Elizabeth Taylor

(20 March 1763 - )
     Elizabeth Taylor was christened on 20 March 1763 in Woodnewton, Northamptonshire. Base born daughter of John Stansor & Anne Taylor. She was the daughter of John Stanser and Ann Taylor.

Francis Robert Taylor

(22 January 1935 - May 1999)
     Francis Robert Taylor was born on 22 January 1935.
     Francis died in May 1999 in Leicester, Leicestershire, aged 64.

Frederick John Taylor

(18 September 1898 - )
     Frederick John Taylor was born on 18 September 1898 in Tickera, South Australia.
Frederick John Taylor married Frances Amelia Dobson, daughter of Charles Killigrew Dobson and Mary Ann Haines, before 1928.

Child of Frederick John Taylor and Frances Amelia Dobson

Frederick William Taylor

(1861 - 1936)
     Frederick William Taylor was born in 1861.
Frederick William Taylor married Susannah Ford Martin, daughter of Henry Fawler Martin and Eleanor Ann Rudland, in 1902.
     Frederick William Taylor and Susannah Ford Martin were recorded on the 1911 census in 88 Pattison Rd, Plumstead, Kent. Frederick W Taylor, 50, butcher, wife Susanna Ford, 37, married 8 years 1 child, daugher Eleanor Jane, 5 all born in Plumstead, Kent; with a buchers assistant17, living in..
     Frederick died in 1936.

Child of Frederick William Taylor and Susannah Ford Martin

Henry Taylor

(before 1570 - )
     Henry Taylor was born before 1570.
Henry Taylor married Grace Steer, daughter of Unknown Steer, on 15 July 1588 in Darley, Derbyshire, England.

Israel Taylor

(before 1660 - )
     Israel Taylor was born before 1660. Israel was a yeoman in 1681 in Haxey, Lincolnshire..
Israel Taylor married Elizabeth Ryther, daughter of John Ryther, on 15 September 1681 in Haxey, Lincolnshire. Bond dated 20 Oct. signed by John Rider.

James Wingate Taylor OBE TD

(30 April 1905 - 13 September 1975)
     James Wingate Taylor OBE TD was born on 30 April 1905.
James Wingate Taylor OBE TD married Eileen Audrey Gray, daughter of Ronald Evelyn Gordon Gray and Ethel Frampton, on 11 August 1933 in Grayshott, Hampshire, England. They had 3 sons, 9 grandchildren (1 deceased), and 7 great-grandchildren so far.
     James died on 13 September 1975 aged 70.

Jane Taylor

(1813 - 29 December 1880)
     Jane Taylor was born in 1813 in Chesterton, Huntingdonshire. However the 1851 census gives Uffington, Lincs.
The marriage of Jane Taylor and John Stancer, son of William Stancer, was registered in Stamford RD in the March 1841 quarter. Banns were called at Hambleton from 6 Dec 1840 at Hambleton, she was of Upplingham, Lincolnshire.
     Jane Taylor and John Stancer were recorded on the 1841 census in Hambleton, Rutland. John Stancer, 40, Ag. lab., Jane 28, William 10, John 8, Jane junr, 13, all born in the county.
     Jane Taylor and John Stancer were recorded on the 1861 census in Hambleton, Rutland. John Stancer, head, 61, ag. lab. born Edith Weston; his wife Jane aged 48, born Chesterton, Hunts and son Charles aged 18, ag. lab, born Hambleton. William Stancer, aged 20 (Eleanor's illegitimate son) was an ag. servant in the farm house next door owned by Elizabeth Healey?.
     Jane Taylor and John Stancer were recorded on the 1871 census in Hambleton, Rutland. John Stancer head, 71, ag. lab. born Edith Weston; his wife Jane 59/57, born Chesterton Hunts their son Charles and his family share the house.
     Jane died on 29 December 1880 in Hambleton, Rutland. The Leicester chronicle on15 January 1881 reported: On the 29th ult, at Hambleton, Jane, wifeo of Mr John Stancer, aged 67. She was buried on 31 December 1880 in Hambleton.

Children of Jane Taylor and John Stancer

Jim Taylor

John Taylor

(say 1640 - )
     John Taylor was born say 1640.
John Taylor married Frances Ryther, daughter of John Ryther and Frances Unknown (Ryther), on 27 September 1663 in York, Yorkshire. They married as Quakers.

John Taylor

     John Taylor married Susanna Farrell, daughter of Nathaniel Farrell and Elizabeth Brewster, on 2 June 1781 in Christ Church, Barbados.

John Taylor

     John Taylor married Eliza Brandon Harding on 5 December 1836 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, England. This is only supposition until the death of Daniel is found.

Joseph Taylor

     Joseph Taylor married Ann Silvester, daughter of Thomas Silvester and Eleanor or Ellen Unknown (Silvester), on 17 May 1683 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.

Joseph Taylor

     Joseph Taylor married Elizabeth Bowker, daughter of James Bowker and Elizabeth Unknown, on 30 November 1768 in St Andrew, Holborn, London.
     Joseph was a watchmaker in 1788.

Louisa Taylor

(circa 1820 - )
     Louisa Taylor was born circa 1820 in Blackfriars Rd, London, Surrey.
The marriage of Louisa Taylor and Samuel Hooper, son of Nathaniel Hooper and Elizabeth Saxon, was registered in Islington RD, Middlesex, England, in the March 1857 quarter.
     Louisa Taylor and Samuel Hooper were recorded on the 1861 census in 11 Hamilton? Tce, Plumstead, Kent. Samuel Hooper, head, married, 36, Cl solicitor managing; born Evercreech, Somerset, with his wife Louisa aged 40, born Blackfriars Rd, Surrey and their son Harry aged 4/8?, scholar, born St Mary's Islington, Mdx.

Child of Louisa Taylor and Samuel Hooper

Lucy Taylor

     Lucy Taylor married Jesse Grimwood, son of Charles Grimwood and Mary Prentice, before 1 July 1875 in Bosmere RD, Suffolk.
     Lucy Taylor and Jesse Grimwood were recorded on the 1881 census in Gt Bricett, Suffolk. Jesse Grimwood, head, 28, ag. labourer, born Bricett, his wife Lcy, 26, born Ipswich, and children Emma 5, Charlotte 4, and Ellen 2 months, all born at Bricett.

Children of Lucy Taylor and Jesse Grimwood

Lydia Jane Taylor

(1847 - )
     Lydia Jane Taylor was born in 1847 in Brampton, Huntingdonshire.
     Lydia Jane Taylor was recorded on the 1861 census in High St, Huntingdon, St Benedict, Huntingdonshire.
The marriage of Lydia Jane Taylor and Thomas Ball, son of Henry Ball and Eleanor Moss, was registered in Pancras RD, Middlesex, in the March 1874 quarter.

Mahala Taylor

     Mahala Taylor married Charles Squirrell, son of William Squirrell and Hannah Unknown (Squirrell), on 3 October 1875 in Bildeston, Suffolk. He was a Coalman or Coachman in 1875 from Hitcham, Suffolk, England.

Margaret or Helena Rosetta Taylor

(1908 - 2010)
     Margaret or Helena Rosetta Taylor married Lewis Fawler Martin, son of George Edwin Martin and Margaret Hadland. They divorced andhe re-married Ivy. "They also had a daughter Margaret but the only information I have of her is that she married a Wilfred Valentine and had two sons and a daughter, Wendy dec, Jeremy a vicar somewhere in Yorkshire, and Timothy who died when a district officer in Kenya".. Margaret or Helena Rosetta Taylor was born in 1908.
     Margaret died in 2010.

Mary Taylor

(circa 1754 - 4 September 1834)
     Mary Taylor was born circa 1754 in Norfolk.
Mary Taylor married Thomas Powditch Trull, son of Henry Trull and Alice Powditch, before 1775.
Mary Taylor was listed in a directory dated 1830 as Mrs Mary Trull at Theatre St, Norwich, Norfolk.
     Mary Taylor made a will dated before 4 September 1834. Her executors were her daughter Mary and her nephew Adam Taylor, and had a deceased daughter Alice Dye(r).
     Mary died on 4 September 1834 in St Stephen, Norwich, Norfolk.
     Her will was proved on 20 November 1834 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Mary Trull, widow of Norwich.

Children of Mary Taylor and Thomas Powditch Trull

Mercy Taylor

     Mercy Taylor married Francis Bland, son of Francis Bland and Mary Rolfe. She was the daughter of Wiliam Taylor of Lanbach in co. Cambridge.

Children of Mercy Taylor and Francis Bland

Phoebe Taylor

(circa 1811 - 15 February 1878)
     Phoebe Taylor was born circa 1811 in Hitcham, Suffolk.
Phoebe Taylor married Thomas Squirrell, son of Benjamin Squirrell and Mary Chaplin, on 6 December 1831 in Wattisham, Suffolk. Or 1832?.
     Phoebe Taylor and Thomas Squirrell were recorded on the 1841 census in Wattisham, Suffolk. Thomas Squirrell, 30, Phoeby 30, Benjamin 9, Susan 6.
     Phoebe Taylor and Thomas Squirrell were recorded on the 1851 census in Wattisham, Suffolk. Thomas, aged 42, born Wattisham, Phoebe Squirrell, aged 40, born Hitcham, Benjamin, aged 18 born Wattisham, Susan, aged 16, both agricultural labourers born at Wattisham.
There were 2 Ben Squirrells in the village, one aged 12 and the other 18, ag. lab. As Ben was baptised with his sister it may not have been an infant baptism.

     Phoebe Taylor and Thomas Squirrell were recorded on the 1861 census in Wattisham? Home Cottages, Hitcham, Suffolk. Thomas Squirrels, aged 51, ag. la., born Wattisham & Phoebe aged 50 born Hitcham.
     Phoebe Taylor and Thomas Squirrell were recorded on the 1871 census in Judgements?, Wattisham. Thomas 62, & Phoebe 60.
     Phoebe died on 15 February 1878 in Wattisham, Suffolk.

Children of Phoebe Taylor and Thomas Squirrell

Ronald James Taylor

(20 March 1942 - 20 October 1958)
     Ronald James Taylor was born on 20 March 1942 in Bordertown, South Australia. He was the son of Frederick John Taylor and Frances Amelia Dobson.
     Ronald died on 20 October 1958 aged 16.

Sophia Taylor

(15 April 1810 - before 22 June 1867)
     Sophia Taylor was born on 15 April 1810 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. She was christened on 1 July 1810 in Bradfield St George. She was baptised with her sister Elizabeth, daughters of Ephraim & Elizabeth, formerly Bendall.
Sophia Taylor married Charles Bland, son of John Bland and Mary Metcalf, on 11 October 1830 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Married by banns 7 Oct 1830 Charles Bland & Sophia Taylor.
     Sophia Taylor and Charles Bland were recorded on the 1841 census in Smallwood Green, Bradfield St George. Charles Bland, aged 30 dealer, Sophia 30, Frederick 10, Charles 8, Elizabeth 5, Arthur 2, Robert 1 month, all born in the county. Sophia Taylor was widowed before 26 September 1845 on the death of her husband Charles Bland.
     Sophia Taylor was recorded on the 1851 census in Bradfield St George. Sophia aged 39, widow, born Bradfield, Frederick 19, born Hessett, Charles 17, Arthur 12, Robert 10 (all others born Bradfield).
     Sophia Taylor was recorded on the 1861 census in Broomhall Lane, Bradfield St George. Sophia Bland, head, widow, aged 50?, late farmer, with her children Charles 27, widower, ag. lab., Arthur 22, ag lab., and her grand-daughters Ann Bland aged 8 & Albina Bland aged 6, all born at Bradfield St George; her daughter Elizabeth Patterson, aged 25, police officer's wife, was a visitor.
     Sophia died before 22 June 1867 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. She was buried on 22 June 1867 in Bradfield St George.

Children of Sophia Taylor and Charles Bland

Sybil Taylor

(24 March 1928 - January 1994)
     Sybil Taylor was born on 24 March 1928.
The marriage of Sybil Taylor and Geoffrey Bullett, son of Edward Oswald Bullett and Elsie Brook, was registered in Hudddersfield RD, Yorkshire, in the December 1952 quarter. They divorced in the 1960s.
     Sybil died in January 1994 in Huddersfield RD, Yorkshire, aged 65.

Thomas Taylor

     Thomas Taylor was born in Devon, England.
Thomas Taylor married Charity Ruby, daughter of William Ruby and Jane Unknown, in September 1718 in Ashburton, Devon.

Thomas Taylor

(circa 1809 - )
     Thomas Taylor was born circa 1809 in Billingborough, Lincolnshire.
Thomas Taylor married Eleanor Stansor, daughter of John Stanser and Ann Wyles, on 27 March 1850 in Spalding, Lincolnshire.
     Thomas Taylor and Eleanor Stanser were recorded on the 1851 census in the Oat Sheaf, Deeping Rd, Spalding, Lincolnshire. Thomas Taylor 42, innkeeper, born Billingborough, Lincs; his wife Ellenor S Taylor 34, born Garton [Easton?] Northants, Eliza Taylor 16, daughter, born Weston, Lincs, Willm Taylor 11, 4, born Spalding, daughter Ann Taylor 7 months, born Spalding; William Stansor 10, born Eston, Northants, Henry Stansor 8 , born Spalding, both described as visitors, with 2 lodgers:William Robinson 58 & George Jones 38.
     Thomas Taylor was recorded on the 1861 census in London Rd, Spalding, Lincolnshire. Thomas Taylor, widower, 58, publican & ... born Billingborough, Lincs, with his son William Taylor, unmarried 20, miller, born Spalding and a servant/housekeeper Jane Harwood, widow, aged 42. born Pinchbeck.

Children of Thomas Taylor and Eleanor Stanser

William Taylor

(circa 1750? - )
     William Taylor was born circa 1750? In Easton, Huntingdonshire. William was a watchmaker.
William Taylor married Judith Bowker, daughter of Burgess Bowker and Elizabeth (Mary) Higby, on 18 September 1776 in Alconbury Weston, Huntingdonshire.

Elsie Jane Teakle

(1907 - 15 January 1998)
     Elsie Jane Teakle was born in 1907.
Elsie Jane Teakle married Alexander Harold Colbert, son of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred, in 1935.
     Elsie resided at 161 Nelson Street, Nhill, Victoria, 1982.
     Elsie died on 15 January 1998.
     Her will was proved on 9 July 1998 at Victoria. She was a widow of Nhill.

Child of Elsie Jane Teakle and Alexander Harold Colbert

Allan Isherwood Teale

(September 1873 - )
     Allan Isherwood Teale's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1873 in Scarborough, Yorkshire. He was the son of John William Teale and Grace Mary Cruttwell. Grace, Mary, Allan, Mary and Godfrey were listed as the children of John William Teale in the 1891 census in Scarborough, Yorkshire.