Anderson Saunders

     Anderson Saunders married Lucy Wynne, daughter of Captain Owen Wynne III? and Catherine ffolliott, circa 1737. He was of Newtown Saunders, co. Wicklow. They had issue.

William Brus

     William Brus was the son of Adam de Brus and Agnes Aumale.

Jueta de Arches

     Jueta de Arches married Adam Brus, son of Adam de Brus and Agnes Aumale, circa 1170. Adam de Brus II was married to Ivetta, daughter of William de Arches, Lord of Thorpe Arches near Wetherby. They had five sons, Peter, Roger, Richard, Simon and Hugh and a daughter Isabel.
Leo van der Pas calles her Joanna de Meschines.

Children of Jueta de Arches and Adam Brus