Margaret Watson

(13 February 1820 - 16 March 1845)
     Margaret Watson was born on 13 February 1820 in Kirkmichael. She was christened on 14 February 1820 in Kirkmichael. She was the daughter of John Watson and Sarah Grant.
     Margaret died on 16 March 1845 in Kirkmichael, aged 25. Memorial inscription in the churchyard: Erected by John Watson, farmer in Achlichnie, and Sarah Grant, his spouse in memory of their daughter Margaret Watson, who departed this life 16.3.1845 aged 22.

Martha Watson

(say 1695 - 12 March 1772)
     Martha Watson was born say 1695.
     Martha Watson married Simon Jacob, son of Thomas Jacob and Sarah Woody, on 8 September 1712 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Martha died on 12 March 1772 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Children of Martha Watson and Simon Jacob

Peter Watson

(8 March 1818 - 25 May 1899)
     Peter Watson was christened on 8 March 1818 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. He was baptised on his parent's wedding day. He was the son of John Watson and Sarah Grant.
     Peter died on 25 May 1899 in Tomintoul, Kirkmichael, Banffshire, aged 81. He was buried in Kirkmichael.

William Watson

(20 March 1827 - )
     William Watson was born on 20 March 1827 in Kirkmichael. He was the son of John Watson and Sarah Grant. William Watson was christened on 1 April 1827 in Kirkmichael.

Thomas Watson-Wentworth 2nd Baron Rockingham

(1665 - 1723)
     Thomas Watson-Wentworth 2nd Baron Rockingham was born in 1665. He was the third son. He was the son of Edward Watson 2nd Lord Rockingham and Ann Wentworth.
     Thomas died in 1723.
     William Wentworth's estates passed to a kinsman, Thomas Watson, afterwards Watson-Wentworth (d. 1723), a son of Anne (1629-1695), daughter of the 1st earl, and her husband Edward Watson, 2nd Baron Rockingham. He completere 42 purchases of land to enlarge and consolidate his Yorkshire estates between 1695 and 1723. His prinicipal residence in Yorkshire was Wentworth Woodhouse (later called Wentworth House).

Child of Thomas Watson-Wentworth 2nd Baron Rockingham

Thomas Watson-Wentworth Marquis of Rockingham

(1690 - 1750)
     Thomas Watson-Wentworth Marquis of Rockingham was born in 1690. He was the son of Thomas Watson-Wentworth 2nd Baron Rockingham.
     In 1746 Watson-Wentworth’s son, Thomas Watson-Wentworth (c. 1690-1750), was created marquess of Rockingham, and when his son Charles, the 2nd marquess, died in 1782, the estates passed to his maternal nephew, William Fitzwilliam, 2nd Earl Fitzwilliarn (1748-1833). His descendant, the present Earl Fitzwilliam, is the owner of Wentworth Woodhouse, near Rotherham, and the representative of the Wentworth family.
The barony of Raby passed to the 2nd earl’s cousin, Thomas Wentworth (1672-1739), son and heir of Sir William Wentworth of Northgate Head, Wakefield. In early life he saw much service as a soldier in the Low Countries, and was occasionally employed on diplomatic errands. From 1711 to 1714 he was British ambassador at the Hague, and in. 1711 he was created earl of Strafford. The earl was one of the British representatives at the congress of Utrecht, and in 1715 he was impeached for his share in concluding this treaty, but the charges against him were not pressed to a conclusion. He died on the 15th of November 1739. The earldom became extinct when Frederick Thomas, the 5th earl, died in August 1799. William, the 4th earl (1722-1791), had a sister Anne, who married William Connolly; and one of their daughters, Anne, married George Byng (d. 1789) of Wrotham Park, Middlesex. Their son, Sir John Byng (1772-1860), a distinguished soldier, was created earl of Strafford and Viscount Enfield in 1847. Having entered the army in 1793, Byng served in Flanders and commanded a brigade during the Peninsular War. He was present at Waterloo and became a field marshal in 1855. The earldom of Strafford is still held by his descendants.
     Thomas died in 1750.

Ann Watt

(circa 1810 - 1869)
     Ann Watt was born circa 1810 in Bervie, Kincardineshire, Scotland.
     Ann Watt married Peter Emslie, son of Samuel Emslie and Elizabeth Jamieson, on 30 April 1850 in Cluny, Aberdeenshire. This couple are also listed as married 13 Jun 1850 in Aberdeen.
     Ann Watt and Peter Emslie were recorded on the 1851 census in West Lodge, Cluny. Peter Elmslie, 48, head, gamekeeper, born Premnay, with his wife Ann aged 36, born Bervie, Kincardine.
     Ann Watt and Peter Emslie appeared on the 1861 census in Auchoch, New Deer. Peter Elmslie, 60, head, born Tough, "Frapper verman", with his wife Ann 50, born Bervie, Kincardineshire and son Samuel 10 born Cluny.
     Ann died in 1869. She is probably the Ann Emslie aged 60 who died in 1869 at Inverness.

Children of Ann Watt and Peter Emslie

Anne Potter Watt

(circa 1824 - 21 July 1887)
     Anne Potter Watt was born circa 1824 in Forfar, Angus, Scotland.
     Anne Potter Watt arrived circa 1840 at Victoria, Australia, from She may be the infant Anne Watt who arrived on the Westminster in December 1839 with parents John & Anne aged 29 from Aberdeenshire, but it is unlikely..
     Anne Potter Watt arrived per "She had been 42 years in the colony at her death." circa 1845.
     Anne Potter Watt married George Killigrew Dunbar, son of Rev John Dunbar and Frances Holmes Halahan, on 15 January 1852 in the Independent Church, Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria. They were both of Western Port.
     Anne Potter Watt made a will dated 2 December 1866 in Dandenong. She described herself as Anne Potter Dunbar of the Bridge Hotel Dandenong, widow. She gave her estate equally to Frances Elizabeth Rosling of Warrnambool, Jessie Bates Linton of Maffra, Ellen Annie McCraith of Portland her daughters and to George Killigrew Dunbar of Castlemaine my son and to Margaret Dunbar the wife of my son John Dunbar. She was widowed on 21 September 1875 on the death of her husband George Killigrew Dunbar.
     After her husband's death she continued to conduct the hotel. She had a house "Fairview Cottage" in Walker St and in 1879 sought council's permission to plant trees in front of it. She also had a 38 acre farm on the Dandenong Creek, two miles from Dandenong. But she must have been missing her husband's guiding hand, for in 1880 a meeting of her creditors was called in May and offered 10/- in the pound. But only a few weeks later her insolvency was filed, with the statement showing a deficit of a mere 208 pounds. In these papers she was described as "formerly a hotelkeeper". Her cottage, farm and some other allotments she held in the town were sold up. In September that same year a Certificate of Discharge from Insolvency was sought on the basis of a payment of 5/- in the pound. Back on Tuesday April 27 1880 at the City Police Court, when the licence of Dunbar's hotel was transferred from Mrs A P Dunbar to Mrs Charles Dare it was reported that this was the first change in the name of the licence for approximately 26 years.

     However it was not long before she was back in hotel harness again, for when her son John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar stepped down as licencee of the Bridge Hotel further down the street in favour of his sister Mrs Thos Rosling in 1882, it was noted that Mrs George Dunbar was to manage it. She always kept a good table at both hotels and was highly praised for the catering for the Dandenong show banquet in March 1883. ... [Gippsland gate Oct-Dec 1988 pp28-9]

     Mrs Dunbar purchased the Bridge Hotel for 1600 pounds and John K Dunbar entered as manager. [Reminiscences of early Dandenong, GFR, p.30]

     Her great grand daughter Sheela said that Anne Potter-Watt claimed descent from James Watt who invented the steam engine..
Anne Potter Watt was declared bankrupt in May 1880 in Dandenong. Mrs A P Dunbar, insolvency notices 26 May 1880, 29 Sep 1880. Former hotelkeeper of Dandenong, now out of business.
     APPLICATION FOR TRANSFER OF LICENSE, FROM ONE PERSON TO ANOTHER. To the Bench of Licensing Magistrates at Dandenong. FRANCES ELIZABETH ROSLING of Dandenongi, in the Colony of Victoria, wife of Thomas Rosling of the same place, and being the holder of a Pub lican's License for the house and premises known as the Bridge Hotel, situate at Dandenong aforesaid, do hereby give notice it is my intention to apply to the Licensing Magistrates, holding the Licensing Meeting at Dandlenong afore said on Thursday, the first day of March, A.D. 1883; to transfer the said License to Ann Potter Dunbar of Dandenong, aforesaid widow. Given under my hand this third day of Febraury A.D. 1883 FRANCES ELIZABETH ROSLING And I, the said Ann Potter Dunbar, hreby apply for the said transfer. Given under my hand this third day of February A.D. 1883. ANN POTTER DUNBAR..
     Anne Potter Watt was employed as the mail contractor from 1884 to 1886, Dandenong, Victoria.
     Anne died on 21 July 1887 in Riverside, Wangoom or Wangoomie, near Warrnambool, Victoria. Her obituary in the Dandenong Advertiser 28 July 1887 stated: Mrs A P Dunbar, late of the Bridge Hotel, Dandenong, died at the home of her daughter Mrs Rosling at Warrnambool on Wednesday night last [20th July] aged [shown but indecipherable]. The deceased had been associated with Dandenong since her girlhood. Her remains came to Dandenong by train and were interred with her husbands in the local cemetery. She was buried on 22 July 1887 in Dandenong. Row 11 of the Anglican section: Erected by Anne Dunbar / to the memory of / her beloved husband / George Killigrew Dunbar / died 21 Sep 1875 / aged 51 years / lso / Anne / wife of the above / died 21 July 1887 aged 63 / also their children / Hickman H Dunbar / died 22 Oct 1857 / aged 3 years / Elizabeth / died 18 May 1861 aged 6 years.
     Her will was proved on 1 September 1887 at Victoria.

Children of Anne Potter Watt and George Killigrew Dunbar

Henry H Watters

(1791 - November 1809)
     Henry H Watters was born in 1791. He was the son of Henry Hyram Watters and Elizabeth Hooper.
     Henry died in November 1809 in Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA. He was unmarried being aged 18, while at home on vacation from the University..

Henry Hyram Watters

( - October 1809)
     Col. Henry H. Watters is said to have commanded a regiment of Continental troops at the battle of Cowpens. Mrs. Watters died June 80, 1844, aged seventy-four years..
     Henry Hyram Watters married Elizabeth Hooper, daughter of William Hooper and Anne Clarke, in 1790.
     Henry died in October 1809 in Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA.

Child of Henry Hyram Watters and Elizabeth Hooper

Albert H Watton

(17 September 1879 - 27 June 1942)
     Albert H Watton was born on 17 September 1879.
     The marriage of Albert H Watton and Florence Ivy Harris, daughter of John Tyack Harris and Mary Helen or Ellen Ross, was registered in West Bromich RD, in the December 1914 quarter.
     Albert died of a cerebral hemorrage on 27 June 1942 aged 62.

Child of Albert H Watton and Florence Ivy Harris

Albert John Watton

(10 April 1917 - August 2004)
     Albert John Watton was commonly known as John. He was born on 10 April 1917 in West Bromich RD. He was the son of Albert H Watton and Florence Ivy Harris.
     He served as an Army officer.
     Albert died in August 2004 in Lincolnshire, aged 87.

Jeremiah Waudby?

Martha Waude?

(circa 1871 - )
     Martha Waude? was born circa 1871.
     Martha Waude? married William Moxon Rich, son of Frederick Rich and Elizabeth Unknown, on 18 August 1889 in Wombwell, Yorkshire. He was aged 20 and she was 18, daughter of William Waude..

Child of Martha Waude? and William Moxon Rich

William Waugh

     William Waugh married Elspeth Hooper, daughter of Robert Hooper and Mary Japhray, on 3 November 1720 in Ednam, Roxburghshire, Scotland. October 1, 1720 Will: Waugh in the parish of Kelso was booked for proclamation in order to marriage with Elizabeth Happer. Will: Walker caur (=cautioner) for the man and Robt Happer for the woman testificats exchanged gave in twelve pence for the poor. "No:3 1720: Will: Waugh in the parish of Kelso and Elizabeth Happer were married a testificat of their pro: being produced. The marriage was also recorded at Kelso, but both call her Elizabeth not Elspeth according to the IGI.

Maria Way

     Maria Way married Samuel Ruby, son of James Vivian Ruby and Mary Brooks, on 23 May 1869 in Plymouth, Charles the Martyr, Devon. The children show here may belong to John Henry & Ann.
     Maria Way married John Lee as her second husband, on 10 March 1878 in St Jude, Plymouth, Devon..

Children of Maria Way and Samuel Ruby

(?) Wayne

( - circa 1944)
     (?) died circa 1944.

Elizabeth Weare

     Elizabeth Weare married George Popplewell on 20 May 1703 in Linton in Craven, Yorkshire.

Children of Elizabeth Weare and George Popplewell

Margaret Weatherhead

     Margaret Weatherhead married Joseph Hooper, son of Robert Hooper and Janet Ker, on 8 June 1777 in Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Child of Margaret Weatherhead and Joseph Hooper

Edward Phillips Webb

(8 June 1876 - 12 March 1949)
     Edward Phillips Webb was born on 8 June 1876 in 'Hill Side', Caversham, New Zealand. He was the son of Joseph Sykes Webb and Mabel Wilhelmina Phillips.
     Edward died on 12 March 1949 in Manley, New South Wales, aged 72.

Eleanor Mabel Beatrice Gertrude Merriel Edith Webb

(7 September 1871 - 1946)
     Eleanor Mabel Beatrice Gertrude Merriel Edith Webb was born on 7 September 1871 in Pelichet Bay, Dunedin, New Zealand. She was the daughter of Joseph Sykes Webb and Mabel Wilhelmina Phillips.
     Eleanor died in 1946 in New Zealand.

Frank Parker Skottowe Webb

(1897 - 1918)
     Frank Parker Skottowe Webb was born in 1897 in New Zealand. He was the son of Joseph Skottowe Webb and Clara Foster.
     Frank died in 1918 in New Zealand.

Frank William Skottowe Webb

(circa 1925 - 3 October 1944)
     Frank William Skottowe Webb was born circa 1925 in New Zealand. He was the son of Reginald Suddard Skottowe Webb and Ngaire Elizabeth Janet Veal.
     Frank died on 3 October 1944. He was a sergeant in the NZ Air Force & has a memorial at Dunedin's Anderson Bay cemetery.

George Skottowe Webb

(14 August 1893 - 1980)
     George Skottowe Webb was born on 14 August 1893 in 'Roslyn', New Zealand. He was the son of Joseph Skottowe Webb and Clara Foster.
     George Skottowe Webb married Ethel Ivy Bastings in 1919 in New Zealand.
     George died in 1980 in New Zealand.

Ivy Muriel Webb

(1880 - 1956)
     Ivy Muriel Webb was born in 1880 She was the daughter of William Holden & Mary Christina. in New Zealand.
     Ivy Muriel Webb married Gilbert Graham Hodgkins as his second wife, in 1909 in New Zealand.
     Ivy died in 1956 in New Zealand.

Joseph Skottowe Webb

(1861 - 1931)
     Joseph Skottowe Webb was born in 1861 in New Zealand. He was the son of Joseph Sykes Webb and Eliza Jane Parker.
     Joseph Skottowe Webb married Clara Foster in 1890 in New Zealand. Gayle (Ranby) Robinson wrote that her husband's great grandfather was Rev George Foster who was the first incumbent of St Mary’s in Timaru New Zealand. Two of Clara’s brothers were medical doctors, Frederick Charles Foster and Francis Troughton Foster. Rev George Foster married Alice Mary Suddard from Canada.
     Joseph died in 1931 in New Zealand.

Children of Joseph Skottowe Webb and Clara Foster

Joseph Sykes Webb

(circa 1833 - 2 April 1896)
     Joseph Sykes Webb was born circa 1833.
     Joseph Sykes Webb married Eliza Jane Parker, daughter of John Skottowe Parker and Jane Phillips, on 14 November 1855 in St James, Morpeth, New South Wales.
     Mr Joseph Sykes Webb became a member of the City Council for High Ward in 1877, and was re-elected in the following year. He resigned on the 20th of April, 1880. Mr Webb arrived in New Zealand from Sydney, in 1859, and carried on business in Dunedin, in an extensive way, as a general merchant. He was also connected with the newspaper “Otago Colonist,” and afterwards started a weekly paper, of which he was editor and proprietor. Mr Webb subsequently went to Honolulu, but afterwards returned to Oamaru, where he resided until his death. Joseph Sykes Webb was widowed in 1865 on the death of his wife Eliza Jane Parker.
     Joseph Sykes Webb married secondly Mabel Wilhelmina Phillips on 17 October 1866 in New Zealand. The marriage was registered as both 1867/9118 & 1866/8992. The family lived in Honolulu for a time as Joseph was in the foreign office and a paymaster for the Hawaiian Navy and returned to NZ before his death.
     Joseph died on 2 April 1896 in Sarah St, Timaru, New Zealand.

Child of Joseph Sykes Webb and Eliza Jane Parker

Children of Joseph Sykes Webb and Mabel Wilhelmina Phillips

Kathleen Margaret Isabel Frances Webb

(1 March 1873 - 1952)
     Kathleen Margaret Isabel Frances Webb was born on 1 March 1873 in 'Hill Side', Dunedin, New Zealand. She was the daughter of Joseph Sykes Webb and Mabel Wilhelmina Phillips.
     Kathleen died in 1952 in New Zealand.

Leonard Francis Webb

(12 September 1869 - 1948)
     Leonard Francis Webb was born on 12 September 1869 in New Zealand. His birth was registered in 1921. He was the son of Joseph Sykes Webb and Mabel Wilhelmina Phillips.
     Leonard died in 1948 in New Zealand.

Louisa Ellen Webb (Ovens)

(circa 1882 - 14 August 1971)
     Louisa Ellen Webb (Ovens) was commonly known as Nellie? She was born circa 1882.
     Louisa Ellen Webb (Ovens) married Herbert Bennett Colbert, son of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae, in 1924 in Victoria.
     Louisa died on 14 August 1971 in Merrigum, Victoria.
     Her will was proved on 27 September 1971 at Victoria.