John Turner

(before 1690? - )
     John Turner was born before 1690? In Suffolk.
John Turner married Abigail Cocksedge, daughter of Rev Francis Cocksedge MA and Jane Unknown, in 1710 in Bacton, Suffolk.

John Andrew Turner

( - before 1910)
     John Andrew Turner married Vera Margaret Lambert, daughter of William Blake Lambert and Margaret Isabella Paul, before 31 December 1881 in South Stoneham RD, Hampshire.
     John died before 1910.

Child of John Andrew Turner and Vera Margaret Lambert

John Fawlston Turner

(circa 1802 - )
     John Fawlston Turner was born circa 1802 in Hooton Pagnell, Yorkshire. He was aged 21 in Sep 1823, according to the marriage licence..
John Fawlston Turner married Mary Rich, daughter of William Rich and Mary Barlow, on 8 September 1823 in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire. He was a farmer of Hooton Pagnel, witnessed by Christiana Street & George Rich..
     John Fawlston Turner and Mary Rich were recorded on the 1851 census in Cemetery Lodge, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire. An unlikley possibiity is: John Turner 49, sexton, born Bells... Hertfordshire; his wife Mary Turner 48, born Bo... christ, Yks; childen William Turner 21, brass turnjer, Elizabeth Turner 18, at home, both born Laughton; Sarah Ann Turner 10, Martha Turner 8, born born Sheffield, William Forest 19, visitor, pressman, unmarried, born Sheffield.
     John Fawlston Turner was recorded on the 1861 census in Elsdon St, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire. John Turner 32, grocer & provision dealer, born Laughton, his wife Mary A Turner 32, born Laughton, Elizabeth Berrisford 17, servant.

Children of John Fawlston Turner and Mary Rich

Lavina May Turner

(10 September 1919 - 26 October 1919)
     Lavina May Turner was born on 10 September 1919. She was the daughter of William Turner and Elsie May Cox.
     Lavina died on 26 October 1919.

Leonard Roland Turner

(22 January 1941 - 27 January 1941)
     Leonard Roland Turner was born on 22 January 1941 in Maitland, New South Wales. He was the son of Lynton Roy Turner and Ezma Leitha Smith.
     Leonard died on 27 January 1941 in Maitland, NSW.

Leslie J Turner

(1899 - )
     Leslie J Turner was born in 1899 in Narrabri, New South Wales.

Lynton Roy Turner

(18 March 1914 - 4 December 1960)
     Lynton Roy Turner was born on 18 March 1914 in Muswellbrook, New South Wales. He was the son of William Turner and Elsie May Cox.
Lynton Roy Turner married Ezma Leitha Smith on 9 June 1935 in Maitland, New South Wales.
     Lynton died on 4 December 1960 in Maitland, NSW, aged 46. He was buried in South St, Telarah, New South Wales.

Children of Lynton Roy Turner and Ezma Leitha Smith

Margaret Turner

(before 1610 - )
     Margaret Turner was born before 1610 in Suffolk.
Margaret Turner married Robert Cocksedge, son of James Cocksedge, on 30 October 1628 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
Margaret Turner married Miles Bennett as her second husband, on 27 June 1639 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds..

Children of Margaret Turner and Robert Cocksedge

Mary Turner

(circa 1780 - before 1860)
     Mary Turner was born circa 1780 in Firbeck, Yorkshire. She may be the Mary Turner baptised 10 Sep 1780.
     Mary Turner and Amor Rich obtained a marriage licence on 22 September 1800 in York. Amor Rick aged 29 of Lindrick, Ntts to marry Mary Turner aged 19 of Firbeck, Yks - bond dated 22 Sep 1800 for a marriage at Firbeck.
Mary Turner married Amor Rich, son of Amor Rich and Sarah Unwin, on 25 September 1800 in Firbeck, YKS. Amor Rich of Carlton parish and Mary Turner of this parish were married by licence Sepr 25.
     Mary Turner and Amor Rich were recorded on the 1841 census in Mattersey, Nottinghamshire. Amor Rich 70, joiner, Mary Rich, 60, born in the county; Amor Rich 30, not born in the county; Mary Rich 20, not born in the county; Mary Hansen 65, Jeremiah Maud, 15 apprentice.
     Mary Turner was living as a parent in the household of Amor Rich in the 1851 census in Ordsall, Nottinghamshire.
     Mary died before 1860.

Children of Mary Turner and Amor Rich

Robert Turner

(circa 1810 - )
     Robert Turner was born circa 1810 in Felsham, Suffolk.
Robert Turner married Susanna Cocksedge, daughter of William Cocksedge and Susannah Bird.

Susannah Turner

(18 May 1851 - 25 September 1926)
     Susannah Turner was born on 18 May 1851 in England.
Susannah Turner married Francis William Bowker, son of Charles James Bowker and Mary Wembridge, on 31 August 1869 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey.
     Susannah died on 25 September 1926 in Outdtshoorn district, South Africa, aged 75.

Children of Susannah Turner and Francis William Bowker

unknown Turner

     Unknown Turner married Ann Dunbar, daughter of Major John Dunbar and Catherine Wynne.

Vera M L Turner

(before March 1883 - )
     Vera M L Turner was born before March 1883 in Bournemouth, Hampshire. She was the daughter of John Andrew Turner and Vera Margaret Lambert.
     Vera M L Turner and Vera Margaret Lambert were recorded on the 1901 census in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. Vera M Turner, widow aged 38, was living on own means, born Russia (British subject) with her daughter Vera M L Turner, aged 18, born Bournemouth, Hampshire and 2 servants.

William Turner

(1889 - 8 May 1951)
     William Turner was born in 1889.
William Turner married Elsie May Cox, daughter of Elijah Cocksedge and Harriett Ada Australia Guy, on 18 June 1913 in Muswellbrook, New South Wales.
     William died on 8 May 1951.

Children of William Turner and Elsie May Cox

William Turner

     William Turner married Joan Geere, daughter of John Geere, on 29 December 1619 in Sidlesham, Sussex.

William Turner

(29 December 1829 - )
     William Turner was christened on 29 December 1829 in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Fawlston Turner and Mary Rich.

George Hunter Turney

     George Hunter Turney married Margaret Nurse Ashby, daughter of Francis Ashby and Margaret Ann Garnes, on 15 November 1855 in St George's, Barbados.

Gertrude Turnhill

(circa 1720 - before 1 March 1786)
     Gertrude Turnhill was born circa 1720 in Yorkshire.
Gertrude Turnhill married Amor Rich, son of John Rich and Rebecca Shaw, on 15 November 1740 in Tickhill, Yorkshire.
Gertrude Turnhill married Joseph Ward as her second husband, on 22 August 1771 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. Banns of marriage between Joseph Ward & Gertrude Rich were published 21st & 29 July & 4 August by me John Elam. The said Joseph Ward of this parish, dier, and Gertrude Rich, of the same parish, widow, were married in this church by banns this 22 August 1771.
     Gertrude died before 1 March 1786 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. She was buried on 1 March 1786 in Tickhill.

Child of Gertrude Turnhill and Amor Rich

  • Amor Rich+ b. 19 Apr 1742, d. b 14 Sep 1821

Alice Josephine Turpin

(1910 - 14 December 1969)
     Alice Josephine Turpin was commonly known as Josephine. She was born in 1910 in Traralgon, Victoria.
Alice Josephine Turpin married Charles Gordon Colbert, son of Edward Michael Colbert and Margaret Robertson, in 1932.
Alice Josephine Turpin and Charles Gordon Colbert were listed in a directory dated between 1936 and 1937 at Collins St, Traralgon.
     Josephine and Charles were registered at 99 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, Victoria, on the 1942 electoral roll.
     Josephine and Charles were registered at 30 Howitt Rd, Caulfield, Victoria, on the 1949 electoral roll. But they were also listed at his sister's Phyl's address at 39 Hastings Rdm, Hawthorn for the same year.
     Josephine and Charles were registered at 22 Palermo St, South Yarra, Victoria, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Alice died on 14 December 1969 in Albert Park, Victoria. There was an inquest into her death.
     Her will was proved on 14 July 1970 at Victoria.

Child of Alice Josephine Turpin and Charles Gordon Colbert

Allan John Turpin

(1944 - 2011)
     Allan John Turpin was born in 1944. He was the son of Noel Leslie Turpin and Alice Lillian Booker.
     Allan died in 2011.

Noel Leslie Turpin

(1919 - 1988)
     Noel Leslie Turpin was born in 1919 in Yarram, Victoria.
Noel Leslie Turpin married Alice Lillian Booker, daughter of Robert James Booker and Carol Jane Clark, in 1938 in Victoria.
     Noel died in 1988.

Children of Noel Leslie Turpin and Alice Lillian Booker

Nola Lillian Turpin

(1942 - 2016)
     Nola Lillian Turpin was born in 1942. She was the daughter of Noel Leslie Turpin and Alice Lillian Booker.
     Nola died in 2016.

Elsie May Turtle

(1900 - 1980)
     Elsie May Turtle married John Mathieson, son of John Mathieson and Georgina Paterson. Elsie May Turtle was born in 1900.
     Elsie died in 1980.

Child of Elsie May Turtle and John Mathieson

Elizabeth Turton

(before 1535 - )
     Elizabeth Turton was born before 1535. She was the daughter of Richard Turton.
Elizabeth signed a marriage settlement with an unknown person on 18 May 1555 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Richard Turton of Pykering agrees to convey to William Ritche of Bullowes (in consideration of a marriage between Edward Ritche, his son and heir and Elizabeth Turton, daughter and heir of Richard), manor, lands etc. of Richard or of Thomas his father in Thurleston and they agree to settle on the married pair 2 messuages and mylnes called the Mylnhouses and a yearly rent of 13/4 from certain lands in Thurlestone and 2 messuages called Smalshay after the death of Elizabeth the mother of Richard Turton.
Elizabeth Turton married Edward Rich, son of William Rich and Ann? Unknown, circa 18 May 1555.

Children of Elizabeth Turton and Edward Rich

Richard Turton

(before 1500 - )
      Release and quitclaim, John Turton son of Richard Turton, late of Penistone, to Richard Turton of Wakefield, late son and heir of William Turton. All right and title of an in the manor of Rodes in Thurlestone, parish of Penistone. Richard Turton was born before 1500. He was the son of Thomas Turton and Elizabeth Unknown (Turton).

Child of Richard Turton

Thomas Turton

     Thomas Turton married Elizabeth Unknown (Turton).

Child of Thomas Turton and Elizabeth Unknown (Turton)

Elizabeth Tuswell

(before 1585 - before 23 June 1642)
     Elizabeth Tuswell was also known as Truswell in records. Elizabeth Tuswell was also known as Elizabeth Treswell? in records. She was born before 1585 in Lincolnshire, England. She was the daughter of Patriarch Tuswell.
Elizabeth Tuswell married David Popplewell, son of David Popplewell and Isabel Unknown, on 7 August 1598 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Her name could be Tuswell, Treswell, Enswell, etc..
     Elizabeth Tuswell made a will dated before 22 June 1642 in Belton, LIN. Her will mentions her husband David, David the son of her son Humfrey, her son David and his son David and his unmarried daughter Elizabeth. She also mentions her sons [in law] H Godfrey & Simon Maw and Robert Foster the elder & her cousin Thomas Turs...
     In the Name of God amen I Elizabeth Poplewell of Beltoft in the parish of Belton in the Isle of Axholme in the County of Lincoln widow, being sick in body of but of good and perfect remembrance, (thanks be given to Almightie god for it) do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form following
     First I give my soule to the Almightie god my maker and redeemer and hopeth to be saved by the death & passion of Jesus Christ ^ my Saviour and my body to be buried in the Church of Belton aforesaid near to my late husband David Poplewell.
     Item I give to David Poplewell my grandchild son of my son Humfrey one three roodes of rye now growing one three roodes of wheat now growing, one acre of barley now growing lying upon Sand daile & two roods of barley^ now growing abutting upon the west field end
     Item I give to my said grandchild David one bedstead the worst [best crossed through] feather bed in my house & one new feather bed ticke the best Coverlidd & one pair of blankets & the rest of furniture belonging to a bed
     Item I give to the said David my grandchild three silver spoons & one pewter can.
     Item I give to David Poplewell my son twenty pounds of lawful English money to be paid unto him within one whole year next after my death
     Item I give to David my son also one dish tipt with silver.
     Item I give to David my grandchild son of my son David one bed stead & the furniture belonging to ^a bed, one cubberd standing in the hall_ the brewing vessell ^ one Cheeshecke* & one salting trough in Parlour Chamber one huche & one great tub in the hall chamber the horse racke & mainger all the skel=/sket= ---ncees in the yard & one longsadle standing in the_all
     Item I give to Elizabeth daughter of my son David -ll ten pieces of pewter standing upon the Cuberd -ea-e in the hall to be kept for her till she come to twenty one years or marriage first;
     Item I give to Robert Mawe my grandchild one bed stead wherein I lie & the furniture to a bed & as much yarn as will make xx ti yeards of lin Ch Cloth to be sold to buy him a Coverlid for the said bed,
     Item I give to my Sister Marie Foster my best gown
     Item I give to my Sister Skinner the other of my gowns & my ryding cloak & safegard.
     Item my will is that the poor of this parish shall have forty shillings --- them
     Item my will is that my Exeucutors shall -i- & satisfie ^ accordinge to the last will & testament of my late husband David Poplewell all the legacies ^ portions in the his said will.
     tem I give to David my grand child my son David Poplewell three [3 crossed through] eight pounds oweth me, forty & five shillings that Thomas Moo me , one brown b-pasinge filly one stoned cow six shillings which Mathew hall oweth me to be put his Father for his best profit
     All the residue & chattels given & unbequeathed legacies & funeral ­por discharged I give to Humfrey Poplewell David Poplewell h Godfrey & Symon Mawe my son whome I make executors of this my last will & Testament -- Robert Foster the elder & my cozen Thomas Turs- of this my last will & testament & I do give to e two shillings six pence a piece, In witness have hereunto set my hand & seal the day above written
hir marke Elizabeth x Poplewell
Wittnesses: Hum: Poplewell, David Poplewell, his m[ar]ke, John Taylor.

     Elizabeth died before 23 June 1642 in Belton, LIN. She was buried on 23 June 1642 in Belton.
     Her will was proved in 1642 at the Stow Archdeaconry, Lincolnshire.

Children of Elizabeth Tuswell and David Popplewell

Mary Tuswell (Foster)

     Mary Tuswell (Foster) was the daughter of Patriarch Tuswell.

Patriarch Tuswell

Children of Patriarch Tuswell

Sister Tuswell (Skinner)

     Sister Tuswell (Skinner) was the daughter of Patriarch Tuswell.