William Brereton Hooper Carr

(September 1889 - 13 October 1940)
     William Brereton Hooper Carr's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1889 in Steyning RD, Sussex. He was the son of George Anderson Carr and Harriet Anna Hooper.
     William died on 13 October 1940 aged 51.
     His will was proved on 28 February 1941 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. William Brereton Hooper Carr of The Royal Hotel, Woburn-place, Holborn, London, died 13 Oct 1940. Proved LLandudno to Lloyds Bank Ltd. Effects £22343/7/4.

Alexander Carrick

(1837 - 11 August 1904)
     Alexander Carrick was born in 1837 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Alexander was a merchant. The "Cyclopedia of NZ" states: Mr Alexander Carrick was a member of the first City Council, which was elected in 1865. He was a representative for High Ward, and was re-elected in 1867. Mr. Carrick took a very active interest in the first Dunedin Exhibition. He afterwards went to Christchurch, where he became manager of the National Insurance Company. The article contains a photograph.
He was a native of Glasgow, Scotland, where he was educated. Coming out to Australia in 1854, he remained for four years in the Colony of Victoria, and settled in Dunedin in 1859, and in 1871 opened a branch of the Victoria Insurance Company in Christchurch. On the establishment of the National Insurance Company, Mr. Carrick resigned his position in the Victoria and was appointed to the office he now holds. Mr. Carrick is a member of the Canterbury branch of the New Zealand Underwriters' Association in New Zealand.
Alexander Carrick married Isabella Amelia Parker, daughter of John Skottowe Parker and Jane Phillips, on 31 July 1861 in Dunedin, New Zealand. A marriage announcement in the Sydney Morning Herald described Alexander Carrick as a merchant and Isabella Amelia Parker as third daughter of J N Parkers, City Coroner, Sydney. They had no issue.
     Alexander died on 11 August 1904 in 100 Park Terrace, Christchurch, New Zealand. He is buried at Linwood cemetery. He left legacies to (among others) Rachael Hodgkins £5-- (sister in law, widow of the late ...' Fanny Hodgkins 8500 (niece, daughter of the said William) ....

Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick

(circa 1250 - before 27 October 1292)
      Marjorie of Carrick (1256-1292), was countess of Carrick, Scotland, and is most famous today as the mother of Robert the Bruce. Her name occurs in Barbour's Brus as "Marthok", a name which contains the medieval Gaelic feminine diminutive suffix óc; and so her name meant "Little Mary" or "Little Martha" (c/f Bethóc).
She was the daughter and heiress of Niall, Earl of Carrick and Margaret Stewart, and Countess of Carrick in her own right. Her first husband was Adam de Kilconcath, who died during the Eighth Crusade in 1270. Then, as the story goes, a handsome young man arrived one day to tell her of her husband's death in the Holy Land. He was Robert de Brus, 6th Lord of Annandale, and he had been a companion-in-arms of Adam de Kilconcath. Marjorie was so taken with him that she had him held captive till he agreed to marry her in 1271. He became Earl of Carrick de jure uxoris (in right of his wife). Their children were:
Christina Bruce, married Gartnait, Earl of Mar.
Robert the Bruce.
Isabella Bruce (12751358), married King Eric II of Norway.
Edward Bruce.
Niall or Nigel Bruce, executed 1306 in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England.
Thomas Bruce, executed 1307.
Alexander Bruce, executed 1307.
Mary Bruce, married
Sir Niall Campbell
Sir Alexander Fraser.
Margaret Bruce, married Sir William de Carlyle.
Matilda Bruce, married Aodh, Earl of Ross
Marjorie died in 1292, at which time her husband transferred Carrick to their eldest son, Robert.
A veracity-contested tradition tells that Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray was son of Marjorie's daughter from her first marriage with Adam. This probably is not true. It was probably a suggested as an explanation of why Thomas Randolph has been reported to be a nephew of Robert the Bruce. Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick was born circa 1250 in Scotland. She was the eldest daughter & heiress, child widow of Adam de Kilconquhar. John Ravilious states her mother was named Isabella. She was the daughter of Neil Earl of Carrick and Isabel Unknown.
Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick married Adam de Kilconquhar between 1266 and 1269 in Scotland.
Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick married Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale as her second husband, circa 1273 in Turnberry, Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, Scotland. .
     Marjorie died before 27 October 1292. Possibly before 9 Nov 1292.

Child of Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick and Adam de Kilconquhar

Children of Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick and Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale

Anna Maria Carrington

     Anna Maria Carrington married Samuel Brewster Ashby, son of Robert Cooper Ashby and Elizabeth Brewster, on 10 June 1852 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Child of Anna Maria Carrington and Samuel Brewster Ashby

Elizabeth Davey Carroll

(circa 1838 - )
     Elizabeth Davey Carroll was born circa 1838 in Teignmouth, Devon.
Elizabeth Davey Carroll married William Henry Sheridan, son of John Coose Sheridan and Harriet Sergeant, on 15 March 1862 in Kensington Register Office, London, Kensington RD, Middlesex.
     Elizabeth Davey Carroll and William Henry Sheridan were recorded on the 1881 census in Tullebrook Rd, Leyton, Essex. Wm Hy Sheridan, head, married 39, Powder magazine builder employing 2 men and 9? boys, born Teingmouth Devon; Wm H Sheridan son, 14, born Teignmouth John A Sheridan, 6, born Leyton St Georges; Elizabeth F Sheridan, wife, 42, born Teignmouth, Leonora Sheridan, daughter 8, ditto, Harriet Sheridan, mother, widow, 68, born Denbury, Devon.
     Elizabeth Davey Carroll and William Henry Sheridan were recorded on the 1891 census in Adelaide House, Tillibrooke Rd, Leyton, Essex. William H Sheridan, 49, ship carpenter ..., employer, born Teignmouth; Elizabeth 52, his wife ditto, Harriett Sheridan, mother, widow, 78, kept by son, born Denbury, Devon, and children William 24, carpenter, born Teignmouth, Leonora 18, scholar, born St Georges, London, John A 16, scholar, born Bow, London, Edgar, 8, scholar, born Leytonstone, Essex, and a servant.

Children of Elizabeth Davey Carroll and William Henry Sheridan

Ian Revell Carroll

(26 August 1947 - 3 January 1983)
     Ian Revell Carroll was also known as Gardiner in records. He was born on 26 August 1947 in Woking, Surrey, England.
     Ian died on 3 January 1983 in Mt Martha, Victoria. Carroll - a painter and docker, armed robber and one-time boxer, Cox shot him dead in the back yard of a rented holiday house at Mt Martha, where the fugitive and the loyal Deane had been hiding for months. Russell 'Mad Dog' Cox was subsenquetly acquitted of his murder.
See: https://books.google.com.au/books?id=CinRDAAAQBAJ&pg=PT82&lpg=PT82&dq=ian+revell+carroll&source=bl&ots=ir6y99125o&sig=ACfU3U2l-Wdy1OxJyKABz_fiKVVIgoJWlg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjnr7q9puXpAhVPzDgGHWLOAxA4ChDoATAEegQIChAB#v=onepage&q=ian%20revell%20carroll&f=false.

(?) Carruthers

     (?) Carruthers married Charlotte Ruby, daughter of William Ruby and Ann Garrett.

Alan Carruthers

     Alan Carruthers married Linda May Regan, daughter of George John Regan and Ellen Isobel Phillips, in 1924 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Lorelee Marguerite Carstens

(5 March 1932 - 4 December 2016)
     Lorelee Marguerite Carstens was born on 5 March 1932.
     Lorelee Marguerite Carstens and Brig John Ashby Hooper CBE were engaged on 21 December 1951. HOOPER-CARSTENS-The Engagement is announced of Lorelee Marguerite Carstens only daughter ol Mrs N H Fisher of Deakin Canberra to John Ashby Hooper, Lieutenant Australian Staff Corps, elder son of Mr and Mrs Ashby Hooper of Tcorak.
Lorelee Marguerite Carstens married John Ashby Hooper, son of Ashby Arthur William Hooper and Lydia Tempest Rich, on 9 January 1954 in St John's, Canberra, ACT. The Adelaide advertiser reported: A CANBERRA wedding with an Adelaide interest was that of Miss Lorelee Carstens, daughter of Mrs. N. H. Fisher, whose husband, Dr. N. H. Fisher, is chief Commonwealth geologist. Lorelee was married in the old St. John's Church, Canberra, to Lieut. John Ashby Hooper, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. W. Hooper, of Toorak, Melbourne. Melbourne. Miss Heather Menzies was bridesmaid, and her mother, Dame Pattie Menzies. was present. Mrs. Wesley Hooper, formerly Miss Margaret Jolly, who is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jolly, of Medindie. flew home to Melbourne to join her husband, and they then went on by air to the wedding. Lieut. Hooper is Mr. Wesley Hooper's nephew. Mrs. Hooper and her sons, Andrew, Jeremy, and Robert, will return to Canterbury, their home i Melbourne, next week end.
     Lorelee and John were registered as a soldier and home duties at Longs Rd, Lower Plenty, Victoria, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Lorelee and John resided at 103 Cook Rd, Centennial Park, New South Wales, 1997. They retired to their beach-house at Dalmeny.
     Lorelee died on 4 December 2016 in IRT, Dalmeny, New South Wales, aged 84. Her ashes were scattered.

Honor Carswell

(6 August 1912 - 31 March 1984)
     Honor Carswell was born on 6 August 1912 in New Zealand.
Honor Carswell married Ian Donald Gebbie, son of Donald Lancelot Gebbie and Edith Gertrude Bowker, in June 1936 in the Presbyterian church, Ipoh, Malaya.
     Honor died on 31 March 1984 in Christchurch, New Zealand, aged 71.

Christopher Cartell

     Christopher Cartell was also known as Carlell in records.
Christopher Cartell married Jane Hales, daughter of Sir James Hales K.B. and Mary Hales, in 1541.

Alison Carter

(29 July 1943 - 25 November 1960)
     Alison Carter was born on 29 July 1943 in New Zealand. She was the daughter of Ivan Francis Ellesmere Carter and Norma Marion Black.
     Alison died on 25 November 1960 in New Zealand aged 17.

Aylmer Francis Foster Carter

(18 November 1911 - 3 January 1979)
     Aylmer Francis Foster Carter was born on 18 November 1911 in England. He was the son of George Foster Carter and Dorothea Chavasse. Aylmer was a doctor from 1936. He went to Oxford University and Middlesex Hospital M.B., B.Ch. 1936, D.M. 1940. He was resident medical officer and House Physician at the Hospital for Consumptives, Brompton, and House Physician at the Middlesex Hospital. He became Medical Superintendent of the Brompton Hospital Sanitorium, Frimley, Surrey, and a member of the Thoracic Society and the British Tubercular Association. He was author of "Bronchial Ademona" in Quarterly journal of Medicine 1941; "Anatomy of the Bronchial Tree" in the British Journal of Tubercolosis 1942; Segments of the Lungs" jointly in "Diseases of the Chest" 1945..
Aylmer Francis Foster Carter married Ethna Josephine MacDermott on 23 January 1947.
     Aylmer died on 3 January 1979 in Vernham Dean, Hampshire, aged 67.

Charlotte Carter

(circa 1785 - 29 January 1853)
     Charlotte Carter was born circa 1785 in Southwark, Surrey.
Charlotte Carter married John Wood on 17 August 1815 in St George, Bloomsbury. They married by licence, he was of Fairford, Gloucester, she was of this parish. Both signed in the presence of Louisa Carter, J... Wood and .....
     Charlotte Carter and William Trull obtained a marriage licence on 4 August 1838 in London.
Charlotte Wood married William Trull as her second husband, on 8 August 1838 in Christ Church, St Marylebone, London..
     Charlotte Carter was mentioned in the will of William Trull dated 9 October 1842.
     Charlotte Carter was recorded on the 1851 census in 'Clifton Lodge', Abbey Rd, St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex. Charlotte Trull, widow aged 66, annuitant, living with her unmarried sisters Elizabeth Carter aged 68 and Louisa Carter aged 64, all born Southwark, Surrey. Also residing there was a nephew John C Ward unmarried, 32 solicitor's managing clerk, b. Tempsford, Gloucestershire, and Mary C Carter visitor & niece, unmarried, 29 born Southwark, and Emily L Carter, ditto, 21, and servants.
     Charlotte died on 29 January 1853 in 'Clifton Lodge', Abbey Rd, St John's Wood, Middlesex. She didn't leave a will. She was buried on 7 February 1853 in St Marylebone, Westminster.

Edward Henry Carter

( - in the 1940s)
     Edward Henry Carter was commonly known as Snowy.
Edward Henry Carter married Dulcie Melba Cocksedge, daughter of Albert Cocksedge and Ada Ellen Moorfield, in 1938 in Victoria. She married E H "Snowy" Carter who's death as a Prisoner of War in Burma is recorded on her parent's gravestone along with her brother who died at Rabaul.
     Edward died in the 1940s in Burma.

Edwin Carter

     Edwin Carter married Mahilia Jane Ruby, daughter of Silas Garrett Ruby and Ann Guzwell, circa 1902.

Child of Edwin Carter and Mahilia Jane Ruby

Eliza Charlotte Carter

(circa 1849 - before 19 November 1923)
     Eliza Charlotte Carter was born circa 1849 in Southwark, Surrey.
Eliza Charlotte Carter married Alfred Mackglew, son of William John Mackglew and Eliza Whitbread, on 16 July 1865 in St Philip's church, Bethnal Green, London.
     Eliza Charlotte Carter and Alfred Mackglew were recorded on the 1871 census in 133 St Johns Rd, Shoreditch, Middlesex. Alfred McClew, head, 31, house painter, born Shoreditch; his wife Eliza, 20, dress maker, born Lambeth, Surrey, daughter Roselin, 5, son Arthur 6 months, both born at Shoreditch, and a lodger Sarah Carter, 18, dress maker, born Shoreditch.
     Eliza Charlotte Carter and Alfred Mackglew were recorded on the 1881 census in 2 Great James St, Shoreditch, London. Alfred McClew, married, 43, born Clerkenwell, Middlesex. Head, Journeyman house decorator; Eliza McClew, 32, born Southwark, Surrey, Wife, Dressmaker; Arthur McClew, 10, born Shoreditch, Son, scholar; Florence McClew, 8, born Shoreditch, daughter, scholar; Alice McClew, 5, born Shoreditch, daughter, scholar.
     Eliza died before 19 November 1923 in Brighton RD, Sussex. She was buried on 19 November 1923 in Brighton & Preston cemetery, Sussex. Called Mrs Barber, aged 78.

Children of Eliza Charlotte Carter and Alfred Mackglew

George Foster Carter

(6 January 1876 - 5 May 1966)
     George Foster Carter was born on 6 January 1876 in Suffolk. George was a clergyman.
George Foster Carter married Dorothea Chavasse, daughter of Bishop Francis James Chavasse and Edith Jane Maude, on 6 October 1908 in St Peter's Pro-Cathedral, Liverpool, Lancashire. He was then Rector of St Aldate’s and her father’s Examining Chaplain.
     George resided at 367 Woodstock Road, Oxford, 1963.
     George died on 5 May 1966 in Oxfordshire aged 90. Rev George Foster-Carter. Ordained more than 65 years earlier, retired to Woodstock Road. Obituary. Oxford Times, 13.5.1966. p.32..

Children of George Foster Carter and Dorothea Chavasse

Harriet Carter

     Harriet Carter married George Percy Dempster, son of George Wafford Dempster and Helen Wylie Caithness Begg, before 1908.

Children of Harriet Carter and George Percy Dempster

Ivan Francis Ellesmere Carter

     Ivan Francis Ellesmere Carter married Norma Marion Black, daughter of Richard Black and Robina Marian Lynch.

Child of Ivan Francis Ellesmere Carter and Norma Marion Black

Julia Carter

(1901 - 1989)
     Julia Carter was born in 1901.
Julia Carter married Walter Henry Hooper, son of Walter Edmund Hooper and Annie Jaconda Styles.
     Julia died in 1989.

Children of Julia Carter and Walter Henry Hooper

Mary Carter

(circa 1798 - )
     Mary Carter was born circa 1798 in Gessingthorpe, Suffolk.
Mary Carter married John Cocksedge before 1824 in Suffolk.
     Mary Carter was recorded on the 1851 census in Ixworth Lane, Bradfield Combust, Suffolk. Mary Cocksege, head, widow, aged 53, pauper, born Gessingthorpe; Horatio, son, ag. lab., aged 27, born Gessingthorpe, Thomas son, aged 17, brickmaker, born Stanningfield; John, aged 14, ag. lab., born Bradfield Combust; George, son, aged 12, brickmaker, born Bradfield Combust.
     Mary Carter was recorded on the 1861 census in Bradfield Combust, Suffolk. Mary Cocksedge, charwoman aged 63, born Gessinghall?. Essex, with her unmarried sons Thomas aged 27 and John aged 24, ag. labourers, born Stanningfield and Bradfield Combust.
     Mary Carter and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1881 census in Vulcan Row, Lt Welnetham, Suffolk. Mary Cocksedge, widow, aged 82, born Guesing Thorpe, Essex & her son John Cocksedge, unmarried aged 44, born Bradfield Combust.

Children of Mary Carter and John Cocksedge

Mary Carter

     Mary Carter married Henry Lascelles, son of Daniel Lascelles and Margaret Metcalfe, on 8 April 1712 in Bridgetown, St Michael, Barbados. She was the daughter and coheiress. of Edwin Carter, of St George's, Barbados, West Indies.

Children of Mary Carter and Henry Lascelles

Mary Theresa Carter

(circa 1854 - 18 October 1886)
     Mary Theresa Carter was born circa 1854 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Mary Theresa Carter married Charles Killigrew Dobson, son of John Savage Dobson and Elizabeth Dick Dunbar, on 20 September 1877 in West Melbourne, Victoria. DOBSON-CARTER.-On the 20th inst., at St. Mary's R. C. C., Hotham, by tbe Rev. Dean England, Charles Killigrew, third son of John Dobson, Esq., post and telegraph master, Dandenong, to Mary Teresa, eldest surviving daughter of the late Richard Carter, Esq., of Lonsdale-street, Melbourne. Adelaide, Sydney papers please copy.
     Mary died on 18 October 1886 in Harp of Erin Hotel, Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Victoria. She had no issue.

Muriel Carter

     Muriel Carter married Fred Chesley Cox, son of Frederick John Cox and Ida Matilda Ruby. Muriel Carter was born in Canada. She was the daughter of Edwin Carter and Mahilia Jane Ruby.

Victor Richard William Carter

(before 1895 - )
     Victor Richard William Carter was born before 1895 in South Australia.
Victor Richard William Carter married Hannah Grace May, daughter of John George May and Emma Heath, in 1930. He appears to have married Ada Pearl Currie in 1904 and was born in South Australia.

Violet Carter

( - 1946)
     Violet Carter married Frederick William Forbes, son of Robert Arthur Forbes and Eleanora Johanna Ford, in 1915 in Victoria.
     Violet died in 1946 in Benalla, Victoria.

William Carter

     William Carter married Elizabeth Denty, daughter of Captain James Denty, on 23 May 1816 in St Mary, Islington, London. They are the third great grandparents of Peggy Dunn who has supplied much information on the Denty family.
William Carter witnessed Col Henry Francis Denty and Louisa Copperwheat's wedding on 8 September 1816 in St Thomas, Southwark, Surrey.

Winifred May Carter

(circa 1879 - 16 April 1956)
     Winifred May Carter was born circa 1879 in India. She was the daughter of Dr Rowland Windown? Carter, of Weymouth & Southsea, Deputy Surgeon General.
Winifred May Carter married John Crosby Halahan, son of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan and Hannah Croucher Engeham, on 6 May 1902 in Portsmouth RD, Hampshire. She was the daughter of the late Dr Carter of Weymought.
     Winifred May Carter and John Crosby Halahan were on the passenger list of the "Armadale Castle", arriving at Southampton, Hampshire, England, on 23 July 1904. J C & Mrs Halahan from Natal, Irish & English cabin passengers. Winifred May Carter and John Crosby Halahan were divorced in 1911.
     Winifred May Carter and John Crosby Halahan were recorded on the 1911 census in 7 Mount Eden Rd, Pembroke West, Dublin, Ireland. John Crosby Halahan, 33, head, Captain, Royal Dublin, born England, Winifred May 32, wife, married 8 years, 2 children, born India; Molly Doreen 5, daughter, born co. Cork; Patrick John Handy 3 born co. Dublin, all Church of England, parents read & write; with Kate McNaughton 30, Julia Slynn (Flynn?) 45, Katherine O'Hara 27, servants. The house had 11 rooms.
     Winifred died on 16 April 1956.

Children of Winifred May Carter and John Crosby Halahan

Eustachia Carthorpe

     Eustachia Carthorpe was also known as Anastasia in records.
Eustachia Carthorpe married Richard Fairfax, son of Thomas Fairfax and Margaret Friston.

Children of Eustachia Carthorpe and Richard Fairfax