Joseph Ward

( - before 2 May 1789)
     Gertrude Turnhill married secondly Joseph Ward on 22 August 1771 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. Banns of marriage between Joseph Ward & Gertrude Rich were published 21st & 29 July & 4 August by me John Elam. The said Joseph Ward of this parish, dier, and Gertrude Rich, of the same parish, widow, were married in this church by banns this 22 August 1771.
     Joseph died before 2 May 1789 in Tickhill, Yorkshire.

Luke Ward

(circa 1795? - )
     Luke Ward was born circa 1795?.
     Luke Ward married Fanny Bowker, daughter of James Bowker and Anne Lowe, on 9 May 1820 in Hartford, Huntingdonshire.

Lydia May Ward

(1868 - 11 July 1946)
     Lydia May Ward was born in 1868 in Forest Hill, Lewisham?, Kent?, England.
     Lydia May Ward appeared on the 1871 census in 98 Victoria Dock Rd, Plaistow, West Ham, Essex. James G Ward, 26, ironmonger, born Greenwich, Kent; wife Lydia Ward, 22, born Marylebone, Mdx; children Lydia Ward, 3, James G Ward 2, both born in West Ham; James Chapman 14, genral servant, born Camberwell.
James G Ward & Lydia Arnold married in the Sep quarter of 1866 in the Wesat Hamregistration district.
     Lydia May Ward appeared on the 1881 census in 99 Victoria Dock Rd, Plaistow, West Ham, Essex.
     Lydia May Ward married Robert William George Dempster, son of Robert Dempster and Catherine Ellman, on 30 January 1883 in the Register Office, London, England. He ran away from Sandhurst Military College to elope; at his marriage he gave his residence as 19 Garrick St, Lydia's was The Climb, Forest Hill [Lewisham]? where her father farmed.
     Lydia died on 11 July 1946 in 28 Northumberland St, Tusmore, Adelaide, South Australia.

Children of Lydia May Ward and Robert William George Dempster

Mary or Elizabeth Ward

     Mary or Elizabeth Ward married William Popplewell (of Thoresway) on 15 May 1694 in Thoresway, Lincolnshire, England. William Popplewell & Eliz Ward..

Child of Mary or Elizabeth Ward and William Popplewell (of Thoresway)

Pennock Ward

(before 1720 - )
     A Pennock Ward was baptised on 17 August 1748 at Thornton Dale, Yorks. [BTs] no parents names were given.. Pennock Ward was born before 1720. A Pennock Ward was baptised 17 August 1748 at Thonton Dale, Yorkshire. No parents name was given, so it may be an adult baptism..
Marmaduke, Pennock, Thomas and Rebecca was party to a deed dated 14 March 1740/41 in re Sewell Hall, Belton, etc., Lincolnshire, England; Indenture (7 parts) dated 14 March 1740, between (1) Richard Poplewell of Temple Belwood in the parish of Belton, Esq., (2) Rebeccah Barton of London, widow, (3) Thomas Culcup of London, gent., and Rebeccah his wife (which Richard, Rebeccah & Rebeccah are heirs at law of Robert Ryther late of the Close of Lincoln, esq., deceased); (4) Marmaduke Ryther of Scarcroft co. York, esq., and Mary his wife, only surviving son and heir of John Ryther the elder of Scarcroft esq. deceased; (5) Pennock Ward of Hedon in Holderness, co. York, gent; (6) George Reynoldson of the city of York, upholder, and Mary his wife (which said Marmaduke, Pennock & George & his wife claim under the will of the said Robert Ryther), and (7) William Gylby of the Close of Lincoln esq. The first 6 will levy a fine to William Gylby of capital messuage in Belton called Sewell Hall etc., etc. for the settling of all controversies between them, with land etc. etc. in Belton, Beltoft, Epworth, Haxey, Diddithorpe, Holton Beckering, Lissington, co. Linc. and Seacroft co. York.
     Pennock Ward lived at Hedon in Holderness, Yorkshire, March 1740/41.

Reginald Ward

(say 1920 - )
     Reginald Ward was born say 1920.

Robert Leslie Ward

     Robert Leslie Ward married Marion Margaret Ruby, daughter of William John Ruby and Catherine Brass, in 1923 in Victoria.

Susan Ward

(say 1810 - )
     Susan Ward was born say 1810.
     Susan Ward married William Freeman Squirrell, son of William Squirrell and Jane Martell, on 25 October 1833 in Bildeston, Suffolk.

Children of Susan Ward and William Freeman Squirrell

Tabitha Ward

(circa 1734 - before 21 December 1796)
     Tabitha Ward was born circa 1734 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Tabitha Ward married Thomas Noble, son of Thomas Noble and Alice Sparrow, on 30 November 1766 in Gt Livermere, Suffolk, England.
     Tabitha died before 21 December 1796 in Gt Livermere, Suffolk. She was buried on 21 December 1796 in Gt Livermere.

Walter Ward

(16 September 1842 - )
     Walter Ward was born on 16 September 1842.
     Walter Ward married Sarah Anne Dykes, daughter of William Dykes and Sophia Dykes, in 1865 in Suffolk. The had: Fredrick b1861 Buxhall. The family are sure Fredrick is Walter's son but Sarah refused to change his name to Ward; Eliza b 1867 Ipswich; - Clara b 1870 Ipswich; Mary Jane b 1874 Castleford West Yorkshire; Florence Ada b 1876 Castleford West Yorkshire; Tamer b 27 Sep 1885 Castleford West Yorkshire.

Elizabeth Ward?

(circa 1640? - 8 May 1665)
     Elizabeth Ward? was born circa 1640?.
     Elizabeth Ward? married John Noble, son of William Noble and Elizabeth Frances, circa 1659 in Suffolk. This may be the marriage: John Noble of Sapiston & Elizabeth Ward of Livermere Jan 28 1667/8.
     Elizabeth was buried on 8 May 1665 in Gt Livermere, Suffolk. Elizabeth the wife of John Noble.

Children of Elizabeth Ward? and John Noble

Catherine Warden

(circa 1899 - 1982)
     Catherine Warden was born circa 1899 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
     Catherine Warden married Joseph Michael Handy, son of Patrick Francis Handy and Mary Collins, in 1919.
     Catherine died in 1982 in Dundee, Angus.

Children of Catherine Warden and Joseph Michael Handy

Maria Louise Wardham?

(March 1813 - 21 February 1885)
     Maria was a dressmaker. She was born in March 1813 in Cork, Ireland.
     Maria Louise Wardham? married John B Ruby, son of John Ruby and Jane Brown?, in Ireland.
     Maria Louise Wardham? and Charles Ruby, Henry Ruby and John Ruby arrived with John B Ruby and Edward Joseph Rubie on 19 August 1839 at New South Wales, Australia.
     Maria died on 21 February 1885 in Singleton, New South Wales, Australia, aged 71. She was buried in Whittingham cemetery, Singleton, New South Wales, Australia.

Children of Maria Louise Wardham? and John B Ruby

Christiana Wardlaw

( - after 7 March 1401/2)
     Christiana Wardlaw was born in Scotland. Earlier sources state that she was the daughter of Alan de Seton (formerly Wintoun), by Margaret, daughter & heir of Sir Alexander Seton of Seton. However Andrew MacEwen has identified George's wife (and Elizabeth's mother) as Christiana Wardlaw. Her father is as yet unidentified, but either Christiana's mother, or a grandparent, had to be closely related (and as yet unidentified) for the relationship to be valid as per her marriage dispensation.
     Christiana Wardlaw married George Dunbar 10th Earl, son of Sir Patrick Dunbar and Isabella Randolph. Or, he married CHRISTIAN Seton, daughter of ALAN de Seton [formerly Wintoun] & his wife Margaret Seton Lady of Seton (-after 7 Mar 1402).
     Christiana died after 7 March 1401/2.
     Christiana Wardlaw was mentioned on 23 November 1411.

Children of Christiana Wardlaw and George Dunbar 10th Earl

Ann Wardley

     Ann Wardley was also known as Wordley in records.
     Ann Wardley married Morris Pike, son of Thomas Pike and Elizabeth Dykes, on 4 December 1817 in Chelsworth, Suffolk.

Ada de Warenne

(circa 1120 - 1178)
     Ada de Warenne was born circa 1120 in England. She was the daughter of William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey, and Elizabeth of Vermandois. Through her mother, she was a great-granddaughter of Henry I of France and half-sister to Robert de Beaumont, 2nd Earl of Leicester and Hugh de Beaumont, 1st Earl of Bedford. Her niece, Isabel de Warenne, would marry William of Blois, the younger son of King Stephen and, following his death, Hamelin, half-brother of Henry II of England..
     Ada de Warenne married Prince Henry, (of Scotland). 3rd Earl of Huntingdon, son of David, I, King of Scotland 1124-53 and Maud, 2nd Countess of Huntingdon,, in 1139.
     Ada died in 1178.

Children of Ada de Warenne and Prince Henry,, (of Scotland). 3rd Earl of Huntingdon

Gundreda de Warenne

(before 1150 - 1224)
     Gundreda de Warenne was born before 1150. She was the daughter of William II de Warenne.
The heirs of Gundreda de Warenne d.1224 are stated to be her daughters Joan de Neville and Margery de Breaute. These were in fact her granddaughters being the daughters of Gundreda's daughter, Alice de Curcy, by William III de Curcy of Stogursey. Alice was married first to Henry de Cornhill, d.1193, by whom she had Joan, married to Hugh de Nevill, the Forester d.1234. Alice was married secondly to Warin fitz Gerold d.1216, by whom she had Margaret, married first to Baldwin de Redvers d.v.p.1216, and secondly to Faukes de Breate.
     Gundreda de Warenne married William de Curci III, son of William de Curci II Baron and Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin. She married first Roger, earl of Warwick (1119-53), by whom she had issue two sons and two daughters. It appears that she had a third son Henry who is mentioned in a charter with his brother William.
     Gundreda died in 1224 in England.

Children of Gundreda de Warenne and William de Curci III

Adeliza Warine

     Adeliza Warine married Alan Fitz Flaald de Hesdin, son of Flaald Seneschal of Dol and Aveline,. Adeliza Warine was born. She was the daughter and heiress of Sheriff Warine of Shropshire.

Child of Adeliza Warine and Alan Fitz Flaald de Hesdin

Elizabeth Waring

(circa 1711 - 27 July 1793)
     Elizabeth Waring was born circa 1711 in Woolley, Yorkshire.
     Elizabeth Waring married Jonas Rich, son of Amor Rich and Martha Halliwell, on 20 October 1739 in Cawthorne, Yorkshire. Elizabeth Waring was widowed on 17 February 1772 on the death of her husband Jonas Rich.
     She paid land tax as occupier of land owned by William Bosville, Esq. from 1782 to 1790. Their children owned land but rented it, as Mr Sanderson, Miss Ann & Miss Martha Rich, later being listed as John Sanderson, William Wood & James Hargreaves. The property was called Lanehead, Pashley Green & the last unnamed.
     Elizabeth Waring made a will dated 9 March 1787 in Cawthorne, YKS. This is the last will and testament of me Elizabeth Rich of Daw Walls in the township of Cawthorne in the co. York, widow. First I will that all my just debts the expenses of my funeral and the charges attending the probate of this my will be paid and satisfield Also I give and bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my goods cattle chattels and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto my daughter Elizabeth the wife of John Sanderson and my daughter Martha the wife of William Wood the younger equally to be divided between them ... and to be executrixes. Dated 9 March 1787. Elizabeth Rich her mark and seal. Witnessed by Thos. Shirt.
     Elizabeth died on 27 July 1793 in Cawthorne. She was buried on 30 July 1793 in Cawthorne. Elizabeth Rich, widow.
Here / lyeth interred / ye Body of Mary / The Daughter of Jonas and / Elizabeth RICH of Cawthorne / She departed her life the 22nd / Day of March 1739 / Aged 7 months. / Here also lyeth the Body of the said Jonas RICH / who died 17th February / 1772 aged 58 years. / Also of Elizabeth his / Wife who died the 27th / July 1793 Aged 83 years.
     Her will was proved in September 1793 at the Exchequer Court of York. "Of Daw Walls, widow."

Children of Elizabeth Waring and Jonas Rich

Martha Waring

(before 1780 - )
     Martha Waring was born before 1780.
     Martha Waring married Valentine Keen, son of John Keen and Jane Andrews, before April 1800 in Churchill, Oxfordshire.

Children of Martha Waring and Valentine Keen

Matilda Alice Waring

(March 1857 - 6 October 1930)
     Matilda Alice Waring's birth was registered in the quarter ending in March 1857 in Braithwell, Doncaster RD, Yorkshire.
     Matilda Alice Waring married James Bingham Stanser, son of William Stanser and Mary Cobb, on 11 June 1879 in St James, Braithwell, Lincolnshire. James Bingham Stansser, 26, farmer, of Sturton le Steeple, son fo William Stanser, retired farmer, to Matilda Alice Waring, 22, of Bramley, she was the daughter of Joseph Waring, coal proprietor..
     Matilda Alice Waring and James Bingham Stanser appeared on the 1881 census in Croft House, North St, Sturton le Steeple, Nottinghamshire. James B Stanser, head, aged 29, born Sturton, farmer of 183 acres wth his wife Matilda A aged 23, born Braithwell, and daughter Edith aged 1, born Sturton and their servant Sarah Ann Johnson, aged 14, born Sturton.
     Matilda Alice Waring and James Bingham Stanser appeared on the 1891 census in Irnham, Lincolnshire. James B Stanser, head, 39, farmer, born Sturton le Steeple, Notts; Matilda A wife, 34, born Braithwell, Yks; children Edith 11, Ida M 9, Waring 6, all scholars, Harriet 3, all born Sturton; James R Stanser, son 6 months born Irnham, Lincs; plus Mary A Harrison, 20 a domestic servant born Sturton.
     Matilda Alice Waring and James Bingham Stanser appeared on the 1901 census in Morton Terrace, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. James B Stanser, vaccination officer, aged 49 born at Sturton le Steeple, with Matilda A aged 44, born Braithwell, Yks, Edith aged 21, Harriett A aged 13, all born Sturton and Emma Mathers general domestic servant.
     Matilda Alice Waring appeared on the 1911 census in Rock Rise, G... Rd, Rotherham, Yorkshire. Matilda Alice Stanser, head 54, widow, born Braithwell, Yks; son Waring Stanser,26, single, chartered accountant, born Sturton, Ntts, daughter Harriet Alice, 23, single, born Sturton and son James Reginald Stanser, 20, draughtsman, born I... Lincs; signed by M A Stanser.
     Matilda Alice Waring lived at Broom-Lane, Rotherham, Yorkshire, October 1918.
     Matilda died on 6 October 1930 in Rotherham RD, Yorkshire, aged 73. She was buried on 9 October 1930 in St Alban, Wickersley.
     Her will was proved on 22 November 1930 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. Widow, of Sunnyhust, Herringthorpe Lane, Rotherham.

Children of Matilda Alice Waring and James Bingham Stanser

Joan Warne

     Joan Warne was also known as Johanna in records.
     Joan Warne married John Ruby on 3 February 1611/12 in St Germans, Cornwall.

Children of Joan Warne and John Ruby

Major Edward Warner

(4 April 1615 - )
     Brian B... in an email of July 2001 wrote that the Warners originated in Balsham, Cambridge with the Reverend Thomas Warner (1650?-1657). One of his sons, Edward was apparently awarded land in or around Cork for service in the Civil War and emigrated to Woodville in the 1650s. There he married Elinor Magner and raised a family. Their daughter, Margaret, married Rev. Stephen Handcock of Athlone and
raised a family, Venn states that =Margaret was the daughter of A T [Augustus Thomas] Warner.
     Major Edward Warner married Eleanor Magner in Ireland.
     Major Edward Warner married Susanna Unknown (Evatt). Major Edward Warner was christened on 4 April 1615 in Balsham, Cambridgeshire, England. He was the son of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton.

Child of Major Edward Warner and Eleanor Magner

Elizabeth Warner

(28 January 1618 - )
     Elizabeth Warner was christened on 28 January 1618 in Balsham, Cambridgeshire. She was the daughter of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton.

Emma Warner

(circa 1801 - )
     Emma Warner was born circa 1801 in Piccadilly, London, England. She may be the Emma Warner baptised 10 Jun 1800 at St George, Hanover Square, daughter of Pilgrim & Elizabeth Warner, born 12 March 1800. He married Emma Sand/Sard in 1793.
     Emma Warner married Nathaniel Hooper as his second wife, in September 1837 in Kensington RD, Middlesex.
     Emma Warner and Nathaniel Hooper appeared on the 1841 census in Greville Place, St Marylebone, Westminster. Nathaniel Hooper, 45, solicitor; Emma 40, Katharine 14; Elizabeth 13; Mary 11; Emma 2, Eliza 11 weeks, all except Katharine born in the county.
     Emma Warner and Nathaniel Hooper were recorded on the 1851 census in The Rise, Richmond, Surrey. Nathaniel Hooper, head, 58, solicitor, born Mdx St Geo Hanover Square, his wife Emma aged 50, ditto, and daughters Catherine Saxon 24, born Evercreech, Somerset; Elizabeth Saxon aged 23, born Fulham, Middlesex; Mary aged 21, born Fulham, Emma A W aged 12, scholar at home, born Kensington and Cecilia Petersdorff aged 7, ditto, born St Mary le Bow. Emma Warner was an executor of Nathaniel Hooper's estate on 1 April 1858 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     Emma Warner appeared on the 1861 census in 3 Park Villas, Datchet, Buckinghamshire. Emma Hooper, head,widow, aged 59, widow of a solicitor, born London, Mdx; Katherine S Hooper, step daughter, unmarried, 34, fundholder, born Evercreech, Somerset; Elizabeth S Hooper, step daughter aged 33, fundholder, born Fulham, Mdx; Emma A W Hooper, daughter, aged 22, fundholder, born Brompton, Mdx; Cecilia P Hooper, daugher 17, born ... Mdx; with a cook and a housemaid.
     Emma Warner appeared on the 1871 census in Parke Rd, Tonbridge, Kent. Emma Hooper, head, widow, aged 69, freehold & leasehold, born Piccadilly, Mdx; Catherine S Hooper, daughter, unmarried, 44, fund holder, born Evercreech, Som; Cecila P Hooper, daughter, unmarried, 27, fund holder, born Kilburn Mdx; with two servants.

Children of Emma Warner and Nathaniel Hooper

Lt Col Henry Warner

( - circa 1645)
     Lt Col Henry Warner was the son of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton.
     Henry matriculated in 1629.
     Henry died circa 1645. He may be the father of Dorothy Warner, daughter of Henry Warner, baptised at Balsham 7 Sep 1637.

Margaret Warner

(1663 - 1709 or 1721)
     Margaret Warner was born in 1663 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Augustus Thomas Warner and widow of Francis Evatt of Kilgrifffe.
However on Aug 06 2001 wrote: I posted my family tree, such as it is, on:
And that includes all I have regarding the Warner/Handcock branch of the family. I know there are some relationship errors in my Rootsweb submission. I made numerous requests to those who may know the correct relationships to send me what they have. I have resisted publishing the material, knowing of the errors, but finally made the decision that I may get responses to the posting and make the corrections based on information from the new respondents.
Having said all that here is her heritage, Descendants of Thomas Warner:
1 Thomas Warner 1580 - 1657
Thomas matriculated at Emanuel College, Cambridge, winning a BA in 1604-05, MA in 1608, and DD in 1624. He was Rector of Balsham from 1611 to 1642. He is buried at Balsham.
The Victoria County History of Cambridge mentions Dr Warner as follows:
"In 1650 the rector, Dr Thomas Warner, was found to be a worthy, painful and godly preacher. In 1654, Thomas was nominated to assist Commission investigating scandalous ministers. He was not a scandalous minister, according to Emanuel College, Cambridge, biography."
+Anne Eaton - 1629
........ 2 Anne Warner
........... +Samuel Coxe
.................. 3 Sarah Coxe 1631 -
........ 2 Henry Warner - 1645
........... +Elizabeth Phillips - 1638
.................. 3 Dorothy Warner 1637 -
........ 2 Thomas Warner 1611 - 1612
........ 2 Edward Warner 1615 - 1667
According to church records (Balsham Parish), Edward was christened on April 4, 1615.
........... He was a Major in the Army, married Elinor in Ireland and settled on one of his estates at Woodsville, Co. Cork.
+Susanna (Evatt)
........ *2nd Wife of Edward Warner:
........... +Elinor Magner 1634 -
.................. 3 Elizabeth Warner
.................. 3 Anne Warner 1656 - 1700
..................... +Thomas Boles 1650 - 1693
.................. 3 Thomas Warner 1658 - 1659
.................. 3 Sarah Warner 1660 -
..................... +Simon Eaton
.................. 3 Thomas Warner 1661 -
..................... +Elizabeth Evatt
.................. 3 Margaret Warner 1663 - 1709
..................... +Francis Evatt
.................. *2nd Husband of Margaret Warner:
In the book, 'The Grand Juries of
Westmeath' Margaret is referred to as having been from Dunmoylin. The biographical data obtained from the Representative Church Body (Church of
Ireland) states that Margaret is the daughter of Augustus [Thomas] Warner. However land Indentures at the National Library of Ireland identify her as she is represented here. This was selected because it was taken from an original document and not transcribed.
..................... +Stephen Handcock 1657 - 1718
.................. 3 Henry Warner 1664 - 1739
.................. 3 Jane Warner 1665 -
..................... +William Burdett
........ 2 Susanna Warner 1617 - 1701
........... +Chichester Phillips 1612 - 1656
.................. 3 Thomas Phillips
.................. 3 Anne Phillips 1643 -
.................. 3 Chichester Phillips 1647 - 1728
..................... +Sarah Handcock 1664 -
........ *2nd Husband of Susanna Warner:
........... +Symon Eaton - 1698
.................. 3 Symon Eaton 1660 -
..................... +Mary Aldworth 1660 -
........ 2 Elizabeth Warner 1618 -
........ 2 Rose Warner 1622 -
........ 2 Thomas Warner 1625 -
*2nd Wife of Thomas Warner:
. +Anne Nicholson. She was the daughter of Major Edward Warner and Eleanor Magner.
     Margaret Warner married Francis Evatt. He was of Kilgriffe.
     Margaret Warner married Very Rev Stephen Handcock as her second husband, on 26 August 1688..
     Margaret died in 1709 or 1721. She and Gustavus Handcock were beneficiaries in Very Rev Stephen Handcock's will proved 4 July 1718 in the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Children of Margaret Warner and Very Rev Stephen Handcock

Rose Warner

(7 April 1622 - )
     Rose Warner was christened on 7 April 1622 in Balsham, Cambridgeshire. She was the daughter of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton.

Susanna Warner

(2 January 1617 - 1701)
     Susanna Warner was christened on 2 January 1617 in Balsham, Cambridgeshire. She was the daughter of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton.
     Susanna Warner married Chichester Phillips on 26 February 1647 in St Gregory by St Paul, London.
     Susanna died in 1701.

Child of Susanna Warner and Chichester Phillips

Thomas Warner

(13 January 1611 - )
     Thomas Warner was christened on 13 January 1611 in Balsham, Cambridgeshire. Another? Thomas, son of Dr Warner, was baptised there on 25 July 1625. He was the son of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton.