Henry Wallen

(circa 1684? - )
     Henry Wallen was born circa 1684? In Ireland.
     Henry matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, on 30 May 1701. | a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spring 1707.

Isabella Wallen

(circa 1812 - 13 January 1868)
     Isabella Wallen was born circa 1812. She was the daughter of Alexander Joseph Wallen and Sarah Crawford.
     Isabella died on 13 January 1868 in 3 Church Wall, Londonderry, Londonderry.

James McHenry Wallen

(circa 1850 - 1937)
     James McHenry Wallen was born circa 1850 in Ireland. He was the son of Francis Robertson Wallen and Catherine Hobson.
     James died in 1937 in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia.

James Smith Wallen

(23 October 1807 - 19 January 1863)
     James Smith Wallen was christened on 23 October 1807 in Vere, Jamaica. He was the son of Maj Edward Pinnock Wallen and Eliza Archange Ford. James was a doctor in Ontario, Canada, from 1829. Edward Crawford, wrote: Like his uncle John Weller Wallen, he was educated at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, (1824-1828) (69) apparently as an Arts graduate, became an MRCS in 1829 (70) and afterwards went to Paris University, where he graduated. He went out to Canada to fight the cholera epidemic in 1834 and was appointed surgeon for government service in the rebellion of 1837 returning to Jamaica to settle his affairs there in 1838-9 after the death of his aunt. He first settled at Ancaster in the county of Wentworth, but removed to Morpeth, 1844 and afterwards at Ridgetown in the county of Kent, Wardville in Middlesex, and finally at Chatham in Kent, all these places being in Ontario.71 He is also said to have lived first in St Catharines Ontario and had a great reputation as an excellent family doctor and is described as "independently wealthy".(72).
Edward Crawford states: According to a letter undated but in early 1841, Henry Crawford writes `She tells me that an Aunt died a few years ago in Jamaica leaving a very handsome property to her only brother (in Canada) and a legacy of a £1,000 with a handsome service of plate to herself. Her brother laid claim to this money and plate, and in all half of the money has been expended in various costs but the rest still remains as she believes her undisputed property but objections are raised ...... & I believe she does not expect to be any richer for it ....... her brother has not written to her since putting in his claim to the legacy & I should fear from what she says that long absence has in great measure alienated his affections from her.' Her statement may be unfair or incorrect but if believed would account the lack of contact since. It must have been her grandmother who was responsible for letting him have all her husband's Canadian property. What little her father possessed, amounting to £2-3,000 in funds, had gone to Caroline via her mother and sister.
We do not yet know whether the two girls had children or if the eldest boy was ever married but as Sarah Caborn's obituary does not mention any grandchildren it seems very unlikely that she has descendants by her other son and only daughter. We may have cousins from Mary Morris née Wallen whose mother was a Teeple
James Smith Wallen married Mary Teeple before 1842. They had a daughter Mary b.1842 (76) who married an American, Capt. Harvey Morris, a lumber merchant of St Regis Falls,(77) New York State.
James Smith Wallen married secondly Sarah Coburn in 1845 in Chatham, Kent, Ontario, Canada.
     James died on 19 January 1863 in Chatham, Kent, ONT, CAN, aged 55.

Child of James Smith Wallen and Mary Teeple

Children of James Smith Wallen and Sarah Coburn

James Smith Wallen

(29 July 1856 - 18 December 1926)
      He was a musician and is, with his widowed sister, buried in the family grave in Chatham, Ontario.. James Smith Wallen was born on 29 July 1856. He was the son of James Smith Wallen and Sarah Coburn.
     James died on 18 December 1926 in Chatham, Kent, Ontario, Canada, aged 70.

Jane Wallen

     Jane Wallen was born. She may be the Jane Wallen who married Ralp Steel on 17 December 1764 at St Mark's, Dublin. She was the daughter of Thomas Wallen.

John Wallen

     John Wallen was the son of Elias Wallen and Mary Kirby.

John Wallen

(circa 1763 - November 1836)
     John Wallen was born circa 1763 in Ireland.
     John died in November 1836 in Limerick, Ireland. The Cork daily advertiser on 22 Nov 1836, reported the death of John Wallen, of Castletown House, Limerick, agedf 73, the last surviving member of the Irish House of Commons who opposed the Union.

John Weller Wallen RN

(circa 1760? - )
      There was an older brother in 1751, so John Weller Wallen could not have been more than nine in 1760 as a Captain's servant on Marlborough. Perhaps he was even younger though the ship, commanded by a Captain Weller who was clearly a relation, was in Port-Royal harbour all the time he was on board or claimed to be on board.88 Having examined the relevant Ships Logs it appears that all the ships on which he served were not merely on the West Indies station but were based at Port-Royal, Jamaica, save for the Bulldog in which he came to England in 1786 and which is not mentioned in the list. Except for a few weeks these ships were always in port. All his very few voyages were pleasant Caribbean cruises off present day Haiti, Tortuga and Cap Tiburon, presumably on the look out for prizes which they managed to do a few times. His service record looks like a monstrous piece of eighteenth century jobbery when the West Indian `interest' was at its zenith.
. John Weller Wallen RN was born circa 1760?. He was the son of Matthew Wallen and Catherine Phillips.

Johnson Wallen

     Johnson Wallen was the son of Thomas Wallen.

Joseph Wallen

     Joseph Wallen was the son of Elias Wallen and Mary Kirby.

Lucy Wallen

(circa 1730 - )
     Lucy Wallen was born circa 1730 in Offaly, Ireland. She was the daughter of Edward Wallen of Killena, Kings County in the Genealogical Office pedigree. Other sources state Drumsna, Antrim. She was the daughter of Edward Wallen and Mary Armstrong.
     Lucy resided at Snugborough, Roscrea, Offaly & Tipperary, Ireland, circa 1740.
     Lucy Wallen married Samuel Handy as his third wife, circa 1758 in Ireland. Lucy Wallen was mentioned in a conveyance of property on 10 June 1772. By indented articlles of agreement between Samuel Handy (2nd) and Samuel Wesley Handy eldest son & heir apparent of the said Samuel Handy of the 1st part, Mathew Fleming, and Catherine Fleming, eldest daughter of the said Mathew Fleming of the 2nd part, and Archbold Fleming and Thomas Fouace (Trustees therein named of the 3rd part, therein reciting, that a marriage was then intended to be had between the said Samuel Wesley Handy, and said Catherine Fleming; and also that the said Samuel Handy (2nd), amongst other lands was siezed and possessed of ... Aughrim etc. containing c 1400 acres ... the said Samuel Handy by his will dated 1 July 1779 gave, devised and bequeathed to his wife Lucy Handy, James Deaves and Thomas Wade, amongst other lands ....
     Lucy Wallen was mentioned in the will of Samuel Handy dated 1 July 1779. Lucy Wallen was mentioned in the marriage settlement for John Halahan and Mary Handy dated 13 December 1780. Indented articles of agreement dated 13 December 1780 made between 1) John Halahan of the city of Dublin, surgeon, 2) Lucy Handy, widow of Samuel Handy deceased & Mary Handy daughter of the Samuel & Lucy, 3) William Speer, of the City, druggist & Thomas Fouace of Tyrrellspass, Westmeath, esq reciting that said Mary Handy was in and by the will of her father the said Samuel Handy entitled to £1000 at 21 or marriage proved if under 21 she married with consent of her mother Lucy Handy & further the will of SH £1000 the interest to be paid to his daughter Lettice during her life & after her decease the £1000 plus the £500 on the decease of Lucy to be divided between his three other daughters, Ann Wade, the said Mary Handy & Jane Handy & reciting that a marriage was shortly to be had between John Halahan and Mary Handy with consent and approbation of Mary's mother he called? the £1500 to provide for Mary Handy after John Halahan's death. Witnessed by Andrew Armstrong, Kings co., Hickman Rose, Dublin city, merchant, William Canaway, Dublin, gent, Jane Handy, Dublin city, spinster.

Children of Lucy Wallen and Samuel Handy

Margaret Wallen (Rourke)

     Margaret Wallen (Rourke) was the daughter of Thomas Wallen.

Mary Wallen

(1842 - )
     Mary Wallen was born in 1842. She was the daughter of James Smith Wallen and Mary Teeple.

Mary Armstrong Wallen

(15 November 1759 - April 1762)
     Mary Armstrong Wallen was born on 15 November 1759 in St Andrew parish, Jamaica. She was the daughter of Matthew Wallen and Catherine Phillips.
     Mary died in April 1762 in St Andrew parish Jamaica aged 2.

Mary Player Wallen (Smith)

     Mary Player Wallen (Smith) was the daughter of Matthew Wallen and Catherine Phillips.

Matthew Wallen

(circa 1719 - 1797)
     Matthew Wallen was born circa 1719 in Phillipstown or Daingean, Killaderry, Offaly, Ireland. Edward Crawford is the source of the data on this line. He was the son of Edward Wallen and Mary Armstrong.
     Matthew served in the Royal Navy until 1746.
     Matthew Wallen travelled to Jamaica in January 1747. He was stationed at Gibraltar.
     Matthew was a botanist. in Jamaica from 1747. He corresponded with Sir Joseph Banks on matters botanical and six letters from him to Banks in the period 1779-1787 survive while he was on a committee of the Jamaican Assembly dealing with plants for Kew in 1792. This same Committee is recorded as meeting with Captain Bligh of Bounty fame after the mutiny when he had returned from searching for suitable food crops such as breadfruit in the Pacific for use in the West Indies. Matthew Wallen's garden was near the borders of Portland and present day St. Andrews and it is said was probably established in the early 1770s though my own belief is that it was rather earlier. As a botanist he is praised by a contemporary, the planter and historian Bryan Edwards. There is a reference in 1837 to Cold Spring, "the ruins of the property of the Wallens, celebrated by Bryan Edwards" with comments on the European vegetation.
Ray Desmond, in the Dictionary of British and Irish horticulturists and botanisst, 1994, p.713 says that Matthew Wallen, flourished in the 1770s-1780s) was born in Ireland but resident in Jamaica and assisted Patrick Browne's 83 work on the Civil & Natural History of Jamaica, 1756. His source for this must be the noted Swedish botanist Olaf Swartz who in FL Indiae Occidentalis v. 1, 1797, p.247 naming a plant in Matthew Wallen's honour "Mongynia, Wallenia," dedicates it thus:- "In honorem Matthiae Wallen, Hiberni Viri Generosi, per plures annos Civis Jamaicensis. Is, Botanices praccellens cultor et pronotor cum Browne, historiam suam naturalem elaborante".
He is thus described by a contemporary, the planter and historian Bryan Edwards, `At Cold Spring, the seat of Mr Wallen, a very high situation possessed by a gentleman who has taste to relish its beauties and improve its productions, the temperature is from 55º to 65º.' There follows a description of the many plants and ferns cultivated by him on his estate which was 4,200 feet above sea level about 14 miles from Kingston. Later he says `The ubiquitous but graceful bamboo is also an exotic and owes its introduction to Mr M. Wallen who brought it from Hispaniola and first planted it in the parish of St Thomas in the East.*
"To Mr Wallen, formerly owner of Cold Spring and Wallenford, the friend of Swartz and a successful botanist, we are no doubt indebted for the first plants of the buttercups, strawberries, water-cress, chick-weed, wild pansy, groundsel, dead nettles, dandelion, common honeysuckle, black-berried elder, evening primrose, nasturtium, common myrtle, the English oak, white clover and the sweet violet, now common on the Port Royal and Blue Mountains, being, possibly, escapes from his garden at Cold Spring, which even in 1793 was well stocked with choice selections of introduced flowers and European trees and shrubs.' (Bryan Edwards, 5th Edition Vol.1 p.243 Jamaica' and cited by both Kew Bulletin Additional Series I, 1898, p.139 and Cundall, Historic Jamaica, 1915.)
There is also the following material transcribed from Smith's Icones Pictae Plantarum Rariorum, 1790:`tab.3 Euphorbia punicea Scarlet Spurge', `Discovered in Jamaica but sparingly by Matthew Wallen Esq. who sent it to the late Marquis of Rockingham, in the year 1778, the plant from which our figure is drawn, and which still continues to flower in great beauty in the collection of the Marchioness.' and `tab. 10 Tradescantia discolor Purple-leaved spider-wort', `Mr Masson observing this plant cultivated in Jamaica, to which place it had been brought by a ship from that part of South America called the Mosquito-shore, no sooner described it to the English Botanists, than they became anxious to acquire so beautiful and singular a production, and at length, by the favour of Mr Wallen, it was sent to Europe.'
Matthew Wallen married Catherine Phillips on 10 November 1748 in Kingston, Surrey, Jamaica.
In 1750 (The Long Papers, British Museum, add. mss. 12436. `A list of landholders in Jamaica') Thomas Wallen owned 504 acres in St Annes, 3,267 acres in Westmoreland and 900 acres in Clarendon. In the same document there is also a John Wallen deceased with 600 acres in St Catherine's, 1,850 acres in Westmoreland and 365 acres in St Thomas in the Vale. (In the Jamaica Almanack for 1818 there is in St Thomas in the Vale an estate called `Wallens' owned by a John Blackburn who had on it 233 slaves and 161 stock.) In 1754, (CO/142/31) John Wallen decd, owned (in acres) 600 St Catherine, 1,850 St Elizabeth, 365 St Thomas in the Vale, total 2,856 while Thomas Wallen held St Andrew 504, St Elizabeth 3327, Clarendon 900, a total of 4,731 acres. (All data from quit-rents.) In CO 137/28 Thomas Wallen has 504 acres in St Andrew and on them 3 white servants, 109 slaves and 13 cattle. All Matthew's 85 acres in the same parish was pasture and described as "good land". There are obvious confusions as to which parishes the landholdings are in. Was John a cousin of Matthew and Thomas? (Information on this branch supplied by Edward Crawford, ggg grandson).      
Matthew Wallen was a Member of Parliament between 1754 and 1790 for Jamaica. He was eight times a member of the Jamaican Assembly (10) and was involved in a disputed election to Port Royal in 1781. He was a Colonel of the Militia in Port Royal where he commanded the Rock fort in 1788. The record of the Jamaican Assembly says that a Mr Wallen was given leave of absence during the 1793 session.18 He must then have been 73.
Mary Wallen, (d.7.9.1755) an infant in Kingston was probably the daughter of Matthew.
Matthew Wallen married secondly Sarah Pinnock? before 1770.
There is a codicil to the will of John Scott (1720-1773) which says And Whereas there is in the Hall at Clarendon Park a Neat Picture done in Crayons, commonly called the Tiroleze Cook Maid, which bears a strong resemblance to the first Wife of my Worthy Friend Matthew Wallen Esquire, I do therefore leave him the said Picture during his life, agreeable to my Promise, the same after his death to be left to Mrs Browne, his Daughter. And if my Friend Mr Wallen would but indulge me, I would request that the said Picture might be immediately delivered to the said Mrs Browne. In witness whereof. I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this third day of May in the Year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy three.. Matthew Wallen was a slave owner between 1780 and 1790 in Jamaica. In the sample manumission lists Matthew and Sarah Wallen free the slave Cecilia (mulatto) in 1780 and William (quadroon) in 1790. Presumably they were his children.
     Matthew died in 1797. Matthew's approximate death date can be found in CO/140/88 where it is noted at the start of the session on 25.7.1797 `Matthew Wallen decd since last session of the (Jamaican) Assembly' and by Sibley who states he died in January 1797.

Children of Matthew Wallen and Catherine Phillips

Child of Matthew Wallen and Sarah Pinnock?

Patriarch Wallen

      Patient Wallen was a prominent anti-episcopal demonstrator. A Patient Wallen drew lands with Robert Gardner, Francis Ellis, Heneage Fetherston and George Almery in the north east quarter of the barony of Slievemargy, Queen's county.
A George Wallin was buried at St Catherine's Dublin on 23 September 1704.
List of Persons who on this date Drew Lands in certain baronies in the King's and Queen's Counties. Lands .were drawn in the barony of Stradbally by : — ... Ben. Barfoot & Co. Patient Wallen & Co.
In the barony of Portnehinch by :...
Sam. Sheafe. Pat. Wallen & Co.
In the barony of Slewmargie [Slievmargy] by ... Patient Wallen & Co.

Children of Patriarch Wallen

Robert Elias Wallen

(5 June 1831 - 1 October 1893)
     Robert Elias Wallen was born on 5 June 1831 in Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. The Australian Dictionary of Biography states: Robert Elias Wallen (1831-1893), stockbroker and journalist, was born on 5 June 1831 at Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies, son of Francis Robertson Wallen, of Donegal, Ireland, and his wife Catherine, née Hobson. He was educated at Foyle College, Londonderry, Ireland, and in 1848 joined a firm of American merchants in Liverpool, England ... Robert arrived in Melbourne in 1852 in the Rip Van Winkle, the cargo of which was consigned to him, while the rest of the family came in the Great Britain. He was the son of Francis Robertson Wallen and Catherine Hobson.
Robert Elias Wallen emigrated in 1852 to Victoria per "Rip Van Winkle".
     Robert died on 1 October 1893 aged 62.

Samuel Wallen

(circa 1815 - 1 September 1841)
     Samuel Wallen was born circa 1815 in Donegal, Ireland.
     Samuel died on 1 September 1841 in Ireland. The Cork Constitution of 16 Sep 1841 reported 1 Sep 1841, Samuel Wallen, Esq., aged 27 years, native of Stranorlar, co. Donegal.

Sarah Wallen

(1 November 1848 - )
     Sarah Wallen was christened on 1 November 1848 in St Columb's, Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland. Daughter of Ross Wallen, labourer & Jane Irwin.

Thomas Wallen

(circa 1720 - 5 November 1804)
     Thomas Wallen was born circa 1720. In Burke's Commoners 1834-8 the his younger brother Thomas is given the birth date of 1720 as he is by E Brathwaite in The Development of Creole Society in Jamaica 1770-1820, Oxford 1979. This would give Matthew a birth date 1718/9 his parents being married in 1718. Burke's is likely to be correct about eldest sons. There are errors however in the Wallen entry since they name Matthew's son, Edward Pinnock Wallen, as Edward Pleyer Wallen of the 20th Dragoons. (But this identification is absolutely secure as the regiment is correct and there were only two Wallens in the Army from 1760-1840, the other being Matthew's brother Thomas, Commissioner of Musters in Jamaica.
. He was the son of Edward Wallen and Mary Armstrong.
Thomas Wallen married Unknown Gaultier in 1750. Members of a Gaultier family are recorded as buried in St Andrews; Wright, Philip, Monumental Inscriptions of Jamaica. There are Gautier's in Dublin, see marriages in Falkner's Dublin Journal 9.1.1762.
Thomas & Matthew Wallen are listed as landholders in St Andrews Parish in 1753/4 (CO 137/28) as are James Ramage, Joseph Gaultier, Robert Phillips (d.7.11.1763), Robert's wife Eleanor (d.26.2.1759) & Ryves Phillips, Col in Militia, (d.6.4.1770). In 1754 Joseph Ramage had over 2,000 acres on the island as did Ezekiel Gaultier (CO142/31).
Thomas Wallen married secondly Elizabeth Patterson on 5 October 1755. He claimed the share of Elizabeth's estate (£700) due to her when her parents were dead in 1764. Jamaican inventories.
     Thomas Wallen married thirdly Frances Unknown (Ramage) on 8 January 1757 in Kingston, Surrey, Jamaica. She was described as Frances Ramadge, widow.
William Highley wrote: Thomas Wallen (1720-1804) was Matthew's younger brother and thus EPW's uncle. Thomas Wallen was a Member of the Assembly for Port Royal in 1768-9, for St John in 1775, a Member of the Council from 1776-1804 and the President of the Council for the last six years of his life, 1798-1804 when he got a `humane bounty' of £700 pa because of his reduced circumstances.23 From the Army Lists he was Commissioner of Musters in Jamaica from 1786-1800 inclusive and was paid £172/17/6 a year. There was a row when Thomas as Commissioner of Musters claimed about £300 expenses in 1785 and some members of the Assembly saw his claim as an unfortunate precedent.24
The second daughter by Frances Ramage, Fanny (Frances) Maria Wallen, married her first cousin Thomas Drought of Droughtville, Ireland.145 The two sons of that marriage John (b.1780) and James (b.1785) had no recorded offspring but there were two Drought daughters, Jane (1786-1810),146 married a Captain William Pigott in 1804147 and Elizabeth a William Hawkins while both had children who would have been third cousins of our grandfather. These included Henry Pigot (b.1805) who inherited the Droughtville estate in 18??. In 1872-5 there are a number of Drought landowners in Kings Co, many in Ballybritt, and one owning 3,000 acres in Lettybrook but no Wallens, no Henry Pigott and no Hawkins.148
     Thomas died on 5 November 1804. He died in his wife's arms after remarrying (25) a much younger woman four months before his death at eighty-four years old, which occasioned some coarse ribaldry in Jamaican society.(26). Lady Nugent said of Thomas Wallen, `Gave audience to the old superannuated President of the Council, who wanted me to patronize a decayed milliner of bad character. Altogether an unpleasant business but I got rid of it civilly but decidedly'.(27)

Child of Thomas Wallen and Elizabeth Patterson

Child of Thomas Wallen and Frances Unknown (Ramage)

Thomas Wallen

( - between May 1762 and July 1762)
     Thomas Wallen was the son of Patriarch Wallen.
     Thomas Wallen made a will dated 26 May 1762. Thomas Wallen, Gent, mentions his daughters Jane & Elizabeth, son Johnson Wallen, daughter Margaret Wallen otherwise Rourke.
     Thomas died between May 1762 and July 1762. A Mrs Wallen was buried at St Mark's Dublin on 11 June 1747.
     His will was proved on 12 July 1762 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Thomas Wallen

(1720 - )
     Thomas Wallen was born in 1720 in New Jersey, USA.

Child of Thomas Wallen

William Bacon Wallen

(circa 1780 - 2 March 1842)
     William Bacon Wallen was born circa 1780.
William Bacon Wallen married Barbara Unknown.
William Wallen, Pump St, Londonderry, removed / discharged from payment of local taxes.
     William died on 2 March 1842 in Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland. Erected | by John M Johnston | to the memory of | William Bacon WALLEN | Founder of the Londonderry Sentinel Newspaper | in the year 1829 | for the | advocacy of Protestant and Conservative principles | who died
2nd March 1842 | aged 62 years. | And of his beloved wife | Barbara HAMILTON WALLEN | who with efficiency and success carried on said paper upon the principles of the Founder until the | period of her death |
which took place on the 3rd day of April 1857 | aged 68 years

William Henry Wallen

(25 May 1845 - )
     William Henry Wallen was born on 25 May 1845 in Troy, Londonderry, Londonderry. He was the son of Francis Robertson Wallen and Catherine Hobson. William Henry Wallen was christened on 11 June 1845 in St Columb's, Londonderry, Londonderry. Son of Francis Wallen, gentleman & Catherine.

Alice Waller

(9 October 1712 - 1 December 1790)
     Alice Waller was born on 9 October 1712 in Frodingham, Lincolnshire, England.
     Alice Waller and Henry Popplewell obtained a marriage licence on 18 January 1743/44 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. A bond was registered for marriage at Haxey or Epworth - Henry Popplewell, widower of Belton & Alice Waller, spinster of Epworth, aged 30.
     Alice Waller married Henry Popplewell as his second wife, on 19 January 1743/44 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.
     Alice was buried on 1 December 1790 in Belton, Lincolnshire.

Children of Alice Waller and Henry Popplewell

Ann Waller

(circa 1700? - before 2 September 1781)
     Ann Waller was born circa 1700?.
Ann Waller married Matthew Stanser, son of Unknown Stanser (of Clarborough), on 28 April 1724 in St Mary & St Martin, Blyth, Nottinghamshire. Matt: Stanzer of the parish of Clareborough & Ann Waller of this parish.
     Ann Waller was mentioned in the will of Matthew Stanser dated 29 May 1761.
     Ann died before 2 September 1781 in Sturton le Steeple, Nottinghamshire. She was buried on 2 September 1781 in Hayton. Ann Stanser of Sturton.

Children of Ann Waller and Matthew Stanser

Alvin Clifford Walling

(21 March 1904 - 9 May 1964)
     Alvin Clifford Walling was born on 21 March 1904 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. He was the son of Thomas Ruby Walling and Laura Melinda Long. Alvin Clifford Walling was listed on the 1911 census with Thomas Ruby Walling and Grace Lewis in June 1911.
Alvin Clifford Walling married Flora Eliza MacDonald in Canada.
     Alvin died of haemochromatosis on 9 May 1964 in Haliburton, ONT, CAN, aged 60.

Barbara Anne Walling

(23 March 1937 - April 1940)
     Barbara Anne Walling was born on 23 March 1937 in Canada. She was the daughter of Lester Howard Walling and Mary Fairchild.
     Barbara died by drowning in April 1940 aged 3.