Charlotte Willingham

(before April 1823 - before 13 May 1898)
     Charlotte Willingham was born before April 1823 in Elmswell, Suffolk.
Charlotte Willingham married William Cocksedge, son of Francis Cocksedge and Sarah Lambert, in 1850 in Suffolk.
     Charlotte Willingham and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Badwell Ash. William Cocksedge, 50, ag. lab, born Pakenham, deaf; his wife Charlotte aged 37 born Elmswell, daughter Ellen aged 13/12 born Ashfield; son George aged 10, labourer, born Badwell Ash; daughters Louisa aged 9, Hannah aged 6, son John aged 3 all born at Badwell Ash.
     Charlotte Willingham and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1881 census in High Street, Badwell Ash. William aged 76, ag. labourer, born Pakenham with his wife Charlotte aged 55 born Elmswell and unmarried son John aged 22.
     Charlotte died before 13 May 1898 in Badwell Ash, Suffolk. She was buried on 13 May 1898 in Badwell Ash.

Children of Charlotte Willingham and William Cocksedge

Charles Eric Willis

(17 May 1918 - )
     Charles Eric Willis was commonly known as Eric. He was born on 17 May 1918. He was the son of Alice (nee Bourke) and Charles Willis of Cooma.
Charles Eric Willis married Frances June Ruby, daughter of Albert Edward Ruby and Ivy Madeline Wood, on 24 January 1942 in Wesley Chapel, Sydney, New South Wales.

Elizabeth Willis

(12 January 1832 - 23 August 1901)
     Elizabeth Willis was born on 12 January 1832 in Sydney, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Thomas Willis & Catherine Trainer.
Elizabeth Willis married Thomas Zachariah Cocksedge, son of Zachariah Cocksedge and Ann Garraway, on 10 March 1849 in St Philip's, Sydney, New South Wales. See details of their family compiled by Audrey Barnes.
     Elizabeth died on 23 August 1901 in Newtown, New South Wales, aged 69. She was buried in St Stephen's cemetery, Camperdown.

Children of Elizabeth Willis and Thomas Zachariah Cocksedge

John Willis

( - 1899)
     John Willis married Janet Wight, daughter of George Wight and Marion Jeffrey, in 1877 in Victoria. They had 14 children..
     John died in 1899 in Victoria.

Child of John Willis and Janet Wight

Margaret Isabel Willis

(1885 - )
     Margaret Isabel Willis was born in 1885 in Victoria. She was the daughter of John Willis and Janet Wight.
Margaret Isabel Willis married Charles Henry Morse in 1902 in Victoria.

Mary Willis

( - before 16 April 1706)
     Mary Willis was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
Mary Willis married Thomas Seaton, son of William Seaton and Elizabeth Unknown (Seaton), on 25 March 1701 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. She was his third wife and left no issue.
     Mary died before 16 April 1706 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. She was buried on 16 April 1706 in Rushbrooke.

Frances Willoughby

(circa 1642 - )
     Frances Willoughby was born circa 1642.
     Frances Willoughby and Charles Killigrew obtained a marriage licence on 26 October 1672.
Frances Willoughby married Charles Killigrew after 26 October 1672 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster.

Children of Frances Willoughby and Charles Killigrew

Joan Willoughby

( - 17 August 1350)
     Joan Willoughby married Gilbert de Umfraville 3rd Earl of Angus, son of Robert de Umfraville 2nd Earl of Angus and Lucy de Kyme. They had no issue.. Joan Willoughby was born. She was the daughter of Robert, Lord Willoughby de Eresby..
     Joan died on 17 August 1350 in Newminster, Northumberland, England. She was buried in Newminster, NBL, ENG.

Frederick George Wills

     Frederick George Wills married Daisy Eveleen Bullett, daughter of William Bullett and Alice Presland, in December 1914 in Hessett, Suffolk. He was of St Peter's Bedford.

James Wills

     James Wills married Helen de Berniere Hooper, daughter of John De Berniere Hooper and Mary Elizabeth Hooper, on 12 August 1867 in Wilson, North Carolina, USA. At St Timothy's church, Wilson, on 12 inst., James Wills to Miss Helen DeB. Hooper, daughter of J DeB. Hooper, of Wilson.

Mary Elizabeth Wills

(circa 1909 - 1966)
     Mary Elizabeth Wills was born circa 1909.
Mary Elizabeth Wills married James Boniman Mackay, son of Robert Mackay and Williamina Anne Boniman, in 1935 in Victoria.
     Mary died in 1966 in Springvale, Victoria.

William Wilmot

     The marriage of William Wilmot and Ann Maria Popplewell, daughter of John Popplewell and Martha Green, was registered in Glanford Brigg RD, Lincolnshire, in the June 1882 quarter. They were living in Gainsborough in 1911..

Walter Francis Wilmshurst

(after 1908? - )
     Walter Francis Wilmshurst was born after 1908?.
Walter Francis Wilmshurst married Jean Elizabeth Dunbar, daughter of John Henry Dunbar and Florence Beatrice Buckenham, in 1939 in Chatswood, New South Wales. They were divorced.

Elizabeth Lillian Wilson (Stevens)

(1857 - )
     Elizabeth Lillian Wilson (Stevens) was born in 1857.
Elizabeth Lillian Wilson (Stevens) married Edgar Osborne Ashby, son of Alexander Ashby and Sarah Elizabeth Bayley, on 26 July 1886 in Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire.

Unknown Wilson or Wilkinson

     Unknown was Vicar of Gargrave in Craven.
     Unknown died in Gargrave, Yorkshire.
Unknown Wilson or Wilkinson married Mary Banks, daughter of Rev Joseph Banks and Mary or Margaret Sykes.

Agnes Wilson (Stubbe)

(before 1410 - )
     Agnes Wilson (Stubbe) was born before 1410 in Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of William Wilson.

Alma Arastine Wilson (Howard)

(22 December 1898 - 26 June 1984)
     Alma Arastine Wilson (Howard) was born on 22 December 1898.
Alma Arastine Wilson (Howard) married Keith Evans Ruby, son of George Evans Ruby and Emily Alice Bland, in 1932 in Victoria.
     Alma and Keith were registered as as farmers at Carrajung on the between 1937 and 1949 electoral roll.
     Alma was registered at 126 Grey Street, Traralgon, on the 1982 electoral roll.
     Alma died on 26 June 1984 in Traralgon, Victoria, aged 85. She was described as the wife of Jack Howard (dec) and Keith Ruby (dec).. She was buried in Traralgon.
     Her will was proved on 28 August 1984 at Victoria.
A Ruby Alma Veitch, born 23 Sep 1907, died 22 Sep 1997, cremated 26 Sep 1997 at Springvale, must link to this family.

Ann Wilson

(15 April 1593 - )
     Ann Wilson was christened on 15 April 1593 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Christopher Wilson and Ellen Bramall.
Ann Wilson married Thomas Revell on 16 November 1613 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. More information about the Revell family may be found at: e-mail address.

Arthur Wilson

( - circa 1557)
           1557 June 10 - Will of Arthur Wilson - to be buried in Sheffield church as near the bodies of my brethren as can be - after legacies to several of the Earl of Shrewbury's household - he gives to Wm Crosland the best of his apparel - to Richard Crosland my sister's son and to John his brother 3/4 - to George Crosland 2/- - Ragnold Crosland a ewe & a lamb - to Edward Greyve & his wife & their children 7 ewes & 7 lambs and one whether - to Christopher brother 20/- - to Elizabeth his daughter a ewe - to George Wilson my brother 10/- - to Thomas Barber & his wife my sister 2 bullocks - to the three daughter of John Crosland 3 ewe hogs - to John Crosland a russet jacket - to three sons of my brother George, that is to say Charles, Thomas & Francis each of them a sheep - to Thomas Wilson my brother's son 2 sheep - Edward Greyves my brother-in-law - to George Crosland my sister's son my black nag - forgives a debt to his nephew Christopher Wilson - my brother-in-law Thomas Barber to prove the will of John Wilson my brother & to take care of the interests of his child - residue to his daughter Ellen - Thomas Barber of Westden & my brother Christopher execs - Barber to have the rule & governance of the daughter - Christopher Wilson of Bromhead & John Wainwright of Bolsterstone to be supervisors.

      Office copy, Hallamshire. See this will printed at length in Gatty's edition p.81 [Ronksley Collection #837].

. Arthur Wilson was born in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Wilson and Margaret More.
     Arthur died circa 1557.
     His will was proved in 1557.

Child of Arthur Wilson

Arthur Wilson

(10 January 1608/9 - )
     Arthur Wilson was christened on 10 January 1608/9 in York, Yorkshire. He was the son of Christopher Wilson and Beatrice Cudworth.

Arthur Wilson

(14 November 1641 - before 29 January 1719/20)
     Arthur Wilson was christened on 14 November 1641 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Christopher Wilson and Mary Ibbotson. Arthur was a merchant in London.
     Arthur died before 29 January 1719/20. He was buried on 29 January 1719/20.

Charles Wilson

(15 June 1631 - 8 September 1703)
      He married Anne daughter of John Allot of Crigleton B.D. Rector of Little Thurlow & Wratting in Suffolk about 1659. She was born in 1640 and buried (aged 72) 22 Feb 1731/2. [Ronksley #5039]. Had issue Anne, Christopher, Henrietta Maria, Margaret, Charles, Mary, Mary 2nd, Susan, John, Saah, Martha, Christopher 2nd, Ellizabeth, Christopher 3rd.
     Possibly the Charles Wilson listed at Westnall in 1678 [Ronksley #7478].

. Charles was a clerk. He was christened on 15 June 1631 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Christopher Wilson and Mary Ibbotson.
     Charles died on 8 September 1703 aged 72.

Charles Wilson

(before 1553 - after 1559)
     Charles Wilson was born before 1553 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of George Wilson.
     Charles died after 1559 in Yorkshire, England.

Christopher Wilson

( - circa 1586)
     Christopher Wilson was born in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Wilson and Margaret More.
     Christopher Wilson made a will dated 1 July 1586 in Bradfield.
     Christopher died circa 1586 in Bradfield, YKS.

Child of Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson

(circa 1555 - 18 October 1622)
     Christopher Wilson was born circa 1555 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. Christopher W another son of Chris. born (as appears by an Inq. after the death of his brother Reginald) in 1554. But he deposeth in a suit roll 1606 that he was about 51 which makes him a year younger. He was heir to his brother Reginald. He married two widows (wives?), 1st Ellen daughter of Thomas Bramhall of Storths als: Storrs in ye chapy of Bradfield 3 Feb 1591/2. His second wife Beatrix daughter of --- Cudworth of Eastfield hall in Yks and sister of Thomas Cudworth of the same place married in 1600. He was the son of Christopher Wilson and Elizabeth Hattersley.
1592 & 98 Modus books of Bradfield : Westnall Byrelaw : Christophr Wilson, listed for several properties.
1592 May 24 Francis Greaves of Hunshelf Yks yeoman sells to Chris Wilson of Bradfield yeo for £200 two messuages in Westnall called Rayner house & Casehouse now in tenure of Charles Hill & Elizabeth his wife mother of sd Francis (except a piece of meadow in Waldershelf called Little Holme).
Christopher Wilson married Ellen Bramall, daughter of Thomas Bramhall and Anne Thompson, on 3 February 1592/93 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.
On 21 Nov 1600 - Christopher Wilson of Bromhead in the township of Bradfield yeoman of one part & Thomas Cudworth of Eastfield in Yks of the other part. Said Chris. in consideration of a marriage between him & Beatrice Cudworth, sister of sd Thomas agrees to convey to sd Thomas & John Priest of Bilcliffe in sd county, yeo. Two messuages in Bradfield chapelry called Reynel house & Casehouse to use of sd Christoperh Wilson & Beatrice Cudworth & to the longer liver. Other remainders over. Nov 22 Christopher Wilson of Bromhead yeoman in pursuance of an agreement made by sd Christ with Thomas Cudworth of Eastfield Yks gives to sd Thomas Cudworth & John Priest of Bilcliffe sd coy?? Two messuages in Westnall called Rayner House & Casehouse to hold to uses of an ind: of 21 Nov 1600.
Christopher Wilson married Beatrice Cudworth in 1600 in Yorkshire, England.
1605 & 06 Easter Books Westnall Byerlowe: Chris. Wilson.
1613 Jan 3, 11 James To all ... Christopher Wilson of Broomhead gent (it appears in both this & the counterpart to have been origianlly yeo but also to have been altered prima mama?) for love & affection for my children & posterity & for the better preferment & advancement of them if my name & blood & to the end that all my messuages, land tenements & hereditaments herinafter mentioned may reman in the name, blood & kindred of Wilson - enfeofs Thomas Cutler fo Stainborough gent, Thomas Cudworth of Eastfield yeo, John Greaves of Hawfield & Nicholas Birley of Ewes yeo - in all that my capital messuage called Bromhead & all lands there & at Langsett & all other places in the parish of or hamlets of Bradfield & Peniston - to the use of me for life - remainder to Christopher Wilson the younger my son & heir apparent and the heirs male of his body - remainder to Reginold my second son - John my third son - Richard my fourth - Ralph my fifth - in tail male - remainder to the right heirs of Christopher - with pwer of revocation. Signed by Christopher Wilson. Counterpart signed by the feoffees.
12 Feb 1618: Received of Christopher Wilson of Bromhead yeoman - for 20 years arrears of his tyth money for Bromhead (two thirds of the whole, one third belonging to the Vicar) due to the exors of Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury Decd, - £3 being in the whole less a year - also two parts 12d a year for rate moeny for the tyth of a corn mill at Bromhead 13/4 - two parts of rate meney for cor & hay of Raynor house ... etc. - in all £5/2/2. Christopher was listed as an agent on the tax roll in March 1620/21. Acquittance to Christopher Wilson gent. - collection of the Subsidy granted to King James in the eighteenth year of his reign for the Wapentake of Strafford & Tickhill £12*/9/-/1/3/4.
8 March 1621 Christopher Wilson of Bromhead, gentleman, his bond to the King for payment of what money of this subsidy he collects.
     Christopher Wilson made a will dated 8 July 1622. Will of Christopher Wilson of Bromhead yeo - to John Ralph & George my sons £150 each in which I stand bound to them - the residue to be divided inato 3 parts - one to Beatrix my wife in lieu of her wife's right - out of the residue I leave to Elizabeth my daughter £100 - to the poor of Bradfield 40/-, to Ann Revel my daughter 40/-, to Helen Rich my daughter 40/-, the tuition of my children Elizabeth, John, Richard, Ralph & George to my wife as long as she shall keep herself in my name to bring these up at school & to be allowed £6 yearly out of the increase? of their portions - if she marry again then my son Chris. to be guardian - residue is bequeathed to my children Elizabeth, John, Ralph & George - daugher Elizabeth sole exec. 1622 Oct 16 : A codicil was added that the testator having made an estate of certain lands & tenements in Ingbirchworth to Ralph Wilson his son did declare it to be his intention tha the said Ralph should take no benefit under his will. (This appears to be nuncupative).Witnesss Chris. Wlson, Chris. Morton & Reg Wilson.
27 Aug 1622, 19 Jas: This indenture betwen Godfrey Bosvile of Gunthwaite esq & Chris Wilson of Bromhead yeo & Richard Wilson fourth son of sd Chris. - for £225 paid by the sd Chris. - Bosvile sells to them a messuage in Ardelsow alias Ardsley & a cottage and all othe rmess. lands etc. of him the sd Godfrey Bosevile in the township of Ardelow, Monk Bretton als Burton Worsborough & Worsborough dale - with writings & muniments or copies - covenants to defend agains all claims of dower from Margaret now his wife, and from all claims arising out of anything done by himself or Ralph Bosevile his father decd for by Francis Bosevile late of Gunthwaite also decd or by Godfrey Bosevile late father of sd Francis also decd.
     Christopher died on 18 October 1622 in Broomhead, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He was buried on 20 October 1622 in Bradfield, YKS. Notes from tombstones inside Bradfield church: the next row of stones in the chancel : ... Christopher Wilson 1590. Ellizabeth his wife 1602 of Bromhead. Mary wife of Christopher Wilson buried 1661. [Ronksley #7035,7146].
Upon a stone which is cracked the the middle in the aisle leading from the reading desk to the chancell: Ellen, wife of Christopher Wilson 1598 of Bromhead. Christopher Wilson buried 1622. Christopher Wilson 1670. Joseph Swicket syas my grandfather is buried under the first stone, my father under the 2nd & my grandfather, uncle Arthur & brother Thomas under the 3rd. [John Wilson, c.1780, Wilson Ms. v.19 fol.7. Ronksley #7148].
In 1780 his descendant John Wilson described the custom of the assembly of those persons who ledl their lands of th manor of Sheffield by Knight service, who used to meet in the Wickar nea that town every Easter Tuesday dressed in armour on horseback & was their drawn up by Thomas Namforth a scissor smith who my father got as a Deputy to officiate for him and always lent him his horse and sword that day & by heading them up from the Wiccar to the town's hall & back again for several years acquired the ame of Capt Bamforth after this parade they had dinner provided by the Lord's steward.
     Christopher Wilson was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held on 9 January 1623 9 Jan 1623, Jan 9 20 Jas: Inquisition at Wakefield before Thomas Fovell esq. Excheator - P.M. Christopher Wilson of Bromhead yeo decd. - Jury say that Chris. Wilson late of Bromhead father of the sd Chris. was seized of a messuaged called Bromhead & 46 acres of land in Wigtwisell & on 4 Dec 5 Eliz (1562) enfeoffed (as in #839) by virtue of which & of the statute for transfering uses into possession Renald Wilson was seized - & died etc leaving Chris his brother & heir who died on 18 Oct last past, having issue Chris his eldest son - held of Wm Earl of Pembroke & Mary his wife as of the manor of Sheffield - Christopher the son & heir aged 27 & more.
1623 similar documents but describe the son Christopher as of Wentworth Woodhouse.

Children of Christopher Wilson and Ellen Bramall

Children of Christopher Wilson and Beatrice Cudworth

Christopher Wilson

(1 March 1595/96 - before 21 March 1670/71)
     Christopher Wilson was christened on 1 March 1595/96 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Christopher Wilson and Ellen Bramall.
1622/3 Jan 28 Sheffield Court : Admittance of Chris: Wilson of Wentworth Woodhouse son & heir of Christopher who was brother & heir of Reginald late son & Heir of Christo, late of Bromhead, decd. [Ronksley Collection # 13233, aged 27 #865].
623 Oct 28: John Ibbotson of Wigtwisle gent - in performance of covenants between me Chris Wilson of Bromhead yeo on the other bearing even date with this deed - have granted to Richard Wilson of Oughtibridge Hall & Wm Ibbotson of Nether Combes yeo - the capital messuage in Wigtwisle in which I now live & many fields there the position of which are particularly described - to hold to the purposes mentioned in said indentures. [R.C. #867, etc].
Christopher Wilson married Mary Ibbotson on 29 October 1623 in Bradfield, YKS.
     Christopher Wilson was mentioned in the manorial court roll dated 24 May 1624 Surender in Sheffield Court by John Ibbotson of Wigtwisle & Westmondhalgh called Carr to the use of John his son & heir for life & on his decease to the use of Mary Ibbotson his eldest daughter whom Christopher Wilson of Bromhead intends to take to his wife. Christopher was described as a gentleman.
     Christopher Wilson made a will dated 14 December 1670. ... my goods & chattels to my younger sons Arthur & Reginald Wilson but if either of them die before their return to England, my three sons Thomas John & Zachary shall have his share ... son Charles to be idemnified from loss under of bond of 500 pounds given to Russel master of Reginald Wilson for his good conduct .. my loving friend & kinsman Thomas Wilson of Oughtibridge Hall & my son John Wilson executors.
     Christopher died before 21 March 1670/71 in Bradfield, YKS. He was buried on 21 March 1670/71 in Bradfield.

Children of Christopher Wilson and Mary Ibbotson

Christopher Wilson

(1 February 1629/30 - before 9 March 1637/38)
     Christopher Wilson was christened on 1 February 1629/30 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Christopher Wilson and Mary Ibbotson.
     Christopher died before 9 March 1637/38. He was buried on 9 March 1637/38.

Christopher Wilson

( - circa 1492)
     Christopher in Broomhead, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire..
A Margaret Wilson was buried 17 April 1546, register now lost

Christopher Wilson married Ellen Unknown (Wilson). Christopher Wilson was born in Bradfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Wilson.
     Christopher Wilson made a will dated 12 July 1491. 6 Hen VIII: The feoffees above - dedi - Christopher Wilson yeoman - for term of life - all lands in Westmondhalgh which we lately had of the gift & feoffment of the sd Christopher - remainder to John his son & heir & the heirs male of his body - remainder to Ralph second son of sd Chris. & the heirs male of his body - remainder to Reginald brother of the sd Ralph & the heirs male of his body - remainder to the right heirs of Christopher - Test. Robert Eyre of Padley jr., Nicholas Eyre of Kvshurst, generos., Christopher Middleton et multis als: Hayfield 12 July 6 Hen VIII.
     Christopher died circa 1492 in Bradfield, YKS.

Children of Christopher Wilson and Ellen Unknown (Wilson)

Christopher Wilson

(circa 1523 - 28 January 1590/91)
     Christopher resided at Broomhead, Bradfield, Yorkshire.
An account of the births, marriages & deaths of the family of Wilson of Bromhead in the chapelry of Bradfield in the parish of Ecclesfield co. York from the year 1523 down to this time extracted from the registers of Bradfield and other places, old wills, Inquisitions & other authentic records by me John Wilson.
- From the beginning up to & including the entry of the death of Richard son of John & Susannah Wilson in 1756 and the extracts from the Harleian M.S. in the British Museum was the work of Mr John Wilson of Bromhead the Antiquary and is in his handwriting. The remainder is in the handwriting of Mr Wm Wilson son of the said Mr John Wilson. The said John Wilson was great grandfather of Rev William Reginald Wilson, Vicar of Bolsterstone 1888.
     Christopher Wilson of Bromhead deposeth in a suit 28 Eliz 1586 to the age of 63 (see depositions in the possession of the Rev Charles Hope of Derby) by which it apears he was born in 14 Hen VIII (1523). He married Elizabeth daughter of Wm Hattersley of Langside (being then about 17 years old in 1540). He was buried 29 Jan 1590/91. Elizabeth W his wife buried 4 Feb 1602/3. He was born circa 1523 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. The Bradifeld parish registers commence in 1559. He was the son of Richard Wilson and Agnes Charlesworth.
Christopher Wilson married Elizabeth Hattersley, daughter of William Hattersley and (?) Unknown, after 5 January 1539/40 in Yorkshire. 1540 Jan 5 31 Hen VIII Indenture between Richard Charlesworth of Holmfirth yeo & Wm Hattersley of Langsett yeo - that Christopher Wilson son & heir of Richard Wilson decd before the feast of Pentecost next shall marry Elizabeth daughter of Wm Hattersley who is to give with her two messuages, 40 acres of land, 14 acres of meadow etc. in Langsett.
1559/1569? Easter book: Westnall, Bradfield.
18 April 2 Elz: To the General Court of Francis Earl of Shrewsbury held at Sheffield came Christopher Wilson son and heir of Richard Wilson and paid 3/8 to have a messuage called Bromhead & 12 acres in Wightwisle & Westmonhalgh - and a messuage & 3 crofts in Dwarryden after the decease of John Wilson his grandfather whose heir he is - also 40 acres which he held liber.
Dec 4 1562: Omnibus etc. Christoher Wilson de Bromhead yeoman - for certain considerations him/lieu thesevents moving?? - has given to John Wainwright of Bolsterstone, Nycholas Byrly of Worral, Wm Ryche of Bullus & Wm Wordsworth of Peniston yeoman - all messuages etc. in Bradfield & elsewhere in co. York - to hold to the use of Renald Wilson my son & heir apparent & the heirs of his body - remainder to Christopher another son & the heirs of his body - remainder to his right heirs. Bromhead 4 Dec 5 Elz.
Undated Langsett: John Wordesworth of Browkehouse doth pay for lands someyme were Robert Rockelyes lands 2/-; Christopher Wilson for the same town 8 1/2d. Omfrey Strette for the same town 9 1/2d; Wm Hyncheclyffe for the same town 2d/ ; Wm Saunderson for the same town 5d. and of the Constable of the same town 3/-.
1574 Will of Nicholas Greve alias Wilson of Bromhead in chapelry of Bradfield, 22 April 1574 - all to Christopher Wilson the elder whom he makes exor. Proved 26 Aug.
1577 Christopher Wilson of Langsyde pade 4d as part of money paid to the Queen from all the tenants of the township of Langside, Penisall, Bulclyfe and Swynden.
1579 Sep 18 21 Elz. Hathersedge At the Great Court Baron of Sir Thomas Fitzherbert came Christopher Wilson & asked license to deliver to farm to etc... his part of certain lands in Darwent called Brookfoot.
1579 Oct 29 21 Elz.: This indenture between Christopher Wilson of Bromhed yeoman of one part & John Hallege of Darwent & Thomas Johnson of the same husbandman - lease of the above lands for 21 years - rent 12 cheykins at Pentecost - 100 eggs at Easter & Christmas by equal portions one week hedging, one week grazing of turf, one week heaving?? & one week shearing in harvest time at his mansyon house called Bromhed & also the keeping of one hound or one hound whelp during the time over & beside the yearly rent of 31/11 - with power to re-enter if the covenants are not performed, or if the tenant play at any unlawful game as dysyng, cardying, clooking or bowling.
1588 Feb 11, 30 Elz: To all etc. Christopher Wilson of Bromhed yeoman - for the advancement of Christopher Wilson my son gives him all his goods & chattels moveable & immoveable reserving the occupation of them for 20 years if I live so long - said Christopher the younger engages to pay to Christopher Greaves son of John Greaves of Wyndhyll £40/0/0 in one quarter of a year after the death of Christopher the elder - but if the said Chris. Greaves died before he is 21 the £40 to be returned.
May 12 30 Elz: This indenture between Chris Wilson of Bromehede yeoman of the one part & Anthony Yellot of Darwen husbandman & Joan his wife late wife of Thomas Johanson of Darwent decd on the other - respects the lease of Darwent lands as above.
May 1 32 Elz: Omnibus .. George Com. Salop - quit claim to - Christopher Wilson of Bromhed yeoman - of all right re lands on both sides of the water of Uden? from the head of Wyll-holme to the Cooper Carr & butting on the north on the wood & on the south super terrain prefate Christopher.
     Christopher Wilson made a will dated 18 August 1590 in Bradfield. Will of Christopher Wilson of Westnall yeoman - to be buried in the church or chapel of Bradfield - daugher Ellen 6/8 - to the poor of the parish or chapelry of Bradfield 33/4 to be distributed at the discretion of my son Christopher & of the wardens of the church or chapel - son Christopher executor.
     Christopher died on 28 January 1590/91 in Bradfield, YKS. He was buried on 29 January 1590/91 in in the chancel, Bradfield. He was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held on 12 April 1591. Apr 12 33 Elz: Inquisition taken at Pontefract before Edw Frottingham Esq. deputy of Ralph Moon Esq. Excheator - P.M. : Christopher Wilson late of Bromhead yeoman decd - Jury say that he was seized of a messuage called Bromhead & 46 acres belonging in Wigtwisell held of Gilbert Earl of Shrewsbury as of his manor of Sheffield at a rent of 6d & is valued ultra reprises at 33/4 - that he died 28 Jan last past & that Reginald is his son & next heir & at the time of his father's death was 40 years old & upwards. He was mentioned as the previous tenant in the manorial court roll dated 30 September 1591, Sep 30 1591- Sheffield, Bradfield soke - at the Great Court - the jury present that at a court holden at Sheffield 18 Jan 27 Hen VIII 1536 - came John Wilson of Bromhead the senr, Arthur, Chris, George & John the younger son of the sd John & surrendered lands in Westmondhalgh to the use of John the elder & Margaret his wife, Chris son of Richard lately decd son & heir of sd John the elder, & of Thomas Wilson brother of sd Chris, son of the sd Richard, & also to the use of Arthur, Chris. George & John sons of the sd John the elder - which was granted by the Lord accordingly to them respectively & the heirs male of their bodies - remainder to the right heirs of John the elder - Now we present that Chris. son & heir of Richard son & heir of John died seized & survived all the above named in the entail & had issue Reynold Wilson who we present as right heir & of full age.
     His will was proved on 18 March 1600 at the Prerogative Court of York. Proved before John Stowell, vicar of Peniston, 18 March 1590/91. Apr 13 1591: A ... [inventory?] of goods prised at Bromhead [not listed].

Children of Christopher Wilson and Elizabeth Hattersley

Dolly Wilson (Monkhouse)

(circa 1760? - after 1800)
     Dolly Wilson (Monkhouse) was born circa 1760? In Ackworth, Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of Wilson of Ackworth, widow of Dr Monkhouse, vicar of Wakefield. Eastwood states that she was the sister of Rev Richard Monkhouse, DD, vicar of Wakefield, 1805-1810..
Dolly Wilson (Monkhouse) married William Steer, son of Charles Steer and Sarah Allott, before 1796.
     Dolly died after 1800.

Children of Dolly Wilson (Monkhouse) and William Steer