Jos Britten

Child of Jos Britten

Sarah Britten

(circa 1869 - 1946)
     Sarah Britten was born circa 1869 in Port Macd. She was the daughter of Jos Britten.
     Sarah died in 1946 in Horsham, Victoria.

Child of Sarah Britten

Eveline Kathleen Letitia Broad

(1879 - 19 May 1907)
     Eveline Kathleen Letitia Broad was born in 1879 in New Zealand.
Eveline Kathleen Letitia Broad married Gilbert Graham Hodgkins, son of William Mathew Hodgkins and Rachel Owen Parker, on 21 April 1905 in the Baptist church, Vivian St, Wellington, New Zealand. They were both born at Dunedin, but he was living at Wellington as the Deputy Registrar of Marriages. She was the daughter Allan Broad (warehouseman) and Margaret nee Kerr. The marrieage was witnessed by Herbert Joshua Broad, Isabel Jane Field, Nancy Mary Hodgkins & Emily Grace Broad.
     Eveline died on 19 May 1907 in Wellington, New Zealand. For more on the Broad family see [EMAIL:][:EMAIL]. She was buried on 21 May 1907 in Dunedin.

Margaret Broadfoot

     Margaret Broadfoot was born in Fayetteville, Cumberland county, North Carolina, USA. She was the daughter of Andrew Broadfoot of Fayetteville, NC.
Margaret Broadfoot married James Hooper, son of William Hooper and Helen Hogg, in Fayetteville, NC, USA. They had no issue..

Louisa Broadwood

(1876 - 30 September 1955)
     Louisa Broadwood was born in 1876.
Louisa Broadwood married Francis Alfred MacGlew, son of William Henry MacGlew and Lucy Emma Jane Bowra, on 16 August 1897 in Guildford, Western Australia.
     Louisa died on 30 September 1955 in Maylands, Western Australia. She was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.

Children of Louisa Broadwood and Francis Alfred MacGlew

Cadell ap Brochwel

( - 808)
     Cadell ap Brochwel was born in Wales. He was the son of Brochwel ab Elise.
     Cadell died in 808.

Child of Cadell ap Brochwel

Cynan Garwyn Brochwel

     Cynan Garwyn Brochwel was born in Wales. He was the son of Brochwel Ysgythrog ap Cyngen, King of Powys and Arddun Benasgell ferch Pabo.

Children of Cynan Garwyn Brochwel

Elizabeth Brock

     Elizabeth Brock married Thomas Aust on 14 October 1764 in St Saviour, Southwark, Surrey.
     Elizabeth Brock made a will dated 23 July 1789 in Vauxhall, Surrey. ELizabeth Aust of Vauxhall, Surrey, widow, … I give unto George Stanser of Holeton? upon Thames , gentleman and Joseph Buckmaster of Lambeth, plumber an glazier … during teh life of my mother Eleanor Brock of Vauxhall afsd (widow)… my daughter Mary Aust of Vauxhall, spinster ….
     Her will was proved on 16 July 1801 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Proved by the surviving executor George Stanser.

Children of Elizabeth Brock and Thomas Aust

Susanna Brock

(before 15 November 1696 - )
     Susanna Brock was christened before 15 November 1696 in Haxey, Lincolnshire.
Susanna Brock married John Ryther on 5 February 1725/26 in Haxey, Lincolnshire.

Ann Brodie

     Ann Brodie married Alexander Campbell (Of Delnies).

Catherine Brodie

     Catherine Brodie married Sir Patrick Dunbar 3rd Baronet, of Northfield as his second wife, in 1722 in Scotland. Catherine was the daughter of Joseph Brodie of Mentoun. His first wife Catherine was the daughter of William Sinclair of Dunbeath


Children of Catherine Brodie and Sir Patrick Dunbar 3rd Baronet, of Northfield

Grisel Brodie

(circa 1646 - )
     Grisel Brodie was born circa 1646. She was the daughter of Alexander Brodie of Brodie, whose mother was married secondly to Alexander Dunbar of Westfield.
Grisel Brodie married Sir Robert Dunbar, son of Ninian Dunbar and Finduella Christian? Dunbar, circa 1664 in Dyke. She was 18 at her marriage. They had 4 sons & 9 daughters.

Burgie Castle, where Brodie and the coming Bishop put up, was
the scene of an extraordinary occurrence a few years before.
The stately old turretted castle of Burgie, situated on a
rising ground overlooking the plain of Moray about two
miles south-east of Kinloss, belonged to the family of Dunbar.
They had fallen into embarrassed circumstances, and the property
was heavily mortgaged. It was a burden from the ill-requited
services to the King in the old days when Moray lairds took the
field for him against the English Army, hazarding their lives and
their fortunes for his cause. When the Scottish Army were
routed at the Battle of Dunbar, they were in dire straits for
want of provisions. The Laird of Brodie himself was Commissary-


'General at the time, as we have seen, and he got his nephew, the
Laird of Lethen, to advance a considerable sum of money to keep
the troops from famishing. Lethen was not the only north-
countryman who came to the relief of the troops. Robert
Dunbar, Laird of Burgie, gave his personal obligation for over
1000 sterling a large sum in those days to several millers
and mealdealers for supplies of food biscuits and oatmeal
when the troops reached Stirling. In acknowledgment he
received Nimmo, the acting Commissary's receipts in due form.
Time and again he had applied for repayment to the Govern-
ment when the King had come to his own, but was always put
off on one technical ground or other, the real reason being (so he
alleged) that Lauderdale had a private grudge against him. An
Edinburgh mealdealer, named M'Bean, who had supplied part of
the victual, got decreet against Dunbar of Burgie, and, failing to
.get payment, had him put in the. Tolbooth of Edinburgh, where
he was kept for six and a-half years. The other bondholders
threatened to foreclose. Thomas Dunbar of Grange, a neighbour
and relative (they were both descended from sons of Alexander
Dunbar, the Dean of Moray, who had married Catherine Reid,
niece of the Abbot of Kinloss), purchased the property from old
Robert Dunbar, discharged the bonds and took possession of the
old Castle of Burgie. Young Dunbar, son of the old Laird of
Burgie, attacked the Castle with a band of armed men, captured
it, and turned out its inmates. He then proceeded to fortify it,
and to hold it against all concerned. An act of such gross law-
lessness, even in a time when the public peace was not too well


preserved, caused great excitement and commotion. Dunbar of
Grange applied to the civil authorities for redress, and all the
forms of law in the shape of summonses, warnings, and executions
were resorted to. But they had no effect. Young Dunbar of
Burgie refused to give up the place, and paid no heed to the pro-
cesses of the law courts. The Earl of Moray used all his powers
of friendly persuasion, but he found young Dunbar obdurate.
The matter was reported to the Privy Council, and the Chancellor,
the Earl of Eothes, ordered the assembling of troops to accompany
the herald to summon the Castle, in the King's name, to surrender.
Accordingly, John Basillie, herald, appeared before the Castle of
Burgie, displayed the King's coat-of-arms, and his trumpets
summoned the Castle to instantly surrender, failing which an
assault would be made upon it. Young Dunbar saw that further
defiance was out of the question, and gave in, and the Castle of
Burgie was restored to Grange after more than two months'
resistance. It was to show hospitality to the Laird of Brodie and
the minister of Forres, at the end of their day's golfing, that
Dunbar of Grange came by Forres to his hard-won possession on
the 22nd of August, 1672.
. Grisel Brodie was buried in 1689? In Elgin Cathedral, Moray. The tomb of Robert Dunbar of Grange Hill head of the family in 1675. This was erected by her husband, in memory of his very dear wife.

Children of Grisel Brodie and Sir Robert Dunbar

Isabella Brodie

     Isabella Brodie married James Dunbar as his second wife. She was the daughter of Brodie of Brodie.

Janet Brodie

     Janet Brodie was born in Scotland. She was the daughter of John Brodie, Dean of Auldearn.
Janet Brodie married Sir William Dunbar 1st Bart of Durn, son of Ninian Dunbar and Finduella Christian? Dunbar. He was succeeded by his eldest son James.

Children of Janet Brodie and Sir William Dunbar 1st Bart of Durn

Janet Brodie

     Janet Brodie married Alexander Dunbar, son of Alexander Dunbar and Magdalene MacIntosh, in 1727. She was the daughter of James Brodie, of White Hill, co. Elgin, esq.

Children of Janet Brodie and Alexander Dunbar

Katherine Brodie

(1663 - before 1701)
     Katherine Brodie was born in 1663. She was the daughter of James Brodie of Brodie..
Katherine Brodie married Robert Dunbar, son of Sir Robert Dunbar and Grisel Brodie, on 15 August 1682 in Dyke, Moray.
     Katherine died
before 1701.

Children of Katherine Brodie and Robert Dunbar

Katherine Brodie

     Katherine Brodie married James Dunbar, son of Alexander Dunbar and Anna Rose.

Child of Katherine Brodie and James Dunbar

Sophia Brodie

(12 February 1759 - 26 September 1829)
     Sophia Brodie was born on 12 February 1759 in Lethen?.
Sophia Brodie married Lewis Dunbar, son of Joseph Dunbar and Sophia Campbell, on 14 June 1796. He left no issue.
     Sophia died on 26 September 1829 aged 70.

(?) Brodie?

     (?) Brodie? married Maria Bishop or Brewer or Brodie before 1851.

Ann Bromhead

     Ann Bromhead married John Popplewell (of Belvoir Castle) on 5 September 1673 in Selston, Nottinghamshire, England.

John Lupton Bromhead

     The marriage of John Lupton Bromhead and Mary Bowker, daughter of David Bowker and Maria Sampey, was registered in Stamford RD in the June 1853 quarter.

Annie Madeleine Brook

     Annie Madeleine Brook married Walter Darcy Hall, son of Thomas Skarratt Hall and Jane Kirk, in 1920 in London.

Children of Annie Madeleine Brook and Walter Darcy Hall

Caroline Frances Brook

     Caroline Frances Brook married Arthur Lascelles, son of Henry Lascelles 2nd Earl of Harewood and Henrietta Saunders Sebright, in 1834.

Children of Caroline Frances Brook and Arthur Lascelles

Elsie Brook

(12 February 1894 - 1955)
     Elsie Brook was born on 12 February 1894 in Yorkshire.
Elsie Brook married Edward Oswald Bullett, son of John Bullett and Caroline Emma Tedstone, in June 1922 in Huddersfield RD, Yorkshire. He probably married again to Hannah B Cole in 1955 on his first wife's death in that year.
     Elsie Brook and Edward Oswald Bullett were recorded in 1939 census in 50 Oakes Rd, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Edward O Bullett, born 18 Nov1896, fishmonger own account, with Elsie Bullett, born 12 Feb 1894, house wife.
     Elsie died in 1955 in Huddersfield RD Yorkshire.

Children of Elsie Brook and Edward Oswald Bullett

Rebecca Brook

(30 January 1818 - before 12 June 1884)
     Rebecca Brook was born on 30 January 1818 in Wyverstone, Suffolk.
Rebecca Brook married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Priscilla Plampin, on 4 November 1836 in Gt Ashfield, Suffolk.
     Rebecca Brook and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in Gt Ashfield. John Cocksedge, 30, ag lab, Rebecca 20, Marianna 4, Rebecca 2, all born in the county.
     Rebecca Brook and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Norton Road Cot[tage?], Gt Ashfield. John Cocksedge aged 40, ag. labourer, born Ashfield, with his wife Rebecca Cocksedge 33, born Wyverstone and daughters Sarah Cocksedge 8, Elizabeth Cocksedge 6, both born at Ashfield.
     Rebecca Brook and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Long Thurlow, Badwell Ash. John Cocksedge 50 ag lab born Ashfield; his wife Rebecca 43 born Wyverstone, children Elizabeth 16 & Daniel 2 both born at Ashfield with John Cocksedge, father, widower aged 78 retired gardener, born Bacton.
     Rebecca Brook and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1871 census in Badwell Ash. John Cocksedge 60 ag. lab, wife Rebecca 58, Daniel son 14, no birthplace given for any of them.
     Rebecca died before 12 June 1884 in Badwell Ash, Suffolk. She was buried on 12 June 1884 in Badwell Ash.

Children of Rebecca Brook and John Cocksedge

Elizabeth Brooke

( - 28 December 1721)
     Elizabeth Brooke was born in Brooke's Borough, Fermanagh, Ireland. She was the daughter of Sir Henry Brooke of Brookeborough, co. Fermanagh..
Elizabeth Brooke married Gustavus Hamilton Viscount Boyne, son of Sir Frederick Hamilton and Sidney Vaughan.
     Elizabeth died on 28 December 1721.

Children of Elizabeth Brooke and Gustavus Hamilton Viscount Boyne

Francis B B Brooke

     Francis B B Brooke married Beryl M Breading, daughter of Frederic Remington Breading and Lucy Emma Millicent Bush, in 1931 in North Sydney, New South Wales.

Jessie Brooker

     Jessie Brooker married Leslie Arthur Newman Bullett, son of James Robert Russell Bullett and Emily Jakeman.

Sarah Bonnett Brooker

(circa 1817 - 24 November 1890)
     Sarah Bonnett Brooker was born circa 1817 in Ashley, Cambridgeshire, England.
The marriage of Sarah Bonnett Brooker and Stephen Chancellor Dixon was registered in Cambridgeshire in the March 1841 quarter.
     Sarah died on 24 November 1890 in Caulfield, Victoria.

Children of Sarah Bonnett Brooker and Stephen Chancellor Dixon

Elizabeth Brookhurst

     Elizabeth Brookhurst married William Fawler on 9 June 1642 in Chatham, Kent.