Susannah Wright

     Susannah Wright was born in Suffolk.
Susannah Wright married John Cocksedge, son of Benjamin Cocksedge and Sarah Watkinson, on 30 June 1818 in St Mary's, Rougham, Suffolk. He was a widower.

Thomas Arthur Wright

(1873 - 1953)
     Thomas Arthur Wright was born in 1873 in New Zealand.
Thomas Arthur Wright married Beatrice Mary Bowker, daughter of Charles Bowker and Anna Elizabeth Whitla, in 1908 in New Zealand.
     Thomas died in 1953 in New Zealand.

Children of Thomas Arthur Wright and Beatrice Mary Bowker

Thomas Douglas Wright

(5 May 1916 - 1963)
     Thomas Douglas Wright was born on 5 May 1916 in New Zealand. He was the son of Thomas Arthur Wright and Beatrice Mary Bowker.
     Thomas was a runholder.
     Thomas resided at New Zealand, 11 October 1961.
     Thomas died in 1963 in New Zealand.

Walter William Robertson Wright

(circa 1855 - 1905)
     Walter William Robertson Wright was born circa 1855. He was the son of William Wright and Agnes Clayton.
Walter William Robertson Wright married Maria Seamer, daughter of Henry Charles Seamer and Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross), in 1904 in Victoria. They had 4 children who used the surname Robertson..
     Walter died in 1905 in Sherbrooke, Victoria. Walter William Robinson Wright, aged 50.

William Wright

( - 23 August 1621)
     William Wright was the son of Robert Wright and Ann Grimston.
William Wright married Ann Thornton.
     William was buried on 23 August 1621. Here lies interred ye bodies of William Wright of Plewland Esquire & Ann his wife who after they had lived lovingly together ye space of 50 years in the feare of God & lov men, finished afaire prigrimage of joyal paradice. Ann ye 28 of Decr ... 1618 and y said William y 23 August 1621 ...

William Wright

     William Wright married Agnes Clayton.

Child of William Wright and Agnes Clayton

Eliza? Wright?

     The marriage of Eliza? Wright? and John Burnham Vergette, son of Edward Vergette and Sarah Burnham, was registered in Peterborough RD in the June 1868 quarter.

Ann Wroe

(before May 1735 - before 1772)
     Ann Wroe was born before May 1735 in Dodworth, Silkstone, Yorkshire. There was also an Ann Roe baptised at Hooton Pagnell, 22 July 1735, daughter of Jonathan.. She was possibly christened on 11 January 1733/34 in Silkstone, Yorkshire. Anne, daughter of Thomas Wroe, Dodworth. She was possibly christened on 26 December 1735 in Silkstone, Yorkshire. Hannah, daughter of George Roe, Stainbrough. Note that Anne, daughter of George Wroe was baptised 27 Feb 1732, and presumably died young.
     Ann Wroe and Amor Rich obtained a marriage licence on 8 May 1765 in Yorkshire. Emor Rich of Stainborough, parish of Silkston, schoolmaster aged 30 years and upwards, widower & Ann Wroe, of Sheffield, aged 30 years and upwards, spinster, to be married in the parish church of Sheffield. The bondsman was Robert Revell of Sheffield, innkeeper.
     Ann Wroe married Amor Rich as his second wife, on 9 May 1765 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Emor Rich, widower, aged 30 of Silkstone & Ann Wroe aged 30 of Sheffield.
     Ann died before 1772 in Yorkshire.

Children of Ann Wroe and Amor Rich

Sylvia Wroe

(28 September 1907 - 15 January 1973)
     Sylvia Wroe was born on 28 September 1907.
Sylvia Wroe married Walter Popplewell, son of Charles Edward Popplewell and Emma Dunk, on 15 August 1932 in Wombwell, Yorkshire, England.
     Sylvia died on 15 January 1973 aged 65.

Isabella Wroite

(before 1558 - )
     Isabella Wroite was born before 1558 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.
Isabella Wroite married James Ryther (son of John of Epworth 2), son of John Ryther and Agnes Unknown (Ryther), on 12 October 1573 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.

Jane Wroth

     Jane Wroth married William Henry de Zuylestein Earl of Rochford, son of Frederick de Nassau General Zuylestein and Mary Killigrew, on 28 January 1681. She was the daughter and heiress of Sir Henry Wroth, of Durants, Enfield, co. Mdx, by whom he had 4 sons and 5 daughters.

Leon Wuttrich

(circa 1855 - 1938)
     Leon Wuttrich was born at sea circa 1855.
Leon Wuttrich married Ellen Marie Ruby, daughter of David Ruby and Annie Hogan, in 1895 in Victoria.
     Leon died in 1938 in Morwell, Victoria.

Ann Wyatt

     Ann Wyatt was the daughter of Thomas Wyatt.
Ann Wyatt married Roger Twisden.

Child of Ann Wyatt and Roger Twisden

Hannah Wyatt

(circa 1815 - 1860 June quarter)
     Hannah died 1860 June quarter in Stow RD, Suffolk.
Hannah Wyatt married John Sutton, son of Abraham 2 Sutton and Elizabeth Goymour, Dec 1/4 of 1850 in Stow RD Suffolk. Hannah Wyatt was born circa 1815 in Michelsfield.

Child of Hannah Wyatt and John Sutton

Mary Ann Wyatt

(circa 1810? - )
     Mary Ann Wyatt was born circa 1810?. A Mary Ann Wyatt was baptised 13 June 1819, daughter of Samuel & Mawry, bacon factor of Dock, on 13 June 1819.
Mary Ann Wyatt married John Ruby on 17 August 1831 in Devonport, Stoke Damerel, Devon.

Thomas Wyatt

Child of Thomas Wyatt

Edward Wyborn

     Edward Wyborn married Emma Ashton or Sloan (Wyborn), daughter of David Sloan and Mary Ann Ashton, in 1853 in Hexham or Newcastle, New South Wales. They had James W 1857, Mary A 1858, Augusta 1861, Edward 1863, Frederick D 1866, Benjamin 1869, Eber D 1871, William Albert 1874 in the Maitland district.

Augustus Miles Wybourne

(1865 - 1904)
     Augustus Miles Wybourne was born in 1865.
The marriage of Augustus Miles Wybourne and Constance Fawler Martin, daughter of William Samuel Martin and Mary Ann Jane Richardson, was registered in Hendon RD in the September 1890 quarter. They had no issue.
     Augustus died in 1904.

James Wybrow

(1814 - )
     James Wybrow was also known as Whybrow in records. He was born in 1814 in New South Wales. He was the son of William Whybrow and Elizabeth Clarke (Crookshank?) (Wybrow) (Tindal).

Susannah Wybrow

(1812 - )
     Susannah Wybrow was born in 1812 in New South Wales. She was the daughter of William Whybrow and Elizabeth Clarke (Crookshank?) (Wybrow) (Tindal).

Elizabeth Wylde

(before 1540 - )
     Elizabeth Wylde was also known as Wyler? in records. She was born before 1540.
Elizabeth Wylde married Robert Steer, son of Patriarch Steer, on 15 June 1557 in Darley, Derbyshire.

Child of Elizabeth Wylde and Robert Steer

Ann Wyles

(circa 1776 - before 31 January 1837)
     Ann Wyles was born circa 1776 in Ketton cum Tixover, Rutland.
Ann Wyles married John Stanser, son of John Stanser and Eleanor Sims, on 17 July 1801 in Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire. John Stansar of this parish & Ann Wyles of Ketton, Rutland, by licence.
     Ann died before 31 January 1837 in Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire. She was buried on 31 January 1837 in Easton on the Hill.

Children of Ann Wyles and John Stanser

Barbara Wyllie

     Barbara Wyllie married Thomas Rich on 14 February 1585/86 in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England.

Jane Wyman

     Jane Wyman was born in England. She was the daughter of Henry Wyman.
Jane Wyman married William Gascoigne, son of Chief Justice William Gascoigne and Elizabeth Mowbray, before 1405.

Katharine Wymbish

     Katharine Wymbish married John Heneage, son of John Heneage and Eleanor Preston. She was the daughter of Thomas Wymbish of Nocton.

Child of Katharine Wymbish and John Heneage

Lowri f Maredudd Wyn

     Lowri f Maredudd Wyn married Rhydderch ap Dafydd (?), son of Dafydd ap Maredudd and Agnes ferch Rhys. Lowri f Maredudd Wyn was born in Wales. She was the daughter of Meredydd, of Cwm Penanmaen, Dolwyddelan & Ales.. She was the daughter of Meredith ap Ieuan Wyn and Alice William ap Griffith.

Child of Lowri f Maredudd Wyn and Rhydderch ap Dafydd (?)

Meredith ap Ieuan Wyn

(circa 1459 - between 18 March 1524 and 1525)
     Meredith ap Ieuan Wyn was also known as Maredudd in records.
Welsh Biography Online (National LIbrary of Wales) states: The Wynns of Gwydir belonged to a stock which was engaged during the 14th and 15th cents, in establishing the nuclei of small estates in the free townships of Penyfed and Pennant in Eifionydd . About the beginning of the 14th cent. , Dafydd ap Gruffydd of Nantconwy (claiming descent from Owain Gwynedd ) m. Eva , daughter and heiress of Gruffydd Fychan , one of the coheirs of ‘ Gwely Wyrion Gruffydd ’ in Penyfed . The descendants of this union are found at Gesail Gyfarch , Ystumcegid , Clenennau , and Brynkir . During the revolt of Owain Glyndwr (q.v.) , Ieuan ap Maredudd ap Hywel ap Dafydd ap Gruffydd of Cefn-y-fan (later called Ystumcegid ) and Gesail Gyfarch supported the crown and d. in 1403 while defending Caernarvon castle against Glyndwr 's forces; his brother, Robert , was one of Glyndwr ’ followers and received a pardon from Henry , prince of Wales , in 1408 . As a result, possibly, of this division of loyalties, the bulk of the family possessions remained in the possession of the line of Ieuan ap Maredudd until 1463 ; in that year, the lands were partitioned and Gesail Gyfarch fell to the share of Ieuan ap Robert ap Maredudd ( 1437 - 1468 ). He was a Lancastrian and died of the plague at Gesail Gyfarch in 1468 . His son, Maredudd , to avoid implication in the feuds of his kinsmen in Eifionydd , purchased the lease of Dolwyddelan castle about 1489 ; he later built Penamnen , and finally purchased Gwydir from Dafydd ap Hywel Coetmor about 1500 .. He was born circa 1459 in Wales. He was the son of Ieuan ap Robert and Catherine ferch Rhys ap Howel Vychan.
Meredith ap Ieuan Wyn married Alice William ap Griffith in Wales. He married secondly Gwenhwyfer, daughter of Gruffydd ap Howel y Farf, relict of Robert Griffith, of Plas Newydd. He co-habited with Margaret, daughter of Morris ap John ap Meredydd, of Clenenney; she only co-habited with him, as his 2nd wife survived him. They had issue.
Maredudd , to avoid implication in the feuds of his kinsmen in Eifionydd , purchased the lease of Dolwyddelan castle about 1489 ; he later built Penamnen , and finally purchased Gwydir from Dafydd ap Hywel Coetmor about 1500 .
     Meredith died between 18 March 1524 and 1525 in Gwydir, Llanwrst, Caernarvonshire, Wales. Meredydd, of Cwm Penanmaen, Dolwyddelan, died March 18 1525, aged 65, buried at Dolwyddelan. He lived formerly at Crug, Llanfairisgaer; he bought Gwydir from Dafydd ap Howel Coetmor. He was buried in Dolwyddelan, Wales.

Annie Maria Wynn

(circa 1863 - )
     Annie Maria Wynn was born circa 1863.
Annie Maria Wynn married George Frederick Keys, son of George Scott Keys and Katharine Hooper, on 6 July 1891 in St Mary, Whitechapel, London, Middlesex. He was 43, bachelor. licenced victualler,of 51 Precott St, Whitechapel, son of George Scott Keys, artist. She was 28 and widowed.

Catherine Wynn

     Catherine Wynn was born in Gwydir, Llanwrst, Caernarvonshire, Wales. She was the daughter of Morris Wynne and Jane Bulkeley.

Dorothy Wynn (Powel)

     Dorothy Wynn (Powel) was born in Gwydir, Llanwrst, Caernarvonshire, Wales. He was the son of Morris Wynne and Jane Bulkeley.