David Colbert

(circa 1857 - )
     David Colbert was born circa 1857 in en route. He was aged 3 months? in 1857, born on the voyage. He was the son of Thomas Colbert and Elizabeth Unknown.
     David Colbert arrived per "Golconda" in 1857 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     David died in New South Wales, Australia.

Eliza Mary Strawbridge

(circa 1855 - 15 July 1879)
     Eliza Mary Strawbridge was born circa 1855.
     Eliza Mary Strawbridge married Edward Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Honora Curren, on 11 July 1877 in St Rose, Kapunda, South Australia.
     Eliza died on 15 July 1879 in Kapunda, South Australia.

Robert Mackglew

(7 January 1835 - )
     Robert Mackglew was also known as MacGlew in records. He was born on 7 January 1835 in Clapham, Surrey. He was the son of Robert Mackglew and Elizabeth Wilkinson.
     Robert Mackglew appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Robert Mackglew and Elizabeth Wilkinson in Clapham Rise, Clapham, Surrey.
     Notices to Messrs. R. McGlew & Co. of changes of partnership of London wool brokers. Wool Books ref. D2794/6 - date: 1855-1856
Wool book, Messrs. Lacey & Newman. Gives names of supplier of mainly German wool, chiefly Messrs. R McGlew & Co. for C Dresser, Liebreich Brothers & Co, D Lippert, and R V Swaine & Co; names of clothiers purchasing the wool; numbers of bales, with wool marks; price per lb. and terms for payment; total cost
ref. D2794/11 - date: 1960-1963
Wool book, Newman McGlew & Co.
ref. D2794/12-16 - date: 1933-35, 1937-38, 1938-39, 1939-46, 1960-63
[Administrative History] After 1930 Newmans began selling to Yorkshire mills and Yorkshire sales became much bigger than West Country after 1945. Between 1932 and 1939 Newman McGlew & Co. sold considerable quantities to London wool brokers. See notes of R. M. Newman in D2794/10: Wool books, Newman McGlew & Co.
ref. D2794/17 - date: 1836, 1856-1871: Includes account of R. Lacey with McGlew & Barker, 1836; accounts of commission owed by R. McGlew & Co. to T. M. Newman, giving names of sellers and buyers, brief particulars of London and Yorkshire wool sales
ref. D2794/18 - date: 1838: Invoices of Spanish stripe cloths to McGlew & Barker shipped to Canton, China
ref. D2794/21 - date: 1933-1934:
Summary of business transacted by Newman McGlew & Co. Robert Mackglew was christened on 29 October 1857 in All Saints, Stepney, London. Robert, son of Robert McGlew, wood broker, & Elizabeth, born 7 Jan 1835. They were of 13 Oxford Terrace, Gerrard St, Islington.
     Robert Mackglew married Lucy Elizabeth Zouch on 26 September 1863 in St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex. Robert Mackglew was listed as a Freeman of the city of London, on 11 January 1870. Robert Mackglew, son of Robert Mackglew, citizen and stationer, born without the Liberty of London, to wit Clapham Rise, born 1775, was admitted to the Company of Stationers by patrimony - his father being admitted 2 Dec 1823, born 1835.
     Robert Mackglew and Lucy Elizabeth Zouch appeared on the 1871 census in Warwick Villa, 32 Shepherd Lane?, Hackney. Robert McGlew, head, aged 36, commercial clerk to Colonial broker, born Clapham, Surrey, with his wife Lucy Elizabeth, aged 30, born Burton/Barton ... Mdx, children Lucy Mary aged 7 born Dalston, Mdx; Kate aged 5 born Dalston; Robert aged 2, born Hackney. Robert Mackglew was listed in a directory dated 1902 as Robert McGlew & Co., wool brokers, 92 & 94 Wool Exchange, Coleman Street EC - T A "Macglew" at 92 & 94 Wool Exchange. Coleman St, London.
     T M Newman of Newmarket, Nailsworth, entered partnership as a wool broker with R. Lacey of Stroud in 1854. Wool bought in London first from German but increasingly from Australian sources was sold to Stroud area and Wiltshire clothiers. He was also an insurance agent. He died in 1906 but his sons and grandsons continued the business until 1963 when Mr R M Newman, the depositor of the records, retired. About 1932 H M Newman entered partnership with R McGlew & Co., one of T M Newman's chief wool brokers in London, and the firm was then named Newman McGlew & Co.
Records of Newman McGlew and Co. wool brokers, T M Newman, insurance agent, King family of Nailsworth and Fenner and Flint, brewers.

Children of Robert Mackglew and Lucy Elizabeth Zouch