Elizabeth Carr

(17 March 1908 - 12 March 1962)
     Elizabeth Carr was born on 17 March 1908 in Barnsley, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Thomas Carr & Sophia Phillips.
     Elizabeth Carr married Ernest Cocksedge, son of William George Cocksedge and Amelia Jane Griffiths, on 24 December 1927 in Barnsley, Yorkshire.
     Elizabeth died on 12 March 1962 in Upton, Yorkshire, aged 53. She was buried in Moorthorpe.

Walter Stewart Earl of Menteith

(1219 - before 28 April 1296)
     Walter Stewart Earl of Menteith was born in 1219. He was the third son. He was the son of Walter Stewart 3rd High Steward.
     Walter Stewart Earl of Menteith married Mary of Menteith Countess of Menteith before September 1255.
     Earl of Menteith de jure uxoris, 'Walter le Senescallus', one of the Regents of Scotland and guardians of Alexander III, appointed 20 September 1255.
     Waltero senescallo', witness (together with Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan and justiciar of Scotia, Patrick, earl of Dunbar, Aymer de Maxwell the chamberlain, and Hugh de Abernethy) to a charter of King Alexander III granting a yearly market 'at the feast of St. John the Baptist, lasting for fifteen following days' to the Burgh of Ayr, dated at Traquair, 12 Dec 1261.
     He was recognized as Earl of Menteith after the 12 Dec 1261 charter, but before 19 Jan 1261/2:
' Walterus Senescallus, comes de Menthet ' renewed and confirmed a grant of the church of Kilcolmanel in Kintyre to the abbey of Paisley on that date [Red Book of Menteith II:216, citing Registrum Monasterii de Passelet, p. 121[12] ].
     'Hugh de Abyrnethine', received grant of £ 20 lands in Aberfoyle, Menteith from Isabella, (deprived) countess of Menteith, before Jan 1261/2.
     He fought at the Battle of Largs, 1263 and was witness to the marriage contract of Margaret of Scotland and King Eric of Norway, dated Roxburgh, 25 July 1281. Walter Stewart Earl of Menteith was widowed before 1286 on the death of his wife Mary of Menteith Countess of Menteith.
     'Walterus Senescallus comes de Menethe ', together with his sons Alexander and John, entered into a bond with Robert de Brus, Walter, earl of Menteith and others at Turnberry, 20 Sept 1286 'to adhere to the party of Richard de Burgh, earl of Ulster and Sir Thomas de Clare'.
     'Gauter de Menetehe ', one of the Earls of Scotland attending the Parliament at Brigham, which confirmed the Treaty of Salisbury with England, 14 Mar 1289/90 (Stevenson I:129-130, No. XCII[14]).
     'Meneteth (Meinteth), comes de, Walterus, (Wautier comte de Meinteth) ' - swore allegiance to King Edward I at Berwick, 1291.
     He was a supporter of Bruce the Competitor for the Scots crown, 1291 (Barrow p. 388)[7]: 'Walter, earl of Menteith', one of the auditors for the claim of Bruce at Berwick, 2 June 1292.
     'Terra Comitis de Menteth de Knapedal ', his lands in Knapdale included in the Sheriffdom of Lorne under the ordinance of 1293.
     Walter died before 28 April 1296. He possibly died in 1295; his seal 'S'Walteri Senescalli comit'de Menetet' used apparently by his son at Berwick, 28 August 1296. He was buried in Inchmahome Priory, Lake of Menteith, Perthshire.

Child of Walter Stewart Earl of Menteith and Mary of Menteith Countess of Menteith

Ann M Cocksedge

(say 1835 - 1889)
     Ann M Cocksedge was born say 1835. She was the daughter of Zachariah Cocksedge and Ann Garraway.
     Ann died in 1889 in Ryde, New South Wales.