Jean Reeves West

(20 July 1905 - )
     Jean Reeves West was born on 20 July 1905 in Edenhope, Victoria. She was the daughter of Daniel West and Emma Charlotte Alice Collins.
Jean Reeves West married Harold James Bull in 1934 in Victoria.
     Jean resided at 'Ozenkadnook', Victoria, 1982.

Joan West

     Joan West married John Geere, son of John Geere, on 13 May 1621 in Wivelsfield, Sussex. They had many children in Ditchling and Cuckfield, but it is not certain which John it refers to.

Joan Maud West

(31 July 1903 - 1982)
     Joan Maud West was born on 31 July 1903 in Edenhope, Victoria. She was the daughter of Daniel West and Emma Charlotte Alice Collins.
Joan Maud West married Charles Kerr.
     Joan died in 1982 in Edenhope.

John West

(before 1690 - )
     John West was born before 1690 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
John West married Mary Erisey, daughter of Richard Erisey and Frances Killigrew, in June 1711.

Children of John West and Mary Erisey

Marjorie Nora West

(1910 - )
     Marjorie Nora West was born in 1910 in Edenhope, Victoria. She was the daughter of Daniel West and Emma Charlotte Alice Collins.

Mary West

(before 1690 - )
     Mary West was born before 1690.
Mary West married George Bullett, son of Unknown Bullett, in 1708 in Mellis, Suffolk.

May Hannah West

(1907 - 1966)
     May Hannah West was born in 1907 in Edenhope, Victoria. She was the daughter of Daniel West and Emma Charlotte Alice Collins.
May Hannah West married William Robinson.
     May died in 1966 in Edenhope, Victoria.

Mercy West

(before 1655 - 11 November 1683)
     Mercy West was born before 1655 in Lincolnshire, England.
Mercy West married David Popplewell, son of David Popplewell and Ann Pettinger, on 21 November 1672 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire.
     Mercy was buried on 11 November 1683 in Belton, Lincolnshire.

Children of Mercy West and David Popplewell

Sarah West

(circa 1810 - )
     Sarah West was born circa 1810 in Creswell, Derbyshire.
Sarah West married Henry Rich, son of Amor Rich and Mary Turner, on 6 June 1833 in Mattersey, Nottinghamshire. They appear to have separated between 1845 and 1851.
     Sarah West and Henry Rich were recorded on the 1841 census in Darfield, Yorkshire. Henry Rich, 30, ale porter M?, Sarah 30, Emily 6, Frederic 4, Francis 9 months, only Henry & Francis born in the county.
     Sarah West was recorded on the 1851 census in Walls Lane Cottage, Whitwell, Derbyshire. Robert West, 82, annuitant, born Creswell, Dby, his wife Elizabeth, 67, born Whitwell, daugher Sarah Rich, 41, general servant, born Creswell, Frank Rich, grandson, 10, scholar, born Darfield, Yks, and George Rich, grandson, 5, born Eckington, Dby.
     Sarah Rich was recorded on the 1861 census in Bayley St, Westgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland. Sarah Rich, head, married, 51, born Creswell, Dby, Fred W Rich, son 24, artist, born Mattersea, Ntt, Frank Rich, son, 20, joiner, born Darfield,Yks, George W Rich son 15 architect apprentice, born Eckington, Derbyshire.
     Sarah Rich was recorded on the 1871 census in 18 Forge Lane, Kimberworth, Yorkshire. Sarah Rich, aged 62, unmarried, born Bursell/Creswell was a visitor in the Ellis household. She was listed as Frank West Rich's mother in the 1871 census in 10 Bath St, Westgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland. Frank W Rich, aged 30, head, architect, born Darfield,Yks with his wife Mary E Rich, aged 24, born Newcastle and their sons Edmund 3, Roland 1 all born at Newcastle and mother Sarah Rich, widow, 61, born Whitwell, Derbyshire and his wife's sister Georgina I? Elliott, unmarried, 18, born Newcastle.

Children of Sarah West and Henry Rich

Stephen West

     Stephen West married Mary Rich, daughter of Edward Rich, before 1652.

William West

(circa 1800 - )
      William & Mary are possibly the couple in the 1851 census at Clifton, he was aged 61 and born Biggleswade, she was 63 and born Clifton.. William West was born circa 1800.
William West married Mary Field on 28 November 1817 in Shillington/Shitlington, Bedfordshire, England.

Children of William West and Mary Field

William West

     William West was the son of William West and Mary Field. William West was christened on 31 May 1818 in Clifton, Bedfordshire.
     William West was recorded on the 1851 census in Clifton, Bedfordshire.

Elisabeth Westerby

(before 1740 - )
     Elisabeth Westerby was born before 1740.
Elisabeth Westerby married William Popplewell, son of John Popplewell and Elizabeth Jackson, on 31 May 1754 in Hemswell, Lincolnshire.

Clinton Eric Westin

(1906 - )
     Clinton Eric Westin was born in 1906.
Clinton Eric Westin married Fanny Marie Burnham, daughter of Percy Harry Burnham and Julia Christianson, on 25 July 1934.

Dorothy Westlake

(18 September 1780 - )
     Dorothy Westlake was christened on 18 September 1780 in Maker, Cornwall.
Dorothy Westlake married William Henry Ruby, son of Edward Ruby and Elizabeth Chapman, on 17 January 1807 in Maker, Cornwall. William Henry Ruby, sojourner, labourer, bachelor & Dorothy Westlake (x) of this parish, spinster, by banns.

Child of Dorothy Westlake and William Henry Ruby

John Westley

     John Westley married Sarah Bowker on 18 May 1758 in All Saints, Northampton, Northamptonshire. Sarah Bowker of this parish, spinster & John Westley, bachelor of Tiffield.

Maisie Westmorland

(circa 1895 - )
     Maisie Westmorland was born circa 1895.
Maisie Westmorland married Robert Francis Hebbert, son of Francis Henry Hebbert and Rosa Frances Dempster, on 24 December 1914 in St Stephen, West Ealing, Middlesex. Very quietly owing to the War, Captain Robert Francis Hebbert, 107th Pioneers, IMS, only son of the late F H Hebbert, Esq., ICS, to Maisie, only duaghter of the Arthur Charles Westmorland, Esq., of the Castle, Annetto Bay, Jamaica.

Bridget Norton Weston

(16 June 1826 - )
     Bridget Norton Weston was christened on 16 June 1826 in New Sleaford, Lincolnshire.
Bridget Norton Weston married Charles Popplewell on 4 May 1844 in St Mark, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.
     Bridget Norton Weston and Charles Popplewell were recorded on the 1851 census in Priory Farm, Canwick. Charles Popplewell, head, 51/7?, farmer acres 250 labourers..., born Flintham Notts, his wife Bridget aged 26??, born Sleaford?, daughter Jane Ann 2, born Canwick, son Charles E, 9? months, born Canwick, with visitors and several servants.
Bridget Norton Weston married George Giles on 15 November 1859 in Canwick, Lincolnshire, England.

Children of Bridget Norton Weston and Charles Popplewell

Edward Weston

(circa 1811 - 8 June 1870)
     Edward Weston was also known as Western in records. He was born circa 1811 in Norfolk, England. He was the son of Robert Weston and Sarah Crowan. Edward Weston was christened in October 1813? In West Beckham, Norfolk. There is no evidence for this baptism, just a Norfolk birth.
     Edward Weston was involved in a criminal court case in July 1830 in York, Yorkshire. He was judged 'Not guilty' of larceny.
     Edward resided at Wakefield, Yorkshire.
     Edward Weston was involved in a criminal court case on 6 July 1831 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Information and complaint of Henry Cousin of Radford St, Sheffield, labourer, on oath 28 June 1831 [QS1/170/7, item 3]: The said informant on oath, saith that the Saturday evening last at about 1/4 past 6 o'clock he was in a field near Radford Street and several young men came up to him among the rest was Edward Western and after standing near informant awhile, he went to him and put his hand in his jacket pocket and took out a cotton bag containing 4/- in silver. Informant put his hand to his pocket to prevent Western getting the bag but he did get it and put it into his own pocket and when informant asked him for it he denied having ever seen it and violently beat informant with his fists. Western kept the bag and money. X
- Edward Western, late of Wakefield in the West Riding of the county of York, labourer, on the 23 day of June in the 1st year of our Sovereign Lord William the Fourth ... with force and arms at the parish of Sheffield ... 3 shillings of the current silver coin of this realm of the value of one shilling and one linen bag of the value of penny of the goods monies and chattels of one Henry Cousins from the person of him the same Henry Cousins did then & there feloniously steal take & carry away against the peace of our said King. Puts guilty. To be confined in the House of Correction one month and kept to hard labour. Witness: Henry Cousin, Benjamin Dyson, Thomas Flather.
     Edward Weston was involved in a criminal court case on 14 October 1831 in the Quarter Sessions, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Recognizance to give evidence 14 Oct 1831, Ricard Rasdale of Tenter? St, in Sheffield, shipler?, to be preferred by Thomas Booker etc., Against Edward Western & John Walker, on the 12 October inst from the Old Sugar House in Sheffield aforesaid a quantity of lead the property of Mr Revill. He was imprisoned on 29 October 1831 in York. List of convicts under sentence of transportation in the gaol or prison the Castle of York on the 29 October 1831: Edwd Western, 18, felony, Sheffield Sessions 25 Oct 1831. Convicted felon at Rotherham Sessions 1831 & imprisoned 1 month, solitary. 7 years. Character: very bad, health good. John Walker, ditto. He was imprisoned on 16 November 1831. He was confined to the hulk "Retribution" as Edwd Western aged 18, convicted at Sheffield 26 Oct 1831, and disposed of to NSW for 7 years oon 27 March 1832. He was transported to Sydney arriving 19 April 1833. In June 1870 his death certificate stated that he had been 38 years in the colony (which is c 5 years out), but may refer to NSW cf Victoria). An Edward Western, aged 20, born in Norfolk arrived on the "Mangles" 19 April 1833, convicted at the York (West Riding) Quarter Sessions on 26 October 1831 at Sheffield for 7 years for stealing lead, he had a prior conviction of 1 month. He was described as a farmer's boy, single, protestant, able to read only, 5' 4 1/2" tall, his complexion was dark and little pockpitted, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a sun, moon, etc. tattoo on his lower right arm and on his lower left arm the initials AW WK EK AK BW were tattooed. The ship departed 8 December 1832 carrying 236 male convicts.
     The original indent was annotated ... 26th inst see letters to Bench of Magistrates Braidwood date 19 October 1838. This presumably refers to the expiration of his sentence. Disposal to Dr Anderson, Parramatta.
     His indictment stated that Edward Western, late of Wakefield, West Riding of the county of York, labourer, and John Walker, late of the same place, labourer, on 12 October in the 2nd year of William IV [1831] ... with force and arms at the parish of Sheffield, stole sixty pounds weight of lead of the value of six shillings the property of one Samuel Revell then and there being fixed to a certain building of the said Samuel Revell there called the Sugar House ... that at the General Quarter of the Peace, held by adjournment at Rotherham on the 6th July 1831 ... Edward Western late of Wakefield in the said riding, labourer, was then and there duly convicted of a felony ... and the jurors ... holden by adjournment at Sheffield ... on 27th Oct in the first year of the said King [1830] ... To be severally transported for the term of seven years.
     Edward resided at Long Swamp, New South Wales, 31 December 1837. Edward Weston, aged 21, per Mangles 1833, Disposal: Master Dr Anderson, RN.
Edward Weston married Mary Collings on 2 June 1845 in in the temporary church, Murray River, Yass parish, New South Wales. Edward Weston of the parish of Murray River, bachelor & Mary Collings, of the parish of Murray River, spinster, were married in this temporary church by banns the second day of June 1845. They both made their mark and were witnessed by Phoebe Martin of Gundaroo River and John Allison of Yass, the parish clerk. Phoebe Niblett had married John Martin the same day with the consent of the governor.
The NSW Government gazette supplement of 6 April 1850 reported that the forfeited run 'Willis' of Richard Brooks was transferred to Mr Edward Weston. It was 11,520 acres with an estimated grazing capacity of 500 cattle; bounded on the east by the Snowy River and the north, south & west by the Snowy Ranges. This is extremely ulikely to be 'our' Edward.
Edward Weston married secondly Anne Riddell on 11 November 1853 in Tooma, Albury parish, New South Wales. They were married by the Church of England minister. The Sydney Morning Herald reported: On the 11th November at Thooam (sic = Tooma?), Hume River, by special licence, by the Rev. Mr Elliot, Edward Weston, of the Hume River, to Anne, relict of the late John Morris of Gundagai.
The NSW Government gazette of 17 August 1855 advertised a country lot of 262 acres, parish un-named (Murray district) on Molonglo River; commencing at the NW corner of E Weston's 2560 acres .... - this is unlikely to be him.
     Edward died of pneumonia on 8 June 1870 in the Hospital, Albury, New South Wales. He was described as a labourer, aged 50, son of Robert & Sarah nee Crowan, born England, 38 years in the colony, married Ann Riddle at age 34 at Yass and had 2 males and 3 female children living with 1 male and 2 female children deceased. He was buried on 9 June 1870 in Albury.

Children of Edward Weston and Mary Collings

Children of Edward Weston and Anne Riddell

Edward Andrew Smith Weston

(14 August 1854 - after 1874?)
     Edward Andrew Smith Weston was born on 14 August 1854 in 'Bringembrong Station', Upper Murray, New South Wales. He was the son of Edward Weston and Anne Riddell. Edward Andrew Smith Weston was christened on 17 January 1855 in Murrumbidgee District, New South Wales. Born 14 August 1854, Edward Andrew Smith, son of Edward & Anne Weston, abode Bringembrong Station, Albury, stockman, by Henry Elliot, Church of England.
     Edward died after 1874?. A brother was mentioned at Robert's inquest in 1874..

Elizabeth Weston

(20 November 1850 - )
     Elizabeth Weston was born on 20 November 1850 in Upper Murray, New South Wales, Australia. She was the daughter of Edward Weston and Mary Collings. Elizabeth Weston was christened on 14 April 1851 in Tumut, New South Wales. Elizabeth, daughter of Edward & Mary Weston, abode Upper Murray, labourer, born 20 November 1850, baptized 14 April 1851 by Gottfried Wagner, Minister of the Scots Church.

Lily Weston

(circa 1858 - 29 June 1920)
     Lily Weston was born circa 1858 in 'Bringembrong Station', Upper Murray, New South Wales. Born in 1859 if aged 17 at her daughter's birth in May 1876 as stated on the certificate, no age given on her marriage certificate, but no consent mentioned either. Her age at death in 1920 was stated as 62, but her headstone gives 61. She was the daughter of Edward Weston and Anne Riddell.
Lily Weston married William MacKenzie, son of William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal, on 14 July 1875 in St David's Manse, Presbyterian church, Albury, New South Wales. William MacKenzie, bachelor, engine fireman of Wodonga & Lilly Weston, spinster, living with friends, of Wodonga. Witnessed by Andrew & Ann Smith (her grandmother?). Lilly made her mark.
     Lily was registered at Won Wron, Victoria, on the 1919 electoral roll.
     Lily died of renal colic on 29 June 1920 in Macks Creek, Won Wron. Obituary: A wide circle of friends last week learnt with regret, of the death of Mrs. William McKenzie, widow of Mr. William McKenzie of Heathville, Lower Bulga, of which sad event took place at her residence on Tues. night. The deceased lady, who was a Miss Lily Weston prior to her marriage, was widely known and much esteemed in the neighborhood. Mrs. McKenzie only complained of illness the previous Thursday, but complications ensued and the end came as stated. Her remains were interred at the Yarram Cemetery on Thursday, the Rev. S. Williams officiating at the graveside. The deceased lady, who was predeceased by her husband a few years ago, is survived by a family of eleven children, one having died some years ago. She was buried on 1 July 1920 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia.
     Her will was proved on 20 July 1934. Lillian McKenze, widow of Calrossie.

Children of Lily Weston and William MacKenzie

Mary Weston

(before 1700 - )
     Mary Weston was born before 1700.
Mary Weston married Edward Killigrew, son of Edward Killigrew and Frances Unknown, on 25 March 1716 in London. Edward Killigrew, bach?, silk weaver of Cripplegate and Mary Weston Spr, ditto. They were both of St Giles,Criplegate.

Children of Mary Weston and Edward Killigrew

Mary Ann Weston

(16 July 1848 - 14 July 1888)
     Mary Ann Weston was born on 16 July 1848 in Hume River area, Yass parish, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Edward Weston and Mary Collings. Mary Ann Weston was christened on 27 June 1849 in Yass parish, co. Murray, New South Wales. Born 21st September 1844, Sarah Jane, daughter of Edward & Mary Weston, abode Hume River, labourer; along with no. 687: born 16 July 1848, Mary Ann, daughter of Edward & Mary Weston, abode Hume River, labourer.
Mary Ann Weston married Edward Smith circa 1871 in Wahgunyah, Victoria. There is no record of this marriage c. 1873 at Wahgunyah according to her death certificael. An Edward Smith of Corryong married Priscilla Ransgrill or Krausgrill in 1898 (Ref: 6783), he was born in London and they had issue. Her death certificate (1947) states that she was aged 25 at marriage and a Priscilla Smith was buried at Corryong 18 Jan 1947 - but she was the daughter of Charles Hawkins & Catrherine Rothwell.
     Mary died of inflammation of the lungs on 14 July 1888 in Corryong, Victoria, aged 39. She was buried on 16 July 1888 in Towong, Victoria.

Children of Mary Ann Weston and Edward Smith

Robert Weston

(circa 1857 - 31 July 1874)
     Robert Weston was born circa 1857 in 'Bringembrong Station', Upper Murray, New South Wales. According to his death certificate he was born at Bringembrong in the Upper Murray and spent 7 years in NSW and 10 years in Victoria. This information was probably supplied by his half sister who was the wife of Edward Smith the butcher who employed him. He was the son of Edward Weston and Anne Riddell. Robert was a butcher's assistant in 1874.
     Robert died by suicide on 31 July 1874 in Green Hills, Belvoir West, Yackandandah, Victoria. A coroner's inquest was held regarding his death on 1 August 1874 in Wodonga, Victoria. The coroner's inquest determined that the deceased came to his death by shooting himself whilst labouring under strong mental excitement through fear of being prosecuted for theft.
Edward Smith, butcher residing at Wodonga: I know the deceased Robert Weston who is a half brother of my wife, and was in my employ as an assistant at a wage of twelve shillings per week and his board. On yesterday, at about 1/2 past two o'clock I saw the deceased alive at the hut where he now lies, I went to the hut and asked where the knives were for killing, he said they were at the yard. I asked him to fetch them he went at once and I searched his clothes. I found a meerschaum pipe in his coat pocket. I came down to my Father and asked him if the pipe belonged to him and he said yes. I then with my Father went to the deceased, I found him in the hut. I asked him if he knew the pipe, he said yes. I asked him where he got the pipe, he said he won it in a raffle at Wodonga, my Father told deceased that the pipe belonged to him, I then told deceased that I would give him in charge if he did not confess where he got the pipe, he then said he took if from my Father's place. I did not attempt to chastise the deceased by striking him but only upbraided him by words, I then with my Father left deceased and came down to the shed to kill some sheep, whilst killing the sheep John McDonald told me the deceased was coming down with a gun. He then said he had the axe and that he was across the creek. I then heard a gun go off, this about a quarter of an hour after leaving Weston with my Father. I took no notice of the gun going off as deceased was in the habit of using the gun in my absence. I sold him and I told him to wait a few minutes until I had finished skinning the sheep, and I would then go up and catch them for him. I went in company with Eisler and McDonald to catch the pigs and in going towards the yard I saw the boy lying across the path. I said to McDonald My God he has shot himself. I went up to the body and went down to the house for my Father. I then also sent a messenger to report the matter to the Police at Wodonga. When I first saw deceased he was lying on his face and one hand across the breast. I also saw a gun and a stick across the gun lying two yards from the deceased. Deceased was very hot tempered and fiery, deceased was with me for 5 years and never threatened to destroy himself. Deceased was of a very sensitive nature and seemed to take upbraiding very much to heart. I never beat the deceased but once and that about two years ago. I owe the deceased nine weeks wages but he has had some small amounts of cash during this time which I am not able to state at present. At the time of deceased death he was not in the Company's employ but in my own employ. I accused deceased of having stolen the pipe and a pocket knife. To the best of my recollection the last words deceased said prior to leaving him were that he had taken the pipe and he then burst into crying. I cannot say whether deceased was under the impression when I left him that he would be given in charge. John Mconald and Mr Eisler were present when I discovered the body, from the time the that (sic) was fired until I found the body I was in the company of John McDonald. The boy has no parents but two sisters, and one brother besides my wife, he was about 17 years of age. Edward Smith. Taken and sworn before me on the 1 August 1874 at Greenhills, Belvoir West, B I Bartley, Deputy Coroner. He was buried on 2 August 1874 in Episcopalian section, Wodonga. Robert Weston, 17.

Robert Weston

(before 1785 - )
     Robert Weston was born before 1785 in Norfolk.
Robert Weston married Sarah Crowan before 1812 in England.
     Robert Weston was recorded on the 1851 census in West Beckham, Norfolk. The 1851 census index for Norfolk lists an 80 year old Robert Weston at West Beckham at the Union Workhouse, formerly tann..., born at Holt. There is also a Robert aged 45, head, living at Paul Pry, Holt, a vermin killer, with his wife Elizabeth aged 44, both born at Holt.

Child of Robert Weston and Sarah Crowan

Sarah Hooper Weston

(28 December 1893 - 5 September 1988)
     Sarah Hooper Weston was born on 28 December 1893 in Gadsden, Richland, South Carolina, USA. She was the daughter of William Weston Weston and Sarah Jenkins Hooper.
Sarah Hooper Weston married Charles DuPuy Robison on 8 June 1918 in Columbia, South Carolina, USA.
     Sarah died on 5 September 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, aged 94.

Child of Sarah Hooper Weston and Charles DuPuy Robison

Sarah Jane Weston

(21 September 1844 - )
     Sarah Jane Weston was born on 21 September 1844 in Hume River area, Yass parish, New South Wales, Australia. She was the daughter of Edward Weston and Mary Collings. Sarah Jane Weston was christened on 27 June 1849 in Yass parish, co. Murray, New South Wales. Born 21st September 1844, Sarah Jane, daughter of Edward & Mary Weston, abode Hume River, labourer; along with no. 687: born 16 July 1848, Mary Ann, daughter of Edward & Mary Weston, abode Hume River, labourer.
     Sarah Jane Weston may have married William Robertson in 1873 in Cooma, New South Wales. This appears to be Sarah Jane daugher of John & Ellen from a likely1922 death in Annandale, where she was listed as next of kin to George Weston Robertson in 1919.
However the NSW BDM indexes only list a Sarah J as daughter of Edward & Margaret in 1847, daughter of John & Agnes in 1854 & Edward & Mary in 1844 (this SJW).
There were also 2 children born at Walgett: David A in 1886 and Wiliam George Weston in 1888..

Children of Sarah Jane Weston and William Robertson

William Weston Weston

(12 December 1853 - 31 October 1931)
     William Weston Weston was born on 12 December 1853 in Richland, South Carolina, USA.
William Weston Weston married Sarah Jenkins Hooper, daughter of Thomas Clark Hooper and Mary Elizabeth Stevenson, on 20 January 1880.
     William died on 31 October 1931 in Congaree, Richland, South Carolina, USA, aged 77.

Child of William Weston Weston and Sarah Jenkins Hooper

Lady Unknown Westray

     Lady Unknown Westray was born in Sandilands, Lanarkshire?, Scotland.
Lady Unknown Westray married Col Andrew Armstrong, son of Edmund Armstrong and Mary Hamilton. They had no issue..