Ann Churchward

     The marriage of Ann Churchward and John Henry Ruby, son of Simeon Ruby and Maria Ham, was registered in Plymouth, Devon, in the September 1872 quarter.
     Ann Churchward and John Henry Ruby were recorded on the 1891 census in 32 Clare Building, Plymouth, Charles the Martyr, Devon. John Ruby, head, aged 40, porter born Stonehouse, Ann Ruby, wife, aged 43, born Chagford, Maude aged 17 daughter, born Plymouth, Wiliam aged 14, son, potter emploee, born London, Ruben aged 8, scholar born Plymouth and Allbert aged 3 born Plymouth, his children.

Children of Ann Churchward and John Henry Ruby

Diane Cilento

(5 October 1933 - 6 October 2011)
     Diane Cilento was born on 5 October 1933 in Mooloolaba, Queensland. She was the daughter of Sir Raphael West Cilento and Phyllis Dorothy McGlew.
Diane was a theatre and film actress. At a young age, she decided to follow a career as an actress, and moved to the United Kingdom in the early-1950s. She soon secured roles in British films and steadily worked until the end of the decade without making a major impression with film audiences. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Tom Jones (1963), but allowed her film career to decline following her marriage to actor Sean Connery. Connery was the second of Cilento's three husbands, and they were married from 1962 to 1973. They are the parents of the actor Jason Connery. In Sean's James Bond film You Only Live Twice, Diane doubled for Sean's co-star Mie Hama in a diving scene because Hama was indisposed. In 1985, Diane Cilento married Anthony Shaffer, a playwright, who wrote the script of The Wicker Man, a film in which she had appeared in 1973. During the 1970s she had studied under the British mystic and spiritual teacher John G Bennett.
Cilento continued working as an actress, both in films and in television, and in the 1980s settled in Mossman, north of Cairns, Queensland, where she built her own outdoor theater — named "Karnak" — in the rainforest. The venture allows her to participate in experimental drama. In 2006, she released her autobiography: My Nine Lives.
     Diane died of a perforated gastric ulcer on 6 October 2011 in the Base Hospital, Cairns, Queensland, aged 78. She married three times and had two children.

Margaret Cilento

(1923 - 21 November 2006)
     Margaret Cilento was born in 1923 in Sydney, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Sir Raphael West Cilento and Phyllis Dorothy McGlew.
After completing her schooling, Cilento moved to Sydney to attend the East Sydney Technical College with friend and fellow student Margaret Olley. Cilento won the Wattle League Travelling Scholarship in 1947 and made a decisive move to New York. She began studying with printmaker S.W Hayter at Atelier 17 in Greenwich Village and painting with Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. She won the Village Voice Art Competition for her etching the "Bathers".
Attending the glamorous "The Subjects of the Artists School" established by New York's abstract expressionist painters, Cilento became part of the avant-guard movement that included artists such as Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Robert Motherwell. "Studying the human figure with Bill Dobell in Sydney was very different from the soul-searching abstract expressionism I found in New York with painters like Rothko and Motherwell," she says. Cilento is the only Queensland artist whose work has been directly influenced by the New York school at the height of its development.
After several years in New York, Cilento won a French government scholarship to study engraving. The classical inflection in European modernism influenced Cilento's work and she is considered one of Australia's most distinguished practitioners.
In 1954, Cilento went to London to study at the Central School of Art, Goldsmith's College as well as constructivism with Kenneth Martin. She lived, worked and exhibited in London for more than 12 years before returning to Australia in the late 1960s. She has since had a wide range of individual and group exhibitions including a retrospective at the Queensland University Museum Art Gallery. Cilento's works are represented in major Australian and international collections.
     Margaret died on 21 November 2006. She was survived by a daughter and two sons.

Sir Raphael West Cilento

(2 December 1893 - 15 April 1985)
      He was an important Australian medical doctor and administrator. Although he was determined from an early age to study medicine, it seemed at first that he would be thwarted in doing so, because of sheer lack of money. Therefore he trained first as a school teacher sponsored by the Education Department. He eventually entered the University of Adelaide Medical School on borrowed funds, but while there he won so many scholarships, and other prizes, that he ended his course with a respectable bank balance. For the earlier part of his working life, Cilento's interests were mainly in public health and, specifically, tropical medicine. He served with the Australian Army's Tropical Force in New Guinea which superseded the German administration after the First World War. Later he joined the British colonial service in Malaya. On his return to Australia he was Director of the Australian Institute of Tropical Medicine in Townsville, from 1922 to 1924. Following a further term in New Guinea, he became Director of the Commonwealth Government's Division of Tropical Hygiene in Brisbane. He held that role from 1928 to 1934, whereupon he worked as the Queensland Health Department's Director-General. In this position (which he held till 1945, and combined with the presidency of the state's Medical Board as well as with the medicine professorship at the University of Queensland), he firmly opposed the anti-polio methods of Elizabeth Kenny, although at first he had spoken politely enough of her work to give the impression that he favoured it.
Knighted in 1935 (when only 42 years old), Cilento briefly achieved international fame after the Second World War for his work in aiding refugees; at the United Nations, he was Director for Refugees and Displaced Persons from 1946 to 1947. He returned to Australia in 1951.
His later life was characterised by frustration at being unable to find appropriate employment in government service or academia. This was at least partly due to his strongly held extreme right-wing views exemplified by his involvement with the Australian League of Rights. Sir Raphael West Cilento was born on 2 December 1893 in Jamestown, South Australia.
Sir Raphael West Cilento married Phyllis Dorothy McGlew, daughter of Charles Thomas McGlew and Alice Lane Walker, on 18 March 1920 in St Columba's, Hawthorne, Adelaide, South Australia. Weddings. CILENTO— McGLEW. St. Columba's Church, Hawthorn, was well filled with friends of the bride and bridegroom on Thursday, March 18, for the wedding of Dr. Ray Cilento and Dr. Phyllis McGlew. As it was Lent the church was not decorated, except for white flowers on the altar. The bride, who was given away by her father, Capt. McGlew, was attended by her young cousin. Miss Cowler, in a white frock with. touches of pink and'blue. Dr. McGlew's dress was of white charmeuse, the neck ut round and low, the sleeves short, the pointed train from the shoulders of satin lined with georgette. Her veil was of white tulle fastened with a wreath of orange blos soms, and she carried a sheaf of flowers. Her skirt was quite short, and her chaussure? was white silk stockings and white-and-silver bro caded shoes. Dr. Ray Cilento was unsupported by any best man, and the ceremony was perform ed by Archdeacon Clampett. After the service the friends present were in vited to take tea informally at 'Woodspring' the residence of Capt. and Mrs. McGlew, which is just opposite the church, and there in the wide verandah the wedding party received the guests. No invitations had been issued, as Mr. and Mrs. McG lew and Dr. Phyllis McGlew had only just returned from England. The wedding presents were in the dining room, and tea was served on the round lawn at the back of the house. Archdeacon Clamppett insisted that old customs were not to be denied, and proposed tbe health of the bride and bridegroom in a happy, friendly speech, to which Dr. Ray Cilento replied ralicf nervously?, as he had been promised that the ordeal should be spared him. While the bride was changing her dress the party employed themselves in decorating the motor, with suitable shoes and confetti, and when Dr. and Mrs Cilento. came out to get in. Dr. Phyllis' charm ing dress of navy and grey jersey was almost invistible in the storm of rose leaves,rice, and confetti. Her hat,- as I discovered later, was a small one of navy silk with a fancy hatpin as its trimming. The honeymoon was spent at the Glenelg River camping out. Mrs McGlew wore a very smart costume of fawn gabardine, a coat and skirt with touches of pink, and a small hat to match..
     Raphael died on 15 April 1985 aged 91.

Children of Sir Raphael West Cilento and Phyllis Dorothy McGlew

Garth Edward Clabburn

(15 April 1917 - 12 December 1983)
     Garth Edward Clabburn was born on 15 April 1917.
Garth Edward Clabburn married Elise Fitzpatrick, daughter of Samuel Charles Fitzpatrick and Moree Isobel Maude Refshauge, on 13 December 1973.
     Garth died on 12 December 1983 in Hamilton, Victoria, aged 66.


     William CLACKSON married Elizabeth Harper, daughter of William Harper and Mary HURREL, on 5 October 1832 in Boxford, Suffolk.

William de Clairfait

(say 1150 - )
     William de Clairfait was born say 1150.
William de Clairfait married Albreda de Lisures, daughter of Robert de Lisures and Aubrey de Lacy, circa 1167.

William de Clapham

     William de Clapham married Maud Unknown (Ryther) before 15 December 1332. She married secondly before 15 December 1332, William de Clapham.

Amicia de Clare

(circa 1210 - circa 1284)
     Amicia de Clare was born circa 1210.
Amicia de Clare married Baldwin de Redvers, son of Baldwin de Redvers Lord de L'Isle of Wight and Margery or Margaret FitzGerald, circa 1225. Amicia de Clare was mentioned at the Inquisition Post Mortem held in January 1263 on the death of Baldwin de Redvers Earl of Devon. Baldwin de Insula Earl of Devon: writs 13 Jan & 13 July 47 Hen III [1263]. Isabel de Fortibus, countess of Albemarle (Alba Marla, Albemaria, Aubemarle, Aubemara), late the wife of the Earl of Albemarle, his sister, age variously stated as 24 and more and 25, is his heir through the death of his son. He held lands in Parva Fakenham, Suffolk, Freshwater manor, etc. in the Isle of Wight, Yorks - Harwode manor (full extent given with names of tenants in orig), including lands etc in the fields of Wetecrofth, Rugemund, Pulehale and Fites (?) services from the township of Lofthus, lands in Neuhale, and pannage, windfalls, etc. in the wood of Swindene; Plimpton castle, etc. Devon inc. lands held by Countess Amice, mother of the late earl Baldwin & Worthbrough, Stratton manor, etc. in Wilts.
     Amicia died circa 1284.

Children of Amicia de Clare and Baldwin de Redvers

Gilbert de Clare 3rd Earl of Gloucs & Hertford

(before 1205 - circa 1296)
     Gilbert de Clare 3rd Earl of Gloucs & Hertford married Isabel Marshall or Pembroke?, daughter of William, Earl of Pembroke,. Isabel Marshal?. Gilbert de Clare 3rd Earl of Gloucs & Hertford was born before 1205 in England. Son of Richard de Clare who died in or before 46 Henry III (1262).. He was the son of Richard de Clare Earl of Hertford and Amice de Gloucester.
     Gilbert died circa 1296. He was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held in 24 Edward I [1296]. An inquisition P.M. taken on the Wednesday next after the feast of St Hilary 24 Edw I [1296] stated that his heir was Gilbert the first born son and is aged 5 years, which makes this unlikely to be the father of Isabel. His wife was described as Joan daughter of Edward, King of England and his heir, Gilbert his son aged 4 years and 9 months.

Child of Gilbert de Clare 3rd Earl of Gloucs & Hertford and Isabel Marshall or Pembroke?

Isabel de Clare

(8 November 1226 - between 10 July 1264 and 10 May 1275)
     Isabel de Clare was born on 8 November 1226 in England. She was the niece of the Earl Marshall of England. She was the daughter of Gilbert de Clare 3rd Earl of Gloucs & Hertford and Isabel Marshall or Pembroke?
Isabel de Clare married Robert de Brus, son of Robert de Brus 4th Lord of Annandale and Isabel, of Huntingdon,, on 12 May 1240.
     Isabel died between 10 July 1264 and 10 May 1275.

Children of Isabel de Clare and Robert de Brus

Richard de Clare Earl of Hertford

     Richard de Clare Earl of Hertford married Amice de Gloucester.

Child of Richard de Clare Earl of Hertford and Amice de Gloucester

Audrey May Clare

(5 May 1914 - )
     Audrey May Clare was born on 5 May 1914.
Audrey May Clare married Reginald Bennington Fisher, son of William Michael Fisher and Lavinia Alice Bennington, circa 1934.

Elizabeth Clarell

     Elizabeth Clarell was the daughter of Thomas Clarell Esquire and Maud Montgomery.
Elizabeth Clarell married John Gresley.

John Clarell Esq

     John died in Marshburgh Hall, Yorkshire. He was born in Yorkshire, England. He was the son of Thomas Clarell Esquire and Maud Montgomery.
     Administration of the estate of Maud Montgomery was granted to John Clarell Esq, on 17 March 1456/57 John Clarell, esq, of Marshburgh Hall administration of the effects of Matilda Clarell of Aldwark, who had died intestate. He was her only surviving son, Thomas & Robert having predeceased her.

Margaret Clarell

(before 1399 - )
     Margaret Clarell was born before 1399 in Rawmarsh, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Thomas Clarell Esquire and Maud Montgomery.
     A marriage settlement between Margaret Clarell and John Fitzwilliam was made on 19 January 1410 in Emley, Yorkshire. Pre-nuptial marriage settlement between John Fitzwilliam to Thomas Clarell. In consideration of a marriage to be had between John, son and heir of John Fitzwilliam, and Margaret, daughter of Thomas Clarell, it is agreed that Thomas shall pay 450 marks to John, the father, in stated instalments and that John, the father, will convey to Thomas the manor of Derthyngton (Darrington?) with all its appurtenances in Derthyngton and Wentebrigg. For 10 years or until the marriage and then to the use of John the younger and Margaret, his wife, and their heirs, to hold from John, the father, at an annual rent of 20s. If John the younger dies within 4 years of the marriage then John Fitzwilliam's second son, Nicholas, is to marry Margaret, and they are to hold the property on the same terms.
Given at the manor of Emley
Margaret Clarell married John Fitzwilliam, son of Sir John Fitzwilliam and Eleanor Green, after 19 January 1410.
Margaret Clarell married Robert Waterton as her second husband, circa 1422. Sir Robert Waterton of Methley died 1426 (or of Walton).
     Margaret Clarell married William Gascoigne as her third husband, before 7 February 1425/26 in Sheffield district, Yorkshire. He married clandestinely, before 7 Feb 1425/6, Margaret Clarel. She married as her third husband Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe. Monument at Harewood Church.
     Margaret Clarell was mentioned in a deed dated 1441.
     Margaret died in Harewood, Yorkshire. Clarrell & Gascoigne arms are found in Harewood church.
A Thomas Clarell, gent. of St Gyles London & Rotherham Yorks had will proved 1493 (PCC 7 Vox) - possibly her brother?
     In 1489 Thomas Clarel, citizen and grocer in London, released to Elizabeth FitzWilliam, of Aldwark, widow, the manor of Peniston, with all rents and services in Heley and Hoyland Swein.

Children of Margaret Clarell and John Fitzwilliam

Children of Margaret Clarell and William Gascoigne

Robert Clarell

(before 1425 - before 17 October 1446)
     Robert Clarell was born before 1425 in Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Clarell Esquire and Maud Montgomery.
     Robert was buried before 17 October 1446 in Tickhill, Yorkshire.
     His will was proved on 17 October 1446. He made a short will on the Sunday before the Feast of St Augustine the Doctor 1446, desiring to be buried in the Friary church near Tickhill, and leaving almost everything to Matilda, his mother. He gives his horse, saddle and bridle, boots, spurs and sword, and 40 shillings for his mortuary.

Thomas Clarell

(1394 - 6 February 1430)
     Thomas Clarell bore arms: Gules, six martlettes argent, 3, 2 and 1. He was born in 1394 in Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Clarell Esquire and Maud Montgomery.
Thomas Clarell married Elizabeth le Scrope between 1407 and 1408. They had 3 daughters, the eldest Eizabeth (d. 12 May 1503) became sole heiress to the Clarell estates and married Sir Richard Fitzwilliam (d. 22 Sep 1479).
Grant. 1) Thos. Clarell.
2) Thos. Clarell his son, and wife Eliz.
(1) to (2) £20 as above; if T.C. jun. die under 14 before consummation, Eliz. to marry his bro. John.
Witn.: Hen. Vavasour and John Everyngham, kts.
At S. Milford, 9 Hen. IV.
Armorial seal.
     Thomas died on 6 February 1430 in Aldwark, Rawmarsh, Yorkshire.
     The administration of his estate was granted on 15 July 1450.

Thomas Clarell Esquire

(before 1375 - 1 May 1442)
     Thomas Clarell Esquire was born before 1375 in England. He was of Aldwark, Newton upon Derwent, Penistone, Stiveton (in Sherburn), etc., Yorkshire, son and heir, adult by 1389.
Thomas Clarel, dominus de Peniston, in 1392 granted to John del Rodes and others, a piece of land ... with licences to grave turf on the moors of Peniston.
Thomas Clarell Esquire married Maud Montgomery.
Thomas Clarel, of Aldwark, in 1397 grants the manors of Waterhall, Peniston, Heley and Hoyland Swein, to John Foljambe, who re-granted them to him and the heirs male of his body.
In 1400 he took a release of a croft in Tickhill, Yorkshire from Thomas Johnson, of Wadworth.
     Thomas Clarell Esquire made a will dated 20 November 1441. He requested burial at the Austin Friars in Tickhill.
     Thomas died by drowning in the River Don on 1 May 1442 in Yorkshire. He was buried in Tickhill, Yorkshire.
     His will was proved on 20 June 1442 at the Prerogative Court of York.
     Thomas Clarell Esquire was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held in November 1442 Thomas Clarell, Esquire: 78 Writ. 18 November 1442. [Bate].
LINCOLNSHIRE. Inquisition. Brigg. 27 April 1443. [Stanlowe].
Jurors: Henry Warner of Melton Ross; Robert Rycall and Robert Frankys of Barton-upon-Humber; John Letulton and Thomas Balage of Thornton Curtis; John Thomlynson and Thomas Kyng of Wootton; John Rose and John Berdeles of Ulceby; William Sotheby ; Richard Scot of Croxton; William Arche ; and John Clerk of Saxby All Saints.
He held the following in demesne as of fee, jointly feoffed with Maud, his wife, who survives, by grant of Thomas Breton , to them and their heirs and assigns.
Ulceby, the manor, annual value £20, held of Richard, lord Roos , service unknown.
He died on 1 May 1442. Thomas Clarell is his son and next heir, aged 49 and more.
[Head:] Delivered to court on 21 August 1443.
C 139/110/42 mm. 1–2

79 Writ. 1 November 1442. [Bate].
YORKSHIRE. Inquisition.n027 Church Fenton. 10 November 1442. [Langton].
Jurors: Thomas Sampole ; William Oter ; John Scargill ; Robert Wilson ; John Meuse ; John Lamson ; Hugh Blakestone ; John Barnne ; Henry Boswell ; Thomas Wodde ; John Laveroke ; John Barston ; John Wynger ; John Bothe ; Thomas Abenforth ; John Thomson ; and John Denby.

James Gresacre , Adam Cutterell, parson of the church of Thrybergh, Gilbert Attewell, parson of the church of Rawmarsh , Thomas de Harlynghoy , and William Bramley, chaplain were seised of the following in demesne as of fee. By their charter dated at Adwick upon Dearne, 19 July 1413, shown to the jurors, they granted the manor to Thomas Clarell and Maud his wife, and the heirs of their bodies. They were seised in demesne as of fee by form of the grant, and Thomas died seised jointly with Maud, who survives.

Adwick upon Dearne, the manor, with all wardships, marriages, reliefs, and escheats pertaining thereto, annual value 100s., held of the castle of Tickhill, service unknown.
Thomas Herlyngton and Robert Mousdere were seised of the following in demesne as of fee. By their charter dated at Aldwarke, 28 July 1383, shown to the jurors, they granted the manor to Thomas Clarell and Maud his wife, and the heirs of their bodies. As a result they were seised in demesne as of fee by form of the grant, and Thomas died seised jointly with Maud, who survives.
Aldwarke, the manor, with all lands, tenements, rents, and services pertaining thereto, annual value 8 marks, held of the lord Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury , of his manor of Sheffield, service unknown.
John Felton was seised of the manor of Steeton, which he granted – together with all lands, tenements, rents, services, and reversions in Fairburn, Micklefield, South Milford, ?Woodhall Carr, Barkston, and Lumby – to Thomas Clarell and the heirs of his body, so that Thomas was seised in demesne as of fee according to the form of the grant. The grant was by charter dated 17 September 1389, shown to the jurors, in which Thomas was described as Thomas Clarell , son and heir of William Clarell . Afterwards Thomas – described as Thomas Clarell of Aldwarke – granted the manor, etc., by his charter dated at Aldwarke, 27 January 1398, shown to the jurors, to John Foiliampe , James Gresacre , Thomas Herlyngton , and Thomas Breton, junior , and their heirs and assigns, so that they were seised in demesne as of fee. They, in full and peaceful seisin, granted the manor by their indented charter dated at Aldwarke, 25 August 1405, shown to the jurors, to Thomas Clarell and Maud his wife and their heirs and assigns, so they were seised in demesne as of fee. Thomas died seised jointly with Maud, who survives.
The manor, worth 10 marks yearly, is held of the lord archbishop of York by knight service.
On 1 May 1442, Thomas was going along a ?sunken wharf (ripam concavatam) on the west of the water of Don, measuring 20 feet in length and 11 feet in breadth, which collapsed so that he fell into the water, and so by misfortune he was drowned and died that day. Thomas Clarell is his son and next heir, aged 40 and more.
[Head:] Delivered to court on 11 December 1442.
C 139/110/42 mm. 3–4
E 149/175/6 m. 1.

Children of Thomas Clarell Esquire and Maud Montgomery

Anne Clarges (Radford or Redford)

( - 29 January 1669/70)
     Anne Clarges (Radford or Redford) married George Monk Duke of Albemarle, son of Sir Thomas Monk and Elizabeth Smith, on 23 January 1652/53 in St George's, Southwark, Surrey, England.
     Anne died on 29 January 1669/70. She was buried on 28 February 1669/70 in Westminster Abbey.

Alan William Clark

(1900 - 1949)
     Alan William Clark was born in 1900 in Prahran, Victoria. He was the son of Alfred William Clark and Amelia Edith Sargeant.
Alan William Clark married Mavis Jane Evans in 1933 in Victoria.
     Alan died in 1949 in Glen Iris, Victoria.

Alfred William Clark

(1863 - 6 May 1939)
     Alfred William Clark was born in 1863 in Newstead, Victoria. Alfred was a tobacconist.
Alfred William Clark married Amelia Edith Sargeant, daughter of James Jeffery Sargeant and Sarah Ann Durrant, on 25 May 1898 in Christ Church, South Yarra, Victoria. Married by licence: born 46 Gertrude St Fitzroy, living at 54 Bendigo St Prahran, usual res. 122 Albert St Windsor, 26, millinery saleswoman. Daughter of James Jeffery Sarjeant (gent. of Albert St) & Sarah Ann Durrant. Alfred was born at Newstead, living at 2 Junction St St Kilda, 34, tobacconist, son of William Clark, gent of 32 Henry St Windsor) & Elizabeth Webb. Witnessed by H Durrant, M Clark & James Sarjeant.
     Alfred died on 6 May 1939 in East Melbourne, Victoria. Mr Alfred William Clark, aged 75 years, retired business man, of Goodwin street, Glen Iris, collapsed and died at the Melbourne bourne Cricket-ground on Saturday afternoon while watching the football match between Melbourne.
CLARK -On the 6th May (suddenly) at Melbourne Alfred William Clark, of No 12 Goodwin street Glen Iris dearly beloved hus band of Amelia Edith loving father oí Ernest, Alan and Colin Clark aged 75 years late of St Kilda and St Kilda.

Children of Alfred William Clark and Amelia Edith Sargeant

Alice Clark

Annabel Clark

(16 October 1889 - circa 1981)
     Annabel Clark was born on 16 October 1889 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett.
Annabel Clark married William James Turnbull on 2 February 1913 in Victoria.
     Annabel died circa 1981.

Child of Annabel Clark and William James Turnbull

Bertha Clark

(2 April 1887 - 13 August 1955)
     Bertha Clark was born on 2 April 1887 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett.
Bertha Clark married Thomas Joseph Whitford on 8 January 1908 in Victoria.
     Bertha died on 13 August 1955 in Geelong, Victoria, aged 68.

Children of Bertha Clark and Thomas Joseph Whitford

Betsy Clark

(18 April 1899 - 1978)
     Betsy Clark was born on 18 April 1899 in Victoria, Australia. She was the daughter of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett.
Betsy Clark married Harold Jones on 10 July 1920 in Victoria.
     Betsy died in 1978 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia.

Child of Betsy Clark and Harold Jones

Carol Jane Clark

(1894 - 1942)
     Carol Jane Clark was also known as Caroline Jane in records. She was born in 1894 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Ernest Albert Clark & Elizabeth Taylor.
Carol Jane Clark married Robert James Booker, son of William Booker and Emma Bullett, in 1919 in Victoria.
     Carol died in 1942 in Yarram, Victoria.

Children of Carol Jane Clark and Robert James Booker

Charlotte Clark

(circa 1867 - before 19 January 1898)
     Charlotte Clark was born circa 1867.
Charlotte Clark married John Joseph Vivian Rich, son of Edward Rich and Elizabeth Penny, on 28 October 1895 in St John, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England. They were possibly the parents of Mary Kathleen Ida who was born 6 Dec 1897 at baptised 20 Feb 1898 at Scofton..
     Charlotte died before 19 January 1898 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. She was buried on 19 January 1898 in St Mary Priory churchyard, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Child of Charlotte Clark and John Joseph Vivian Rich

Colin Milbourne Clark

(27 December 1905 - 24 March 2002)
     Colin Milbourne Clark was born on 27 December 1905 in Prahran, Victoria. He was the son of Alfred William Clark and Amelia Edith Sargeant. Colin Milbourne Clark was christened on 15 February 1906 in Christ Church, South Yarra, Victoria. Colin was a pharmacist.
Colin Milbourne Clark married Dorothy May Thomas in December 1933 in Malver Hill Methodist Church, Burwood, New South Wales. ...the marriage was celebrated recently of Miss Dorothy May Thomas, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs G E Thomas, of Sutherland, Cronulla, and Mr Colin Milbourne Clark, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs A W Clark, of Kerang, Victoria. ... Mr C A Clark, brother of the bridegroom was best man..
     Colin and Dorothy resided at New South Wales, between 1935 and 1980.
     Colin and Dorothy resided at 3 Manangle Rd, Camden, New South Wales, 1968.
     Colin resided at 45 Mill St, Kensington, Victoria, 1982. Collin Milbourne Clark, pharm...
     Colin died on 24 March 2002 in New South Wales aged 96. He was buried at Cawdor Uniting Church cemetery.

Edith Clark

(26 July 1895 - 26 November 1973)
     Edith Clark married William Fraser. Edith Clark was born on 26 July 1895 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett.
Edith Clark married Robert Powell.
     Edith died on 26 November 1973 in Geelong, Victoria, aged 78.