Ann Baddeley Sanderson

(2 September 1843 - 28 March 1917)
     Jacqueline Williams wrote about family marriages and business ties between Sanderson & McCorquodale:
McCorquodale Printing Works in Lancashire founded by George McCorquodale to do railway printing. It became a hugely successful and profitable business.
In 1871 Emily Sanderson (b. 1836) married George McCorquodale. His first wife had died in 1870. The couple married at Southover Church in Lewes with her brother Rev Dr Robert Sanderson officiating. George and Emily McCorquodale had two children: a daughter Edith Emily (b. 1872) and a son Hugh Stewart (b. 1874). The daughter married and had no children. Hugh Stewart was a contemporary of Winston Churchill at Harrow and then went to Cambridge. Hugh joined up for the S African War in Dec 1899 and was killed at Spion Kop on 24 Jan 1900. Churchill at time was in S. Africa and mentioned him in his dispatches that were published in the press back home.
Lionel Comber Hawkins (b. 1868), son of Jane Sanderson and George Hawkins, on his return from S Africa went to work for the McCorquodale Printing business and became a director.
James Comber Sanderson (b. Aug 1908), son of Bernard Comber Sanderson (b. 1881) and grandson of Thomas Comber Sanderson (b. 1846) [TCS was the youngest son of Thomas Sanderson and Eliza Baddeley], worked for McCorquodale Colour Display Ltd in the 1950s.
Sanderson-Comber: Three generations of Sandersons married into the same branch of the Comber family. The Combers had roots in the Church; in the 19th century they were successful Liverpool merchants.
In 1866, Annie Baddeley Sanderson (b. 1843) married Thomas (b. 1837), eldest son of Edward Comber of Myddleton Hall in Lancs. Edward Comber’s mother was Sarah Sanderson (b. 1777), younger sister of Thomas Sanderson (b. 1772) and aunt of Rev Thomas Sanderson (b. 1801) .
Dorinthea Oldham married to Robert Edward Sanderson (b. 1828), eldest son of Rev Thomas Sanderson and Emily Baddeley, was linked through marriage to the Combers. Her elder sister Eleanor Oldham (b.1819) married Edward Comber (b. 1810) of Myddleton Hall and their son Thomas Comber (b. 1837) married Dorothea’s niece Annie Baddeley Sanderson (as above).
McCorquodale: this is the same family mentioned in connection with the late Diana Princess of Wales. Her stepmother Raine, Countess Spencer is a great-granddaughter of George McCorquodale. Diana’s sister Lady Sarah Spencer is married to a great-great grandson of George McCorquodale. Ann Baddeley Sanderson was also known as Annie in records. She was born on 2 September 1843 in Northamptonshire. She was the daughter of Rev Thomas Sanderson and Eliza Baddeley. Ann Baddeley Sanderson was christened on 15 October 1843 in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Charles, Ann and Thomas were listed as the children of Rev Thomas Sanderson in the 1851 census in Oxford St, Wellingborough.
     Ann died on 28 March 1917 aged 73.

John Clark

(26 July 1831 - 5 September 1882)
     John Clark was born on 26 July 1831 in Launceston, Tasmania.
     John Clark married Jane Read in 1858 in Yarram, Victoria.
     John died on 5 September 1882 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 51.

Children of John Clark and Jane Read

Jane Read

(2 February 1844 - )
     Jane Read was born on 2 February 1844 in Bristol, Gloucestershire. She was the daughter of James & Mary Ann and sister of John aged 11 and possibly George aged 21 who emigrated to Victoria on the Star of the South arriving August 1857.      
Jane Read emigrated in August 1857 to Victoria, per "Star of the South". Jane was aged 13, travelled with her parents James & Mary Ann and brother John aged 11 and possibly George aged 21 as assisted passengers on the same voyage as the Bland family.
     Jane Read married John Clark in 1858 in Yarram, Victoria.

Children of Jane Read and John Clark