Thomas Stancer

(13 January 1805 - )
     Thomas Stancer was christened on 13 January 1805 in Bracebridge, Lincolnshire. He was the son of John Stancer and Ann Buttery.

Thomas Fairfax

     Thomas Fairfax was the son of Sir Thomas Fairfax (1st Baron) and Ellen Aske.
     Thomas died in Turkey.

Laurence Mayfield Golding

(6 March 1882 - 6 May 1951)
     Laurence Mayfield Golding was also known as David Laurence Mayfield in records. Laurence Mayfield Golding was also known as David Mayfield in records. He was born on 6 March 1882 in Laura, South Australia.
     Laurence Mayfield Golding married Emily Jessie Linton, daughter of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar, after 1942? In Victoria?. David Laurence Mayfield Golding had 5 wives and David Magraith has traced 4 divorces. The first three in South Australia and the 4th in Victoria.
1. Edith Maria White m 21 Feb 1906, divorced 23 March 1915
2. Cynthia Viola Chinner m 23 June 1915, divorced 26 June 1923
3. Florence May Elizabeth Celia Rothwell m 26 Sept 1923, divorced 10 July 1928
4. May Francis Spencer m 23 March 1929, divorced 27 Feb 1942
In 2 cases David Laurence Mayfield was petitioner and in 2 cases the respondent
     David and Emily were registered as David Mayfied & Emily Jessie Golding, traveller & Home duties, at 35 Seaview Crescent, Sandringham, on the 1949 electoral roll.
     David died on 6 May 1951 in the Hospital, Dromana, Victoria, aged 69.