Walter Stewart Lord Brechin, Earl of Athol

( - 31 March 1437)
     Walter Stewart Lord Brechin, Earl of Athol was born. He was the sixth and youngest son of Robert II, being his second son by his second wife Eupheme. He was the son of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Euphemia Ross Countess of Moray.
     Walter Stewart Lord Brechin, Earl of Athol married Margaret Barclay before 19 October 1378.
     Created about 1402 and before July 1402 Earl of Caithness on the resignation of his niece Eupheme, Countess Palatine of Strathern and Countess of Caithness, who was daughter & heir of his elder brother David, the possessor of those dignities. He was afterwards, shortly before 8 June 1404 created earl of Atholl. He and his grandson were among the chief contrivers of the murder of James I 20 Feb 1436/7. They were both put to death, the earl being executed
     Walter died on 31 March 1437 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was beheaded for regicide (or 26th?).

Walter Stewart of the Lennox

( - 24 May 1425)
     Walter Stewart of the Lennox was the son of Murdoch Stewart 2nd Duke of Albany and Isabella Lennox Duchess of Albany.
     Walter died by execution on 24 May 1425 in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

William Stewart

( - between 12 February 1428 and 1429)
     William Stewart was buried in Orleans, France. He was the son of Alexander Stewart.
     William died between 12 February 1428 and 1429 in Orleans.

William Stewart

     William Stewart was the son of Sir John Stewart.

Elizabeth Stiff

(circa 1805 - 15 July 1878)
     Elizabeth Stiff was born circa 1805 in Rougham, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Stiff married John Bullett, son of Richard Bullett and Elizabeth Green, on 19 October 1827 in Rougham, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Stiff and John Bullett appeared on the 1841 census in Nether Street, Rougham, Suffolk. John Bullett, 38, ag lab, Elizabeth 35, Ann 12, Elizabeth 10, Harriett 8, Lydia 5, Robert 3, John 10 months / John Crofts 70, Harriett Crofts 25 Ind / Ann Gates F.Servant.
     Elizabeth Stiff and John Bullett were recorded on the 1851 census in Rougham, Suffolk. John Bullett, head, 48, mar., farm lab; Elizabeth, wife, 46, Robert, son 13, Mary daughter 7 scholar, Richard son 5, Samuel, son 1, all born at Rougham.
     Elizabeth Stiff and John Bullett appeared on the 1861 census in Nether Street ..., Rougham. John Bullett aged 50, ag. lab., with his wife Elizabeth aged 55 and son Richard aged 15 all born at Rougham.
     Elizabeth died on 15 July 1878 in Rougham, Suffolk. She was buried on 20 July 1878 in St Mary, Rougham.

Children of Elizabeth Stiff and John Bullett

Mary Ann Stiff

(say 1885 - )
     Mary Ann Stiff was born say 1885.
     Mary Ann Stiff married William Bullett, son of David Bullett and Hannah Whiting, circa April 1912 in Hessett.

Annie Eliza Stile or Phile

(circa 1859 - 2 September 1947)
     Annie Eliza Stile or Phile was born circa 1859.
     Annie Eliza Stile or Phile married Robert Prowett Burton Bradley, son of Henry Burton Bradley and Charlotte Sarah Spedding, in 1880 in Sydney, New South Wales. She married secondly Albert Trevethan St George a man of independent means, at St Alban’s Church, Five Dock in Sydney on 7 April 1890.
     Annie died Annie Eliza St George, aged 88, widow, late of 58 Trafalgar St, Annandale; born Balmoral, NSW. Father Phile, sea-captain, mother Rachel Drysdale. Married Robert Bradley, North Sydney aged 20 and secondly at Burwood, NSW aged 30. She had Robert (crossed out Powett, 60 and 1 male deceased from the first marrage and 2 sons from the second marriage. on 2 September 1947 in Sacred Hearet Hospice, Darlinghurst, NSW.

Children of Annie Eliza Stile or Phile and Robert Prowett Burton Bradley

Mary Stimson

(before 1675 - )
     Mary Stimson was born before 1675 in Suffolk, England.
     Mary Stimson married Henry Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Mary Unknown, on 30 September 1691 in Tostock, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Stimson and Henry Cocksedge

Elizabeth Stinnet

(before 1685 - )
     Elizabeth Stinnet was born before 1685 in Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Stinnet married Rev Francis Cocksedge BA, son of Rev Francis Cocksedge MA and Jane Unknown, on 13 April 1703 in Woolpit, Suffolk.

Children of Elizabeth Stinnet and Rev Francis Cocksedge BA

Elizabeth Stoakes

(7 August 1771 - between 1807 and 1812)
     Elizabeth Stoakes was christened on 7 August 1771 in Mitcham, Surrey. Eldest daughter of Jeffrey Stoakes of Mitcham, Gardener and Mary (Moore) his wife who married 7 Nov 1770 by licence at Mitcham. His will dated Nov 1786 mentions copyhold land in the manor of Ravensbury.
     Elizabeth Stoakes and John Sinclair Dempster obtained a marriage licence on 21 February 1791 in London.
     Elizabeth Stoakes married John Sinclair Dempster, son of John Dempster, on 24 February 1791 in Mitcham, Surrey.
Elizabeth Stoakes was mentioned in the register of duties paid for apprentices' indentures on 13 January 1803 in Mitcham, Surrey. Elizabeth Dempspter, schoolmistress, Mitcham, Surrey for apprentice Ann Marsh.
Eleanore Dempster wrote:
Elizabeth Stoakes Dempster, wife of John Sinclair D, might be person who paid the duties; or it might have been Elizabeth, wife of James Dempster I. Somewhere in my jumble of paper I have a note re the Stoakes family being involved with boarding schools, and a ladies boarding school in Mitcham called The Chestnuts. I think this information came from the Mitcham rate books.

     He advertised in the Times on 4 July 1807: Preparatory seminary, Harleford-place, Kensington common - Mr Dempster respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has made arrangements for the reception of a limited number of young gentlemen from the age of four to nine, to be placed under the personal care of Mrs Dempster, by whom they will be treated with that maternal tenderness, which all who have been under her charge have uniformly experienced. The situation, which is on the Clapham-road, is airy and pleasant, and allowed by the Faculty to be one of the most salubrious in the vicinity of London: and the distance, being only two miles from the Bridges, will render it convenient for parents to witness frequently the attention paid to their children. The domestic accommodations are peculiarly adapted to the purpose ; and Mr and Mrs Dempster indulge the hope that their united endeavour to promote the comfort and improvement of their pupils, will be found too merit general approbation and encouragement, The terms are moderate, and may be known by application as above ; or Mr D on being addressed by letter, will wait upon those parents and guardians who may be disposed to patronize the undertaking. Stages every hour from Charing-cross, Somerset-house and Gracechurch-street.
     Elizabeth died between 1807 and 1812. He claimed to be a widower at his marriage in 1812.

Children of Elizabeth Stoakes and John Sinclair Dempster

Charlotte Stoakley

(September 1864 - September 1942)
     Charlotte Stoakley's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1864 in Shoreditch, Middlesex.
     The marriage of Charlotte Stoakley and Charles Francis Bullett, son of James Bullett and Elizabeth Stevens, was registered in Richmond RD, Surrey, in the June 1896 quarter.
     Charlotte Stoakley and Charles Francis Bullett appeared on the 1901 census in Brighton Rd, Surbiton, Surrey. Charles Francis Bullett, 28, stoker; Charlotte his wife aged 32, and children Charles Theodore aged 4 & Lottie Ales Muriel,2, all born at Surbiton.
     Charlotte's death was registered in the quarter ending in September 1942 in Surrey.

Children of Charlotte Stoakley and Charles Francis Bullett

Christopher Stockdale

(before 1585? - )
     Christopher Stockdale was born before 1585?.
     Christopher Stockdale married Margaret Popplewell, daughter of Patriarch Popplewell (of Blyth), on 26 May 1607 in Blyth, Nottinghamshire.

John Stocking

(circa 1831 - )
     John Stocking was born circa 1831.
     John Stocking married Eliza Grimwood, daughter of Charles Grimwood and Mary Prentice, on 20 May 1866 in Gt Bricett, Suffolk.

(?) Stokes

( - before April 1891)
     (?) Stokes married Dora Edmonds, daughter of Ezekial Edmonds and Sophia Anne Steer.
     (?) died before April 1891.

Barbara Mary Stokes

     Barbara Mary Stokes was the daughter of Henry Upton Stokes and Madge Bowker Wood.

Doreen Madge Stokes

     Doreen Madge Stokes was the daughter of Henry Upton Stokes and Madge Bowker Wood.

Elizabeth Stokes

     Elizabeth Stokes was the daughter of Henry Upton Stokes and Madge Bowker Wood.

Henry Upton Stokes

     Henry Upton Stokes married Madge Bowker Wood, daughter of William Burnham Wood and Lucy Ann Wadland, on 27 September 1919 in Oundle, Northamptonshire.

Norah Jane Mary Stollery

(12 December 1883 - 27 April 1980)
     Norah Jane Mary Stollery was buried in Hicksite Cemetery, Bloomfield, Ontario, Canada. She was christened in All Saints, Hollesley, Suffolk. She was born on 12 December 1883 in Hollesley, Suffolk.
     Norah Jane Mary Stollery married Harry Mann, son of Arthur Mann and Adelaide Mary Nunn, on 27 October 1905 in Walton, Suffolk.
     Norah died on 27 April 1980 in Picton, Ontario, Canada, aged 96.

Child of Norah Jane Mary Stollery and Harry Mann

Elizabeth Stone

     Elizabeth Stone married Sir William Ryder Ryther, son of Thomas Ryther and Catherine Poole. She was the daughter of Richard Stone of Holme in Norfolk.

Children of Elizabeth Stone and Sir William Ryder Ryther

Jane Stone

(circa 1843 - before 26 August 1886)
     Jane Stone was born circa 1843 in Hertfordshire.
     The marriage of Jane Stone and Samuel Bullett, son of Samuel Bullett and Elizabeth Saunders, was registered in Kensington RD, Middlesex, in the December 1868 quarter.
     Jane Stone and Samuel Bullett appeared on the 1871 census in 34 North? St?, Paddington, Middlesex. Samuel Bullet, head, married, 26, commercial clerk ..., born Beddington, Sry; his wfie Jane, 26, born Sarrat?, Herts; and daughter Jesse E, aged 1, born Paddington.
     Jane Stone and Samuel Bullett appeared on the 1881 census in 8 Hilldrop? Rd, Islington, London. Samuel Bullett, head, 35... of stock exchange, born Beddington Sry, Jane his wife aged 38, born Hertfordshire ..., children Jessie E 11, born Paddington, Arthur S 9, born St Pancras, Florence E, ditto, Maud A, 6, born S.? Hackney, Robert j, 3, ditto, Blanche H, 1, ditto, Arthur J Bullett, brother, unmarried, 34, commercial clerk, born Paddington, Mdx, with two servants.
     Jane died before 26 August 1886 in Islington RD, Middlesex. She was buried on 26 August 1886 in the cemetery, Hampstead, Camden.

Children of Jane Stone and Samuel Bullett

Joan Dorothy Stone

(14 February 1919 - )
     Joan Dorothy Stone was born on 14 February 1919 in England.

Joanna Stone

(before 1610 - )
     Joanna Stone was also known as Joan in records. She was born before 1610.
     Joanna Stone married Nicholas Marlott, son of Thomas Marlott, on 15 May 1628 in Shipley, Sussex.

Margaret Stone

     Margaret Stone was born. She was the daughter of Robert Stone of Holme in Norfolk.
     Margaret Stone married Edward Ryther (of Leyton), son of Thomas Ryther and Catherine Poole.

Charles Stoner

(20 July 1737 - 31 October 1781)
     Charles Stoner was born on 20 July 1737.
     Charles died on 31 October 1781 in Gravelines, France, aged 44. In 1781 they moved to Gravelines on the Normandy coast. There Molly Stonor, daughter of the Jacobite colonel William Stonor, had been a Poor Clare nun for nearly half a century. After only three months in France, Charles Stonor died and was buried in the convent chapel. Within the year his widow married an impoverished Catholic lawyer called Charles Canning. As Charles Stonor had not left a will, she sold all the furniture and paintings from Stonor. He was buried in Rouen, France.

Children of Charles Stoner

Henry Stoner

(28 October 1774 - )
     Henry Stoner was christened on 28 October 1774 in RC chapel, Stonor, Oxfordshire. He was the son of Charles Stoner.

John Stoner

(18 March 1771 - )
     John Stoner was christened on 18 March 1771 in RC chapel, Stonor, Oxfordshire. He was the son of Charles Stoner.

Ann Stones

(16 June 1779 - )
     Ann Stones was christened on 16 June 1779 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Robert Stones and Ann Popplewell.

David Stones

(17 November 1784 - )
     David Stones was christened on 17 November 1784 in Belton, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Robert Stones and Ann Popplewell.

Edmund Stones

(12 May 1777 - )
     Edmund Stones was christened on 12 May 1777 in Belton, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Robert Stones and Ann Popplewell.