Frances Chandler

(1724 - 16 September 1787)
     Frances Chandler married Unknown Grimwood. Frances Chandler was born in 1724 in Rougham, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Chandler and Dorothy Jacob.
Frances Chandler married John Jacob, son of Simon Jacob and Martha Watson, on 2 July 1747 in St Gregory's, Sudbury, Suffolk.
     Frances died on 16 September 1787 in St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

John Chandler

     John Chandler married Dorothy Jacob, daughter of John Jacob and Elizabeth Lambert, on 24 October 1717 in Rougham, Suffolk.

Child of John Chandler and Dorothy Jacob

Mary Ann Chandler

     Mary Ann Chandler married Edward Popplewell, son of James Popplewell and Sarah Ann Petch, before 1897.
     Mary Ann Chandler and Edward Popplewell were recorded on the 1901 census in 52 Milton St, Kettering, Northamptonshire. Edward Popplewell, head, 32, iron stone miner, born Keadby, Lincs; with his wife Mary A , 23, born Broadway, Worcs; children Gertrude 4, and James E 2, both born at Kettering.
     Mary Ann Chandler and Edward Popplewell were recorded on the 1911 census in Meeting Lane, Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire. Edward Popplewell     43, Ironstone quarry man, born Althorpe, Lincs, wife Mary Popplewel 34, born Braodway, Worcs; daughter Gertrude Popplewell, 14, scholo, born Chesterfield, Dby; son Edward Popplewell, 12 born Kettering; Winnie Popplewell 9, ditto..

Children of Mary Ann Chandler and Edward Popplewell

Unknown Chandler

     Unknown Chandler married Sheila St Cyr Ingles, daughter of Walter Culpepper Stanser Ingles and Kathleen Alice Rochfort Wade.

Willson Chandler

     Willson Chandler married Diana Cocksedge, daughter of Zachariah Cocksedge and Elizabeth Hammond, on 26 October 1816 in Beyton, Suffolk.

Damaris Chantry

(1837 - June 1869)
     Damaris Chantry was born in 1837 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire.
Damaris Chantry married William Popplewell, son of Thomas Popplewell and Sarah Pilkinton, on 25 November 1858 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Ther emay have been another child Sarah who married John Jacques - see Mark Grace's notes on hjis Ancestry tree.
     Damaris Chantry and William Popplewell were recorded on the 1861 census in Grey Green, Belton, Lincolnshire. William Popplewell, 22, born Althorpe, his wife Damaris 23, & daughter Rachel 1, both born at Belton.
     Damaris's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1869 in Belton, LIN.

Children of Damaris Chantry and William Popplewell

Robert Chapel

     Robert Chapel married Ann Cocksedge, daughter of John Cocksedge and Ann Unknown, on 27 April 1677 in Bardwell, Suffolk.

Johanna Chaplin

(29 October 1775 - before 17 February 1856)
     Johanna Chaplin was christened on 29 October 1775 in Rattlesden, Suffolk.
Johanna Chaplin married Thomas Cocksedge, son of Michael Cocksedge and Mary Wilkin, on 26 November 1792 in Rattlesden, Suffolk.
     Johanna Chaplin and Thomas Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in the Green, Beyton, Suffolk. Thomas Cocksedge, 65 ag lab, Johanna 65, Sarah 45.
     Johanna Chaplin and Thomas Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Bear Corner, Beyton. Thomas Cocksedge, 78 pauper ag lab born Hessett, Joanna wife 76 born Rattlesden, Sarah daughter 55 unm. born Beyton, Samuel Barker lodger unm 51 ag lab born Beyton, Charles Barker lodger 58 ag lab born Beyton.
     Johanna died before 17 February 1856 in Beyton, Suffolk. She was buried on 17 February 1856 in Beyton.

Children of Johanna Chaplin and Thomas Cocksedge

Mary Chaplin

(before October 1774 - before 15 October 1837)
     Mary Chaplin was born before October 1774.
Mary Chaplin married Benjamin Squirrell, son of Robert Squirrell and Elizabeth Hunt, on 11 March 1794 in Wattisham, Suffolk.
     Mary died before 15 October 1837 in Wattisham, Suffolk. She was buried on 15 October 1837 in Wattisham, Suffolk.

Children of Mary Chaplin and Benjamin Squirrell

Ann Chapman

(circa 1810 - )
     Ann Chapman was born circa 1810 in Sutton on Trent, Nottinghamshire, England.
Ann Chapman married Joseph Rich on 24 June 1833 in All Saints, West Markham, Nottinghamshire, England. Joseph Rich, bachelor of this parish & Ann Chapman of the parish of Sutton on Trent, spinster, by banns. They both made their marks in the presence of Samuel Bullard and Thomas Hempsall..
     Ann Chapman and Joseph Rich were recorded on the 1841 census in Back Lane, Tuxford. Joseph Rich, aged 25, ag lab, Ann Rich aged 30, Joseph aged 9 months, all born in the county.

Children of Ann Chapman and Joseph Rich

Colin Kenneth Chapman

(1914 - )
     Colin Kenneth Chapman was born in 1914 in Prahran, Victoria. He was the son of Kenneth William Chapman and Kate Isabella Gellion.

Elizabeth Chapman

(circa 1750? - )
     Elizabeth Chapman was born circa 1750?.
Elizabeth Chapman married Edward Ruby on 18 July 1769 in Quethiock, Cornwall.

Children of Elizabeth Chapman and Edward Ruby

Herbert Henry Chapman

     Herbert Henry Chapman was born. According to Ivan Scott, Herbert Henry Chapman's parents are George John Chapman (c 1829) and Maragaret Baldwin (c 1827), and Margaret Baldwin is daughter of James Baldwin, c 1800. George John is son of James Chapman c 1800.
Herbert Henry Chapman married Nellie Heber Bullett, daughter of James Bullett and Ann Barker, before 30 June 1884. Ivan Scott (via GenesReunited) Susan Schibli's contact whose great great grandmother is Nellie Heaber Bullett. I have just mailed him to confirm if he may have a certificate to ensure this is definitely the right Nellie. Herbert and Nellie have a daughter Ethel Mary born 1888 Bury who married William Thomas Scott b 1879 BSE and Had Cyril Scott b 1911 St Martin , Birmingham.

Herbert Jonas Chapman

     Herbert Jonas Chapman married Violet Ruby Levens, daughter of Alfred Francis Levens and Ada Harriet Ruby, in 1928 in Victoria.

Kenneth William Chapman

Child of Kenneth William Chapman and Kate Isabella Gellion

Rhoda Chapman

(circa 1616 - before 11 October 1686)
     Rhoda Chapman was born circa 1616 in London, England. She was the daughter of Thomas Chapman of London.
Ferdinando Fairfax 2nd Baron married secondly Rhoda Chapman on 16 October 1646. She was the widow of Thomas Hussey of Lincolnshire. They had one daughter.
     Rhoda died before 11 October 1686. She was buried on 11 October 1686.

Child of Rhoda Chapman and Ferdinando Fairfax 2nd Baron

Theresa Selina Chapman

(1857 - )
     Theresa Selina Chapman was born in 1857.
Theresa Selina Chapman married Wiliam Charles Sullivan Steer, son of Capt Sulivan Harrington Steer and Sarah Jane Baldwin, on 20 May 1875 in Purnea/Purnia, India.

Child of Theresa Selina Chapman and Wiliam Charles Sullivan Steer

Violet Chapman

(circa 1917 - 4 April 1993)
     Violet Chapman was born circa 1917.
Violet Chapman married Alfred James Colbert, son of James Colbert and Mariam Cosgrove, in 1937 in Victoria.
     Violet died on 4 April 1993 in Victoria. She was cremated on 7 April 1993 in The Necropolis, Springvale.
     Her will was proved on 22 June 1993. She was retired of Elwood.

William Henry Chapman

     William Henry Chapman married Lucy Australia Cocksedge, daughter of Thomas Zachariah Cocksedge and Elizabeth Willis, on 21 July 1881 in New South Wales. They were divorced 22 Nov 1893.

Jean Charles

(31 May 1750 - before 7 August 1805)
     Jean Charles was christened on 31 May 1750 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Jean, daughter of William Charles and Jean Ritchie. She was the daughter of William Charles and Jean Ritchie.
Jean Charles married John Riddell, son of Patriarch Riddell, on 30 March 1773 in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
     Jean died before 7 August 1805 in Windmill Brae, Aberdeen. She was buried on 7 August 1805 in Spital, Aberdeen. Jean Charles, wife of John Riddel, Windmill Brae, aged 67 years.

Children of Jean Charles and John Riddell

Joan Charles

(circa 1620 - )
     Joan Charles was born circa 1620.
Joan Charles married William Popplewell on 8 June 1637 in Bawtry, Blyth, Yorkshire, England. Willyam Poplewell & Jony Charles..

Child of Joan Charles and William Popplewell

William Charles

(circa 1725 - )
     William Charles married Jean Ritchie. William Charles was born circa 1725.

Child of William Charles and Jean Ritchie

Agnes Charlesworth

(circa 1500? - June 1564)
     Agnes Charlesworth was born circa 1500? In Holmfirth, Yorkshire.
Agnes Charlesworth married Richard Wilson, son of John Wilson and Margaret More, circa 1522 in Yorkshire, England.
     Agnes Charlesworth made a will dated 28 May 1564 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Will of Agnes Wilson within the parish of Ecclesfield, widow - to be buried in the church of Ecclesfield - to Nicholas Greyve my son one cow, my best brass pot & other furniture - to Elizabeth Wilson daughter to Thomas Wilson my silver girdle, a ewe & a lamb - to Jane Wilson my almebury & a ewe & a lamb - to Richard Wilson my horse/horn a ewe & a lamb - to Thomas Wilson my son all my corn now growing & two great oxen called Darling & Tesninge? - to Elizabeth & Jane Wilson two hyves - to Alice Hepworth a ewe & a lamb - to Agnes Roberts a ewe & a lamb - residue to Christopher & Thomas Wilson my children who she makes exors. Witnesses Sir Thomas Tyas Vicar Thomas Parker & others. She was buried in June 1564 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Agnes Wylson, vidua, sepult May ... 1564.
     Agnes died in June 1564 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.

Children of Agnes Charlesworth and Richard Wilson

Ann Charlesworth

     Ann Charlesworth married Thomas Ryther on 2 August 1665 in Sandal Magna, Yorkshire.

Children of Ann Charlesworth and Thomas Ryther

Elizabeth Charleton

     Elizabeth Charleton was the daughter of Capt William Charleton and Margaret Armstrong.
Elizabeth Charleton married Theobald Wolfe.

Thomas Charleton

     Thomas Charleton was the son of Capt William Charleton and Margaret Armstrong.

Capt William Charleton

      He was of Curraghstown (afterwards Mount Charleton, in Meath)..
Capt William Charleton married Margaret Armstrong, daughter of Thomas Armstrong and Grissel Beatty, in 1701.

Children of Capt William Charleton and Margaret Armstrong

George Charnock

     George Charnock was born. He was the eighth son. He was the son of Sir George Charnock and Jane Clent.

Child of George Charnock

Sir George Charnock

     Sir George Charnock was born in Gloucestershire, England.
Sir George Charnock married Jane Clent.

Child of Sir George Charnock and Jane Clent

Lucy Charnock (Mason)

(circa 1671 - 15 September 1733)
     Lucy Charnock (Mason) was born circa 1671 in Gloucestershire. She was the eldest daughter. She was the daughter of George Charnock.
Lucy Charnock (Mason) married Andrew Armstrong, son of Thomas Armstrong and Grissel Beatty, on 9 June 1697. Lucy was the widow of William Mason, an officer in King William's army.
     Lucy died on 15 September 1733 in Rahan, Ballycowan, Offaly, Ireland. She was buried in Rahan church.

Children of Lucy Charnock (Mason) and Andrew Armstrong