John Smith

(circa 1686? - 26 May 1746)
     John Smith was born circa 1686? In Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Smith and Priscilla Silvester. John Smith was christened on 2 April 1694 in Ecclesfield.
     John Smith was mentioned in the will of John Silvester dated 5 January 1719/20.
John Smith married Sarah Sculthorpe, daughter of Love or Loue Sculthorpe and Sarah Silvester, on 9 August 1720 in Darton, Yorkshire. She was her husband's cousin, being daughter of Miss Silvester, married to a Mr Sculthorpe ....
John Smith married Anne Hodgson on 19 December 1726 in East Ardsley, Yorkshire. By this marriage the Smiths became entitled to quarter the Hodgson arms.
John Smith of Newland was churchwarden of Normanton when rebuilding and alloting the pews of Normanton church in March 1728/9.
He was an heir of his uncle John Silvester of Birthwaite along with his cousins. He rebuilt Newland in 1745 which he inherited in 1732. Above the door of the stable block were the names John & Anne and the date 1745. The house had a large three story central block of five bays and a long low double stories wing of four bays on each side. In 1780 an inventory recorded that the Hall had 54 rooms, including five principal bedrooms (three with dressing rooms) private rooms for the footmen, housekeeper, maids and men in and in the domestic quarters, servants' hall, kitchen, back kitchen, brewhouse, bakehouse, washhouse, laundry, dairy and larder. In 1917 the house, a ruin and thought to be in danger, was blown up. However the stable block was converted to housing until 1959.
At the 1764 Visitation of the Archbishop it was reported that Ecclesfield was served by Lownd School, erected by the Silvesters and endowed with 8 guineas a year as settled by the heir of the family Mr Smith, in his lifetime, in which are taught 28 children to read. Land End Hospital was built and endowed by the Silvesters and receives 7 poor, to be chosed out of that quarter of the parish which goes by the name of Grenofirth. The allowance at present is £3/7/6 yearly to each poor and an estate in land is settled upon it, under the government of the vicar..
Papers relating to the administration of various parts of the Smith estate, including estate deed book c1740, counterpart leases concerning the Smith estate 1737-1786, estate rentals 1794-1806, including payments to Kexbrough schoolmaster; 18th century-early 19th century; articles on marriage of R D Haliday and Miss Smith 1754; will and letter concerning Sarah Smith 1803 and 1817; papers as to the affairs of Miss Smith 1807 and 1817; admittance concerning Catherine Smith 1746; will of Eliza Smith, spinster 1822; Smith family bonds 1781-1840 and an account regarding a purchase by the Aire and Calder Navigation; surveys, valuations and sale accounts of the Smith estates 1789-1812; deeds relating to the Burdett estates, with endorsement by John Lee as to their forming no part of the Smith title 17th century; accounts relating to John Smith 1746-1753; leases, surrenders, articles of agreement and promissory note of Sir John S Smith, Baronet 1781-1786 concerning Water Haigh Farm and Fleet Mills; articles of agreement mentioning John Wood and John Smith 1736; papers concerning property belonging to John S Smith in Bath 1745-1785; survey of the estates of John Smith nd; lease, release and bonds concerning John S Smith 1776-1787; papers relating to exchange between John Smyth and John S Smith 1776; will of John S Smith 1776; case as to John Smith's will; petition by John S Smith against the Aire and Calder Navigation Bill 1774; petition of John Smith to the Lord Chancellor; schedule, with accompanying deeds, of writings handed to John Smith 1641-1727; notebook containing notes made by John S Smith on a visit to France in 1754, topics mentioned are the royal family, route taken from Paris to the southern provinces and details of travelling expenses; diary 1752-1753, bank book 1781-1786 and estate papers 1764-1781 of John S Smith; draft surrenders and admittance concerning John Smith 1737 and 1745; acts for vesting estate of John S Smith in Trustees nd; five letters to Sir John Smith and Sir Edward Smith mentioning Normanton, Oulton and dog kennels at Newland 1789-1790; miscellaneous papers and deeds concerning Sir E Smith Baronet, Sir C E Smith and John S Smith 1758-1849; correspondence, some concerning E Smith 1814-1829; admittances and details of holdings of Sir Edward Smith concerning the Manors of Altofts and Warmfield cum Heath 1798-1805.
     John died on 26 May 1746 in Normanton, Yorkshire. The account for his funeral in the Newland Chapel in Normanton church include the following items: Carrying the corpse 2s., milliner 3s., making madis gowns 9s., biscuits 9/4, shroud £1/10/6 and mourning rings £42.
His son's guardians were Dr Christopher Hodgson of Wakefield and Mr John Smyth JP of Heath. He was buried in Normanton. His memorial on the south wall of the Lady Choir of Normanton church reads: In memory of John Smith Esqre of Newland who died the 26 May 1746 in the 60th year of his age. Universally esteemed, an exellent husband, a tender parent and the best of Masters and of Anne, his wife, whose great good nature was happily united to those amiable qualities which characterize the Christian and truly adorn the Woman, the Wife & the Mother. She died April 28th 1750 in the 42 year of her age. Also, of Anne their daughter who died in the 16th year of her age, justly lamented and of Christopher their youngest son who died an infant. This monument of filial piety and fraternal love is erected by John Silvester Smith. Arms of Smith: Per saltire argent and sable, two trefoils slipped in pale gules.

Children of John Smith and Anne Hodgson

John Smith

(circa 1640? - )
     John Smith was born circa 1640?. He was the youngest son of Mary & Thomas? Smith of Ecclesfield. He was the son of Thomas Smith and Mary Unknown (Smith).

Child of John Smith

John Smith

( - before 1709)
     John Smith was the son of Robert Smith? and Ann Unknown (Smith).
     John Smith was mentioned as being deceased in the will of Henry Silvester dated 5 March 1707/8.
     John died before 1709.

Children of John Smith

John Smith

     John Smith was the son of John Smith.
He was to inherit property at Mortomley from his uncle Henry Silvester..

John Smith

     John Smith married Priscilla Ludlam, daughter of Stephen Ludlam, before 1655.

John Anthony Smith

     John Anthony Smith married Jean Muriel Colbert, daughter of Esmond Stewart Kinealy Colbert and Daisy May Dougherty, in 1939 in Victoria.

John Christopher Smith

(5 August 1764 - )
     John Christopher Smith was christened on 5 August 1764 in Normanton, Yorkshire. He was the son of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth. John died in infancy.

John Henery Smith

(1870 - )
     John Henery Smith was born in 1870 in Paterson, New South Wales.

John Silvester Smith

(4 June 1763 - )
     John Silvester Smith was christened on 4 June 1763 in Normanton, Yorkshire. He was the son of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth. John died in infancy.

Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart)

(27 July 1734 - 13 June 1789)
     Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) was christened on 27 July 1734 in Normanton, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Smith and Anne Hodgson. John was described as a living child of John Smith on 26 May 1746.
     Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) was named in the militia list taken in 1761 in Yorkshire. 1761 Army list: The second battalion of the militia for the West Rding of the county of York, embodied 5 September 1759: Col. Sir George Savill
Captain John Silvester Smith
Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) married Henrietta Maria Dodsworth on 20 July 1761 in Thonton Watlass, Yorkshire. He was a juror at the manorial court on 24 October 1771 in Cawthorne, Yorkshire, The call book lists as a freeholder, John Sylvester Smith, Esq for Birthwaite in Kexworth.
     In Sarah Smith's will dated 26 September 1772, Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) was named as heir. ...the school lately built by my late brother John Smith, Esquire, deceased, situate... in Greenside for ever ... The will also names her nephews John Sylvester Smith of Newland, William Serjeantson of Wakefield, esq. and William Smith of Methley. He became a baronet on 22 January 1784 He was described as of Newland Park and Birthwait, Yks..
     John died on 13 June 1789 in Normanton, YKS, aged 54. His memorial inscription at Normanton reads: In memory of Sir John Silvester Smith, Baronet, who departed this life June 13th 1789 aged 55 years. Also Dame Henrietta Maria Smith, his wife who died 9 [17th?] December 1795 aged 60 years. Also Charlotte Smith their daughter who died March 1 1788 aged 18 years. & John Silvester Smith & John Christopher Smith their sons who died in their infancy. Also William Smith, Esq., brother of the said Sir John Silvester Smith, who died Oct 2nd 1773 aged 35 years.
Dame Susan Dodsworth, wife of Sir Edward Dodsworth, baronet, who departed this life 12 March 1830 aged 53

Children of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth

Joseph Smith

(1819 - 1907)
     Joseph Smith was born in 1819. He was the son of William Smith (1773-1844) & Philadelphia Prior (1779-1855)..
The marriage of Joseph Smith and Charlotte Putland, daughter of Edward Putland and Henrietta Coleman, was registered in Hailsham RD, Sussex, in the December 1840 quarter.
     Joseph died in 1907.

Child of Joseph Smith and Charlotte Putland

Joseph Smith

(circa 1840 - )
     Joseph Smith was born circa 1840. He was the son of Joseph Smith and Charlotte Putland.

Julia Smith

     Julia Smith married John Williams Rumsey, son of John Williams Rumsey and Ellen Little, circa 1904.

Child of Julia Smith and John Williams Rumsey

Leila Constance Smith

(1912 - 1992)
     Leila Constance Smith was born in 1912 in Guildford, Western Australia. She was the daughter of Mayhew Henry Smith and Hannah Veronica Sullivan.
Leila Constance Smith married Charles Alexander MacPherson on 23 September 1932.
     Leila died in 1992 in Perth, Western Australia.

Margaret Smith

(before 1555 - )
     Margaret Smith was born before 1555 in Suffolk, England.
Margaret Smith married James Cocksedge on 2 April 1573 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Child of Margaret Smith and James Cocksedge

Margaret Smith

     Margaret Smith married John Emslie before 1728.

Children of Margaret Smith and John Emslie

Margaret Smith

(28 January 1868 - 4 May 1905)
     Margaret Smith was born on 28 January 1868 in Castlegate, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, England. She was the twin daughter of James Smith & Elizabeth Jane Purves.
Margaret Smith married Dr George William Frederic Paul, son of George William Paul and Emily Parkins, on 21 June 1886 in Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, England.
     Margaret died on 4 May 1905 in Molong, New South Wales, aged 37. She was late of Cobar.

Children of Margaret Smith and Dr George William Frederic Paul

Margaret Smith

     Margaret Smith married James Cameron, son of William Cameron and Elizabeth MacDonald, on 24 August 1825 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire.

Children of Margaret Smith and James Cameron

Margaret Smith

     Margaret Smith married Thomas Burgess in 1683 in Doddington, Cambridgeshire, England.

Margaret Anne Smith

(1861 - 1872)
     Margaret Anne Smith was born in 1861 in Carisbrook, Victoria. She was the daughter of Israel Allison Smith and Margaret Gordon MacPherson.
     Margaret died in 1872 in Victoria. She was buried on 9 October 1872 in Carisbrook. Maryborough Advertiser - Wednesday, 9 October 1872: Smith, of Carisbrook on the 7th instant, Margaret Ann Smith, daughter of the late Mister Israel Allison Smith, British American Hotel, aged 11 years and 6 months. The friends are invited to follow her remains to the Carisbrook Cemetary at half past ten this day." Undertaker: Thomas Casey.

Marie Josephine Smith

(26 December 1910 - before 12 May 1988)
     Marie Josephine Smith was born on 26 December 1910.
Marie Josephine Smith married James MacIntosh Colbert, son of Edward Michael Colbert and Margaret Robertson, in 1935.
She lived with the Barnes family in Werribee.
     Marie resided at 7/170 Orrong Road, Toorak, Victoria, 1982.
     Marie died before 12 May 1988. She was cremated on 12 May 1988 in The Necropolis, Springvale.

Children of Marie Josephine Smith and James MacIntosh Colbert

Marrinne Smith

(1876 - )
     Marrinne Smith was born in 1876 in Paterson, New South Wales.

Martha Smith

(say 1785 - )
     Martha Smith was born say 1785.
     Martha Smith married Daniel Mackglew as his second wife, on 23 December 1804 in St Botolph Bishopsgate, London.

Children of Martha Smith and Daniel Mackglew

Martha Smith

     Martha Smith married John Ryther as his second wife, in 1743 in Adel, Yorkshire, England.

Mary Smith

(1857 - 18 October 1932)
     Mary Smith was also known as Polly in records. She was born in 1857 in Dunolly, Victoria. She was the daughter of Israel Allison Smith and Margaret Gordon MacPherson.
Mary Smith married James John Burns Hurwood in 1883 in Williamstown, Victoria.
Mary Smith and James John Burns Hurwood witnessed Lachlan Henry Kenrick MacGregor and Isabella Smith's wedding on 30 June 1886 in Victoria Pde, East Melbourne, Victoria.
     Mary Hurwood was mentioned in the will of Paul MacPherson dated 24 September 1897.
     Mary and James were registered at Newport, Victoria, on the 1903 electoral roll.
     Mary and James were registered at 284 Somerville Rd, Yarraville, Victoria, on the 1924 electoral roll. He was a licenced plumber and spent most of his time at the docks.
     Mary died of bronchitis and mumps (3 weeks), heart failure and syncope on 18 October 1932 in 284 Somerville Road, Yarraville, Victoria. She was buried on 19 October 1932 in Footscray cemetery. She was aged 75, Wesleyan section A13/894.

Children of Mary Smith and James John Burns Hurwood

Mary Smith

     Mary Smith married William Bowker, son of James Bowker and Mary Roades, on 6 June 1831 in Stamford St John, Lincolnshire.

Child of Mary Smith and William Bowker

Mary Smith

(say 1695 - )
     Mary Smith was born say 1695. She was the daughter of John Smith and Priscilla Silvester.
Mary Smith married Robert Serjeantson on 31 October 1712 in Darton, Yorkshire. He married secondly Mary, daughter of Sir John Place, relict of Christopher Lawson, Vicar of Gargrave.
     Mary Smith was mentioned in the will of John Silvester dated 5 January 1719/20.

Children of Mary Smith and Robert Serjeantson

Mary Smith

(circa 1650 - before 15 February 1679/80)
     Mary Smith was born circa 1650 in Yorkshire. She was the daughter of William Smith.
     Mary Smith married Thomas Silvester as his second wife, in 1670 in Yorkshire. They were not married at Ecclesfield.
     Mary Smith was mentioned in the will of Thomas Silvester dated 17 August 1679.
     Mary Smith made a will dated 28 January 1679/80 in Mortomley, Ecclesfield. Memorandum that I Mary Silvester of Mortomley in the parish of Ecclesfield, widdow do declare that this is my last will and testament as followeth; And I devise John Smith junior of Nortley (?) and John Silvester (?) of Burton to be supervisors of this my last will and testament Imprimis I devise my father William Smith see my body decently buried and all my funeral expenses discharges and all my just debts and legacies out of my personal estate to sell ... and discharged and the rest of my goods chattels debts whatsoever I do give and bequeath to my two daughters Elizabeth & Martha equally to be divided between them;
     And if it shall happen that either of them shall die before they attain the age of one and twenty years then my mind and will is that her part shall be paid to the survivor;
     Item I give unto Priscilla Silvester 2/6
     Item I give unto Henry Silvester 2/6;
     Item I give unto Martha Samuel (?) and Jeremiah Smith children (?) of my sister Janie Smith, each of them 2/6 and I do ordain and appoint my father William Smith of Mortomley sole executor. 28 January 1679/80, Mary Silvester. Witnessed by George Allen his mark, Charles Smith his mark, John Silvester.

     Mary died before 15 February 1679/80 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. She was buried on 15 February 1679/80 in Ecclesfield.
     Her will was proved on 4 August 1680 at York, Yorkshire.

Children of Mary Smith and Thomas Silvester

Mary Smith

(circa 1725 - )
     Mary Smith was born circa 1725.
Mary Smith married Henry Vodry, son of John Vodry and Mary Clark, on 24 December 1746 in St Joseph, Barbados.

Child of Mary Smith and Henry Vodry

Mary Smith

(17 October 1730 - )
     Mary Smith was christened on 17 October 1730 in Normanton, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Smith and Anne Hodgson.