William Steer Cheyne

(15 December 1793 - )
     William Steer Cheyne was born on 15 December 1793 in Liverpool, Lancashire. He was the son of Lt John Cheyne and Ann Rawson. William Steer Cheyne was christened on 6 March 1794 in St Nicholas, Liverpool.

Helen Chibnall B.Sc

(4 November 1924 - )
     Helen Chibnall B.Sc was born on 4 November 1924 in Victor Harbour, South Australia. She was christened on 6 June 1929 in Glen Osmond, South Australia.

Children of Helen Chibnall B.Sc

Thora May Chicham

(11 December 1928 - 27 February 1989)
      William and Thora are cousins. Thora May Chicham was born on 11 December 1928.
     Thora died on 27 February 1989 aged 60. She was buried on 3 March 1989 in Texas, Queensland.

Children of Thora May Chicham and William Roy Pollard

Thomas Chickwell

     Thomas Chickwell married Elizabeth Bland on 3 April 1711 in Wixoe, Suffolk.

Katherine Chidiock

( - between 1477 and 1487)
     Katherine Chidiock married John Arundell, son of John Arundell, before April 1446.
     Katherine died between 1477 and 1487 in Cornwall.
     Katherine Chidiock made a will dated 2 April 1478 in Cornwall. 16th century copy of will of Katherine, lately wife of Sir John Arundell, 2nd April 1479 (19 Edw IV)
Will: Richard Tomyow, my feoffee of my manor of Frampton upon Severn (Gloucestershire) and of my lands, etc., in the manor of Westbury (Wiltshire), and John Hugyn and my other feoffees of my manors of Ilbrewer, Pytney Werne and Alneshey (Somerset), are to enfeoff Giles Daubney knight, William Huddeffeld king's attorney, John Byconyll, William Hody and Thomas Tregarthyn of those manors and lands; for them to hold to fulfil my will.
From the revenues: My daughters Margaret and Dorothy to have £24 yearly till married (£10 each and £4 for an 'honeste woman' to serve them).
My servants Robert Bardbury and Ann his wife to have 4 marks yearly for life.
My feoffees of my manor of Chideok are to allow William Huddefeld 40s yearly for life, in accordance with a grant made by me to him.
John Byconyll to receive 5 marks yearly for life from my manors, etc., in Somerset, and William Hody to recive 40s from them for life, 'for theyr counceyll to me yeven'.
My feoffees to allow the residue of the revenues to me during my life, and to my executors after my death for paying all my debts and those of John Arundell my husband.
My daughters Margaret and Dorothy to have 400 marks or more each for their marriages.
Then my feoffees shall make an estate of all the manors, etc., to Thomas Arundell, son and heir apparent of Sir John Arundell, and to his heirs of body, with remainder to my heirs; if Thomas puts out my feoffees or otherwise hinders them, then they shall make an estate to such persons as they think necessary, for the performance of this my will.
My 'evydence' to be kept by the feoffees in such places as they think best for its safe keeping, until this my will is performed, and then to be delivered to Thomas Arundell.
I and Thomas have both put our seals, and Thomas his signature. Thomas Tregarthen to receive 40s yearly for life from the revenues of the manors, etc., for his good counsel to me and my husband.

Child of Katherine Chidiock and John Arundell

Mary Childerstone

(before 1668 - )
     Mary Childerstone was also known as Childerton in records. She was born before 1668 in Suffolk. Most Childerstones come from Mildenhall.
Mary Childerstone married John Cocksedge, son of Unknown Cocksedge, on 20 June 1683 in Woolpit, Suffolk. It is only an assumption that this marriage is for the brother of Francis, being in the same parish.

Eliza Chinery

(after 1830 - )
     Eliza Chinery was born after 1830.
Eliza Chinery married Joseph Bugg, son of Ambrose Bugg and Elizabeth Bland, on 7 September 1851 in Drinkstone.
     Eliza Chinery and Joseph Bugg were recorded on the 1861 census in Drinkstone, Suffolk. Joseph Bugg 28, ag. labourer, his wife Eliza Bugg 29, children William Bugg 7, Ruth Bugg 3, Alice Bugg 2, Harry Bugg, son, 5 months. All born at Drinkstone. They are living next door to Sophia and her father in law Ambrose.
     Eliza Chinery and Joseph Bugg were recorded on the 1871 census in 10 Castle Terrace, Crayford, Kent. Joseph Bugg 39, brick sorter, born Drinkstone, his wife Eliza Bugg 39, born Rattlesden, children William Bugg 18, labourer, born Drinkstone, Alice Bugg 12, born Drinkstone, Joseph Bugg 9, born Drinkstone, Alfred J Bugg 2 months born Crayford.
     Eliza Chinery and Joseph Bugg arrived per "Kapunda" on 5 February 1877 at New South Wales, Australia.

Children of Eliza Chinery and Joseph Bugg

Robert Chinery

(say 1800 - )
     Robert Chinery was born say 1800.
Robert Chinery married Elizabeth Bullett, daughter of (?) Bullett (of Thurston), on 27 October 1826 in Thurston, Suffolk.

William Chinery

     William Chinery married Mary Cocksedge on 15 June 1732 in Rougham, Suffolk.

Marjorie Gwenyth Chiplin

(8 April 1908 - 11 December 1984)
     Marjorie Gwenyth Chiplin was born on 8 April 1908 in Wellington, New South Wales. She was the youngest daughter of Alfred & Faith Euwretta (nee Hives] Chiplin. Alfred was a magistrate at Newcastle Court..
Marjorie Gwenyth Chiplin married Edward Ryther Steer Bowker, son of Edward Ballard Bowker and Laura Lillian Shelley, on 6 June 1936 in Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle, New South Wales. Edward Ryther Steer Bowker, car salesman of Brighton Ave, Toronto, bachelor & Marjorie Gwenyth Chiplin, stenographer, of 80 Porcher St, Hamilton Sth, spinster, daughter of Alfred George Chiplin of Hamilton, district coroner. He was aged 35 born Waratah, son of Edward Ballard Bowker, dental surgeon & Laura Shelly, she was aged 28, born Wellington NSW, daughter of Alfred George Chiplin, district coroner & Faith Euwretta Hives.
     Marjorie died on 11 December 1984 in Carey Bay Nursing Home, Carey Bay, New South Wales, aged 76. She was cremated on 12 December 1984 after a service at St Saviour's, Carey Bay, by Rev M Chiplin. in Beresfield, New South Wales. Her funeral notice states that she was of the Carey Bay Nursing Home, formerly of Regent St, Maitland.

Child of Marjorie Gwenyth Chiplin and Edward Ryther Steer Bowker

Jean Chisholm

     Jean Chisholm married Kenneth Mackenzie.

Child of Jean Chisholm and Kenneth Mackenzie

Morella Chisholm

     Morella Chisholm was also known as Muriel in records.
Morella Chisholm married Alexander Sutherland 3rd baron Duffus, son of Henry Sutherland (of Torboll), in 1433 in Scotland. He obtained Quarrellwood, Kinstearie, Brightmanie in reign of James II, by marrying Morella de Chesholme, heretrix of them. Farther, this Morella, was heretrix of the lands of Grieship, which she impignorat for 12 score merks, and gave same to tocher [marriage portion] with her daughter Dovach Sutherland, to Alexander Rosse, younger of Balnagowan; as also the lands of Clune, Clava, & Wester Urqhell, which she gave with her daughter Ussia Sutherland, to Alexander Dunbar of Westfield, of which marriage are descended all the families of Dunbar.

Children of Morella Chisholm and Alexander Sutherland 3rd baron Duffus

Lady Mary Cholmondeley

(4 February 1593 or 1603 - 8 January 1649/50)
     Lady Mary Cholmondeley was born on 4 February 1593 or 1603 in England. She was the daughter of Sir Henry and Margaret (Babthorpe) Cholmondeley of Roxby.
     Lady Mary Cholmondeley married Henry Fairfax as his second wife, on 4 February 1626 in Yorkshire.
     Mary died on 8 January 1649/50. She was buried in Bolton Percy, Yorkshire.

Children of Lady Mary Cholmondeley and Henry Fairfax

Anthony Peter Christensen

(4 May 1979 - 20 December 1986)
     Anthony Peter Christensen was born on 4 May 1979 in Victoria, Australia.
     Anthony died on 20 December 1986 aged 7.

Thorvald Christensen

( - 25 November 1981)
     Thorvald died on 25 November 1981 in Middelfart, Odense, Fyn, Denmark.

Julia Christianson

     Julia Christianson married Percy Harry Burnham, son of Henry Burnham and Fanny Brawn, on 27 November 1905 in St Paul, Minnesota.

Children of Julia Christianson and Percy Harry Burnham

Ann Christie

(circa 1710? - )
     Ann Christie was born circa 1710? In Banffshire, Scotland.
Ann Christie married Donald Dow MacPherson, son of unlinked early MacPherson, before 1731. Ann was present at Ann MacPherson's christening on 18 April 1731 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. Ann, daughter to Donald Dow McPherson in Delvorar & Ann Christie his spouse. Ann was present at Isabel MacPherson's christening on 3 July 1737 in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT. Isabel, daughter to Donald Dow McPherson in Belcorach? & Ann Christie his spouse.

Children of Ann Christie and Donald Dow MacPherson

Catherine Christie

(between 1790 and 1792 - 12 October 1895)
      Ken Nisbet wrote in the Scottish genealogist 43: 4 (Dec 1996) BRAES OF GLENLIVET IN THE OLDEN TIME - RECOLLECTIONS OF A CENTENARIAN. What follows is an article written on the occasion of my g-g-g-grandmother's "alleged" hundredth birthday. Far up among the Highlands of Banffshire near Scalan in the Braes of Glenlivet, resides an old woman of the name of Catherine Christie or McPherson, widow of the late Paul McPherson, pensioner, who had attained the patriarchal age of one hundred years, having been born in 1792. Knowing that this "the oldest inhabitant " still retains all her faculties in a wonderful degree, we resolved one day lately to pay her a visit and have a chat concerning old men, their manners and their way, in this out of the way part of the country in an age that is gone, a theme she loves to dwell upon; fortunately we found her in capital form, so to speak, and on being acquainted with the nature of the mission we had assigned ourselves, and the task we expected her to perform, she proceeded to relate in substance as follows: - "The face of the country is entirely changed here from what it was in the beginning of the present century. Then there were no roads either leading into or within the Glen itself, save mountain tracks among the heather, and no wheeled vehicles of any kind. Cultivation was almost entirely neglected and land damp and marshy. The implements of agriculture were wooden ploughs drawn by as many as twelve oxen, with shaggy coats of hair and tremendous long horns and they required the services of two men to work them, one to drive the oxen called "Grandman" whilst the other held the plough. Creel s or currachs suspended over the backs of hardy Highland ponies did the carrying part of the work but these were superseded later on by small carts with "clog wheels" and " timme r a ixt r e e s ". The people e were extremely poor for most part in those days, there being little or no money in the country, and few ways of making it. The trailing of wood on horses sides from the famed Glenmore Forest down through Glenlivet, Cabrach and on to Huntly formed for a time one of the industries of the place. Digging the root s of what had once been gigantic fir trees splitting them up into firewood, and conveying same to the low country f airs for sale was also largely engaged in the growing of flax and manufacturing it into cloth, both for home requirements and sale by the travelling "chapmen" received some share of attention. The people did not then fare sumptuously. During summer months the cattle were bled regularly and the life giving fluid converted into food for the people. Little oatmeal was used, there being scarcely any corn grown and even what there was seldom came to maturity, and the little meal it produced being the colour of ashes made a poor substitute for human food. Thrashing mills there were none and meal mills did not exist, the flait did duty for the one and the quern for the other. Tea as an article of diet was then quite unknown. Bere meal porridge, scones made out of the same material, " tatties and lang kail" with plenty of good home brewed malt ale to wash them down with, made stronger men 137. Catherine Christie was born between 1790 and 1792 in Inveravon, Banffshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of John Christie and Jane McGregor.
Catherine Christie married Paul MacPherson, son of John MacPherson and Elspet Gordon, on 6 May 1823 in Inveravon, BAN, SCT.
The Rev Charles Gordon entered upon the church of Chapeltown 17 April 1830 - a census of his flock was held on 12 June 1839 which showed at Badaglashan, Paul McPherson 56, Catherine Christie 36, Ann McPherson 14, John McPherson 13, Donald McPherson 7, Wiliam McPherson 7, Robert McPherson 4, Janet McPherson 2. A note states "eldest son Paul at ... College, Rome". The parents had 'Con' next to their names..
     Catherine Christie and Paul MacPherson were recorded on the 1851 census in Scalan, Inveravon, Banffshire. Paul McPherson, head, married, aged 68, Chelsea pensioner, born Inveravon, Catherine his wife, aged 59, with sons Donald aged 20 and William aged 18, both ag. labs., all born at Inveravon.
Recollections of her life - see interview in "The Northern Scot" Sat March 5th 1892 on her supposed 100th birthday, also see her obituary in the same newspaper 19th October 1895. Lived all her married life and as a widow in Glenlivet 1891 residing with her son Donald at Larryvarry Glenlivet a pauper aged 101.
     Catherine died on 12 October 1895 in Larryvarry, Glenlivet, Banffshire, Scotland. Death of a Braes Centenarian: Glenlivet people resident in many lands and acquaintances in general over a wide area, will read with feelings of some emotion, the intelligence of the death on Saturday last, at Newton of Scalan where she resided for the past sixty years, of widow Catharine Macpherson or ‘Old Katie’ the familiar appellation by which she was best and most widely known during the past thirty years at least, of her very long life. Although her exact age has not been definitely ascertained, from the fact of her marriage to the late Paul Macpherson pensioner (a veteran soldier who fought and bled for his country in the Peninsula being present at Corunna under that illustrious Scotchman Sir John Moore) having been consummated at the Old Catholic Chapel of Kynakyle long since removed to Tombae, in this Glen, some eighty years ago, as well as from other evidence of a like nature corroborative nature which could be adduced in Support of the fact, we think it can be conclusively, proved that the subject of the short notice must at all events be a centenarian, and a great many would have it to be she is much older even than that. By her demise, however, the oldest inhabitant hereby for a good many years has now been removed, and the eventful changes that have occurred in the Braes during her lengthened tenure of existence as they were recorded in a special article to this paper from her own recollection to them, some two years since, are truly many and remarkable indeed. Deceased was ever a healthy, hardy type of woman, and of a cheerful and easily minded disposition. She retained all her faculties almost unimpaired in a wonderful degree up to nearly a year or so ago when signs of dissolution at length set in. She bore a large family of sons and daughters, and her numerous descendants to the fifth generation are spread fare and wide over various portions of the habitable globe. Her remains were laid to rest beside those of her late husband in St. Mary’s Cemetery Chapeltown on Tuesday. She was buried on 15 October 1895 in Chapeltown, Glenlivet.

Children of Catherine Christie and Paul MacPherson

Clive Christie

( - 1975)
     Clive Christie married Pamela Phyllis Devonshire, daughter of Ronald Bland Devonshire and Irene Phillis Clarke.
     Clive died in 1975.

Constance Christie

     Constance Christie married Rev Richard Henry Dowse, son of Rev Charles Dowse and Edith Helen Moore, in 1933? In Dublin.

Douglas Ian Christie

     Douglas Ian Christie married Ethel Isabel Rout, daughter of William Charles Rout and Jessie Isabelle Tullock, in 1941 in Victoria.

Anne Hamlyn Chubb

     Anne Hamlyn Chubb married John Bullett, son of John Bullett and Elizabeth Stiff, between March 1864 and June 1864 in Lambeth RD, Surrey.
     Anne Hamlyn Chubb and John Bullett were recorded on the 1871 census in 155 Alexander Cottages, Beckenham, Kent. John Bullett, 30, printer, born Rougham, Sfk, his wife Anne H 33, born Taunton? Devon, son Henry 6, born Lambeth, daughters Elizabeth 4, born Lambeth, Surrey, Mary 2, ditto, born Battersea, Surrey, William 1, born Battersea.
     Anne Hamlyn Chubb and John Bullett were recorded on the 1881 census in 154 A... Cottages, Beckenham, Kent. John Bullett, 40, head, printer, born Rougham, Sfk, his wife Anne, 42, born Taunton, Devon, children Henry 16, printer born Lambeth, Sry, Mary 12, & William 11, both born Battersea, Sydney 8, Alice 6, and Ada 4, born Beckenham, Sry.
     Anne Hamlyn Chubb and John Bullett were recorded on the 1891 census in Lilac Lodge, Padua Rd, Penge, Kent. John Bullett, 50, printer machinist, born Rougham; his wife Anne aged 52, born Tamerston Folliott, Devon, children William 21, printer electro stereo tipper? born Wandsworth, London, Mary, 22, dressmaker born Wandsworth, Sidney, 18, elementary teacher, Alice, 16, dressmaker, Ada 14, scholar, all born at Beckenham, Kent; John Bullett, father, 89, widower, retired farmer, born Rougham. Anne Hamlyn Chubb was listed as Anne Hamlyn Chubb's niece in the 1901 census in 14 Padua Rd, Penge, Kent.

Children of Anne Hamlyn Chubb and John Bullett

Catherine Chubb

     Catherine Chubb married Thomas Guilford Killigrew, son of Charles Killigrew, on 1 March 1740 in London. Thomas Killigrew of St Martin's in the Fields, Gent and Catherine Chubb of the same, spinster.
She was distant relation. Mrs Killigrew adopted her great niece Mary Iago who married Daniel Wait, Mayor of Bristol, in 1805, - their descendant Mrs Boddam Castle had portraits. His presumed wife is Katherine Killigrew, widow of Bristol, Gloucestershire whose will was proved 24 Nov 1809 PROB 11/1505

Children of Catherine Chubb and Thomas Guilford Killigrew

Myrtle Elizabeth Chubb

(8 February 1904 - 27 May 1946)
     Myrtle Elizabeth Chubb was born on 8 February 1904 in Sale, Victoria.
Myrtle Elizabeth Chubb married Francis Roy Glover, son of Alexander George Glover and Ellen Elizabeth Fox, on 15 May 1926 in the Church of England, Sale, Victoria.
     Myrtle died on 27 May 1946 in Sale, Victoria, aged 42.

Johanna Chudleigh

( - 8 December 1423)
     Johanna Chudleigh married Sir John St Aubyn, son of Thomas de St Aubyn and Alice Raleigh. He married secondly? Johanna, daughter Sir James Chudleigh, Kt. She was named in the inquisition taken on the death of her husbanc are remarried to Philip Bryan in 1386, surviving her second husband and remarried Sir Thomas Pomeroy, Kt.
     Johanna died on 8 December 1423.

Child of Johanna Chudleigh and Sir John St Aubyn

Martha Chulford

(before 1585 - )
     Martha Chulford was born before 1585 in Suffolk, England.
Martha Chulford married John Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge, on 25 August 1602 in Rougham, Suffolk.

Child of Martha Chulford and John Cocksedge

Mary Ann Church

(circa 1819 - before 1856)
     Mary Ann Church was born circa 1819 in Hadleigh, Suffolk.
Mary Ann Church married Samuel Grimwood, son of John Grimwood and Sarah Summers, after 11 October 1849 in Aldham, Suffolk.
     Mary died before 1856.

Children of Mary Ann Church and Samuel Grimwood

Julia Beetham Churchill

(12 May 1839 - 21 February 1866)
     Julia Beetham Churchill was born on 12 May 1839 in Stoke Newington, Hackney, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Robert Tuner & Julia Churchill.. She was christened on 19 July 1839 in St Mary, Stoke Newington, Middlesex.
Julia Beetham Churchill married George Henry Hooper, son of George Henry Hooper and Margaret Brewse Ross, circa 21 August 1862 in St James, Westminster, St James Westminster RD, Middlesex. They married by licence dated 21 Aug 1862. Appeared personally George Henry Hooper the younger Esq of the parish of St James Westiminster, a bachlor of 21 and upwards and prayed a licence for the solemnization of matrimony in the parish church of St James in Westminster aforesaid between him and Julia Beetham Churchill of the parish of Brighton in the county of Sussex a spinster of the age of 21 and upwards .... Signed G H Hooper..
     Julia died on 21 February 1866 in Brighton, Sussex, aged 26.

Children of Julia Beetham Churchill and George Henry Hooper

Ruth Churchill

     Ruth Churchill married Peter Paul Bell, son of Robert Bruce Bell and Margaret Christine Bell, in 1931.

Elizabeth Churchman??

(before 1645 - before 6 June 1665)
     Elizabeth Churchman?? was born before 1645.
Elizabeth Churchman?? married Robert Cocksedge on 14 June 1663 in Bardwell, Suffolk. This must be an error - not found on FamilySearch of Sfk FHS database.
     Elizabeth died before 6 June 1665 in Bardwell, Suffolk. She was buried on 6 June 1665 in Bardwell.

Child of Elizabeth Churchman?? and Robert Cocksedge