Thomas Stratton

(circa 1777 - 23 February 1860)
     Thomas Stratton was also known as Stretton in records. He was born circa 1777 in Huntingdonshire.
     Thomas Stratton married Elizabeth Stanser, daughter of John Stanser and Eleanor Sims, on 12 November 1806 in Tallington, Lincolnshire.
     Thomas Stratton and Elizabeth Stanser were recorded on the 1851 census in Tallington. Thomas Stretton head, aged 79/72, pauper ag. lab, born Winwick? Hunts; his wife Elizabeth aged 70, born Ketton, Rutland and their unmarried sons William aged 32 and Thomas 26, ag. labs., both born at Tallington.
     Thomas died on 23 February 1860 in Tallington, Lincolnshire.

Eliza Mary Strawbridge

(circa 1855 - 15 July 1879)
     Eliza Mary Strawbridge was born circa 1855.
     Eliza Mary Strawbridge married Edward Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Honora Curren, on 11 July 1877 in St Rose, Kapunda, South Australia.
     Eliza died on 15 July 1879 in Kapunda, South Australia.

John Percival Strawbridge

     John Percival Strawbridge married an unknown person .

Child of John Percival Strawbridge

Thelma Strawbridge

(28 November 1909 - 10 February 1996)
     Thelma Strawbridge was buried in Hicksite Cemetery, Bloomfield, Ontario, Canada. She was born on 28 November 1909 in Dorland, Ontario, Canada. She was the daughter of John Percival Strawbridge.
     Thelma died on 10 February 1996 in Picton, Ontario, Canada, aged 86.

Ellen Street

(before 1620 - before 19 June 1666)
     Ellen Street was also known as Elenor in records. She was born before 1620 in Langsett, Penistone?, Yorkshire. She was the third daughter of Reginald Street of Langsett.. She was the daughter of Reginald Street.
     Ellen Street married Edward Rich, son of John Rich and Ellen Wilson, on 31 August 1642 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Edward Rich, yeoman 27 of Ecclesfield & Elenor Street, spinster, of Sheffield. This makes a 5 year discrepancy for Edward - perhaps it is another Edward. Hobson states 31 July.
     Ellen Street married Zachariah Beard on 10 February 1648/49 in Ecclesfield. He married Ellin Rich, who may have been the widow of Edward Rich - that marriage being at Ecclesfield on 31 July 1642 to Eleanor Street. But if that was to the Edward of Renall, they continued to have children after this date. More work required.
     Ellen died before 19 June 1666 in Penistone, Yorkshire. She was buried on 19 June 1666 in Penistone.

Children of Ellen Street and Edward Rich

Ellen Street

(before 1605 - before 27 May 1675)
     Ellen Street was born before 1605 in Yorkshire, England.
     Ellen Street married William Rich alias Peck, son of Edward Rich and Agnes Unknown (Peck) (Mendlove), on 3 February 1623/24 in Penistone. Willelmus Rich et Helena Streete..
     Ellen Street was mentioned in the manorial court roll dated 30 November 1670 in Penistone, Yorkshire. 6th April 1676 copy surrender: Court Baron of Godfrey Bosvile, Manor of Penistone. It was presented that William Peck, alias Rich, surrendered on November 30 1670, all that moiety of all messuages, lands, tenements, marks and groves in Thurlestone and Penistone and also a moiety of all other messuages and lands whatsoever, which William Jenkinson and Joan his wife once surrendered at a rent of 3 shillings p.a. to the use of William Peck alias Rich and Ellen his wife for their lives and other stated uses. If all the heirs fail, than as an annual rent charge to maintain a pious priest at Ecclesfield church. They made fine 3 shillings.
     In Ellen Street's will dated 29 October 1673 in 'Hornethwaite', Thurlstone Meir, Penistone, Ellen Street was named as executrix of the estate; In the name of God amen the nine & twentieth day of October 1673 I William Rich of Hornethwaite in Thurleston Meire, in the parish of Penistone, Yks, yeoman, being in good health and perfect memory ... being desirous to settle my estate in lands and goods in peace: and also being mindful of the uncertainty of mans life doe make constitute and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following. First and principally I commend my soul to God who gave it mee by and through the passions merritts of Jesus Christ my sole Saviour and redeemer And my bodie to the earth from whence it came and to be buried in the parish church of Penistone afsd at the discretion of Ellin my now wife hoping of a joyfull resurrection thereof to life eternal at the last day by vertue of Christ my Lord; And as for my estate both real and personal which it hath pleased god to bless mee with all; I doe dispose thereof as followeth;
First my will and mind is that my due debts and funerall expenses be paid and satisfied forth of my whole personall estate; And these discharged I doe hereby give devise and bequeath all my goods, chattles Cattells and personal estate unto the said ELLIN my now wife, and as for my freehold lands, tenements and heredeitaments with the appurtenances whereof I stand seized in present possession or ... I doe dispose thereof as followeth;
first whereas I ... formerly by deed indented under my hand and seal bearing date 4 May 1650 the same being lawfully executed with livery and seizin for the consideration therein specyfield given granted enfeffed and confirmed unto to John Coulswell Shephouse & Reginald Appleyard of Eclands in the said parish of Penistone yeomen all that my capital messuage or manor house within Thurlestone afsd commonly called Hornthewaite Hall with all ... barns, buildings, gardens orchards fonlds, yards... closes, lands, meadows feedings, pastures, woods ... rents services customs ways ... hereditaments and apppurtenances whatsoever to the said capital messuage or manor house belonging or in anywise appertaining lyeing and being in Thurlestone and Penistone afsd; And one parcell of meadows or pasture luing in Eclands afsd; And now or late in the occupation of William Appleyard and commonly called the .o..e; And also all those my water: Corne milnes and kilne in Thurlstone afsd together with all and only? the ... goyts ... libertyes easments ... customs and dutyes to the said milnes and kilne belong and appertaining; And all the parcell of lands and soile called the Greaves or .ohnes lying betwen the Goyts of the said milne and the ... of ...; to have and to hold the said capitall messuage or manor house barnes buildings gardens foulds yards croftes closes lands meadows pastures milnes and kilne ... goyts .ames ... soyle customs; And all the before granted premises with appurtenances unto them the said John Couldwell and Reginald Appleyard and to theire heires forever; unto ... use and uses intents and purposes hereafter lymitted and expressed that is to say for and to the use and uses of mee the said William Rich and Ellin my now wife for and during our naturall lifes and the life of the longer liver of us with out impeachment of ... and after our deceases and the decease of the longer liver of us to such use and uses intents and purposes as I the said William Rich shall by my deed or deeds under my hand and seale sufficiently executed or by my last will & testament in writeing under my hand and seale made ... expressed declared and appointe the same and to noe other use intent or purpose whatsoever; As by the said deed whereunto ... being had more at ... and doth appear; now I the said William Rich doe confirme and allowe the said deed and the possession and seizin thereof given for and the ... of the lives naturall of me the said William Rich and of the said Ellin my now wife; And after the deceases of me; and the said Ellin now my wife; in pursuance and according to the p... referred by the said deed I doe hereby give devise... expresse declare and appoint all the said messuage lands tenements hereditaments with appurtenances to the use & behoof of SILVANUS RICH of Bulhouse in Thurlestone in the said countie, yeoman and the heires males of his bodie lawfully begotten and to be begotten and for want of such issue;
then to the use and behoof of DANIELL RICH SONNE OF DANIEL RICH OF SMALLSHAW and the heires males of his bodie lawfully begotten; and for want of such issue;
then to the use of JOHN RICH son of EDWARD RICH OF RENNOW; and the heires males of his body lawfully begotten; and for want of such issue then to the use and behoofe of Josyas Wordsworth of Water Hall in Penistone, yeoman and Richard Morton of Honley in the sd co. yeoman their heires and assigns for ever In trust and confidence nevertheless and to this intent and purpose; that all and any person or persons from time to time forever ... have or take? any estate of inheritance of and in the said messuage lands tenements and premises by vertue of these presents and the said deed or other of them imediatley after the decease of mee the said William Rich and Ellin now my wife; Shall for the of the rents ... and profitts of the premises satisfie pay and discharge all and every the sume and sumes of money hereafter in these presents me... and expressed at such days and times as herein afterwards is sett down with out any default... or abatements for or by reason of any charges tax or impositions? charged or to be charged in any manor howsoever; that is to say the sume of three pounds six shillings and eight pence of lawfull money of England yearly and any? year forever att the feast of the Penticost only into the Godly preaching minister of the word of God of the parish church of Penistone afsd for the time being ... after my death and the death of Ellin my wife;
also the sum of four shillings of the money yearly and ... for ever of the ... only unto the schoolmaster of the Free Grammar School of Penistone afsd ... the first payment to being at the feast of Pentecost next after my death and the death of my said wife,
also the sum of twenty shillings of like money yearly and every year att the feast of Pentecost unto the overseers of the poore of the parish of Penistone ..; to be distributed ... at the discretion of the same overseers;
Also the sum of one hundred pounds of like money within one year next after the decease of me and my said wife unto Anne Sandersone widdowe ?yones ... Mary wife of Jonathan West? and Martha wife of Thomas Bramhall; equally to bee divided amongst them that now advantage and bee taken by survivorship amongst them all which sume and summes of money abovementioned I give and bequeath by these presents unto all ... chargeable of my reale estate ... and I hope the person or persons to whom my said estate shall come by the said deed and this my last will and testament will truly and honestly pay and discharge the same ..;
provided always nevertheless and my will and mind further is; that ... sums of money afsd be not paid and satisfied according to the intent and meaning of these presents; att the days and times ... then I doe hereby give and devise the said messuage, etc. unto the said Josyas Wordworth and Richard Morton and their heires and to the survivor of them and his heirs in trust that they ... may enforce unto the same; and receive and take the rents [until the money is paid]. ...
And I doe nominate and appoint John Wainwright? of She... and the said Richard Morton supervisor of this my last will and desiring them to ... the same executor they having theire charges born by my ...
I doe make and ordayne the said Ellin my wife sole executrix of this my last will and testament to whom I doe give all my goods chattels and personal estate whatsoever in ... whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and month? first above expressed AD 1673 William Rich signed sealed published and declared in the presence of us Mathew Wilkinson, Richard Morton, William Stronge, Abell Rich.

     Ellen Street made a will dated 7 July 1674 in Penistone. In her will she describes herself as Ellin Rich of Hornthwaite Hall and leaves various bequests including £5 to Abell Rich, £10 to Richard Street daughters?, to the children of Edward Rich of Renah? by Ellin his late wife £10 equally plus lots of other bequests to the Streets, and also mentions William Haigh of Thurlestone her beloved kinsman. ... She was an executor of Ellen Street's estate on 31 August 1674 in the Prerogative Court of York.
     Ellen died before 27 May 1675 in Penistone, YKS. She was buried on 27 May 1675 in Penistone, YKS. Sepult. Hellen Rich, vidua.
     Her will was proved on 18 August 1675 at PCY. Ellin, widow, Hornthwaite Hall, Penistone.

Humphrey Street

(before 1550 - )
     Humphrey Street was born before 1550 in Yorkshire.
     In 1575/6 Elias Strete de Langside yeoman confirms to Humfry Street my son & heir apparaent all m good s & chattels. Testl Chris. Wilson, Wm Parker, Thomas Wilson, Richard Priest.
     A marriage settlement between Humphrey Street and Elizabeth Wilson was made on 20 June 1576 in Yorkshire. June 20 18 Elz 1576: This indenture between Ellis Street of Langside yeoman on the one part & Thomas Wilson of Oughtibridge husbandman on the other - Humphrey Street son & heir apparent of sd Ellis to marry Elizabeth daughter of the said Thomas Wilson upon 10 July next - Ellis Street covenant to settle his estate at Langside on them & their isssue - remainder to his right heirs - before 18 July next - also lands at the Green in Waldershelf - Thomas Wilson covenants to pay to said Hymphrey Street £10/-/-.
     Humphrey Street married Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Thomas Wilson, on 10 July 1576 in Yorkshire.

Humphrey Street

(15 March 1617 - )
     Humphrey Street was christened on 15 March 1617 in Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of Reginald Street.

John Street

(before 16 August 1627 - )
     John Street was born before 16 August 1627 in Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of Reginald Street.

Josias Street

(before 3 April 1632 - )
     Josias Street was born before 3 April 1632 in Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of Reginald Street.

Reginald Street

     Reginald Street lived at Langsett, Penistone?, Yorkshire. He was born in Penistone, Yorkshire.

Children of Reginald Street

Reginald Street

(before 29 July 1610 - )
     Reginald Street was born before 29 July 1610 in Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of Reginald Street.

Reginald Street

(before 4 April 1630 - )
     Reginald Street was born before 4 April 1630 in Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of Reginald Street.

William Street

(before 21 May 1620 - )
     William Street was born before 21 May 1620 in Penistone, Yorkshire. He was the son of Reginald Street.

Frances Strett

     Frances Strett was born in Crowle, Lincolnshire.
     Frances Strett married William Ryther, son of Robert Ryther and Margaret Campion, on 29 November 1684 in Belton, Lincolnshire. They were both of Crowle.

Margaret Strickland

     Margaret Strickland married William Grimston.

Child of Margaret Strickland and William Grimston

Kenneth Stride

( - 2004)
     Kenneth Stride was born. He was the son of Joseph Stride and Annie McCarthy..
     Kenneth died in 2004 in New Zealand.

Child of Kenneth Stride

Susan Lillian Stride

(18 December 1960 - )
     Susan Lillian Stride was born on 18 December 1960 in 178 North Road, Prittlewell, Essex, England. She was the daughter of Kenneth Stride.

Helen or Ellin or Elinor Stringer

     Helen or Ellin or Elinor Stringer married John Colbert on 29 November 1774 in Carlton juxta Snaith, Yorkshire, England. Helen was present at John Colbert's christening on 13 August 1775 in Carlton j Snaith, YKS, ENG. Helen was present at James Colbert's christening on 24 November 1779 in Carlton j Snaith, YKS, ENG. Helen was present at Catherine Colbert's christening on 26 September 1784 in Carlton j Snaith, YKS, ENG. Helen was present at Mary Colbert's christening on 20 May 1787 in Carlton j Snaith, YKS, ENG. Helen was present at Hannah Colbert's christening on 5 July 1790 in Carlton j Snaith, YKS, ENG. Helen was present at Ann Colbert's christening on 1 October 1792 in Carlton j Snaith, YKS, ENG.

Children of Helen or Ellin or Elinor Stringer and John Colbert

James Stringer

     James Stringer married Lydia Cocksedge on 3 September 1623 in Bildeston, Suffolk.

James Strong

     James Strong married Elizabeth Ruby, daughter of Simeon Ruby and Mary Short, before January 1845 in Plymouth, East Stonehouse RD, Devon.

Cuthbert R Strother-Stewart

(16 December 1919 - 13 November 1996)
     Cuthbert R Strother-Stewart's birth was registered in the quarter ending on 16 December 1919 in 7 Leazes Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.
     Cuthbert R Strother-Stewart married Irene Michael MacKenzie, daughter of Donald Alexander MacKenzie and Elizabeth Fraser, on 1 April 1944 in the Register Office, Richmond, Yorkshire, England.
     Cuthbert died on 13 November 1996 in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, aged 76.

Nellie Pitcher Stroud

(3 March 1905 - )
     Nellie Pitcher Stroud was born on 3 March 1905.
     Nellie Pitcher Stroud married Herbert Stanley Cocksedge, son of Albert Cocksedge and Ada Ellen Moorfield, in 1927 in Victoria. He married as Coxedge.
     Nellie and Herbert were registered at Yarram, on the 1931 electoral roll.
     Nellie Pitcher Stroud lived at Waterloo Rd, Trafalgar, Victoria, 1982.

Children of Nellie Pitcher Stroud and Herbert Stanley Cocksedge

Rita May Stroud

(20 April 1907 - 17 February 1993)
     She was grandmother of Jenny & Russell, Lisa & Tony, Meagan, Michael & friend of Darren.. Rita May Stroud was born on 20 April 1907. Daughter of Harry & Margaret Stroud..
     Rita May Stroud married Albert Vernon Cocksedge, son of Albert Cocksedge and Ada Ellen Moorfield, in 1927 in Victoria.
     Rita and Albert were registered at Yarram, Victoria, on the 1931 electoral roll.
     Rita was registered at Won Wron, Victoria, on the 1972 electoral roll.
     Rita May Stroud lived at 64 Nichol St, Yarram, 1982.
     Rita died on 17 February 1993 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 85.
     Her will was proved in 1993 in Victoria.

Child of Rita May Stroud and Albert Vernon Cocksedge

Alexander Stuart

(before 1812 - )
     Alexander was a dyster [, L]. Was a dyster. He was born before 1812 in Fodderletter, Kirkmichael, Banffshire.
     Alexander Stuart married Jane MacPherson, daughter of John MacPherson and Elisabeth Stuart, on 4 July 1832 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire. Alexr Stuart, dyster, Fotherletter & Jane McPherson, Balnakyle both in this parish (or 11th]
Alexander Stuart, Dyster and carding master Glenbrind and Jane McPherson, lawful daughter of the late John McPherson, Balnakyle and Elisabeth Stuart having produced a certificate of the regular proclamation of their marriage at the parish kirk and having been proclaimed 3 successive Sundays at the Chapel Tomintoul and no objections offered were married upon the 4 July 1832 in presence of William McPherson, Audright, James Stuart, Fodderletter and other

Children of Alexander Stuart and Jane MacPherson

Alexander Stuart

(1 February 1838 - )
     Alexander Stuart was born on 1 February 1838 in Longary, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. He was the son of John Stuart and Grace MacPherson. Alexander Stuart was christened on 5 February 1838 in Tomintoul, Kirkmichael, Banffshire.

Anne Stuart

(23 December 1826 - )
     Anne Stuart was RC. She was born on 23 December 1826 in Cults, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. She was the daughter of John Stuart and Grace MacPherson.

Anne Stuart

(15 March 1829 - )
     Anne Stuart was born on 15 March 1829 in Balnakyle, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. She was christened on 16 March 1829 in Balnakyle, Kirkmichael. She was the daughter of Lewis Stuart and Ann or Agnes MacPherson.

Anne Stuart (Stuart)

( - before 1527)
     Anne Stuart (Stuart) was the daughter of Bernard Stuart and Ann de Maumont.
     Anne died before 1527.
     Anne Stuart (Stuart) married Robert Stuart Lord Aubigny, son of John Stewart Earl of Lennox and Margaret Montgomerie Countess of Lennox.

Lady Arabella Stuart

(circa 1567 - 27 September 1615)
     Lady Arabella Stuart was also known as Arbella in records.
     Lady Arabella Stuart married William Seymour 2nd Duke of Somerset. They had no issue. He married secondly Lady Frances Devereux. Lady Arabella Stuart was born circa 1567. She was the daughter of Charles Stuart 5th Earl of Lennox.
     Arabella died on 27 September 1615. She was buried in Westminster Abbey, London.