Elizabeth Ann Thomas

(circa 1870 - 1927)
     Elizabeth Ann Thomas was also known as Brown in records. Elizabeth Ann Thomas was also known as Lily in records. She was born circa 1870. Elizabeth Ann was raised as a daughter of Thomas MORRIS THOMAS and Emma PRICE (both from Wales), but she was actually the daughter of Emma and her first husband James Brown. This information was originally given to me by an older family member when I first started this lark (she said Lily was the daughter of Emma but not of TMT), and was confirmed by further research. I have her birth certificate (in the name of BROWN) and a photo somewhere.
     Elizabeth Ann Thomas married Thomas MacKenzie, son of John MacKenzie and Catherine Ferguson, in 1892 in Port Albert, Victoria.
     Elizabeth was registered at Devon, Victoria, on the 1919 electoral roll.
     Elizabeth died in 1927 in Yarram, Victoria. She was of Womerah. She was buried on 2 November 1927 in Yarram.

Children of Elizabeth Ann Thomas and Thomas MacKenzie

Elizabeth Cocksedge

(August 1743 - )
     Elizabeth Cocksedge was christened in August 1743 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Cocksedge and Elizabeth Steward.

Emma Catherine MacKenzie

(1892 - 1957)
     Emma Catherine MacKenzie was born in 1892 in Tarraville, Victoria. She was the daughter of Thomas MacKenzie and Elizabeth Ann Thomas.
     Emma Catherine MacKenzie married William Jeffrey Wight, son of William Jeffrey Wight and Elizabeth Kay, in 1913 in Victoria.
     Emma died in 1957 in Caulfield, Victoria.

Child of Emma Catherine MacKenzie and William Jeffrey Wight