Richard Thompson

(circa 1775? - circa 1816)
     Richard Thompson was born circa 1775?.
     Richard Thompson married Mary Reddish, daughter of Samuel Reddish and Mary Ann Costello, on 19 November 1801 in St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon. Richard Thompson of New Inn, London Esqr, a bachelor & Mary Redish usually known by the name of Mary Hunn of this parish, spinster married in this church by licence 19 Nov 1801. Both signed in the presence of Mary Anne Hunn. Maria? Hunn, Emily Mayne & James Gatkins. Richard worked at the Customs House. In Dec 1804 he was appointed Supervisor of the Receiver General's Receipts and Payments in the Port of London. in 1804.
     J Crowe wrote: In the summer of 1805 the Thompson acquired a new house in Kennington whiere Mary Ann took up residend, although the family seem to have remained In Millbank for some time. He was mentioned in a letter in 1808. George tells Richard that he will not ask for him the office of commissioner of the lottery. He was mentioned in a letter on 21 September 1809. George wrote to his brother in law Richard Thompson on the day of his duel to assure him that his wound was not dangerous.
     Richard Thompson and Mary Reddish lived at Kennington Common, Surrey.
     Richard died circa 1816.

Children of Richard Thompson and Mary Reddish

Richard Thompson

(10 December 1829 - 9 November 1872)
     Richard Thompson was born on 10 December 1829 in Bareilly, India. He was the son of George Frewin Thompson and Rose Hall. Richard Thompson was christened on 7 May 1830 in Bareilly.
     Richard died on 9 November 1872 in 9 Grosvenor Place, Bath, Somerset, aged 42. ...Richard Thompson, Esq., late Major 6th Royal regt, younger son of the late George Frewin Thompson, Esq., B.C.S..

Richard Craddock Thompson

     Described as of Leighton at his marriage..
     Richard Craddock Thompson married Mary Bowker on 3 January 1826 in Alconbury Weston, Huntingdonshire, England. Married by licence.

Child of Richard Craddock Thompson and Mary Bowker

Richard Ernest Thompson

(September 1869 - June 1871)
     Richard Ernest Thompson's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1869 in Wirral RD, Cheshire. He was the son of Thomas William Thompson and Frances Davies.
     Richard's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1871 in Wirral RD Cheshire.

Ruby Harriett Thompson

( - 1978)
     Ruby Harriett Thompson married Walter Ballard Regan, son of George John Regan and Ellen Isobel Phillips, in 1940 in Chatswood, New South Wales.
     Ruby died in 1978 in New South Wales.

Sarah Thompson

(18 May 1871 - 3 February 1963)
     Sarah Thompson was born on 18 May 1871.
     Sarah Thompson married Dr Robert Edwin Halahan as his second wife.
     Sarah died on 3 February 1963 aged 91.

Sarah Robertson Thompson

(circa 1830 - 14 October 1858)
     Sarah Robertson Thompson was born circa 1830. She was the daughter of Richard Craddock Thompson and Mary Bowker.
     Sarah died on 14 October 1858 in Alconbury Weston, Huntingdonshire.

Child of Sarah Robertson Thompson

Savile Thompson

(before 1680 - )
     Savile Thompson was born before 1680 in Yorkshire.
     Savile Thompson married Ann Popplewell, daughter of John Popplewell and Christian Popplewell, on 5 May 1702 in Belton, Lincolnshire. He was described as a gent of York.

Sophia Elizabeth Thompson

(September 1872 - )
     Sophia Elizabeth Thompson's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1872 in Wirral RD, Cheshire. She was the daughter of Thomas William Thompson and Frances Davies. Sophia, Marion and Lillian were listed as the children of Thomas William Thompson in the 1881 census in The Vines, Lower Bebington, Cheshire.
     Sophia Elizabeth Thompson and Marion Gertrude Thompson appeared on the 1891 census in Litherland, Lancashire. Sophie Thomson, single 19, Marion, single 18, musical student, Lilian C 3, all visitors born at New Ferry. The household was headed by Frederick German, GP..

Thirza Thompson

(2 September 1841 - 22 September 1889)
     Thirza Thompson was born on 2 September 1841 in Saltwater Creek, Hurunui, Canterbury, New Zealand.
     Thirza Thompson married Edward Mulcock on 10 July 1860 in Adelaide, South Australia. They had 17 children.
     Thirza died on 22 September 1889 in New Zealand aged 48. She died at the home of her brother, Walter, 22 Sept 1889. She was buried in St Paul's, Flaxton, Canterbury, New Zealand. Thirza and her husband, Edward MULCOCK are both buried in St Paul's Churchyard, cnr Flaxton and Hicklands Roads, Flaxton,Canterbury, NZ. The church no longer exists but the cemetery does.

Children of Thirza Thompson and Edward Mulcock

Thomas Thompson

( - 1874)
     Sophia Elizabeth Ball married secondly Thomas Thompson before 1839.
     Thomas died in 1874.

Children of Thomas Thompson and Sophia Elizabeth Ball

Thomas William Thompson

(16 June 1839 - June 1895)
     Thomas William Thompson was born on 16 June 1839 in Middlesex. He was the son of Thomas Thompson and Sophia Elizabeth Ball.
     Thomas William Thompson appeared on the 1861 census in Holywell, Flintshire, Wales. Margaret Davies, 51, born Anglesey, wife of Master Mariner; Richard Davies 31, b ? Occupation unreadable; Thomas Wm Thompson, 21, Lodger born London City (Colliery Cl, could be clerk?).
     The marriage of Thomas William Thompson and Frances Davies was registered in Holywell, Flintshire, in the September 1861 quarter.
     Thomas William Thompson appeared on the 1871 census in Little Sutton, Cheshire. Thomas William Thompson, 31, born Middlesex, Ferry proprietor; Margaret Annie Thompson, 6, b Everton (West Derby district); Richard Ernest Thompson, 1, born New Ferry; Frances Thompson 27, born Moslyn (transcribed as Hargraves as under Percy Hargraves 5, visitor) plus 2 servants.
     Thomas William Thompson appeared on the 1881 census in The Vines, Lower Bebington, Cheshire. Thomas William Thompson, head, married, 41, Ferry proprietor, steam boat owner, born London; children - Sophia E Thompson 9, Maria G 8, Lilian C 3, all born at New Ferry, Cheshire, plus 2 servants and a book keeper.
Frances Thompson, 37 born Moslyn and Louisa B Thompson 6 born New Ferry were visitors in the Gee household in Tynemouth.
     Thomas William Thompson has not been found on the 1891 census.
     Thomas's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1895 in Wirral RD, Cheshire.

Children of Thomas William Thompson and Frances Davies

Twin daughters Thompson

(March 1803 - )
     Twin daughters Thompson was born in March 1803. She was the daughter of Richard Thompson and Mary Reddish.

Veronica Margaret Thompson

(15 March 1906 - 24 October 1985)
     Veronica Margaret Thompson was born on 15 March 1906.
     Veronica Margaret Thompson married John Robert Colbert, son of Edmond John Colbert and Ellen Mary Kinsella, in 1925 in Victoria, Australia.
     Veronica was registered at 228 Corio Street, Shepparton, on the 1982 electoral roll.
     Veronica died on 24 October 1985 in Victoria, aged 79. She was buried in Shepparton.
     Her will was proved on 31 December 1985. Pensioner of Shepparton. A coroner's inquest was held regarding her death on 14 March 1986.

Child of Veronica Margaret Thompson and John Robert Colbert

Viola Thompson

(16 April 1912 - 3 November 1985)
     Viola Thompson was born on 16 April 1912.
     Viola Thompson married Arthur Sherman Mann, son of Harry Mann and Norah Jane Mary Stollery.
     Viola died on 3 November 1985 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, aged 73.

Child of Viola Thompson and Arthur Sherman Mann

Walter Henry Thompson

(circa 1933 - 1933)
     Walter Henry Thompson was born circa 1933. He was the son of William Alfred Thompson and Bridget Eliza Colbert.
     Walter died in 1933 in Collingwood, Victoria.

William Alfred Thompson

(5 May 1917 - 1985)
     William Alfred Thompson was born on 5 May 1917 in Richmond, Victoria. He was the son of William Alfred Thompson and Bridget Eliza Colbert.
     William died in 1985 in Hampton, Victoria.

William Alfred Thompson

     William Alfred Thompson married Bridget Eliza Colbert, daughter of James Joseph Colbert and Margaret Moseley, in 1915.

Children of William Alfred Thompson and Bridget Eliza Colbert

William Francis Thompson

(16 April 1810 - )
     William Francis Thompson was born on 16 April 1810 in Lambeth, Surrey. He was the son of Richard Thompson and Mary Reddish. William Francis Thompson was christened on 31 August 1810 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. William Francis son of Richard & Mary Thompson, born 16th April.
     The Writers Petitions at the India Office stated: The Humble Petition of William Francis Thompson sheweth: That your petiitoner had received the rudiments of a commercial and classical education and is desirous to devote himself to the Civil Service of the Honorable Company in india and with that in view to qaulify himself by further improvement in liberal and suitable learning.
He therefore humbly prays that the Honorable Court will be pleased to place him in the East India College in order that if his behaviour and attainments there should prove satisfactory to the Honorable Court he may be appointed writer on the Madras establishment.
And your petitioner will ever pray.
I do hereby acknowledge to have read a printed paper entitled Regulations as the Nomination of Students at the East India Company College with a view to the future appointment as writers in the service of the United East India Company and preparatory instructions to Pesons who may be so nominated. William Francis Thompson, H M Noad, uncle & guardian to the petitioner.
In response to the question - where were you educated last he stated: at Combe Da... near Bath. He stated his father is dead and uncle & guardian H M Noad Esq residing at Noad near Bath.
My guardian is not acquainted with ... but I was recommended through the Rt Hon George Canning....
A copy of his baptismal certificate was included dated 26 July 1829. He further states he was born in the county of Surrey on the 16 April 1810 ,
     The marriage of William Francis Thompson and Jane Wilson was registered in Pewsey RD, Wiltshire, in the June 1838 quarter. It was possibly on 19 May 1838 in Berkshire.

Child of William Francis Thompson and Jane Wilson

William Frewin Thompson

(13 April 1839 - 1906)
     William Frewin Thompson was christened on 13 April 1839 in Collingbourne-Ducis, Wiltshire, England. He was the son of William Francis Thompson and Jane Wilson.
     William matriculated at Oxford.
     William Frewin Thompson married Eleanor Sarah Walters on 20 November 1867 in Wardington, Oxfordshire.
     William Frewin Thompson arrived per "Sussex" on 27 March 1868 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, from England. Wm Frewin Thomson aged 35, gentleman, & Eleanor, aged 30, cabin passengers.
     William died in 1906 in St Leonard's district, New South Wales, Australia. He was buried on 10 July 1906 in St Thomas, North Sydney, New South wales.

Child of William Frewin Thompson

Winefred Thompson

     Winefred Thompson married Richard Trull, son of Patriarch Trull, on 9 November 1585 in Helhoughton, Norfolk.

Isabel Thomson

     Isabel Thomson married Alexander Dunbar on 8 December 1607 in Edinburgh, Midlothian.

Janet Thomson

(before 1535 - after 1591)
     Janet Thomson was born before 1535 in Scotland.
     Janet Thomson married George Dunbar, son of James Dunbar, before 1557.
     Janet Thomson and George Dunbar were mentioned in a deed dated 9 November 1557 in Kilmuir Wester, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. Charter by George Dunbar, parson of Kilmure, etc. with consent to Jonneth Thomesoun in liferent & George Dunbar her eldest son, in fee, the manse of Kilmure in the chanonrie of Ross & the vicars croft in the burgh of Rosemarky. Janet Thomson witnessed the confirmation charter of George Dunbar and Sir John Dunbar; At Holyroodhouse: The King with agreement etc (10), - Confirmation charter George Dunbar, parson of Kilmuir, and Janet Thamesoun his spouse, - [qua/who?, for perimpletione [extinguish/prevent??] of the same contractus, sold to John Dumbar, his legitimate son, his heirs and assigns - three quarters town sue and lands of Avach, with the mill of Avach, its multures [payments for grinding the corn] & the right to pursue them?, with lie yair and salmon fishery of the same... Tenend: [Tenendus is the form of feudal tenure by which lands are held] of the King , in place of the Archbishop of Ross, in perpetual lease: with warrant of sasine directo David Jaksoun alias Young in Awach: Witness: Robert Graham, archdeacon of Ross, William Thamesoun burgen. of Rosmerkie ... 11 June 1591]: - As mentioned above ratification all charters by him/itself or the Archbishop of Ross, said George & John of above made; and said lands etc.. aforesaid John of nova dedit [new gift, but a term used in bankruptcy] :- Witness: as in other charters etc. xli 47.
     Janet died after 1591.

Children of Janet Thomson and George Dunbar

John Thomson

     John Thomson married Mary Emslie, daughter of Peter Emslie and Barbara Ledingham, on 28 December 1848 in Premnay, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Child of John Thomson and Mary Emslie

John E Thomson

(circa 1845 - )
     John E Thomson was born circa 1845 in Aberdeenshire. He was the son of John Thomson and Mary Emslie.
     John E Thomson married Mary Benzie, daughter of Robert Benzie and Jane Stephen, on 13 June 1895 in Premnay, Aberdeenshire.

Julia Thomson

(circa 1810? - )
     Julia Thomson was born circa 1810? In Ireland.
     Julia Thomson married John Handy, son of Andrew Handy and Ellen Murphy, before 1829. His wife's name appears to be Ann, perhaps she was Thomson, and preferred Ann. Julia is relatively unusual for a RC family in Ireland.
     Julia Thomson married (?) Taggarty as his second wife.

Child of Julia Thomson and John Handy

Mary Louisa Thomson

(circa 1866 - 22 August 1926)
     Di Evans holds her sampler dated 1835?

. Mary Louisa Thomson was born circa 1866.
     Mary Louisa Thomson married Herbert Milnes, son of John Henry Milnes and Jane Webster, in 1884 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
     Mary Louisa Thomson and Herbert Milnes appeared on the 1891 census in East St, Huddersfield. Herbert Milnes, 27, grocer's assistant, his wife Mary Louisa, 30/5, and son Fred aged 4, all born at Huddersfield.
     Mary Louisa Thomson and Herbert Milnes appeared on the 1901 census in ... Hill Top, Huddersfield. Herbert Milnes, head, 37, grocer's assistant, worker; his wife Mary L aged 38 and children Fred 14, telegraph messenger, Frank 3, Doris 2, all born at Huddersfield.
     Mary died on 22 August 1926.

Children of Mary Louisa Thomson and Herbert Milnes

Catherine Thorby

(circa 1806 - )
     Catherine Thorby was born circa 1806 in Colchester, Essex.
     The marriage of Catherine Thorby and Richard Noakes, son of Thomas Noakes, was registered in Colchester RD, Essex, in the March 1838 quarter.
     Catherine Thorby and Richard Noakes appeared on the 1841 census in Brighton, Sussex. Richard Noakes 30, chemist, born in the county, Catharine Noakes 35; not born in the county; Edwin Curtis 20, chemist son, Henry Gilbark 15, Mary Baldock 25, Susan Likeman 20, John Dodson 25, servants.
     Catherine Thorby and Richard Noakes were recorded on the 1851 census in Brighton, Sussex. Richard Noakes 38, chemist, born Jevington, his wife Catherine Noakes 45, born Colchester, Essex; son Edward Noakes 3, born Brighton, apprentice William Orton 18, John Dodson 35, porter, Sophia Turner 30, cook, Hannah Trigg 18, housemaid. 1871: Richard Noakes 58, Pharmaceuticasl chemist, born Jevingtron, his wife Catherine 46, born Colchester; with son Edward 23,chemist, born Brighton; with 2 assistants and 2 servants.

Child of Catherine Thorby and Richard Noakes

Mary Ann Thornal

     Mary Ann Thornal was also known as Thornhill? in records.
     Mary Ann Thornal married Thomas Stanser, son of Thomas Dawson Stanser, on 10 April 1809 in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Child of Mary Ann Thornal and Thomas Stanser

Dorothy Thorne

(say 1685 - )
     Dorothy Thorne was born say 1685 in Devon.
     Dorothy Thorne married Edward Killigrew on 27 January 1701/2 in St Thomas, Exeter, Devon. Edward Killigrew of Woodleigh to Dorohty Thorne.