William Harris Bowker

(before April 1834 - 5 June 1869)
     William Harris Bowker was christened in 1834 in St Mary, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. He was born before April 1834 in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. He was the son of Thomas Bowker J.P., Squire and Sarah Eagles Cowley. Francis, Catherine, William, Sarah, Thomas and Charles were listed as the children of Thomas Bowker J.P., Squire in the 1861 census in the Manor House, Market Place, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. William Harris Bowker was buried in 1869 in Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.
     William's death was registered in the quarter ending on 5 June 1869 in Whittlesey RD, Cambridgeshire.
     His will was proved on 24 July 1869. William Harris Bowker, the will with a codicil of Wiliam Harris Bowker late of Whittlesey in the Isle of Ely, Canbs, gentleman, deceased who died 5 June 1869 at Whittlesey... proved by Thonas Bowker of Whittlesey asfs, Esquire, the father and John Warin Willders of Whittlesery gentleman the executors. Effexts under £9.000.

William Henry Bowker

(19 December 1793 - )
     William Henry Bowker was christened on 19 December 1793 in St Margaret's, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. He was the son of Alexander Bowker and Ann Emerson.

William Henry Bowker

(22 March 1888 - 8 September 1955)
     William Henry Bowker was born on 22 March 1888. He was the son of Francis William Bowker and Susannah Turner.
     William died on 8 September 1955 aged 67.

William Horden Bowker

(19 October 1837 - before 25 April 1845)
     William Horden Bowker was christened on 19 October 1837 in St Michael, Stamford, Lincolnshire. He was the son of William Bowker and Elizabeth Horden.
     William Horden Bowker appeared on the 1841 census in the household of William Bowker and Elizabeth Horden in St Mary's Hill, Stamford, St Mary, Lincolnshire.
     William died before 25 April 1845 in St Mary's Place, Stamford, Lincolnshire. On Tuesday last, at the house of his grandfather, St Mary's Place, aged 7 years, Wm Horden Bowker, only child of Mr Wm Bowker, jun, of this place. He was buried on 26 April 1845 in St Mary, Stamford.

William James Bowker

(circa 1844 - 15 March 1900)
     William James Bowker was born circa 1844. He was the son of George Robinson Bowker and Eliza Redmile.
William James Bowker married Cassandra Jemima Crowhurst on 9 March 1874 in Woodchester, South Australia. BOWKER — CROWHURST. On the 9th March, at Woodchester, by the Rev. J. H. Williams, Mr, W. J. Bowker, of Laura, builder, to Cassandra Crowhurst, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Crowhurst, of Woodchester, farmer.
     William died on 15 March 1900 in Laura, South Australia. BOWKER.On the15th March, at his residence, Laura, William James, dearly beloved husband of Cassandra J Bowker, and third son of the late George Robinson Bowker, formerly of
Waternewton Lodge, Huntingdonshire, England, and son-in-law of the late Thomas Crowhurrst, formerly of Woodchester, leaving four sons and four daughters to mourn their sad loss, in his 56th year

Children of William James Bowker and Cassandra Jemima Crowhurst

William John Cooper Bowker

(3 December 1900 - 21 February 1983)
     William John Cooper Bowker was born on 3 December 1900 in Burton upon Trent RD. He was the son of Richard Ryther Steer (Popplewell) Bowker and Elizabeth Mary Cooper. William John Cooper Bowker was listed as Richard Ryther Steer (Popplewell) Bowker's son in the 1901 census in 210 Ashby Rd, Winshill, Staffordshire.
William John Cooper Bowker married Norah Kathleen Phillips in 1942 in Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire.
     Administration of the estate of Richard Ryther Steer (Popplewell) Bowker was granted to William John Cooper Bowker, on 1 July 1943 in Llandudno Richard Ryther Steer Popplewll Bowker of 14 Stapenhill-road, Burton upon Trent died 10 March 1941 at Burntwood, Staffordshire. Administration to William John Cooper Bowker, garage proprietor. Effects £861 16s.
     William John Cooper Bowker was employed by a brewery.
     William died on 21 February 1983 in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, aged 82. He was buried on 28 February 1983 in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire.
     His will was proved on 19 April 1983. William John Cooper Bowker, of Newlands, Upper Packington Rd, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics, died 21 Feb 1983. Probate Manchester. Effects £81177.

Child of William John Cooper Bowker and Norah Kathleen Phillips

William Monkhouse Bowker

(10 March 1803 - 1876)
     William Monkhouse Bowker was born on 10 March 1803 in Mitford?, Northumberland. He was the son of Miles Bowker and Anna Maria Mitford. William Monkhouse Bowker was christened on 18 April 1807 in Mitford. He was christened on 4 October 1813 in Almer, Dorset.
     William died in 1876. He married and had a large family.
Mr Francis Bowker is a descendant of the Hon. William Monkhouse Bowker, MLA, the second son of Miles. William and his younger brother, Miles Brabbin, showed their quick assimilation to a South African way of life - they were young men in their late teens when they made the voyage on the Weymouth - by marrying Oosthuizen sisters, daughters of a friendly Dutch wagoner who transported the Bowker family to their first farm, Oliveburn, which was soon rejected for Tharfield.
The Bowkers at Cathcart are closely related to the Thorn Kloof Bowkers, for they also descend from William Monkhouse Bowker. His grandson, Meyrick Brabbin Bowker, inherited the farm Dunskye, at Cathcart in 1913, after the death of his father, Miles Meyrick Bowker who had previously run the farm.

William T Bowker

(between 1810 and 1816 - )
     William T Bowker was born between 1810 and 1816 in Lincolnshire. This link is only assumed by his occupation. He was the son of William Bowker and Mary Smith.

Children of William T Bowker and Elizabeth Horden

William Wallace Bowker

(3 January 1816 - 4 December 1901)
     William Wallace Bowker was also known as William Wallis in records. He was born on 3 January 1816 in Walton, Northamptonshire. He was the son of James Bowker and Arabella Paget. William Wallace Bowker was christened on 16 June 1818 in Paston, Northamptonshire.
William Wallace Bowker married Frances Eaton on 20 October 1850 in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire. William Wallis Bowker, bachelor of this parish, of full age, labourer, son of James, farmer & Frances Eaton, of this parish, spinster, of full age, daughter of William, labourer.
A William Wallis Bowker married at Wellingborough RD in the Dec quarter of 1839. Both made their mark..
     William Wallace Bowker was recorded on the 1851 census in Tilbrook, Bedfordshire. He was a wagoner aged 35, born Walton; with wife Frances aged 34, born Orford.
William Wallace Bowker married secondly Mary Edgley before 1 July 1874 in London, St George Hanover Square RD, Middlesex.
     William Wallace Bowker and Mary Edgley were recorded on the 1881 census in Tilbrook, Bedfordshire. William Bowker, aged 60, married, born Walton, Northampton, farm bailiff and his wife Mary Bowker, aged 60, born Stonely Kimbolton, Huntingdon.
He resided at Church Gate, Overend, Elton, a large seventeenth century farmhouse, which is still standing and lived in. William came to the village of Elton, Huntingdonshire, in 1891, after retiring from farming. He loaned to the villagers the use of two rooms in the large farmhouse, to be used as a "reading-room" - one of which was used for games.
     William Wallace Bowker and Mary Edgley were recorded on the 1891 census in Haddon, Huntingdonshire. William Bowker, head, aged 70, farmer born Walton, Nth & his wfie Mary aged 68, born Kimbolton, Hunts with an agricultral labourer Edmund Griffin.
     William Wallace Bowker and Mary Edgley were recorded on the 1901 census in High St, Elton, Huntingdonshire. William Wallace Bowker, head, 83, living on own means, born Walton, Northants, with wife Mary aged 79, born Kimbolton.
     William died on 4 December 1901 in Elton, Huntingdonshire, aged 85. He was buried on 7 December 1901 in Elton.
     His will was proved on 28 January 1902. He was a retired farmer, probate granted to William Brown, schoolmaster. Effects £362.18s.

William? Bowker

(before 1610 - before 5 July 1668)
      Yaxley - The parish contains 4287 acres of land and 11 of water, a large part of the parish is Fen. Yaxley fen was included in the Earl of Bedford's great drainage scheme undertaken in the region of Charles I, and other parts were drained and embanked under a private Act of Parliament of 1830. The parish was inclosed by Act of Parliament in 1767, the award being enrolled on the Recovery rolls for 1769. Norman Cross is a hamlet in the parish. Large barracks were built during the Napoleonic wars in 1796-7 for the accomodation of the French prisoners of war, to whom a memorial was raised in 1914. They were dismantled in 1816. The manor of Yaxley formed one of the chief and also one of the earliest endowment of the abbey of Thorney. After the dissolution of the Abbey, Yaxley manor remained in the Crown. Charles I granted the manor to the City of London in 1628. In 1632 the City sold it to Heneage Proby whose family held it until 1920 when it was sold to Mr W S Abbott of Thornhaugh, Northants. The church is fully described ... In the nave, floor slabs to Rebecca, wife of Thomas Bowker, d.1752. In the north aisle, floor slabs to Freeman Bowker.. wife of .. Bowker; in the south aisle, floor slabs to Thomas Bowker died 1792. The registers begin 13 Nov 1653.
As many of his descendants were graziers and tanners, it is interesting to note that Pigot's 1830 directory mentions that Yaxley held an annual cattle fair on Holy Thursday. William? Bowker was born before 1610 in England. His parentage is unknown, a previous link to the Fletton Bowker family now seems unlikely. He was the son of Thomas Bowker and Ann Unknown.
William? Bowker married Ann Unknown.      
William? Bowker and William Bowker were listed in the Protestation returns as William Bowker in March 1641/42 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire. There was also a Willyam Barker.
     William? Bowker was mentioned in the 1664 hearth tax list in Yaxley. There were 2 William Bowkers, one paying 1 shilling and the other paying 4 shillings.
     William? Bowker was mentioned in the 1666 hearth tax list in Yaxley. There were 3 Williams and 2 Thomas Bowkers.
     William? died before 5 July 1668 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire. He may be the William Bowker who was buried 11 Sep 1658 at Orton Water.
     William? Bowker was mentioned as being deceased in the will of Ann Unknown dated 5 July 1668.

Children of William? Bowker and Ann Unknown

Mary Bowle

(say 1690 - )
     Mary Bowle was born say 1690.
Mary Bowle married John Grimwood, son of Job Grimwood and Mary Bird, on 21 December 1710 in Bildeston.

Children of Mary Bowle and John Grimwood

Ann Bowles

(circa 1671 - 15 May 1733)
     Ann Bowles was born circa 1671 in Suffolk. She is possibly descended from William Bowles of Rattlesden,who is mentioned in the "Able men of Suffolk".
Ann Bowles married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Margery Crofts, on 20 October 1692 in Rougham, Suffolk. He was described as John jr at both his marriage and his eldest two children's births.
     Ann was buried on 15 May 1733 in Rougham, Suffolk. Ann Cocksedge, widow.

Children of Ann Bowles and John Cocksedge

Gertrude Laura Parker Bowles

     Gertrude Laura Parker Bowles married Clarence Alfred Phillips, son of Francis Henry Fortunatus Phillips and Susanna Gordon Windeyer, on 22 August 1874 in Queensland.

Children of Gertrude Laura Parker Bowles and Clarence Alfred Phillips

Jessie Watt Bowman

(1869 - 19 March 1952)
     Jessie Watt Bowman was born in 1869 in Berwick, Victoria. She was the daughter of Peter Watt Bowman & Ellen Cattanach Bowman.
Jessie Watt Bowman married James Thomas Colbert on 22 January 1900 in Broken Hill, New South Wales. Solemnized at his residence by the Church of England clergyman. Jessie Watt Bowman was registered in the 1931 electoral roll with Gordon James Colbert.
     Jessie died on 19 March 1952 in Nelson St, Coburg, Victoria. She was buried on 21 March 1952 in New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.

Children of Jessie Watt Bowman and James Thomas Colbert

Joseph Bowman

(circa 1880 - )
     Joseph Bowman was born circa 1880.
Joseph Bowman married Bessie Ruby, daughter of William Henry John Ruby and Ruth Maria Trafford, in 1902 in Victoria.

Lucy Emma Jane Bowra

(2 May 1852 - 25 January 1902)
     Lucy Emma Jane Bowra was born on 2 May 1852 in sea?, or, Hobart, Tasmania. She was the daughter of John William A Bowra & Eliza Ann Rewell and born at sea according to her death registration,
but her birth was registered in Hobart 7 May 1852. Her mother was buried at East Perth cemetery having died4/5 Mrch 1897, aged 68..
Lucy Emma Jane Bowra married William Henry MacGlew, son of Henry Daniel McGlew and Mary Ann Parry, on 23 May 1872 in the Wesleyan Chapel, Perth, Western Australia. He married again in 1906.
     Lucy died on 25 January 1902 in Smiths Hill, now Glen Forrest, Western Australia, aged 49. DEATH. McGLEW.-On January 25, at her resideence, Smith's Mill, Lucy Emma Jane,the beloved wife of W. H. McGlew, and eldest daughter of the late J. W. A. Bowra, at Perth, W.A. Aged 49 years. Deeply regretted. She was buried on 26 January 1902 in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.

Children of Lucy Emma Jane Bowra and William Henry MacGlew

Geoffrey Herbert Boxer

(4 July 1918 - 26 January 1987)
     Geoffrey Herbert Boxer was born on 4 July 1918 in Portsmouth?, Hampshire, England.
     Geoffrey served in the Royal Navy was a Lt Commander.
     Geoffrey died on 26 January 1987 in New South Wales aged 68.

Patience Boxhill

     Patience Boxhill married Henry Cutting, son of Lewis Cutting, on 24 December 1733 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Adam Boyd

     Adam Boyd was the son of Thomas Boyd 6th Lord Boyd and Margaret Campbell.

Adam Boyd (of Penkill)

( - after 21 November 1577)
      He was ancestor of the Boyds of Penkill and Trochrig.. Adam Boyd (of Penkill) was born in Pinkill, Ayrshire, Scotland. He was the son of Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord) and Janet Colville.
     Adam died after 21 November 1577.

Agnes Boyd (Colquhoun)

     Agnes Boyd (Colquhoun) was the daughter of Robert Boyd 5th Lord Boyd and Margaret Colquhoun.
Agnes Boyd (Colquhoun) married an unknown person in 1564.

Agnes Boyd (Elphinstone)

     Agnes Boyd (Elphinstone) was the daughter of Thomas Boyd 6th Lord Boyd and Margaret Campbell.

Alan Boyd

( - 1339)
     Alan Boyd was the son of Sir Robert Boyd.
     Alan died in 1339 in Perth. He was killed commanding the Scots archers at the siege of Perth.

Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord)

      But for the attainder of 1469 de jure third Lord Boyd, though no evidence can be produced that he ever bore the title of Lord Boyd or was recognised. He was uncle and heir male to the preceding Lord, being the second son of the first Lord Boyd
He was appointed Chamberlain of Kilmrnock beofre 2 August 1488 and had a lease of Drumcoll the same year.. Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord) was the son of Lord Robert Boyd and Mariota or Janet Maxwell.
Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord) married Janet Colville, daughter of Sir Robert Colville, circa 1505. They were related within the third and fourth degrees of consanguinity, and had a dispensation for the marriage already contracted between them and legitimising the children already born, 23 November 1505..

Children of Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord) and Janet Colville

Sir Alexander Boyd (of Drumcol)

( - 22 November 1469)
     Sir Alexander Boyd (of Drumcol) was the son of Sir Thomas Boyd.
Of Drumcol, 'a mirror of Chivalry': Keeper of Edinburgh Castle and instructor of the boy King James III in knightly exercises.
He married Janet Kennedy.
     Alexander died by execution for treason on 22 November 1469 in Castle Hill, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.

Annabella Boyd (Gordon)

     Annabella Boyd (Gordon) was the daughter of Lord Robert Boyd and Mariota or Janet Maxwell.
She married Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar.

Archibald Boyd of Bonshaw

( - before 4 May 1507)
     Archibald Boyd of Bonshaw was the son of Lord Robert Boyd and Mariota or Janet Maxwell.
He was father of Nargaret Boyd, the famous love of King James IV, by whom whe was mother of Alexander Stewart, boy Archbishop of St Andrews.
     Archibald died before 4 May 1507.

Christian Boyd (Hamilton)

     Christian Boyd (Hamilton) was the daughter of Robert Boyd 5th Lord Boyd and Margaret Colquhoun.

Egidia Boyd Countess of Eglinton

     Egidia Boyd Countess of Eglinton was the daughter of Robert Boyd 5th Lord Boyd and Margaret Colquhoun.
Egidia Boyd Countess of Eglinton married an unknown person in 1576. This marriage headed the blood feud.

Elizabeth Boyd (Cunningham)

     Elizabeth Boyd (Cunningham) was the daughter of Robert Boyd 5th Lord Boyd and Margaret Colquhoun. Elizabeth Boyd (Cunningham) was also known as Margaret in records.
Elizabeth Boyd (Cunningham) married an unknown person circa December 1554.