Forester Kendall Uren

(1880 - 25 March 1928)
     Forester Kendall Uren was born in 1880 in Kyneton, Victoria.
Forester Kendall Uren married George Abraham Bland, son of George Bland and Mosina Thomas, on 13 December 1922 in Yarram, Victoria. BLAND-UREN.-On 13th December, at Yarram, by the Rev. H.R. Harris, George A., eldest son of the late George and Mrs. Bland of Yarram, to Forester K., second youngest daughter of the late William and Forester Uren, of Melbourne.
     Forester died on 25 March 1928 in Kew, Victoria. She was buried on 26 March 1928 in Footscray.

Marjory Urquhart

     Marjory Urquhart was the daughter of Thomas Urquhart (of Burdsyards).
Marjory Urquhart married John Dunbar, son of Alexander Dunbar. She was the daughter of Thomas Urquhart of Burdsyards.

Thomas Urquhart (of Burdsyards)

      Crown charter of confirmation with consent of James, Earl of Arran as Regent in favour of Alexander Urquhart of Burrisyardis and Marjorie Dunbar, his spouse, of the lands of Halffeildbank, Mekle and Litill Cruke and Wismannisaikeris, sheriffdom of Elgin and Forres.
Witnesses: David, Cardinal of St Andrews and Chancellor; Gavin, Archbishop of Glasgow; James, Earl of Moray; Archibald, Earl of Argyll, Lord Campbell and Lorne; Malcolm, Lord Fleming, Great Chamberlain; John, Abbot of Paisley our Treasurer and Keeper of our Privy Seal; Thomas Menzies of Pitfoddel, Comptroller; Master James Foulis of Colinton, Clerk of our Rolls, Register and of our Council; Thomas Bellenden of Auchnoule, Clerk of Justiciary and John Bellenden, Director of Chancery at Edinburgh. [Tag and Seal].
[RMS 1513-46, no.3002]. For prior related grant and confirmation, see also nos. 1564 and 1805, 1 April 1536 and 26 July 1538 22 Mar 1543-1544

Child of Thomas Urquhart (of Burdsyards)

Thomas Urquhart (of Burdsyards)

     Thomas Urquhart (of Burdsyards) married Katherine Dunbar (Urquhart), daughter of Rev John Dunbar.

Margaret Urquhart?

(say 1530 - 3 November 1570)
     Margaret Urquhart? was born say 1530.
Margaret Urquhart? married Rev John Dunbar, son of John Dunbar, before 1570. Some unconfirmed sources give her name as Marion Sutherland.Based on the shields on the memorial stones, it has been assumed that Margaret was an Urqhuart..
     Margaret died on 3 November 1570 in Alves, Moray. Wife of John Dunbar of Bennetfield. Headstone Ref: Ec1104.

Children of Margaret Urquhart? and Rev John Dunbar

Catherine Utting

(before 1665 - )
     Catherine Utting was born before 1665 in Suffolk.
Catherine Utting married John Bullett on 15 December 1681 in Darsham, Suffolk. Johannes Ballett of Westleton married Katherinam youngest daughter of Margaret? Utting from Holton decimo quinto Dec 1681.

Children of Catherine Utting and John Bullett

Lionel Valdar

(2 January 1911 - February 1993)
     Lionel Valdar was born on 2 January 1911.
The marriage of Lionel Valdar and Evelyn Constance Miller, daughter of Robert Edwin Miller and Mary Maud Bullett, was registered in Sudbury RD in the September 1934 quarter.
     Lionel died in February 1993 in Colchester RD, Essex, aged 82.

Leah Valender

     Leah Valender married Robert Augustus Dempster on 8 February 1792 in St Luke, Chelsea, London.
Leah Valender married Solomon Hilbert on 1 June 1806 in St Mary Abbots, Kensington, London.

Child of Leah Valender and Robert Augustus Dempster

Timothy Valentine

     Timothy Valentine was the son of Wilfred Valentine and Margaret Eleanor Martin.
     Timothy died in Kenya.

Wilfred Valentine

     Wilfred Valentine married Margaret Eleanor Martin, daughter of George Edwin Martin and Margaret Hadland.

Child of Wilfred Valentine and Margaret Eleanor Martin

Elizabeth Frances Vallence

     Elizabeth Frances Vallence married George Ernest Wafford, son of William Wafford and Emma Broomhead, on 18 November 1893 in St Peter's, Hammersmith, Middlesex.

Children of Elizabeth Frances Vallence and George Ernest Wafford

Sibyl de Valognes

(before 1130 - after 1212)
     Sibyl de Valognes was also known as de Valoignes in records. She was born before 1130.
Sibyl de Valognes married Robert de Ros, son of Piers or Peter de Ros and Adeline Espec.
Sibyl de Valognes married William de Percy as her second husband, circa 1166..
     Sibyl de Valognes married Ralph d'Aubigne as her third husband, in 1181 or 1182.
     Sibyl died after 1212. She was buried in Nunappleton Priory, Yorkshire. This is very unlikely = see the Gen Medieval mailing list.

Child of Sibyl de Valognes and Robert de Ros

Joseph Keeling Valverde

     Joseph Keeling Valverde married Caroline Kryzia Ashby, daughter of Robert Cooper Ashby and Mary Ann (Ashby), on 14 June 1842 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Child of Joseph Keeling Valverde

Rebecca Keiling Valverde

(1835 - )
     Rebecca Keiling Valverde was born in 1835 in Barbados. She was the daughter of Joseph Keeling Valverde.
Rebecca Keiling Valverde married William Armstrong Ashby, son of Robert Cooper Ashby and Mary Ann (Ashby), on 27 February 1851 in St Michael, Barbados.

Children of Rebecca Keiling Valverde and William Armstrong Ashby

Maria Catharina van Kimmenade

(1879 - )
     Maria Catharina van Kimmenade was born in 1879. She may be the Maria Catharina van Kimmenade who was born at Weert, 8/11/879. but could be a little old for a 1922 birth of a son..
Maria Catharina van Kimmenade married Johannes Roeland Schaekers in 1919? In Weert, Netherlands. A Johannes Roeland Schaekers marreid 12/4/1920 at Nederweert, but a Maria Catharina van Kimmenade married at Weert in 1919..
     Maria Catharina Schaekers travelled to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on 6 October 1959 per the "Oranje".

Frances Vandeleur

     Frances Vandeleur married William Doyle, son of Charles Doyle and Elizabeth Milley, in June 1766 in Dubllin. Marriage - William Doyle, Esq. Barrister at law, eldest son to Charles Doyle, Esq. of Bramblestown, co. Kilkenny, to Miss Frances Vandeleur of this city was reported in Faulkner's Dublin journal, Tuesday 17 June 1766.

Frances Vandewall

     Frances Vandewall and Captain George Augustus Killigrew obtained a marriage licence on 27 June 1753 in London.
     Frances Vandewall married Captain George Augustus Killigrew as his second wife, after 27 June 1753.
     Her will was proved on 4 April 1765 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. She may be the Frances Killigrew, widow of Argyle Buildings, Middlesex, whose will was proved 4 April 1765 bu could also be the Frances Maria Killigrew, widow of St Marylebone whose will was proved 2 May 1753.

Julie Ann Vanni

(8 July 1856 - )
     Julie Ann Vanni was born on 8 July 1856.

Margaret Vans

     Margaret Vans was also known as Vaus in records.
Margaret Vans married John Dunbar, son of Archibald Dunbar, in 1568. She was the daughter of Sir Patrick Vans/Vaus of Barnbarroch.
Others suggest Margaret daughter of Sir Patrick m 1st in 1568, John Dunbar of Orchardton (son of Archibald D and Janet Mure) and m again 1570, so presumably John had died by then and as far as I know without issue. This has not yet been investigated.

Elizabeth Vanstone

(1817 - 5 May 1858)
     Elizabeth Vanstone was born in 1817 in Stoke Damerel, Devon.
Elizabeth Vanstone married William Henry Humberstone, son of William Humberstone and Mary Steer, on 1 February 1833 in Devon.
     Elizabeth Vanstone and William Henry Humberstone arrived per "Java" on 6 February 1840 at Adelaide. Embark.No.3576: Wm Humberstone, Applicant No.6253 14/10/39     William Henry Humberstone, wife Elizabeth nee Vanstone; son Henry Humberstone. They departed from London 29 Oct 1839 via Plymouth with Captain Alexander Duthie and 464 passengers (3 deaths), arriving Port Adelaide on Feb 6th, 1840.
     Elizabeth died on 5 May 1858 in South Rd, Adelaide, South Australia.

Children of Elizabeth Vanstone and William Henry Humberstone

George Amos Varcan

Child of George Amos Varcan

Loveday Varcan

(1945 - )
     Loveday Varcan married an unknown person . He was born in 1945. He was the son of George Amos Varcan.

Child of Loveday Varcan

son, dau & adopted son Varcan?

     Son, dau & adopted son Varcan? was the son of Loveday Varcan.

Arthur Ambrose Varley

     The marriage of Arthur Ambrose Varley and Alice Emma Bullett, daughter of Arthur Robert Bullett and Laura Alice Wright, was registered in Norwich, St Faith's RD, Norfolk, in the June 1903 quarter.

Thomas Vason

(November 1704 - 1758)
     Thomas Vason was born in November 1704 in Owston, Lincolnshire.
Thomas Vason married Susanna Popplewell on 7 April 1740 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.
     Thomas was buried in 1758 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.

Elizabeth Vaughan

(circa 1696 - )
     Elizabeth Vaughan was born circa 1696.
Elizabeth Vaughan married Charles Killigrew on 19 May 1722 in St Antholin, Budge Row, London. The marriage licence was granted 18 May by the Bishop of London, he was a bachelor aged 30 and she was a spinster aged 26.
She may have married secondly Joseph Mahoon, a widower of 40 of St Martin in the Fields, when she claimed to be a widow aged 48 by licence dated 26 April 1737..

Child of Elizabeth Vaughan and Charles Killigrew

Sidney Vaughan

     Sidney Vaughan was born. Daughter and heiress of Sir John Vaughan, Privy Councillor of Ireland and Governor of the city and county of Londonderry. Sir Frederick was given lands in Leitrim, in the northwest of Ireland in 1622..
Sidney Vaughan married Sir Frederick Hamilton, son of Claud Hamilton (Baron Paisley) and Margaret Seton, on 20 May 1620. He married secondly, Agnes, who married secondly, before 29 March 1661, John Maxwell..

Children of Sidney Vaughan and Sir Frederick Hamilton

Margaret Vaus

     Margaret Vaus was also known as Vans in records.
Margaret Vaus married Patrick Dunbar, son of Sir John Dunbar and Margaret Dunbar (Dunbar), before 1502. She was the daughter of Patrick Vause of Barnbarroch, by whom he had an only daughter, Margaret.

Child of Margaret Vaus and Patrick Dunbar

Amelie Vautrin

(circa 1840 - 7 December 1891)
     Amelie Vautrin's nationality was Half-breed Cowachin/salish Nation. Her mother and father were from Salish Nation-Cowachin band from around Nisquallie was a trade route between Ft Vancouver and Ft Langley. Amelia (her daughter) made trips in traditional canoe, see notes. She was born circa 1840 in Ft Langley, British Columbia, Canada. She was the daughter of Xavier Vautrin.
Amelie Vautrin married Samuel Wesley Handy, son of Samuel Wesley Handy, on 15 January 1866 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Sam was working on a lightship at the mouth of the Fraser River.
Amelie Vautrin married John Doe Legace or Legacy in Hudsons Bay, Canada. The marriage was not recognised by RC churdh. She remarried under her maiden name.
     Amelie Vautrin and Samuel Wesley Handy were listed in the 1891 census in Cowichan South, British Columbia. ||Samuel Handy aged 54, farmer, born Ireland, Methodist, head of household, father & mother born Ireland; Amelia Handy aged 49, homemaker, born BC, wife, Catholic, father born Quebec, mother born BC; Ellen aged 16, Catholic, daughter; Rebecca 13, Catholic, daughter; Walter, 11, Catholic, son; Florence 9, Catholic, daughter; living in a wooden single story house with 6 rooms.
     Amelie died on 7 December 1891 in Mill Bay (Shawnigan), Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. She was buried on 9 December 1891 in St Francis Xavier Church, Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Children of Amelie Vautrin and John Doe Legace or Legacy

Children of Amelie Vautrin and Samuel Wesley Handy

Xavier Vautrin

      He worked af Fort Langley BC from 1836-1850 and was married to a woman who was Indian..

Child of Xavier Vautrin