Merfyn Mawr,, King of Man

( - 681)
     Merfyn Mawr, King of Man was the son of Cynin ab Anllech.
     Merfyn died in 681. See the Annals of Ulster..

Child of Merfyn Mawr,, King of Man

Moreddig of Warwyn,, Lord of Penyfed

Child of Moreddig of Warwyn,, Lord of Penyfed

Morgan ab Athrwys,, King of Glywysing

( - 665)
     Morgan ab Athrwys, King of Glywysing was the son of Athrwys ap Meurig.
Morgan ab Athrwys, King of Glywysing married unknown ferch Thedeu, daughter of Thedeu ap Peredur (?).
     Morgan died in 665 in Wales.

Child of Morgan ab Athrwys,, King of Glywysing and unknown ferch Thedeu

Morgan Mawr Howard Hen,, King of Morgannwg

( - 974)
     Morgan Mawr Howard Hen, King of Morgannwg was born in Wales. He was the son of Owain ap Hywel (?) and Nest ferch Rhodri Mawr.
     Morgan died in 974 in Wales.

Child of Morgan Mawr Howard Hen,, King of Morgannwg


(900 - 959)
     Murdoch was born in 900. He was the son of Doir.
     Murdoch died in 959.

Children of Murdoch

Neil Earl of Carrick

(say 1200 - 1256)
     Neil Earl of Carrick was also known as Niall in records.
Neil Earl of Carrick married Isabel Unknown. John Ravillious gives Marjorie's mother as Isabel (parentage unknown) quoting Andrew Macewan's research. The Scots peerage had linked her to Margaret Stewart. Neil Earl of Carrick was born say 1200 in Scotland. He was successor of mormaer Dhonnchad of Charraig, whom modern genealogical research has determined to have been his grandfather. Niall's father Cailean of Charraig (Nicol, Nicholas) was heir but seems to have predeceased his father, mormaer Dhonnchad. He was the son of Duncan Earl of Carrick and Avelina FitzWalter or FitzAlan or Stewart.
Nigel, or Niel, second earl of Carrick, like his father, was very liberal to the church. In 1255, a commission was granted by Henry the Third, for receiving ‘Niel earl of Karricke,’ and other Scotsmen into his protection. He was one of the regents of Scotland and guardians of Alexander the Third and his queen, appointed in the convention at Roxburgh, 20th September, 1255, and died the following year.
Sometimes called Nicol. One of the English faction, and under the protection of Henry III, was appointed one of the Regents of Scotland and guardians of Alexander III, 20 Sep 1255.
     Neil died in 1256.

Child of Neil Earl of Carrick and Isabel Unknown

Nominoe, Duke of Brittany,

( - 851)
     Nominoe, Duke of Brittany, was the son of Frodaldus, Count of Brittany.
     Nominoe died in 851.

Padarn Beisrudd (Paternus)

     Padarn Beisrudd (Paternus) was born in Kent, England.
The old British form of this name means Paternus Red Cloak and indicates that he was a very senior Roman officer. He was appointed Praefectus Gentium about 369 when Theodosius re-settled the Borders after the Great Invasion, and was set to rule over the southern Votadini. [Family Tree Magazine (July 1989) extracted from "The Age of Arthur" by John Morris].

Child of Padarn Beisrudd (Paternus)

Pasgen,, King of Buellt & Gwrtheyrnion

     Pasgen, King of Buellt & Gwrtheyrnion was born in Wales. He was the son of Gwrtheyrn Gwrtheneu (Vortigern) (?) and Severa f Macsen Wledig (?).

Child of Pasgen,, King of Buellt & Gwrtheyrnion

Penda ap Pybbe,, King of Mercia

(626 - 655)
     Penda ap Pybbe, King of Mercia was born in 626 in England. He was the son of Pybbe.
     Penda died in 655.

Philip Duke of Burgundy

(15 January 1341 - 27 April 1404)
     Philip Duke of Burgundy married Margaret Countess of Flanders. Philip Duke of Burgundy was born on 15 January 1341.
     Philip died on 27 April 1404 aged 63.

Child of Philip Duke of Burgundy and Margaret Countess of Flanders

Queen Philippa,,

(circa 1312 - 14 August 1369)
     Queen Philippa, was born circa 1312.
Queen Philippa, married Edward, III, King of England.
     Philippa died on 14 August 1369.


(before 610 - )
     Pybbe, was born before 610 in England.

Children of Pybbe,,


Child of Ranulph,,

Rhirid Flaidd Lord of Comot of Penllyn

( - circa 1207)
     Rhirid Flaidd Lord of Comot of Penllyn was born in Merioneth, Wales. See: for further details on this line.
Rhirid Flaidd, "who dwelt at Rhiwaedog," is frequently alluded to in the Welsh chronicles of the later half of the twelth century. Details may be conveniently found concerning him and several families of North Wales who trace their descent from him, in the "Annals of Antiquities of the Counties and County Families of Wales", under the particular chapter devoted to Merionethshire. It says (p. 678): "This distinguished man, Lord of Penllyn (a cnatref containing five parishes north of the Bala Lake), Eifonydd, Pennant, Melangell, and Glyn, in Powis, and, as some say, of eleven towns or trefs in the hundred of Oswestry, has been occasionally described, but erroneously, as founder of one of the fifteen noble tribes of North Wales. At the same time his territories were larger and his influence much more extensive than those of several of the founders of noble tribes. He flourished at the time of Henry II, and his son Richard I. Paternally his descent was from Cynedda Wledig, but maternally it is alleged that his lineage was Norman, his mother being a descendant of Richard, Earl of Avranches, by his son William, whose brother was Hugh Lupus Earl of Chester. Whether Rhirid was called Flaidd (the wolf), from a cognomen of his maternal ancestors, or from the possession of a hungry and savage nature, it is not easy to say. His eldest son Madoc had a son, Rhirid Fychan (the younger, or the little), who married into the family of Fychan (Vaughan), of Nannau, and from him were descended the subsequents Vaughans of Nannau and Rhug. From his son David Pothon, who married Cicely, daughter of Sir Alexander Myddleton, Lord of Myddelton, in Shropshire, the Myddletons of Chirk Castle were descended, retaining the maternal name.". He was the son of Gwrgeneu ap Collwyn (?). Rhirid was nick-named Rhirid The Wolf.
Rhirid Flaidd Lord of Comot of Penllyn married Gwenllian f Ednyfed (?), daughter of Ednyfed ap Cynwrig (?) and Gwladus ferch Aldud.
     Rhirid died circa 1207.

Child of Rhirid Flaidd Lord of Comot of Penllyn and Gwenllian f Ednyfed (?)

Rhun Rhudd Baladr

     Rhun Rhudd Baladr was the son of Llary ap Casnar Wledig.

Child of Rhun Rhudd Baladr

Robert, Duke of Normandy,

(before 1040 - )
     Robert, Duke of Normandy, was born before 1040 in France.

Child of Robert, Duke of Normandy, and Herleve or Harlotte Unknown

Sigrid or Sigarith,,

     Sigrid or Sigarith, married Waldeve,, son of Gospatrick Earl of Northumbria. Paul states that his wife's name was Sigrid or Sigarith, who survived him and married Roger, son of Gilbert.

Children of Sigrid or Sigarith,, and Waldeve,,

Simon, Lord Lovat,

     Simon, Lord Lovat, married Catherine MacKenzie, daughter of Colin MacKenzie and Barbara Grant.


     Son, was born in Scotland. He was the son of James, II, King of Scotland and Mary of Gueldres Queen of Scotland.

Stephen of Blois

(before 1070 - before 1130)
      Made Lord of Holderness by his wife Matilda's half-brother, William the Conqueror, [source?]. According to Cokayne in the Complete Peerage, he married Hawise, daughter of Ralph de Mortimer of Wigmore, co. Hereford, by Millicent his wife.
Stephen of Blois married Hawise de Mortimer. Stephen of Blois was born before 1070. He was the son of Eudes or Odo, Earl of Blois, and Adelaide or Adeliz Countess de Albemarle.
     Stephen died before 1130.

Child of Stephen of Blois and Hawise de Mortimer

Tewdrig Fendigaid (the Blessed)

     Tewdrig Fendigaid (the Blessed) was the son of Teithfallt ap Teithrin, (?).
Tewdrig Fendigaid (the Blessed) married Enynny ferch Cynfarch, daughter of Cynfarch Oer ap Meirchion Gul and Nyfain ferch Brychan, in Wales.

Child of Tewdrig Fendigaid (the Blessed) and Enynny ferch Cynfarch

Tewdws ap Rhain,, King of Dyfed

     Tewdws ap Rhain, King of Dyfed was born in Wales. He was the son of Rhain ap Cadwgon (?).

Child of Tewdws ap Rhain,, King of Dyfed

Thurstan filius Livingi,,

( - after 1127)
     Thurstan filius Livingi, was born in Scotland. He was the son of Livingus.
     Thurstan died after 1127. He witnessed charter of Holyrood House..

Child of Thurstan filius Livingi,,

Tidlet or Tithlyn Prydyn,, King of the Picts

     Tidlet or Tithlyn Prydyn, King of the Picts was born in Powys, Wales.

Child of Tidlet or Tithlyn Prydyn,, King of the Picts

Uchtred Earl of Northumberland

     Uchtred Earl of Northumberland married Elgiva or Aelgifu (?), daughter of Ethelred, II, King of England.

Child of Uchtred Earl of Northumberland and Elgiva or Aelgifu (?)

Uchtred of Tynedale

     Uchtred of Tynedale was the son of Waltheof Earl of Northumbria & Huntingdon and Judith of Lens.

Uchtreda,, Queen of Scotland

(before 1075 - )
     Uchtreda, Queen of Scotland was also known as Athelreda/Ethelreda in records. She was born before 1075. She was the daughter of Gospatrick Earl of Northumbria.
Uchtreda, Queen of Scotland married Duncan, II, King of Scotland, son of Malcom, III Canmor, King of Scotland, circa 1094. Athelreda, who was married, about 1094, to Duncan II, King of Scots, (Donnchad II of Alba, son of King Malcolm Canmore) and became the mother of William Fitz Duncan, Earl of Moray, who lived until 1151 or later, as in that year King David I restored to him his honour of Skipton and others. His male line ended in the 'Boy of Egremont,' whose heiresses were his three sisters." There was another son named Gospatric, but of his history nothing is known.

Child of Uchtreda,, Queen of Scotland and Duncan, II, King of Scotland


     Uortiporius, was the son of Agricola, King of Demetia (Dyfed).
Uortiporius (Voteporix, Votecorigas, Modern Welsh Gwerthefyr ap Aergul), king of Demetia (Dyfed), was apparently old at the time Gildas was writing (perhaps between 500 and 550) [Gildas, De Excidio Britanniae, 31; CIIC.358=ECMW.138, a memorial stone with Irish ogam inscription "VOTECORIGAS" and Latin inscription "MEMORIA VOTEPORIGIS PROTICTORIS; HG.2: "Guortepir map Aircol"; ED] [Note: As the recipient of a severe denunciation by his contemporary Gildas, and the subject of a memorial stone, he is the best documented individual in the earlier generations of this ancestor table. His uncertain chronological position depends on the still debated chronology of his contemporary Gildas. (See the notes under #524416 above.)].

Child of Uortiporius,,

Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary,, The Princess Royal

(25 April 1897 - )
     Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary, The Princess Royal was commonly known as Princess Mary. She was born on 25 April 1897. She was the daughter of King George V.
Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary, The Princess Royal married Henry George Charles Lascelles 6th Earl, son of Henry Ulick Lascelles 5th Earl of Harewood and Florence Katherine Bridgeman, on 28 February 1922 in England.