Redmond Colbert

(before 1845 - )
     Redmond Colbert was born before 1845 in Cork, Ireland.
     Redmond Colbert married Margaret Walsh.

Child of Redmond Colbert and Margaret Walsh

Margaret Walsh

(before 1850 - )
     Margaret Walsh was born before 1850 in Cork, Ireland.
     Margaret Walsh married Redmond Colbert.

Child of Margaret Walsh and Redmond Colbert

William Colbert (of Killeagh)

(30 November 1865 - 28 March 1941)
     William Colbert (of Killeagh) was born on 30 November 1865 in Pitmore, Killeagh, Cork, Ireland. He was the son of Redmond Colbert and Margaret Walsh.
     William died on 28 March 1941 in Dublin, Ireland, aged 75. He married 4 Sep 1912 Mary Christina Marry? in Dublin.He lived at 14 Ballymun Rd, Glasnevin, his wife died 31 Aug 1950?.