William Colbert

(before 1810 - before 1852)
     William Colbert was born before 1810 in Tipperary, Ireland.
     William Colbert married Mary Unknown in Tipperary. William was present at Ellen Colbert's christening on 26 December 1830 in Modreeny, Tipperary, Ireland. William was present at Maria Colbert's christening on 9 June 1833 in Modreeny, TIP, IRL. William was present at Samuel Colbert's christening on 12 April 1835 in Modreeny, TIP, IRL. William was present at James Colbert's christening on 9 April 1837 in Modreeny, TIP, IRL.
     William died before 1852 in Modreeny, TIP, IRL. Assumed to be dead by 1852 as Modreeny Griffith valuation has a William with a house and 25 acres at Burntwood Big and 10 acres (no house) at Stoneyacre. He is presumably the husband of Margaret as a Mary Colbert is head of a household at Loughan with house & garden.

Children of William Colbert and Mary Unknown