, South Australia. He was the son of Stephen Shepherd and Rebecca Colbert.
Stephen Colbert Shepherd married Edith Alice Rowe on 12 August 1903 in Methodist Church, Wellington Square, North Adelaide, South Australia.
     Stephen died on 23 March 1936 in North Adelaide, South Australia, aged 65.

Thomas Shepherd

(27 January 1873 - )
     Thomas Shepherd was born on 27 January 1873 in Glynde, South Australia. He was the son of Stephen Shepherd and Rebecca Colbert.

Thomas Shepherd

( - after 1760)
     Thomas Shepherd married Elizabeth Ashby, daughter of Thomas Ashby and Susannah Moore, before 1760 in Barbados.
     Thomas died after 1760.

William Shepherd

(circa 1862 - 1921)
     William Shepherd was born circa 1862 in South Australia. He was the son of Stephen Shepherd and Rebecca Colbert.
     William died in 1921 in South Australia.

Charles James Sheppard

(22 July 1852 - 25 December 1923)
     Charles James Sheppard was born on 22 July 1852 in Quebec?, Canada.
Charles James Sheppard married Catherine Dempster, daughter of John Dempster and Elizabeth Bishop, on 17 February 1889 in Flowers Cove, Newfoundland, Canada.
     Charles died on 25 December 1923 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada, aged 71.