Frances Wing

(before 1805 - before 13 March 1859)
     Frances Wing was born before 1805 in Wordwell, Suffolk, England.
Frances Wing married Isaac Cocksedge, son of Joseph Cocksedge and Susanna Unknown, on 16 October 1819 in Culford, Suffolk.
     Frances Wing and Isaac Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in Heath, Culford. Isaac Cocksedge, 40, ag. lab., Frances 40, Susan 75, Esaw? 18, ag. lab, John 15, ag lab, Isack 14 ditto, Susan 10, George 5, Charles 3, all born in the county.
     Frances died before 13 March 1859 in Culford, Suffolk. She was buried on 13 March 1859 in Culford.

Children of Frances Wing and Isaac Cocksedge

Martha Wing

(circa 1797 - )
     Martha Wing was born circa 1797 in Kimberworth or Whiston, Yorkshire. She is possibly the Martha Wing born 6 October 1797 and christened 26 December 1797 at Rotherham, daughter of William & Mary.
Martha Wing married George Kirk in December 1818 in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England. Marriage licence dated 15 (or 7th) Dec 1818: George Kirk aged 25 of Morthern & Martha Wing, aged 21 of Kimberworth, for an intended marriage at Rotherham.
     Martha Wing and George Kirk were recorded on the 1841 census in Morthen, Whiston, Yorkshire, England. George Kirk, 45, farmer, Martha Kirk 40, Joseph Kirk 15, Mary Kirk     15, James Kirk 12, Francis Kirk 10, Saml Kirk 7, Martha Kirk 5, all born in the county with Jane Greaves 35,Wm Osbonre 20, N. S [male servant], John .... 14, M S, Elizabeth Cutts, 15 F.S..
     Martha Wing was recorded on the 1851 census in Whiston, Yorkshire. Martha Kirk 53, head, widow, Joseph Kirk 28, Mary Kirk 26, Martha Kirk 14, all born at Morthen with Thomas Rosbach 20 & John Stenton 17, farm servants. Very poor image.

Children of Martha Wing and George Kirk

Elizabeth Wingfield

( - 28 August 1796)
     Elizabeth Wingfield was born in Washington, Durham, England. Daughter of William Wingfield of Washington, co. Durham by Anne, daughter of William Wiliamson, 4th Baronet..
Elizabeth Wingfield married Sir John St Aubyn (4th Bart), son of Sir John St Aubyn (3rd Bart) and Catherine Morice, on 4 June 1756 in St James, Soho, Westminster. By special licence in her father's house in St James Place. She married secondly 5 October 1782, John Baker of Orsett, Essex..
     In Sir John St Aubyn (4th Bart)'s will dated 21 February 1760, Elizabeth Wingfield was named as executrix of the estate.
     Elizabeth died on 28 August 1796 in Orsett, Essex, England. Admon of her estate in May 1800 and Nov 1801.

Children of Elizabeth Wingfield and Sir John St Aubyn (4th Bart)

Hazel Thelma Winks

(14 March 1911 - 24 August 1986)
     Hazel Thelma Winks was born on 14 March 1911 in New Zealand.
Hazel Thelma Winks married Richard Gillies Black, son of Richard Black and Robina Marian Lynch, on 29 May 1935 in New Zealand.
     Hazel died on 24 August 1986 in New Zealand aged 75.

May Winsall

(31 July 1901 - 3 May 1983)
     May Winsall was born on 31 July 1901 in Carlton, Victoria. She was the daughter of George & Myrtle Winsall.
May Winsall married Alfred Robertson, son of Robert Robertson and Emma Pyke.
     May died on 3 May 1983 in Maryborough, Victoria, aged 81. She was buried in Maryborough.

Elizabeth Winslow

     Elizabeth Winslow was also known as Bessie in records. She was the daughter of William Gressan Winslow and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan.

Helen Winslow

     Helen Winslow married James Smibert in Melbourne, Victoria. Helen Winslow was the daughter of William Gressan Winslow and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan.

Hilda Winslow

(6 June 1910 - 12 August 2001)
     Hilda Winslow was born on 6 June 1910. She was the daughter of William Gressan Winslow and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan.
Hilda Winslow married Henry J MacCullen on 16 September 1939.
     Hilda died on 12 August 2001 in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, aged 91.

William Gressan Winslow

     William resided at Mount Prospect, Derrylin, Fermanagh.
William Gressan Winslow married Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan, daughter of Rev Christopher Halahan and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan, on 7 September 1905 in Enniskillen, Fermanagh.
     William resided at 6 Belgrave Rd, Rathmines, Dublin.

Children of William Gressan Winslow and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan

Herbert Winter

(25 April 1862 - )
     Herbert Winter was born on 25 April 1862 in Gedding. He was the son of John Winter and Sophia Cocksedge.
Herbert Winter married Mary Ann Goacher on 6 February 1886 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

John Winter

(circa 1832 - )
     John Winter was born circa 1832 in Drinkstone, Suffolk.
John Winter married Sophia Cocksedge, daughter of John Cocksedge and Sophia Osborne, on 15 December 1854 in Bradfield St George, Thingoe RD.
     John Winter and Sophia Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Gedding. John Winter, 32 ag. labourer, born Drinkstone, his wife Emma! 28, born Hessett, children Henry 6 born Bradfield St George, Edward 4, Charles 3, Emma 2, John 4 months, all born at Gedding.
     John Winter and Sophia Cocksedge were recorded on the 1871 census in Barton's Green, Bradfield St George. John Winter, 39, ag. labourer, born Drinkstone, his wife Sophia 34, born Hessett, children Henry W, 16 born Bradfield St George, Edward 15, Charles 13, Emma 11, John 10, Herbert 9, all born at Gedding, Julia 6 months born Bradfield St George.

Child of John Winter and Sophia Cocksedge

Richard Winter

     Richard Winter married Sarah Elizabeth Popplewell, daughter of Sarah Popplewell, in 1874.

Frederick Winters

     Frederick Winters married Rachael Jane Bennington, daughter of Philip Bennington and Alice Eliza Bennett, before 31 March 1904 in Wisbech RD, Cambridgeshire, England.

Children of Frederick Winters and Rachael Jane Bennington

Jack Winters

( - before 1988)
     Jack Winters was the son of Frederick Winters and Rachael Jane Bennington.
     Jack died before 1988.

Mona Winters

(1908 - after 1988)
     Mona Winters was born in 1908. She was the daughter of Frederick Winters and Rachael Jane Bennington.
     Mona died after 1988.

Mary Louise Johnson Wintle

     Mary Louise Johnson Wintle was born in Victoria?. Her father was the first governor of Melbourne Gaol.
Mary Louise Johnson Wintle married Evan Evans, son of John Evans and Eleanor Evans, in 1869 in Victoria.

Children of Mary Louise Johnson Wintle and Evan Evans

Grace Winton

     Grace Winton married John Ruby on 1 February 1639/40 in St Eustachius, Tavistock, Devon.

Joan Wintringham

( - 1497)
     Joan Wintringham married William Plumpton, son of Sir Robert Plumpton and Alice Foljambe, in 1451.
     Joan died in 1497.

Child of Joan Wintringham and William Plumpton

Elizabeth Wippell

( - 1901)
     Elizabeth Wippell was born in Devon, England.
     Elizabeth Wippell married George Kirk as his second wife, in 1847 in Melbourne, Victoria.
     Elizabeth died in 1901 in South Yarra, Victoria.

Children of Elizabeth Wippell and George Kirk

Constance Wise

     Constance Wise married William Godolphin, son of Edward Godolphin and Matilda Boteler de Camerton. Constance Wise was the daughter of William Wise.

Child of Constance Wise and William Godolphin

William Wise

      He was of Grayston..

Child of William Wise

Leslie George Wiseman

     Leslie George Wiseman married Emilie Elizabeth Bugg, daughter of James Alfred Bugg and Mary A Tinson, in 1913 in Goulburn, New South Wales.

Theresa May Wiseman

(circa 1898 - August 1933)
     Theresa May Wiseman was born circa 1898.
Theresa May Wiseman married Clarence Rubie, son of George Rubie and Lily Rower, in 1918 in Victoria.
     Theresa died in August 1933 in Hughesdale, Victoria, Australia. She was buried on 25 August 1933 in Springvale, Victoria, Australia.

Children of Theresa May Wiseman and Clarence Rubie

Mary Withernwick

     Mary Withernwick married John Stancer, son of George Stancer, on 17 December 1838 in All Saints, Sculcoates, Yorkshire. Mr John Stancer, joiner & builder to Miss Mary Withernwick,both of Sculcoates.
     Mary Withernwick and John Stancer were recorded on the 1841 census in Kingstown St, Sculcoates, Yorkshire. John Stancer, 30, builder, Mary, 25. George, 2, all born in the county.
     Mary Withernwick was recorded on the 1851 census in Andrew St, Brightside Bierlow, Yorkshire. She may be: Mary Stancer, head, widow, 47, washerwoman, born Derbyshire, Bolsover; with her children George 21, steel roller, Sarah 13, Henry 11, all born at Sheffield.

Children of Mary Withernwick and John Stancer

Janice Lucille Witman

(24 December 1917 - 22 June 1985)
     Janice Lucille Witman was born on 24 December 1917 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Janice Lucille Witman married James Franklin Thomas, son of James Elmer Thomas and Rose May Bell, on 17 December 1938 in Los Angeles, California.
     Janice died on 22 June 1985 in Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA, aged 67.

Child of Janice Lucille Witman and James Franklin Thomas

Sir John Wodehouse 1st Baron

(4 April 1741 - 29 May 1834)
     Sir John Wodehouse 1st Baron was born on 4 April 1741.
Sir John Wodehouse 1st Baron married Sophia Berkeley Lady Wodehouse, daughter of Hon Charles Berkeley and Frances West or Killigrew, on 30 March 1769.
John Wodehouse, 1st Baron Wodehouse of Kimberley succeeded to the title of 6th Baronet Wodehouse, of Kimberley, co. Norfolk on 21 May 1777. He was Recorder of Falmouth and Member of Parliament (Tory) for Norfolk between 1784 and 1797. He was created 1st Baron Wodehouse of Kimberley, co. Norfolk [Great Britain] on 26 October 1797.
     John died on 29 May 1834 aged 93.

Peter P Wojtul

(29 June 1907 - )
     Peter P Wojtul was born on 29 June 1907 in Mt Vernon, New York, USA.
Peter P Wojtul married Virginia Florence Trull, daughter of William Evans Trull and Adelin Grace Hunken, on 22 February 1941 in Mt Vernon, New York.

Elizabeth Wolf

     Elizabeth Wolf married William Copperwheat, son of Robert Copperwheat and Martha Butler, on 23 May 1828 in Sorell, Tasmania. William Copperwheat, widower of the parish of Sorell & Elizabeth Wolf, widow of the parish of Sorell, married by banns. He signed, she made her mark..

Theobald Wolfe

     Theobald was a barrister at law.
Theobald Wolfe married Elizabeth Charleton, daughter of Capt William Charleton and Margaret Armstrong.

Allan Gustav Killigrew Wolff

(15 April 1908 - 22 March 1985)
      He worked at Boorooma Station , near Bourke NSW for 20 years to 1948. Jessie Dunbar (Lessel)'s husband was manager there.. Allan Gustav Killigrew Wolff was born on 15 April 1908 in Traralgon, Victoria. He was the son of Ernst Friedrich Wolff and Dorothea Frances Nichols.
Allan Gustav Killigrew Wolff married Amy Constance Maxfield on 18 April 1945 in Drouin, Victoria.
     Allan died on 22 March 1985 in Upwey, Victoria, aged 76.