Albert Walter Wallace White

(30 June 1893 - 1962)
     Albert Walter Wallace White was born on 30 June 1893 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England.
Albert Walter Wallace White married May Bland Boreham, daughter of George Boreham and Emma Elizabeth Bland, on 7 October 1915.
     Albert died in 1962 in Worchester ?, Worcestershire, England.

Children of Albert Walter Wallace White and May Bland Boreham

Arthur Francis White

(before 1890 - )
     Arthur Francis White was born before 1890 in Dublin, Ireland.
Arthur Francis White married Linda Victoria Roberts, daughter of James Roberts and Harriet Elizabeth Handy, on 2 October 1912 in Christ Church, Kingstown, Dublin, Ireland.

Children of Arthur Francis White and Linda Victoria Roberts

Arthur Ronald White

(24 May 1892 - 18 June 1893)
     Arthur Ronald White was born on 24 May 1892. He was the son of John Alexander White and Mary Ann Bland.
     Arthur died on 18 June 1893 in Texas, Queensland, aged 1. He was buried in Texas. He was buried in the early Texas cemetery and moved to the new section.

Clarice May White

(19 October 1893 - )
     Clarice May White was born on 19 October 1893. She was the daughter of John Alexander White and Mary Ann Bland.

Frederick White

(circa 1860 - )
     Frederick White was born circa 1860.
Frederick White married Julia Colbert, daughter of Robert Colbert and Mary Mahoney, in 1888 in Victoria, Australia. They had issue at Sale, once calling herself Julia Philomena.

Child of Frederick White and Julia Colbert

George Alan White

(16 July 1932 - 2 July 2002)
     George Alan White was born on 16 July 1932 in Victoria.
     George died on 2 July 2002 in Victoria aged 69.

Herbert Harold James White

(10 August 1887 - )
     Herbert Harold James White was born on 10 August 1887. He was the son of John Alexander White and Mary Ann Bland.

Herbert Walter White

     Herbert Walter White married Elizabeth Mary Wafford, daughter of William Henry Wafford and Elizabeth Hall, on 26 March 1921 in St George, Tufnell Park, London.

Isabell Maude White

(12 August 1890 - )
     Isabell Maude White was born on 12 August 1890. She was the daughter of John Alexander White and Mary Ann Bland.

James Alexander White

     James Alexander White married Alice Murray Dawson, daughter of James Hooper Dawson and Barbara Hall Dawson, on 26 May 1891 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. On the 26th inst, before the Registrar, by special licednce, James Alexander, seconod son of the late James White fo Teddington, to Alice Murray, youngest daughter fo the late James Hooper Dawson, of Kelso, N. B., barrister-at-law.

Joan Rosetta White

(1916 - 30 October 1940)
     Joan Rosetta White was born in 1916 in Horringer, Horningsheath, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Albert Walter Wallace White and May Bland Boreham.
     Joan died on 30 October 1940 in Wales.

John Alexander White

(1861 - )
     John Alexander White was born in 1861 in Texas, Queensland. He was the son of Alexander Robert White and Mary Ann Urquhart.
John Alexander White married Mary Ann Bland, daughter of Elijah Bland and Mary Ann Murray (Goben or Gobin), on 14 November 1886 in Texas Hotel, Texas, Queensland.
     John and Mary resided at Silverspur, Texas, 1903. Her occupation was listed as domestic duties and he was a smelter.

Children of John Alexander White and Mary Ann Bland

John Gordon White

(circa 1928 - circa 1935)
     John Gordon White was born circa 1928 in Horringer, Horningsheath, Suffolk. He was the son of Albert Walter Wallace White and May Bland Boreham.
     John died circa 1935 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.

Josephine White

(circa 1902 - 1967)
     Josephine White was born circa 1902. She was the daughter of Frederick White and Julia Colbert.
     Josephine died in 1967 in Heidelberg, Victoria.

Lilley Mary White

(15 October 1888 - 20 June 1970)
     Lilley Mary White was born on 15 October 1888 in Bonshaw, New South Wales. She was the daughter of John Alexander White and Mary Ann Bland.
     Lilley died on 20 June 1970 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, aged 81.

Margaret White

     Margaret White married John Evans on 7 January 1836 in Ellesmere, Shropshire.

Child of Margaret White and John Evans

Mary Ann White

     Mary Ann White married Frederick Hunn unlinked as yet on 19 January 1811 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire. He was a shipwright, both of Portsea when applying for a licnece on 19 Jan 1811.

Children of Mary Ann White and Frederick Hunn unlinked as yet

Richard Baxter White

(before April 1891 - )
     Richard Baxter White was born before April 1891.
Richard Baxter White married Helen Begg Dempster, daughter of George Wafford Dempster and Helen Wylie Caithness Begg, on 9 April 1925 in St Matthew's, Kensington, South Australia.

Robert Leonard White

     Robert Leonard White married Florence Mackglew, daughter of Alfred Mackglew and Eliza Charlotte Carter, on 14 April 1906 in St Michael & All Angles, Stoke Newington, Hackney RD, Middlesex.

Violet? White

     Violet? White was the daughter of John Alexander White and Mary Ann Bland.

Elizabeth Whitehead

     Elizabeth Whitehead married James Heatherly, son of Rev Seawell Heatherly and Hester or Esther Beesly, on 19 December 1763? In St Leonard, Shoreditch, London.
     Administration of the estate of James Heatherly was granted to Elizabeth Whitehead, on 21 June 1776 in the London Consistory Court Elizabeth Heatherly of Hoxton in the parish of St Leonard, Shoreditch, widow & Elizabeth Braeman? of the same place, widow... James Heatherly of the same, died on the 19th May last intestate ...

Children of Elizabeth Whitehead and James Heatherly

Elizabeth Whitehead

     Elizabeth Whitehead married Richard Drinkall as his second wife, on 2 February 1724 in Adlingfleet, Yorkshire.

Mary Whitehead

(say 1760 - )
     Mary Whitehead was born say 1760.
Mary Whitehead married John Cocksedge on 18 August 1782 in Bardwell, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Whitehead and John Cocksedge

Thelma Margaret Whitehead

(circa 1921 - circa 2013)
     Thelma Margaret Whitehead was born circa 1921.
     Thelma Margaret Whitehead married Harold Campbell Bland as his second wife, after 1963?.
     Thelma and Harold were registered at Alberton, Victoria, on the 1968 electoral roll.
     Thelma died circa 2013. She was aged 92 at her death. She had a reservation at Springvale.

Sarah Ann Whiteley

(26 April 1821 - 1906)
     Sarah Ann Whiteley was born on 26 April 1821.
Sarah Ann Whiteley married George Popplewell, son of Thomas Popplewell and Sarah Pilkinton, on 24 June 1847 in Althorpe, Lincolnshire.
     Sarah Ann Whiteley and John William Popplewell were recorded on the 1851 census in Althorpe. Sarah Popplewell, daughter, married, aged 29, dressmaker and her son John William Popplewell aged 2, both born at Althorpe were residing with her parents, her father was a farmer of 33 acres.
     Sarah Ann Whiteley and George Popplewell were recorded on the 1861 census in Armthorpe, Yorkshire. George Popplewell, 38, ag lab, born Althorpe; his wife Sarah 41, dressmaker, born Althorpe; children Adelaide 7, Arthur 6, both born Belton, Louisa,1, infant son 5 days, born Armthorpe.
     Sarah Ann Whiteley and George Popplewell were recorded on the 1871 census in Worsbrough, Yorkshire. George Popplewell, 48, gate keeper, born Althorpe; his wife Ann 49, born Althorpe, children Walter,19... lab, Adelaide, 18, dressmaker, Arthur 13...lab, all born at Belton, Louisa 11, Whiteley 10, both born at Althorpe; Clara 5, and Martha 9 weeks, both born Worsbrough.
     Sarah Ann Whiteley and George Popplewell were recorded on the 1881 census in the Railway Cottages, Park Rd, Worsbrough, Darfield, Yorkshire. George Popplewell, aged 57, railway signalman, born Althorpe, Lincs. wife Ann aged 59, born Althorpe; son Arthur aged 24, coalminer, born Belton. son Whiteley, aged 19, railway clerk, born Armthorpe, Clara aged 16, dressmaker, Martha Ann, 10, scholar, both born Worsborough.
Ann may be Sarah Anne as age and birthplace are similar.
     Sarah Ann Whiteley and George Popplewell were recorded on the 1891 census in 28 Park Rd, Worsborough, Yorkshire. George Popplewell     67 (amended to 65?), retired railway signalman, born Althorpe, his wife Sarah A Popplewell     70, born Althorpe, son Whitley Popplewell, 30, railway clerk, born Armsthorpe, Yks; grand daughter Louisa B Ellis, 13, dressmaker's apprentice, born Barnsley, William Ryall,17, lodger, born Althorpe.
     Sarah died in 1906. She was buried in Worsbrough, Darfield, Yorkshire.

Children of Sarah Ann Whiteley and George Popplewell

Lina Whitely

(circa 1726 - 18 September 1790)
     Lina Whitely was born circa 1726 in Suffolk, England.
     Lina Whitely and Rev Roger Cocksedge M.A. obtained a marriage licence on 2 January 1749/50 in Sudbury, Suffolk. Roger Cocksedge, s.m. rector of Wordwell, 32, & Lina Whitley, of Fornham All Saints, s.w. 24, at same or Westley.
Lina Whitely married Rev Roger Cocksedge M.A., son of Martin Cocksedge and Mary Brewer, on 4 January 1749/50 in Westley, Suffolk. Banns: Roger Cocksedge, single man, Rector of Wordwell, 32 years & Lina Whitley of Fornham All Saits, seingle womeena aged 24, at same or Westley. 2 Jan 1749.
     Lina died on 18 September 1790 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. There is a memorial to her (Mrs Cocksedge, wife of the Rev. Mr Cocksedge, rector of this parish) at Little Whelnetham churchyard.. She was buried on 25 September 1790 in Lt Whelnetham, Suffolk, England.

Children of Lina Whitely and Rev Roger Cocksedge M.A.

Phyllis Irene Whitford

(8 February 1912 - 26 March 1988)
     Phyllis Irene Whitford was born on 8 February 1912 in Victoria.
Phyllis Irene Whitford married Robert James Booker, son of William Booker and Emma Bullett, after 1942.
     Phyllis resided at 6/13 Nicol St, Yarram, Victoria.
     Phyllis died on 26 March 1988 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 76.

Phyllis Irene Whitford

(1912 - )
     Phyllis Irene Whitford was born in 1912 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Thomas Joseph Whitford and Bertha Clark.

Thomas Joseph Whitford

(circa 1882 - 1967)
     Thomas Joseph Whitford was born circa 1882.
Thomas Joseph Whitford married Bertha Clark, daughter of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett, on 8 January 1908 in Victoria.
     Thomas died in 1967 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia.

Children of Thomas Joseph Whitford and Bertha Clark

Trevor Whitford

(1958? - )
     Trevor Whitford was born in 1958? In Victoria. A Trevor Allan Whitford born 14 Nov 1958, was residing at Yarram in 1982. He was the son of William Thomas Whitford and Marjorie Helen Morse.