Alexander Emslie

(7 July 1742 - )
     Alexander Emslie was christened on 7 July 1742 in Premnay, Aberdeenshire. He was the son of John Emslie and Elspet Coupland.

Joseph Emslie

(22 February 1767 - )
     Possibly the son of Alexander Emslie and Christian Durward baptised 22 Feb 1767
at Midmar, Aberdeenshire, but more likely to be 2 people called Joseph - one at
Tulynessle and the other at Tarland.

Could Andrew and Peter who had sons called James in 1784 & 1785 at Tullynessle
be his brothers??

. Joseph Emslie was christened on 22 February 1767 in Midmar, Aberdeenshire. There are probably 2 Josephs, Tullynessle family & Midmar/Tarland family. He was the son of Alexander Emslie and Christian Durward.
     Joseph Emslie married Jean Leslie on 6 September 1807 in Monymusk, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Children of Joseph Emslie

Children of Joseph Emslie and Jean Leslie

Andrew Emslie

(21 April 1792 - )
     Andrew Emslie was christened on 21 April 1792 in Tullynessle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was the son of Joseph Emslie.