Rev Thomas Warner

(1580 - April 1657)
     Rev Thomas Warner was also known as Augustus Thomas in records. He was born in 1580.
     Thomas matriculated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, on 9 August 1600. Thomas gained a BA in 1604-05, MA in 1608, and DD in 1624.
     Rev Thomas Warner married Anne Eaton in 1609. Thomas was vicar at Humberston, Leicestershire, in 1610. Thomas was Rector at Balsham, Cambridgeshire, between 1611 and 1642. The Victoria County History of Cambridge mentions Dr Warner as follows: "In 1650 the rector, Dr Thomas Warner, was found to be a worthy, painful and godly preacher. In 1654, Thomas was nominated to assist Commission investigating scandalous ministers.
He was not a scandalous minister, according to Emanuel College, Cambridge, biography."
     Thomas died in April 1657 in Balsham, Cambridgeshire. He was buried on 5 April 1657 in Balsham.

Children of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton

Thomas Francis Warner

(28 September 1626 - )
     Thomas Francis Warner was christened on 28 September 1626 in Balsham, Cambridgeshire. He was the son of Rev Thomas Warner and Anne Eaton.

Irene Thelma Warnken

(1909 - after 25 August 1938)
     Irene Thelma Warnken was born in 1909.
     Irene Thelma Warnken married Eric Victor Rashleigh Devonshire, son of Walter George Devonshire and Charlotte Marion Sedunary, in 1933.
     Irene died after 25 August 1938.

Elizabeth Warren or Moore

(1820 - 1910)
     Elizabeth Warren or Moore was born in 1820 in Norton, Near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England.
     Elizabeth Warren or Moore married Charles Cocksedge, son of James Cocksedge and Hannah Sumner, on 12 July 1844 in Bacton, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Warren or Moore and Charles Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Bacton, SFK. Charles Cocksedge, 27, born Finningham, ag. labourer, Elizabeth wife, 32, glover, born Norton, Elizabeth daughter 12, born Bacton, George son 11, born Bacton.
     Elizabeth Warren or Moore was recorded on the 1851 census in Bacton, SFK. Aged 32, born Norton.
     Elizabeth Warren or Moore and Charles Cocksedge arrived per "Kate" in 1855 at New South Wales, Australia. Charles Cocksedge 31, farm labr, born Bacton, parents James (at Bacton) & Hannah (dead); Elizabeth Cocksedge, 35, born Norton daughter of John & Mary Warren, both dead. Elizabeth reads, Charles neither. Relations in colony - a brother James Cocksedge at Moreton Bay. Paid £3 under the Act.
     Elizabeth died in 1910 in Granville, New South Wales, Australia.

Children of Elizabeth Warren or Moore and Charles Cocksedge

Ada Annie Warren

(circa 1883 - )
     Ada Annie Warren was born circa 1883. She was the daughter of James John WARREN, cabinet maker.
     Ada Annie Warren married Cornelius Philip Bennington, son of Philip Bennington and Alice Eliza Bennett, on 8 June 1904 in St Benet's, Stepney, Mile End RD, Middlesex. (Witnessed by James John Warren & Gertrude Jane Bennington.

Children of Ada Annie Warren and Cornelius Philip Bennington

Elizabeth Warren

(before 1655 - )
     Elizabeth Warren was born before 1655.
     Elizabeth Warren married Simon Cocksedge on 7 November 1672 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Elizabeth was present at Elizabeth Cocksedge's christening on 13 March 1674/75 in St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Children of Elizabeth Warren and Simon Cocksedge

Unknown Warren

     Unknown Warren married Lydia Fouace, daughter of Stephen Fouace and Ann Handy, before 1753.

Harriet Anne Warrington

(1858 - 1941)
     Harriet Anne Warrington was born in 1858.
     Harriet Anne Warrington married Charles Bowker as his second wife, on 16 March 1892 in New Zealand.
     Her will was proved in 1941 at Timaru.
     Harriet died in 1941 in Timaru, New Zealand.

Children of Harriet Anne Warrington and Charles Bowker

Susan Wass

(circa 1805 - )
     Susan Wass was born circa 1805 in Elmswell, Suffolk.
     Susan Wass married William Cocksedge on 31 May 1830 in Edwardstone, Suffolk.
     Susan Wass and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Ixworth, Suffolk.

Children of Susan Wass and William Cocksedge

Ann Waterhouse

     Ann Waterhouse married Simon York, son of Paul York and Faith Popplewell, on 2 July 1657 in St Martin's, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

Michael Joseph Nessan Waters

(15 December 1906 - 7 April 1967)
     Michael Joseph Nessan Waters was born on 15 December 1906.
     He served as a Captain in the Royal Engineeers between 1939 and 1945.
     Michael Joseph Nessan Waters married Dorothy Ada Halahan, daughter of Samuel Crosby Halahan and Maud Ethel Galton, on 27 July 1940 in St Mary's, Chiddingfold, Sussex. Michael, in Nyasaland, Africa.
     Michael died on 7 April 1967 aged 60.

Robert Waterton

( - between January 1425 and 1426)
     Robert Waterton was born in Yorkshire.
     Margaret Clarell married secondly Robert Waterton circa 1422. Sir Robert Waterton of Methley died 1426 (or of Walton).
     Robert died between January 1425 and 1426.

Charles Watford

( - before 1874)
     Charles died before 1874. He was a gardener.

Child of Charles Watford

Eliza Ann Watkin

(circa 1840 - 1924)
     Di Evans holds cameo brooch given to her by a sailor who was shipwrecked in Port Philip Bay.
. Eliza Ann Watkin was born circa 1840 in Dromana, Victoria. Her father had coaching house/pub at Dromana.. She was the daughter of Richard Watkin and Catherine Eleanor Parker.
     Eliza Ann Watkin married Samuel Skeels in 1857 in Victoria, Australia.
     Eliza died in 1924 in Sale, Victoria.

Children of Eliza Ann Watkin and Samuel Skeels

Richard Watkin

     Richard Watkin married Catherine Eleanor Parker in Victoria, Australia.

Child of Richard Watkin and Catherine Eleanor Parker

Sarah Watkinson

(1730 - before 14 February 1823)
     Sarah Watkinson was born in 1730.
     Sarah Watkinson married Benjamin Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Margaret Bird, on 21 October 1759 in Bradfield Combust, Suffolk. Ben was of Hessett at his marriage, but which Ben? The one born in Hessett in 1731 or the 1726 one born at Rougham?.
     Sarah Watkinson was mentioned in the will of Benjamin Cocksedge dated 3 December 1796.
     Sarah died before 14 February 1823 in Rougham, Suffolk. She was buried on 14 February 1823 in Rougham.

Children of Sarah Watkinson and Benjamin Cocksedge

Alexander Watson

(12 September 1829 - )
     Alexander Watson was born on 12 September 1829 in Kirkmichael. He was the son of John Watson and Sarah Grant. Alexander Watson was christened on 21 September 1829 in Kirkmichael.

Alexandra Eliza Emily Watson

(1863 - 29 December 1906)
     Alexandra Eliza Emily Watson was commonly known as Emmie. She was born in 1863 in New South Wales. She was the daughter of James Watson & Sarah Gibson Watson of Deniliquin and is mentioned as Alexandra Eliza Emily Hooper in the confirmation and deed of appointment dated 14 March 1907.
     Alexandra Eliza Emily Watson married Sydney Benjamin Hooper, son of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday, on 16 August 1899 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. HOOPER—WATSON.—On the 16th August, at Scots Church, Deniliquin, by Rev. R. Welsh, Sydney, third son of W. H. Hooper, of Deniliquin, to Emily, fourth daughter of James Watson, Deniliquin.
     Alexandra died on 29 December 1906 in North Sydney. She was buried in Deniliquin, NSW. The Watson grave records: Also their daughter Emily Hooper, died 23 December 1906.

Edward Watson 2nd Lord Rockingham

     Edward Watson 2nd Lord Rockingham married Ann Wentworth, daughter of Thomas Wentworth Earl of Strafford and Arabella Holles.

Child of Edward Watson 2nd Lord Rockingham and Ann Wentworth

Edward Ellis Watson

     Edward Ellis Watson married Helen Stanser Slade, daughter of James Stanser Slade and Irene Lockyer, on 11 April 1887 in St Dunstan, East Acton, Brentford RD, Middlesex. He was a 22 year old artist, she was 25 of Baytree House, East Acton, her father was a deceased civil servant.

Elizabeth Watson

(circa 1760 - )
     Elizabeth Watson was born circa 1760.
     Elizabeth Watson married John Noble, son of John Noble, on 17 January 1793 in Bardwell, Suffolk. Elizabeth was present at Susan Noble's christening on 15 November 1795 in Bardwell, Suffolk.

Children of Elizabeth Watson and John Noble

Ellen Pearl Watson

(21 January 1906 - 17 January 1995)
     Ellen Pearl Watson lived at 107 Robert St, Essendon. Ellen Pearl Watson was also known as Nell in records. She was born on 21 January 1906.
     Ellen Pearl Watson married Gerald Mack MacCraith, son of Michael George MacCraith and May Mary Malcolm, on 24 January 1930 in St Thomas, Essendon, Victoria. She was a confectioner and he was a shop assistant.
     Ellen died of cardiac arrest on 17 January 1995 in Coburg, Victoria, aged 88. She was cremated on 21 February 1995 in Fawkner Crematorium, Victoria.

Isabel Watson

(circa 1705 - 21 November 1778)
     Isabel Watson was born circa 1705.
     Isabel Watson married Alexander Hooper, son of James Hooper and Margaret Frazer, on 30 October 1731 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
     Isabel died on 21 November 1778 in Polwarth, Berwickshire.

Children of Isabel Watson and Alexander Hooper

James Watson

(27 March 1822 - )
     James Watson was born on 27 March 1822 in Kirkmichael. He was the son of John Watson and Sarah Grant. James Watson was christened on 31 March 1822 in Kirkmichael.

Jane Woodburn Watson

(say 1790 - 6 September 1849)
     Jane Woodburn Watson was born say 1790. She was the daughter Lt Col Samuel Watson.
William Highley wrote: Georgina Larkins the visitor might possibly be a relation of Jane Woodburn. Under the entry of Sulivan Harington Steer in "List of Officers of the Bengal Army" by Hobson there is the following describing Jane Woodburn as the daughter of Lieu Col Samuel Watson. Under Samuel Watson's entry he is described as the father of William Larkins Watson,of the wife of Thomas Morgan.and the mother of Sulivan Harington Steer.
     Jane Woodburn Watson married Charles William Steer, son of Charles William Steer and Mary Wood, on 23 March 1808 in Fatehgarh or Chunar, Bengal Presidency, India.
     Jane died on 6 September 1849 in India.

Children of Jane Woodburn Watson and Charles William Steer

John Watson

(before April 1787 - 8 April 1869)
     John Watson was born before April 1787.
     John Watson married Sarah Grant, daughter of Peter Grant and Margaret Grant (Grant), on 8 March 1818 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. John Watson, Blackhaugh, & Sarah Grant, Ruthven were married. They had four children at Blackhaughs, their last two were born at Inverlochy. They later farmed at Achlichnie, although their sons farmed at Inverlochy in the 1871 census..
     John died on 8 April 1869 in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT. Churchyard memorial: 1869 In memory of John Watson, farmer in Achlichnie 8.4.1869 aged 82. And of his wife Sarah Grant who died Achlichnie 3.6.1972 aged 87. Their eledest son Peter Watson, farmer, Achlichnie who died Tomntoul 25.5.1899 aged 74.

Children of John Watson and Sarah Grant

John Watson

(26 May 1824 - )
     John Watson was born on 26 May 1824 in Kirkmichael. He was the son of John Watson and Sarah Grant. John Watson was christened on 21 June 1824 in Kirkmichael.

John William Morris! Watson

(24 June 1907 - 19 January 1981)
     John William Morris! Watson was born on 24 June 1907 in New Zealand.
     John died on 19 January 1981 in New Zealand aged 73.

Joseph Watson

(1704 - 1787)
     Joseph Watson was born in 1704 in Belton, Lincolnshire.
     Joseph Watson married secondly Lydia Popplewell on 24 September 1765 in Belton, LIN. Banns between Joseph Watson & Lydia Popplewell were published September 1765 .... the said John [sic] Watson of this parish, widower & Lydia Popplewell of this parish, single woman were married 24 September 1765. She made her mark, he signed Joseph Watson. The witnesses were the Dales who seemed to witness most marriages.
     Joseph was buried in 1787 in Belton, LIN.

Lucy Watson

(20 May 1722 - November 1785)
     Lucy Watson was born on 20 May 1722.
     Lucy Watson married John Thornton, son of Robert Thornton and Hannah Swynoke, on 29 November 1753.
     Lucy died in November 1785 aged 63.

Children of Lucy Watson and John Thornton