Edward Campbell

     Edward Campbell married Sarah Dunsford, daughter of John Dunsford and Sarah Jane Knight, in 1883. Wendy Slocum gave Northumberland as the place of marriage, but the GRO index suggests Camberwell (1d/969), Sarah Jane Dunsford & Edward Parkin Campbell.

Elizabeth Campbell

(circa 1890? - 1945)
     Elizabeth Campbell was born circa 1890?.
Elizabeth Campbell married Arthur Gilbert Ross, son of David Ross and Caroline L Jones, in 1912.
     Elizabeth died in 1945.

Ellen Campbell Countess of Lennox

     Ellen Campbell Countess of Lennox was also known as Helen in records. She was born in Scotland. She was the daughter of Gillespie Campbell of Lochawe. She was the daughter of Gillespic Campbell.
Ellen Campbell Countess of Lennox married Duncan Lennox 8th Earl on 30 March 1373.

Children of Ellen Campbell Countess of Lennox and Duncan Lennox 8th Earl

Frances M Campbell

(before 1700 - )
     Frances M Campbell was born before 1700.
Frances M Campbell married John Ashby, son of George Ashby, on 29 October 1717 in St Phillip, Barbados. She may have been his second wife..

Children of Frances M Campbell and John Ashby

Francis Campbell

     Francis Campbell married Catherine Handy, daughter of John Handy and Ann Kenny, on 8 July 1864 in Dundee, Angus.

Freda Campbell

(circa 1912? - circa 2003)
     Freda Campbell was born circa 1912? In California, USA.
     Freda Campbell married James Franklin Thomas as his second wife, in January 1986 in California.
     Freda died circa 2003 in California.

Gillespic Campbell

     Gillespic died in Lochawe or Loch Awe, Argyllshire, Scotland.

Child of Gillespic Campbell

Helen Campbell

(17 May 1850 - )
     Helen Campbell was born on 17 May 1850 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. She was the daughter of James Campbell and Barbara Tindal.
     Helen Campbell were recorded on the 1881 census in 18 Lapicide Place, Leith North, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. She was the informant at the death of Barbara Tindal, on 2 January 1895.

Herbert Thomas Campbell

(4 March 1883 - 28 June 1972)
     Herbert Thomas Campbell was born on 4 March 1883 in Port Macquarie, New South Wales.
Herbert Thomas Campbell married Constance Eleanor Davey, daughter of Frederick John Davey and Robinah Jane Hooper.
     Herbert died on 28 June 1972 in Murwillimbah, New South Wales, aged 89.

Child of Herbert Thomas Campbell and Constance Eleanor Davey

Hugh Campbell

     Hugh Campbell married Lilian Susan Evans, daughter of John Edwin Evans and Ellen MacMillan, in 1934 in Victoria. Their grandson Bradley has contacted me.

Isabella/Frances Campbell

(between 1812 and 1819 - )
     Isabella/Frances Campbell was also known as Frances in records. She was born between 1812 and 1819 in Retford, Nottinghamshire. She was the daughter of William Duncan Campbell and Rebecca Bowker.
     Isabella/Frances Campbell appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Rebecca Bowker in Mansion House St, Lambeth, Surrey. Isabella/Frances was listed as the daughter of Rebecca Bowker in the 1851 census in 5 Washington Place, Peckham, Surrey.
     Isabella/Frances Campbell was recorded on the 1861 census in 29 Crown St, Hammersmith, London. Frances Campbell, head, unmarried, 49, independent, born Retford, Ntt, with her nephew, William Campbell, 13, born Mdx.

James Campbell

(say 1820 - before 1881)
     James Campbell was born say 1820.
     James was a merchant seaman.
James Campbell married Barbara Tindal, daughter of Thomas Tindal and Catherine Ross, on 13 April 1846 in St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, Midlothian.
     James died before 1881.

Children of James Campbell and Barbara Tindal

James Campbell

(26 January 1890 - )
     James Campbell was christened on 26 January 1890 in St Paulinus, Crayford, Bexley, Kent, England. He was the son of Thomas William Campbell and Clara Eugenie (?).

James Campbell

(15 October 1847 - )
     James Campbell was recorded census. In 1861 he was a printer's appprentice, im South Leith, in 1871 he was at West Derby, Toxteth Park St James, Lancashire. In 1873 he was on the ship Nile, at Antwerp, Bergium. He was arried to Margaret, born1846. He was born on 15 October 1847 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. He was the son of James Campbell and Barbara Tindal.

Janet Campbell

     Janet Campbell married William Dallas (of Cantray). She was a natural daughter of the Thane of Calder/Cawdor..

Child of Janet Campbell and William Dallas (of Cantray)

Janet or Mary Campbell

( - between 2 February 1545 and 1546)
     Janet or Mary Campbell married John Stewart 2nd Earl of Athol, son of John Stewart Earl of Athol and Eleanor Sinclair Countess of Atholl. Janet or Mary Campbell was born in Scotland. She was the daughter of Elizabeth Stewart (Campbell).
     Janet died between 2 February 1545 and 1546.

Child of Janet or Mary Campbell and John Stewart 2nd Earl of Athol

Jean Campbell

     Jean Campbell married Alexander Dunbar, son of Thomas Dunbar and Grisell Crichton, on 11 March 1624. She was the sister of John Campbell of Calder.

Jean Campbell

( - 1655)
     Jean Campbell married Robert Dunbar as his second wife. She married secondly George Gordon of Newtown.
     Jean died in 1655.

Child of Jean Campbell and Robert Dunbar

John Henry Campbell

(say 1900 - )
     John Henry Campbell was born say 1900.
The marriage of John Henry Campbell and Elizabeth Stella MacRae, daughter of Henry St George Murray MacRae, was registered in Devon, England, in the December 1943 quarter. John Henry Campbell was an executor of Henry St George Murray MacRae's estate on 25 February 1963 in Exeter.

Katharine Campbell

(before 1760 - )
     Katharine Campbell was born before 1760 in Kilmuir Easter, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland.
Katharine Campbell married Donald Rioch. Katharine was present at George Rioch's christening on 21 June 1776 in Kilmuir Easter, ROC, SCT. Katharine was present at John MacKenzie's christening on 14 July 1790 in Kilmuir Easter, ROC, SCT.

Children of Katharine Campbell and Donald Rioch

Margaret Campbell

     Margaret Campbell married Thomas Boyd 6th Lord Boyd, son of Robert Boyd 5th Lord Boyd and Margaret Colquhoun. Margaret Campbell was the daughter of Sir Matthew Campbell.

Margaret Maxwell Campbell

(23 September 1883 - 20 September 1970)
     Margaret Maxwell Campbell was born on 23 September 1883 in Bendigo, Victoria. She was the daughter of William James Campbell & Frances Henderson Maxwell.
Margaret Maxwell Campbell married Leslie George Harold Bland, son of William Bland and Sarah Ann Scott, on 23 January 1912 in Bendigo, Victoria.
     Margaret was registered at Yarram on the between 1934 and 1936 electoral roll.
     Margaret was registered as as M M Bland, home duties of Yarram, land owner in Woranga at Alberton on the 1949 electoral roll.
     Margaret was registered as re land in Alberton West and Woranga while listed as residing at Yarram on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Margaret died on 20 September 1970 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 86. She was cremated on 22 September 1970 in The Necropolis, Springvale.

Children of Margaret Maxwell Campbell and Leslie George Harold Bland

Margaret Miller Campbell

     Margaret Miller Campbell married Arnold Jackson Linton, son of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar, in 1921 in Victoria.

Lady Marion or Margaret Campbell

(circa 1457 - )
     Lady Marion or Margaret Campbell was born circa 1457. She was the daughter of Colin Campbell Earl of Argyll and Isabel Stewart.
     A contract for the marriage of Lady Marion or Margaret Campbell and George Seton 2nd Lord Seton was signed on 14 September 1469.
Lady Marion or Margaret Campbell married George Seton 2nd Lord Seton, son of John Seton Master of Seton and Christian Lindsay, before 1475.

Child of Lady Marion or Margaret Campbell and George Seton 2nd Lord Seton

Sir Matthew Campbell

     Matthew died in Loudoun, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Child of Sir Matthew Campbell

Maud Martha Campbell

(circa 1896 - March 1957)
     Maud Martha Campbell was born circa 1896.
Maud Martha Campbell married Robert George Wafford, son of Robert Wafford and Elizabeth Rebecca Hales, on 1 January 1910 in St John, Walham Green, London.
     Maud died in March 1957 in Rochford RD, Essex.

Sir Neil Campbell

( - 1315)
     Sir Neil Campbell was born. He was the eldest but illegitimate son of Colin Campbell, Kt.
     Sir Neil Campbell married thirdly Mary Bruce between 1314 and 1315. Lady Mary, married, first, to Sir Niel Campbell of Lochow, ancestor of the Argyle family.
     Neil died in 1315.

Peter Frederick Augustus Campbell

(9 April 1816 - 14 July 1857)
     Peter Frederick Augustus Campbell was christened on 9 April 1816 in St Michael on the Mount, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. He was the son of William Duncan Campbell and Rebecca Bowker.
     Peter Frederick Augustus Campbell appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Rebecca Bowker in Mansion House St, Lambeth, Surrey.
     Peter Frederick Augustus Campbell was recorded on the 1851 census in 3 Bradshaw St, Camberwell, Surrey. Peter Campbell, 35, solicitor's copying clerk, born Lincoln, his wife Mary Campbell     36, born Somers Town, Mdx; children Elizabeth Campbell, 11, born Islington, Mdx, Isabella Campbell, 8, born Vauxhall, Mdx, Frances Campbell 6, born Camberwell, Duncan Campbell, 3, born Walworth, Sophia Campbell, 4 months, born Camberwell, Sophia Protheroe, 72, mother in law, annuitant, born Shropshire, Clun...
     Peter died on 14 July 1857 in Bethnal Green, London, aged 41.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Duncan Campbell on 24 September 1872 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. Administration of the effects of the estate of Peter Frederick Augustus Campbell, late of Bethnal Green in the county of Middlesex, gentleman, who died 14 July 1857 at Bethanl Green, was granted ... to Duncan Campbell, of 41 City Rd, in the said county, silversmith, the son and one of the next of kin. Effects under £100.

Child of Peter Frederick Augustus Campbell

Sophia Campbell

     Sophia Campbell was the daughter of Alexander Campbell (Of Delnies) and Ann Brodie.
Sophia Campbell married Joseph Dunbar, son of Ludovick Dunbar and Elizabeth Dunbar, before 1761.

Child of Sophia Campbell and Joseph Dunbar

Thomas Dawson Campbell

(22 April 1814 - )
     Thomas Dawson Campbell was christened on 22 April 1814 in East Retford, Nottinghamshire. He adopted the extra name Bowker by the time of the fraud case in 1854 and it was on his son's birth certificate in 1857. He was the son of William Duncan Campbell and Rebecca Bowker.
Thomas Dawson Campbell married Rebecca Aguilar on 20 May 1849 in St James, Clerkenwell, Clerkenwell RD, Middlesex. Thomas Campbell, 32, bachelor, & Rebecca Aguilar, 18, spinster, both of St Paul's Terrace, son of William Duncan Campbell, gentleman & daughter of Joseph Aguilar, merchant. Both signed in the presence of Joseph Aguilar, jr.
Her presumed brother Joseph Orlando Aguilar on 29 Oct 1858 married Sarah Frances Rebecca Burgess at Newington Holy Trinity.
     Thomas Dawson Campbell and Rebecca Aguilar were recorded on the 1851 census in 77 Lambeth Walk, Lambeth, Surrey. Arthur E Forty, 66, stationer & toyman, born Birmingham, his wife Emmeline Forty, 56, net lace maker, born Jamaica, Frederick Aguilar, 49, brother in law, surgeon out of practice, born St Pancras; Thomas D Campbell     34, nephew by marriage, accountant, born Worksop, Ntt; Rebecca Campbell 20, niece, born Paddington, Mdx.
The London gazette reported: Thomas Dawson Bowker Campbell, late of no. 7 Layton-place, Brixton, Surrey, out of employment, was in the Surrey Gaol. On 26 Sep, before Mr Commissioner Murphy - Thomas Dawson Bowker, sued and committed as Thomas Dawson Campbell, formerly of no. 2 Kent-terrace, old Kent-road, attorney's clek, then of no 5 Spring-place, Wandsworth-road, Surrey, then of no. 3 Anna-terrace, Stanines-road, Hounslow, Middlesex, following no business or profession, then of no. 6 Clayton-street, Kennington-road, occupied in an invention for the extinguishment of fire in ships; holds, warehouses and other buildings, and provisionally registered as William Thompson, then and late of no. 7 Layton-place, Middle-road, Brixton, Surrey, out of employment
The Times on 26 September 1854: Lambeth: Yesterday being the day upon which summons against W Thompson alias Thomas Dawson Bowker Campbell, a present a debtor in Horsemonger Lane Gaol, and who has for a length of time carried on a most extensive system of fraud by means of an advertisement headed 'Fortune!, Fortune!, Fortune!' the court was much crowded by persons who had been his victims and who had attended to prefer charges against him. Dixon, the summoning officer, however, informed the magistrate that the Deputy Governor or Horsemonger Lane Gaol refused to send the accused before His Worship but said that on the following (this) day he would be brought before the Insolvent Debtors Court.
Mr Elliott directed the officer to communicate these facts to Mr Solomon, who had the prosecution in hand, and at whose instance the summons was granted, and thus the case at present stands