Mary Ann (Ashby)

( - before 27 February 1857)
     Mary Ann (Ashby) was born in Barbados. Mary Ann was a slave on the Burke Plantation.
     Mary Ann (Ashby) had a long term relationship with Robert Cooper Ashby, son of Robert Moore Ashby and Mary Arthur. See Andrea Stuart's book for details of this family. He also had 4 known children by another slave Sukey Ann.
     Mary Ann (Ashby) made a will dated 2 January 1846 in Barbados. The will of Mary Ann Ashby mentions her children and grandchildren: Robert Henry Ashby, Alice Christian Ashby, Elizabeth Mary Ashby, Margaret Ann Thomas, Thomas Cooper Ashby, Arabella Ann Bentham, William Armstrong Ashby, Alexander Lindsay Ashby, John George Ashby, Mary Ashby Valverde my grand daughter. The last two were under 21.
     Mary died before 27 February 1857 in Barbados.
     Her will was proved on 27 February 1857.

Children of Mary Ann (Ashby) and Robert Cooper Ashby

Ann (?)

     Ann (?) married William Grimwood before 1842 in Suffolk.
     Ann (?) and William Grimwood were recorded on the 1861 census in Glemsford, Suffolk. William Grimwood, 46 born at Cavendish, Sfk, wife Ann 45, born Hartest, Sfk, son George 19, born at Glemsford.

Child of Ann (?) and William Grimwood

Ann (?)

(circa 1783 - )
     Ann (?) married Edward Spiers. Taken from an online tree and seems muddled.. Ann (?) was born circa 1783.

Child of Ann (?) and Edward Spiers

Ann (?)

( - 13 March 1804)
     Ann (?) married John Heatherly, son of Rev Seawell Heatherly and Hester or Esther Beesly, before 1760.
     Ann was buried on 13 March 1804 in Witham, Essex.

Children of Ann (?) and John Heatherly

Ann (?) (Stanser)

( - 18 April 1775)
     Ann (?) (Stanser) married Gervas Stanser, son of Gervas Stanser and Isabel Unknown (Stanser), before 1722.
     Ann was buried on 18 April 1775 in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire.

Children of Ann (?) (Stanser) and Gervas Stanser

Charlotte (?)

     Charlotte (?) married John Evans.

Clara Eugenie (?)

     Clara Eugenie (?) married Thomas William Campbell.

Children of Clara Eugenie (?) and Thomas William Campbell

Dwywg Lyth ap Tegog (?)

     Dwywg Lyth ap Tegog (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Tegog ap Dwyfnerth (?).

Child of Dwywg Lyth ap Tegog (?)

Dyfnwallor ab Arthen (?)

     Dyfnwallor ab Arthen (?) was the son of Arthen ap Seisyll.

Child of Dyfnwallor ab Arthen (?)

Ednyfed (Nyfed) ab Annun (?)

     Ednyfed (Nyfed) ab Annun (?) was born in Wales. He was the son or grandson of Macsen. He was the son of Annun ap Macsen Wledig.

Child of Ednyfed (Nyfed) ab Annun (?)

Ednyfed ap Cynwrig (?)

     Ednyfed ap Cynwrig (?) was the son of Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon.
Ednyfed ap Cynwrig (?) married Gwladus ferch Aldud, daughter of Aldud ab Owain.

Child of Ednyfed ap Cynwrig (?) and Gwladus ferch Aldud

Ednyfed ap Llywarch (?)

     Ednyfed ap Llywarch (?) was the son of Llywarch Gam ap Lluddica (?) and Nest f Gwerystan (?).
Ednyfed ap Llywarch (?) married Jonet or Sioned ferch Rhiwallon, daughter of Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn (?).

Child of Ednyfed ap Llywarch (?) and Jonet or Sioned ferch Rhiwallon

Ednywain ap Ithel (?)

     Ednywain ap Ithel (?) was the son of Nest ferch Cynfyn.
Ednywain ap Ithel (?) married Generys ferch Rhys Sais, daughter of Rhys Sais ab Ednyfed (?).

Child of Ednywain ap Ithel (?) and Generys ferch Rhys Sais

Eiludd ap Cynan (?)

     Eiludd ap Cynan (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Cynan Garwyn Brochwel.

Child of Eiludd ap Cynan (?)

Einion ab Owain (?)

( - 984)
      He is the common progenitor.. Einion ab Owain (?) was the son of Owain ap Hywel Dda (?) and Angharad ferch Llywelyn.
     Einion died in 984 in Wales.

Children of Einion ab Owain (?)

Einion ab Ynyr (?)

     Einion resided at Ceinmurch, Wales.
Einion ab Ynyr (?) married Gwenhwyfar f Greenwood mab Einion (?), daughter of Einion ap Gruffudd and Gwenhwyfar ferch Ithel.

Einion ap Caradog (?)

(say 1150 - 1210)
     Einion resided at Eifianydd, Lannor, Wales. He was born say 1150 in Wales. Llys Enion ap Caradog was in Penychen, Eifionydd (N52) in the parish of Lannor. He was the son of Caradog ap Gwygon.
     Einion died in 1210.

Child of Einion ap Caradog (?)

Einion ap Gwalchmai (?)

     Einion ap Gwalchmai (?) was the son of Genilles ferch Gwrgeneu.

Child of Einion ap Gwalchmai (?)

Einion ap Maeswig (?)

     Einion ap Maeswig (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Maeswig Gloff Mar ap Ceneu.

Child of Einion ap Maeswig (?)

Einion Yrth ap Cunedda (?)

     Einion Yrth ap Cunedda (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Cunedda Wledig and Gwawl ferch Coel.
Einion Yrth ap Cunedda (?) married Prawst f Tidlet Tithlyn Prydyn, daughter of Tidlet or Tithlyn Prydyn, King of the Picts.

Child of Einion Yrth ap Cunedda (?) and Prawst f Tidlet Tithlyn Prydyn

Eldad ab Eldog (?)

     Eldad ab Eldog (?) was the son of Eldog ap Pawl (?).

Child of Eldad ab Eldog (?)

Eldog ap Pawl (?)

     Eldog ap Pawl (?) was the son of Pawl ap Mepurit (?).

Child of Eldog ap Pawl (?)

Elgiva or Aelgifu (?)

     Elgiva or Aelgifu (?) married Uchtred Earl of Northumberland. Elgiva or Aelgifu (?) was the daughter of Ethelred, II, King of England.

Child of Elgiva or Aelgifu (?) and Uchtred Earl of Northumberland

Elgudy ap Gwrysnad (?)

     Elgudy ap Gwrysnad (?) was the son of Gwrysnad ap Dwywg Lyth (?).

Child of Elgudy ap Gwrysnad (?)

Elidir ap Rhys Sais (?)

( - after 1080)
     Elidir ap Rhys Sais (?) was the son of Rhys Sais ab Ednyfed (?).
     Elidir died after 1080.

Child of Elidir ap Rhys Sais (?)

Elidir ap Sandde (?)

     Elidir ap Sandde (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Sandde ab Alcwn (?) and Celeinion ferch Tudwal.

Child of Elidir ap Sandde (?)

Elidir Lydanwyn ap Meirchion Gul (?)

     Elidir Lydanwyn ap Meirchion Gul (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Meirchion Gul ap Gwrwst (?).
Elidir Lydanwyn ap Meirchion Gul (?) married Gwawr ferch Brychan, daughter of Brychan ap Marchell.

Child of Elidir Lydanwyn ap Meirchion Gul (?) and Gwawr ferch Brychan

Eliza (?)

     Eliza (?) married Edward Colbert.

Elizabeth (?)

     Elizabeth (?) married George George, son of John George and Betty Coward.

Child of Elizabeth (?) and George George

Elizabeth (?)

     Elizabeth (?) married George Rich before 1861.

Children of Elizabeth (?) and George Rich