Ralph fitz Ribald

     Ralph fitz Ribald married Agatha Brus, daughter of Robert de Brus Lord of Annandale and Agnes de Paganell. He was of Middleham in Richmondshire, co. Yorks. Son of Ribald of Brittany, lord of Middleham (-1121) & Beatrice Taillebois (-1112).

Child of Ralph fitz Ribald and Agatha Brus

Robert fitz Ralph

( - before 1206)
     Robert fitz Ralph was the son of Ralph fitz Ribald and Agatha Brus.
     Of Middleham, co. York; ~ also known as Robert fitz Ranulf

Spouse: Hawise de Glanville who died 1 Mar 1194[29]
Father: Ranulf de Glanville, Justiciar of England (~1120-<1190)
Mother: Bertha de Valoins

Children: Waleran (ca1170-<1206)
Ralph (-<1206)
Ranulf (<1186-<1252)
     Robert died before 1206.

Robert Brus

( - 1142)
     Robert Brus was the son of Robert Brus.
     Lord of Cleveland and Annandale.
'Robertus de Brus', made gift of 20 carucates and 2 bovates of land, and the town of Guisborough, to the canons of Guisborough (confirmed by grandson Adam de Brus, before 1190[3]).
     Had grant of Skelton from King Henry I, 1106. He exchanged other lands for Danby in Cleveland, co. Yorks.
     He attested a charter of William of Mortain before 1107, and charter of Henry I at a council in Nottingham, confirming gifts to the church of Durham, 1109.
     'Robert de Brus', had charter from King David I of Scots for ' Estrahanent [i.e., Annandale] and all the land from the boundary of Dunegal of Stranit [Nithsdale] to the boundary of Randolph Meschin.... Witnesses: Eustace Fitzjohn, Hugh de Morville, Alan de Perci, William de Somerville, Berengar Engaine, Randolph de Sules, William de Morville, Hervi son of Warin and Edmund the chamberlain', dated Scone, ca. 1124.
     'Robertus de Brus', made grant of the manor of Appleton Wieske ['vocatur Appletona'] and the land between it and Kirk Levington to St. Mary's, York, ca. 1125-35; witnessed by son Adam de Brus.
     He renounced allegiance to Scotland and resigned lands to his younger son Robert before Battle of the Standard, 1138.
     Robert died in 1142. 1141 - Robert de Brus II died and was buried in Guisborough Priory. Excavations were made at the Priory "at the instigation of a noted antiquarian", in the sixteenth century by the new owners of the land, the Chaloners, [who acquired the Priory and miles of land around by whatever devious means it was apportioned after the dissolution of the monasteries and presumably shortly after the great building lay in ruins.] A stone coffin was found.
A faded journalistic account gives the reason for assigning the remains to Robert de Brus II as:- "the fact that if was usual for them to be placed behind the High Altar in the exact spot where they were found. Owing to the stones which had laid on the top of the coffin having begun to fall in, it was decided to have them replaced, and, on their being removed, the stone coffin was found immediately underneath, filled with earth and bones, some of them being in a good state of preservation. These were reverently moved and placed in a leaden casket, which was carefully sealed and on the lid the following inscription was stamped, beneath a small leaden cross:- "Robert de Brus II, Founder of tis Abbey, died 5th Ides 1141"
The new lord of Skelton was Robert's eldest son, Adam, who was married to Agnes. They had a son, Adam and a daughter Agatha. Agnes was the daughter of Stephen, the Earl of Albemarle, and the sister of William, called 'Le gros' under whom Adam had fought at the Battle of the Standard

Children of Robert Brus