John Stuart 2nd Seigneur

( - 1482)
     John Stuart 2nd Seigneur was born. He was the second son.He inherited the seigneuries of Concressault & Aubigny, for which he did homage to Louis XI, 2 Sep 1461. He was chamberlain of the King of France, a knight of the Order of St Michael and Capt. of the 100 Scottish Men-at-Arms. He was the son of Sir John Stewart (of Darnley) and Elizabeth of Lennox.
     John Stuart 2nd Seigneur married Beatrix d'Apchier in 1446.
     John died in 1482.

Child of John Stuart 2nd Seigneur and Beatrix d'Apchier

John Stuart Lord of Aubigny

(circa 1519 - 31 May 1567)
     John Stuart Lord of Aubigny was also known as John Stuart Aubigny in records. He was born circa 1519. He was the third son. He did homage for the Seigneurie of Aubigny to Charles IX 14 July 1560. He was Captain of the Scottish Archers of the Guard 1536-60. [Cokayne].
     Lord of Aubigny in right of his wife, the daughter of De la Verrey, Lord of Aubigny. He appears to have lived constantly in France, where he was captain in the Scots gens d'armes and Governor of Avignon. He was the son of John Stewart 3rd Earl of Lennox and Lady Anne Stewart (Countess of Lennox).
     John Stuart Lord of Aubigny was naturalized between January 1536 and 1537. He was described as French.
     John Stuart Lord of Aubigny married Anne de la Queuille, daughter of Francois del la Queuille and Anne d'Espinay, circa 1542. He married about 1542, Anne (half sister of the 2nd wife of his grand uncle Robert Stuart, seigneur d'Aubigny), daughter & co-heir of Francois de la Queuille, seingeur de la Queuille, by his second wife Anne, daugher of Jacques d'Epinay, seigneur d'Usse et de St Michael-sur-Loire..
     John died on 31 May 1567.

Child of John Stuart Lord of Aubigny and Anne de la Queuille

Lewis Stuart

     Lewis Stuart was born in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.
     Lewis Stuart appeared on the in 1828 'status animarum' in Balnakyle, Kirkmichael.
     Lewis Stuart married Ann or Agnes MacPherson, daughter of John MacPherson and Elisabeth Stuart, on 22 June 1828 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire. Lewis Stuart, Belnakyle & Ann McPherson, Belnakyle ,both in this parish.

Children of Lewis Stuart and Ann or Agnes MacPherson

Cardinal Ludovic Stuart

(14 October - November 1665)
     Cardinal Ludovic Stuart was born on 14 October. He was next brother to George therefore 4th son.. He was the son of Esme Stuart 3rd Duke of Lennox and Catherine Clifton Dowager Duchess of Lennox.
     Ludovic died in November 1665 in Paris, France.

Margaret Stuart

     Margaret Stuart married John MacPherson, son of George MacPherson and Marjory Shaw, on 8 December 1763? In Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland.

Mary Lavender Stuart

(circa 1907 - 1969)
     Mary Lavender Stuart was born circa 1907.
     Mary Lavender Stuart married Geoffrey Holt Grimwade, son of Edward Norton Grimwade and Phelia Agnes Maude Whittingham, in 1931 in Victoria.
     Mary died in 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Robert Stuart 6th Earl of Lennox, Earl of March

(circa 1515 - before 29 March 1586)
     Robert Stuart 6th Earl of Lennox, Earl of March was born circa 1515 in Scotland?. He was the son of John Stewart 3rd Earl of Lennox and Lady Anne Stewart (Countess of Lennox).
     Robert died before 29 March 1586 in Scotland. He had no issue. He was buried on 29 March 1586 in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland.

Robert Stuart Lord Aubigny

( - 1543)
     Robert Stuart Lord Aubigny was born. He was the fourth, but second surviving son in 1508, of John, 1st Earl of Lennox. He was the son of John Stewart Earl of Lennox and Margaret Montgomerie Countess of Lennox. Robert was Marshal of France in 1515. He had been Captain of the Scottish Archers of the Guard and of the 100 Scottish Men at Arms, cousin to Bernard.
     Robert Stuart Lord Aubigny married Jacqueline de la Queuille, daughter of Francois del la Queuille and Marguerite de Castelnau, after 1527.
     Robert Stuart Lord Aubigny married Anne Stuart (Stuart), daughter of Bernard Stuart and Ann de Maumont.
     Robert died in 1543. He left no issue..

Susanna Stuart

(before 1750 - before 2 June 1785)
     Susanna Stuart was born before 1750.
     Susanna Stuart married Robert Bullett, son of John Bullett and Christian Noble, on 8 August 1769 in Norton, Suffolk. A Robert & William Cocksedge of Norton were buried in 1768 at Thurston.
     Susanna died before 2 June 1785 in Thurston, Suffolk. She was buried on 2 June 1785 in Thurston.

Children of Susanna Stuart and Robert Bullett

Susanna Stuart

(circa 1740 - 4 September 1811)
     Susanna Stuart was born circa 1740.
     Susanna Stuart married Lewis Fullerton on 5 September 1767 in Yarshire.
     Susanna died on 4 September 1811.

Children of Susanna Stuart and Lewis Fullerton

two sons Stuart

(circa 1545 - )
     Two sons Stuart was born circa 1545 in England. He was the son of Matthew Stewart 4th Earl of Lennox and Lady Margaret Douglas. Two died in infancy.

William Stuart

(17 October 1830 - )
     William Stuart was born on 17 October 1830 in Longary, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. He was the son of John Stuart and Grace MacPherson. William Stuart was christened on 20 October 1830 in Tomintoul.

William Stuart

(10 June 1835 - )
     William Stuart was born on 10 June 1835 in Tomintoul, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. He was christened on 11 June 1835 in Tomintoul. He was the son of Lewis Stuart and Ann or Agnes MacPherson.

William Stuart

(7 March 1837 - )
     William Stuart was born on 7 March 1837 in Bridge of Brown, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. He was christened on 8 March 1837 in Tomintoul. He was the son of Alexander Stuart and Jane MacPherson.

Elizabeth Stubbinge

     Elizabeth Stubbinge married John Stansall on 16 June 1560 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Jane Vivian Constance Stuchbury

(31 March 1914 - 7 October 1978)
     Jane Vivian Constance Stuchbury was born on 31 March 1914 in Nairobi, Kenya. She was the daughter of Grose Hugh Stutchbury.
     Jane Vivian Constance Stuchbury married Capt Frederick John Crosby Halahan as his second wife, on 7 February 1950 in Hong Kong, China.
     Jane died on 7 October 1978 in Crowborough, Sussex, aged 64. She was buried on 12 October 1978 in Crowborough.

Ellen Studde

( - after 1601)
     Ellen Studde was born in Suffolk.
     Ellen Studde married Thomas Cocksedge on 14 August 1592 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Ellen died after 1601. Elenar Cocksedge mar Hugh Berry at BSEM Jan 1601..

Children of Ellen Studde and Thomas Cocksedge

Joan Stuerd

     Joan Stuerd married John Bullett in 1550 in Westleton, Suffolk.

Dorothy Sturgen

(circa 1645? - before 14 November 1720)
     Dorothy Sturgen was born circa 1645?.
     Dorothy Sturgen married John Batt, son of John Batt, in 1664 in Bury St Edmunds, St James, Suffolk.
     Dorothy died before 14 November 1720 in Rattlesden, Suffolk. She was buried on 14 November 1720 in Rattlesden.

Children of Dorothy Sturgen and John Batt

Sarah Ann Sturgeon

(circa 1823 - )
     Sarah Ann Sturgeon was born circa 1823 in Felsham, Suffolk.
     Sarah Ann Sturgeon married John Frederick Cocksedge (of BSE) on 26 February 1836 in Felsham, Suffolk.
     Sarah Ann Sturgeon and John Frederick Cocksedge (of BSE) were recorded on the 1851 census in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds.

Phyllis Anne Sturgess

( - 8 December 2013)
     Phyllis Anne Sturgess married Victor Leonard Walling as his second wife.
     Phyllis died on 8 December 2013 in Pickering, Canada. Passed away December 8, 2013 at Community Nursing Home in Pickering in her 76th year. Predeceased by her husband Vic Walling. Mother of Sheryl (Jay), Carey (Boyd), and predeceased by her son Ron.
Grandmother of Jennifer, Kristine, Pamela, Amy, Wade and predeceased by baby Mandy. Great grandmother of Cameron, Ethan, Brooke, Madison and Miguel. Sister of Liz Fertile..

Ann Stutter

(circa 1760 - 30 May 1834)
     Ann Stutter was born circa 1760 in Eldo House, Rougham, Suffolk. She was christened on 14 August 1768? In Flempton cum Hengrave, Suffolk. She was aged 74 at death which suggests a 1760 birth.
     Ann Stutter and Thomas Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 21 November 1798. Thos. Cocksedge, gent, of Ingham, widower & Ann Stutter, of Eldo House, Rougham, s.w. at Rougham. Bn: Jas Stutter of Stratford St Mary, gent.
     Ann Stutter married Thomas Cocksedge as his second wife, on 22 November 1798 in Rougham, Suffolk.
     Ann died on 30 May 1834 in Ingham, Suffolk. She was buried on 6 June 1834 in Ingham.

Annie Jaconda Styles

     Annie Jaconda Styles married Walter Edmund Hooper, son of Walter Henry Hooper and Maria Ann Colston, before 30 September 1899 in Shoreditch RD.
     Annie Jaconda Styles and Walter Edmund Hooper appeared on the 1901 census in 34 Lloyds Row, Clerkenwell, London. Walter Hooper, 24, general dealer shop, hs wife Anie 25, and son Walter 6 months, all born in London.

Children of Annie Jaconda Styles and Walter Edmund Hooper

Ann Suckerman

(1715 - )
     Ann Suckerman was born in 1715 in Suffolk.
     Ann Suckerman and Thomas Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 8 October 1740 in Suffolk. Thos. Cocksedge, s.m. of Bury St Edmunds, 26 & Ann Suckerman, of Ingham, s.w. 25,at Ingham or Honiton.
     Ann Suckerman married Thomas Cocksedge, son of Martin Cocksedge and Mary Brewer, on 16 October 1740 in Ingham, Suffolk. Thomas Cocksedge of Bury St Edmunds, singleman and Ann Suckerman of Ingham, singlewoman married with licence.

Children of Ann Suckerman and Thomas Cocksedge

Susan? Sudbury

(before 1560 - circa 1585)
     Susan? Sudbury was born before 1560 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
     Susan? Sudbury married John Bland in 1575 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
     Susan? died circa 1585 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.

Children of Susan? Sudbury and John Bland

Ellen Sullivan

(before 1845 - )
     Ellen Sullivan was born before 1845 in Cork, Ireland.
     Ellen Sullivan married Patrick Colbert (of Midleton RD) before 1864.

Child of Ellen Sullivan and Patrick Colbert (of Midleton RD)

Ellen Sullivan

(circa 1860 - )
     Ellen Sullivan was born circa 1860 in Melerah, Kanturk, Dromtarriff, Cork, Ireland.
     Ellen Sullivan married Daniel Colbert, son of Timothy Colbert and Margaret Mahony, on 6 February 1883 in Kanturk, Dromtarriff, Cork, Ireland. He was a farmer of Meleragh, son of John Colbert, decd, farmer, witnessed by Maurice A Colbert & Margaret Moylan..

Hannah Veronica Sullivan

(1873 - 18 January 1942)
     Hannah Veronica Sullivan was born in 1873 in Mangalore, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Sullivan & Eliza Rowen and registered as Johanna.
     Hannah Veronica Sullivan married Mayhew Henry Smith, son of Israel Allison Smith and Margaret Gordon MacPherson, on 18 June 1900 in St Mary's, Dandenong, Victoria. She was of Lyndhurst at marriage. She went home to Victoria for each birth except the last.
     Hannah and Mayhew were registered as a draper at Clifton St, Lawlers, Western Australia, on the 1931 electoral roll.
     Hannah died on 18 January 1942 in Cottesloe, Western Australia. She was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.

Children of Hannah Veronica Sullivan and Mayhew Henry Smith

Samuel Summers

     Samuel Summers married Mary Grimwood, daughter of John Grimwood and Mary Adams?, on 29 October 1799 in Battisford, Suffolk.

Sarah Summers

(circa 1777 - before 3 August 1862)
     Sarah Summers was born circa 1777 in Battisford, Suffolk.
     Sarah Summers married John Grimwood, son of John Grimwood and Mary Adams?, on 10 October 1797 in Battisford, Suffolk.
     Sarah Summers appeared on the 1841 census in Aldham. Isaac Grimwood, aged 20, ag lab., Dinah 20, Samuel 18 ag. lab, Sarah aged 60, all born in the county. Dinah may be the daughter of his their brother John & his wife Dinah.
     Sarah Summers and Isaac Grimwood were recorded on the 1851 census in Aldham. Sarah Grimwood head, widow, 74, born Battisford & her son Isaac Grimwood, unmarried 33, farm labourer, born Ringshall .
Samuel and his wife Mary Ann Church are living next door to Sarah with her father. Next to him are John & Dinah Grimwood, but Dinah is shown as 51.
     Sarah Summers was living as a parent in the household of Isaac Grimwood in Elmsett, in the 1861 census in Elmsett. Isaac Grimwood aged 43, ag. lab, born Ringshall, his wife Mary aged 55, born Gledfield? and mother Sarah Grimwood, aged 84 born Batersford.
     Sarah died before 3 August 1862 in Aldham, Suffolk. She was buried on 3 August 1862 in Aldham.

Children of Sarah Summers and John Grimwood