Elizabeth Sinclair

     Elizabeth Sinclair married John Dunbar, son of William Dunbar, before 1600?. She was the daughter of George Sinclair of Mey.

Child of Elizabeth Sinclair and William Dunbar

Child of Elizabeth Sinclair and John Dunbar

George Sinclair

(circa 1825 - )
     George Sinclair was born circa 1825.

Child of George Sinclair and Harriet Tindal

Isabella Sinclair

(24 July 1839 - 11 January 1911)
     Isabella Sinclair was born on 24 July 1839 in Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of James & Jane (Wilson) Sinclair..
Isabella Sinclair married Duncan Robertson, son of John Robertson and Elisabeth MacIntosh, on 20 January 1860 in Partick, Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland. They were both of 52 Stewart St, she being a servant and he was a farm labourer.
     Isabella Sinclair and Duncan Robertson arrived per "Omeo" in March 1861 at Victoria, Australia, from Otago. Isabella Sinclair was admitted to the hospital, Maryborough, on 5 April 1875. She was aged 35 of Mariner's Reef, Port of Embarkation: New Zealand, ship "Omeo", 14 years in colony, married, Presbyterian.
     Isabella and Duncan were registered as Duncan Robertson, miner, at Talbot Rd, Maryborough, on the 1908 electoral roll. Laanecoorie: Robertson, James, Tullaroop Rd, Maryborough, pensioner; but there was also Robinson, James & Mary Ann, Tullaroop Rd Maryborough, labourer & h.d.
     Isabella died on 11 January 1911 in Maryborough, Victoria, Australia, aged 71. She was buried in grave 3228, Maryborough, Victoria.

Children of Isabella Sinclair and Duncan Robertson

James Sinclair (of Durran)

     James Sinclair (of Durran) married Elizabeth Dunbar, daughter of Sir Patrick Dunbar 3rd Baronet, of Northfield and Catherine Brodie, in 1744 in Scotland. They had issue..

Jane or Jean Sinclair

( - 9 August 1749)
     Jane or Jean Sinclair married Sir William Dunbar 2nd Bart of Hempriggs as his second wife, on 21 March 1747. She was the daughter of David Sinclair of Southdun. They had no issue.
     Jane died on 9 August 1749. She left no issue.

John Sinclair

(14 July 1852 - )
     John Sinclair was born on 14 July 1852 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. He was the son of George Sinclair and Harriet Tindal. John Sinclair was christened on 21 August 1853 in Cromarty, ROC, SCT. Sinclair, John: illegitimate son to George Sinclair a native of Cadburgh [Leadburgh?] and Harriot Tindal in Cromarty was born 14 July 1852 and baptised 21 August 1853..

John Sinclair (of Barrock)

     John Sinclair (of Barrock) married Janet Dunbar, daughter of James Sutherland-Dunbar Bart of Hempriggs and Elizabeth Dunbar, on 1 January 1738.

Margaret Sinclair

     Margaret Sinclair was born in Scotland. She was the daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron.
Margaret Sinclair married Sir William Dunbar 1st Bart of Northfield, son of John Dunbar and Anne Fraser. She was his second cousin.

Child of Margaret Sinclair and Sir William Dunbar 1st Bart of Northfield

Mary Sinclair

     Mary Sinclair married Sir Robert Dunbar 2nd Baronet of Northfield, son of John Dunbar and Anne Fraser, in 1675 in Scotland. She was the daughter of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster.

Olivia Douglas Sinclair

( - 26 August 1964)
     Olivia Douglas Sinclair married Archibald Edward Dunbar 10th Baronet of Northfield, son of Arbuthnot Percy Byng Sutherland Dunbar and Catharina Hester Orred, on 10 April 1926.
     Olivia died on 26 August 1964.

William Sinclair (of Keiss)

     William Sinclair (of Keiss) married Charlotte Dunbar, daughter of James Sutherland-Dunbar Bart of Hempriggs and Elizabeth Dunbar, on 23 December 1731.

William Sinclair Earl of Orkney & Caithness

     William Sinclair Earl of Orkney & Caithness was also known as William Sinclair in records.
William Sinclair Earl of Orkney & Caithness married Marjory Sutherland, daughter of Alexander Sutherland and Catherine Chalmers, in Scotland.

Child of William Sinclair Earl of Orkney & Caithness and Marjory Sutherland

Leonard Singleton

(16 November 1912 - )
     Leonard Singleton was born on 16 November 1912 in Turriff, Victoria.
Leonard Singleton married Nellie Robertson, daughter of Robert Robertson and Emma Pyke.
     Leonard resided at 1 Tobruk Ave, Maryborough, Victoria.

Minnie Elizabeth Singleton

     Minnie Elizabeth Singleton married Edgar Sheridan, son of William Henry Sheridan and Elizabeth Davey Carroll, on 10 June 1903 in Mile End Old Town RD, Middlesex.
     Minnie resided at North Kesteven, Lincolnshire, 1939. She is probably the Minnie E Sheridan, divorced, born 17 July 1882, living on private means.

Child of Minnie Elizabeth Singleton and Edgar Sheridan

Charlotte Christina Sioblade

     Charlotte Christina Sioblade was born in Gottenburg, Sweden. She was the daughter of the Governor of Gottenberg.
Charlotte Christina Sioblade married Kenneth Sutherland 3rd Lord Duffus, son of James Sutherland 2nd Lord Duffus, PC and Lady Margaret MacKenzie (Seaforth), circa 30 March 1708.

Child of Charlotte Christina Sioblade and Kenneth Sutherland 3rd Lord Duffus

Emily Sire

(before March 1823 - before 18 September 1856)
     Emily Sire was born before March 1823 in Hessett, Suffolk.
Emily Sire married Frederick Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Sophia Osborne, in December 1844 in Hessett, Suffolk.
     Emily Sire and Frederick Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. Frederick, aged 29, ag. lab., with wife Emily 28 & daughter Matilda 5, all born at Hessett.
     Emily died before 18 September 1856 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. She was buried on 18 September 1856 in Hessett.

Child of Emily Sire and Frederick Cocksedge

Susanna Sisnett

(before 1730 - )
     Susanna Sisnett was born before 1730.
Susanna Sisnett married Robert Ashby, son of Thomas Ashby and Susannah Moore, on 11 February 1747/48 in St Phillip, Barbados. Susanna Sisnett was buried on 26 June 1790 in St Phillip, Barbados.

Children of Susanna Sisnett and Robert Ashby

Elizabeth Sissimore (Deaves)

(circa 1645 - )
     Elizabeth Sissimore (Deaves) was born circa 1645. She was the daughter of Thomas & Ellen Sissimore of Tewkesbury in Glocestershire..
     Elizabeth Sissimore (Deaves) married Thomas Handy as his third wife, in 1666 in Lambston, near Wexford, Wexford, Ireland. Thomas Handy recorded in the 1 & 10th page, took to wife Elizabeth Deaves, widow of John Deaves (see page 11) in a publick assembly of the People called Quakers at Lambstown, the 14th of month, 1666, by whom he had the following: Sissemore 1668 & Mary 1671 [which means the 1668 death is not his. Another Quaker entry states:] Thomas Handy mentioned in the preceding leafe having buried his wife as on ye other side, took to wife Elizabeth the releict of John Deevs in ye 18 page, at the house of Robert Cuppage at l
Lambertown, on the 14th of ye year 1666 in the presence of several of the Lords people there assembled, and present, & by her had had these children viz: [Sisemore & Mary].
     In Thomas Handy's will dated before 4 December 1688 in Newcastle, Tikillin, Wexford, Ireland, Elizabeth Sissimore (Deaves) was named as heir.

Children of Elizabeth Sissimore (Deaves) and Thomas Handy

Eliza Sisson

(20 November 1821 - 13 August 1848)
     Eliza Sisson was born on 20 November 1821.
Eliza Sisson married James Florence Murray, son of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor and Ellen Butler O'Connor, before 1844. Memorial at Kilkenny: Sacred to the memory of Francis Chudleigh only child of James Florence Murray, Esq. 73rd Regt. Born 13th June 1844. Another child was Ellen Eliza Florence
of St Heliers who married in 1867 John Henry Harries.
     Eliza died on 13 August 1848 aged 26. Memorial at Kilkenny, Ireland: Also sacred to the memory of Eliza, wife of James Florence MURRAY, Esq. 73rd Regt. and Daughter of Francis SISSON, Esq. late Ordnance Store Keeper Montreal, Canada. Born 20th November 1821. Died 13th August, 1848.

Child of Eliza Sisson and James Florence Murray

John Size

(circa 1833 - before 1873)
     John Size was born circa 1833.
John Size married Catherine Colbert, daughter of Thomas or John Colbert, on 22 August 1856 in Penrice, South Australia. They had 2 children.
     John died before 1873.

Mary Skafe

(before 1670 - )
     Mary Skafe was born before 1670.
Mary Skafe married John Ryther on 2 April 1684 in St James, Duke Place, London. Of Stepney parish (him?).

Elizabeth Carleton Skarratt

(circa 1805 - )
     Elizabeth Carleton Skarratt was born circa 1805.
Elizabeth Carleton Skarratt married Walter Hall before 1829. He was a glover when he rgistered his children's births 20 January 1837 at the Particular Baptist chapel in Kington. There may be another brother Henry registered int eSep quarter of 1848 at Kington.

Children of Elizabeth Carleton Skarratt and Walter Hall

George Skeat

     George Skeat married Alice Ashby on 28 June 1668 in St Michael, Barbados.

Ada Skeels

(1886 - )
     Ada Skeels was born in 1886 in Heyfield, Victoria. She was the daughter of William Skeels and Mary Evans.

Albert Edward Skeels

     Albert Edward Skeels was the son of Richard Watkin Skeels.

Alice Skeels

(1883 - 1961)
     Alice Skeels was born in 1883 in Sale, Victoria. She was the daughter of Samuel Skeels and Eliza Ann Watkin. Alice Skeels was christened on 6 December 1883 in Sale. Alice was a missionary!!Bruce Thornton has written on her life in the NSW/ACT Australian Dictionary of Biography, Dargo High Plains, Victoria.
     Alice died in 1961 in Gippsland Base Hospital, Sale, Victoria.

Catherine Skeels

(10 November 1877 - 8 May 1964)
     Catherine Skeels was born on 10 November 1877 in Sale, Victoria. She was the daughter of Samuel Skeels and Eliza Ann Watkin. Catherine Skeels was christened on 6 February 1881 in Dromana, Victoria. Catherine Skeels, baptised 6 Feb 1881, born 10 November 1877, daughter of Samuel & Eliza Jane, Sale, farmer..
Catherine Skeels married Sidney Claude Boucher, son of Thomas Archer Boucher and Mary Cavanagh, on 24 November 1905 in Sale?, Victoria.
     Catherine died on 8 May 1964 in Elsternwick, Victoria, aged 86.

Child of Catherine Skeels and Sidney Claude Boucher

Colina Skeels

(1885 - 1965)
     Colina Skeels was born in 1885 in Sale, Victoria. She was the daughter of Samuel Skeels and Eliza Ann Watkin.
     Colina died in 1965 in Sale, Victoria.

Eleanor Skeels

(19 July 1861 - before 1900)
     Eleanor Skeels was born on 19 July 1861 in Snapper Pt, Victoria. She was the daughter of Samuel Skeels and Eliza Ann Watkin. Eleanor Skeels was christened on 3 November 1861 in Moorooduc. Helena Skeels, baptised 3 Nov 1861, born 19 July 1861, daughter of Samuel & Eliza Ann, Dromana, draper.
Eleanor Skeels married Henry Clark Storey in 1883 in Victoria. They had three children, Richard, Joseph & Eliza.
     Eleanor died before 1900.

Eliza Skeels

(3 June 1865 - 1929)
     Eliza Skeels was born on 3 June 1865 in Dromana, Victoria. She was the daughter of Samuel Skeels and Eliza Ann Watkin. Eliza Skeels was christened on 24 September 1865 in Dromana. Eliza Skeels, baptised 24 Sep 1965, born 3 June 1865, daughter of Samuel & Eliza, Dromana, draper.
     Eliza died in 1929 in Ararat, Victoria.