Richard Anning

     Richard Anning married Martha Ruby, daughter of John Ruby and Elizabeth Dustan, before July 1885 in Okehampton RD, Devon.

Elizabeth Ansen

     Elizabeth Ansen married John Trull, son of Laurence Trull and Sarah Jay, in 1738 in St Edmund, Norwich, Norfolk.

Child of Elizabeth Ansen and John Trull

Jane Anthorne

     Jane Anthorne married John [Thomas?] Petit, son of John Petit and Margaret Treunwith. Jane Anthorne was the daughter of William Anthorne.

William Anthorne

Child of William Anthorne

Margaret Antrewan

     Margaret Antrewan married Thomas Godolphin, son of John Godolphin and Sybil Bloyet or Bloyow. Margaret Antrewan was the daughter of Roger Antrewan.

Child of Margaret Antrewan and Thomas Godolphin

Roger Antrewan

Child of Roger Antrewan

Rev Thomas Apjohn

     Rev Thomas Apjohn married Anne Cocksedge, daughter of William Cocksedge and Margaret Unknown.
     Rev Thomas Apjohn was mentioned in the will of William Cocksedge dated 29 July 1740.

Mary Appleby

(before 1670 - )
     Mary Appleby was born before 1670 in Linton upon Ouse, Yorkshire.
Mary Appleby married John Ryther, son of John Ryther and Mary Langdale, circa 1688.
     Mary Appleby made a will dated 9 March 1707. Her will asked to be buried in Newton church.
Agreement dated 12 Mar 1707 - By Elizabeth Trappes of Nidd, widow, Robert Plompton of Plompton and Julian his wife and Margaret Ryther, widow, with Sir John Ingilby of Ripley, Bart., that the debts, legacies and annuities to be settled from the sale of property at Linton-upon-Ouse, Youlton and Heworth devised by Hugh Appleby to Sir John and Sir Edward Blacket are discharged or will be within 6 months and that they will reimburse Sir John and save him harmless.

Child of Mary Appleby and John Ryther

Margaret Appledorefield

( - before October 1521)
     Margaret Appledorefield was the daughter of William Appledorefield.
Margaret Appledorefield married Thomas Ryther, son of Sir William Ryther and Eleanor Fitzwilliam, before 1486?.
Thomas Froggynhall and Jane, his wife, Thomas Rither and Margaret, his wife, John Fyneux and Elizabeth, his wife, Robert Kempte and Anne, his wife, and John Seynenycholas. v. Thomas Walter and William Adeane, feoffees to uses, and Sir William Clerk, priest.: Conspiracy between defendants and Mildred Appultrefeld to utter a forged will of William Appultrefeld, father of the said Jane, Margaret, Anne, and Elizabeth, and of another Elizabeth (sic), mother of the said John Seynenycholas, concerning tenements in Linstead, Doddington, Kingsdown, and Norton.: Kent.
     Margaret died before October 1521 in Kent.

Children of Margaret Appledorefield and Thomas Ryther

William Appledorefield

( - before October 1521)
      The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 2. Originally published by W Bristow, Canterbury, 1797. p 60-78 states: The MANOR OF APPULDREFIELD, called also antiently the manor of Appuldre, and now, by contraction of the former name, Apperfield, lies about two miles south-westward from Cowdham church..
The manor of Apuldrefield in Cudham, a parish within the hundred of Ruxley, lathe of Sutton at Hone, and county of
Kent, comprises at this time in demesne an estate of 496 acres, 1 rood, 5 perches. It is seventeen miles from London, and in-tersected by the high road to the market town of Westerham. [G. STEINMAN STEIKMAN, ESQ. F.S.A., FROM THE "topographer AND GENEALOGIST," VOT. HI. LONDON : J. b. NICHOLS AND SON 1851]. William Appledorefield was also known as Appletreefield in records. William Appledorefield was also known as Appuldrefield in records.
At Westminster. Three weeks from St Michael, 37 Henry VI [20 October 1458].
Parties: John Cheyne, knight, Robert Hoorne, esquire, Ralph Seintleger, esquire, Thomas Seintnicholas, esquire, John Rowe,
William Apulderfeld', John Metheley, Ralph Josselyn', John Norton', Thomas Fermory, William Harlakynden', William Bygge and William Clerk', querents, and William Fenys, knight, and Margaret, his wife, deforciants.
Property:     The manors of Crowthorn', Pury, Newelangport, Kenarton' and Cokryde and 250 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 300 acres of wood and 100 acres of marsh in Romeney, Lydde, Hope, the parish of All Saints by Romeney, the parish of St Martin by Romeney, Northene, Vet[er]i Romeney, the parish of Promehill', Snave, Orlaston', Werehoorne, Rokynge, Bylsyngton', Newchirch', Meresham, Aldyngton', Sellyng', Bonyngton', Bourghwermersh', Estbrygge, Demechirch', Kenarton', Wodechirch', Stone, Wyttersham, Snergate, Bederysden', Halden', Benynden', Tentirden', Bydynden', Midle, Asshford', Weuelesburgh' and Seyvynton' and the advowsons of the churches of Kynarton' and Midle and of the chapels of Crowethorn' in the county of Kent and 100 acres of land, 100 acres of pasture and 200 acres of marsh in the parish of Promehill' in the county of Sussex.
Action: Plea of covenant.
Agreement: William Fenys and Margaret have acknowledged the manors, tenements and advowsons to be the right of John Cheyne, as those which the same John, Robert, Ralph, Thomas, John Rowe, William Apulderfeld', John Metheley, Ralph, John Norton', Thomas, William Harlakynden', William Bygge and William Clerk' have of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed them from themselves and the heirs of Margaret to John, Robert, Ralph, Thomas, John, William Apulderfeld', [John], Ralph, John, Thomas, William Harlakynden', William Bygge and William Clerk' and the heirs of John Cheyne for ever.
Warranty: Warranty.
For this:     John, Robert, Ralph, Thomas, John, William Apulderfeld', John, Ralph, John, Thomas, William Harlakynden', William Bygge and William Clerk' have given them 1000 pounds sterling
     William died before October 1521 in Kent.
William Appledorefield was mentioned between 1544 and 1547.

Child of William Appledorefield

Catherine Isabel Appleyard

(1920 - )
     Catherine Isabel Appleyard was born in 1920 in Carlton, Victoria. She was the daughter of George Appleyard and Isabella Tindell MacKenzie.

Douglas Haig Appleyard

(1916 - )
     Douglas Haig Appleyard was born in 1916 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of George Appleyard and Isabella Tindell MacKenzie.

George Appleyard

     George Appleyard married Isabella Tindell MacKenzie, daughter of Thomas MacKenzie and Elizabeth Ann Thomas, on 5 January 1916 in Victoria. The marriage of Mr. Geo. Appleyard, North Devon, and Miss Isabella McKenzie, daughter of Mr. Thos. McKenzie, North Devon, was celebrated in the local Presbyterian Church on Wednesday morning, 5th Inst, the Rev. F. Tamagne officiating. A number o£ relatives were present. The happy couple left by car for the Alberton railway station, and spent their honeymoon In the city.

Lily Elizabeth Appleyard

(1917 - )
     Lily Elizabeth Appleyard was born in 1917 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of George Appleyard and Isabella Tindell MacKenzie.

Mary Appleyard

(1862 - 1 October 1928)
     Mary Appleyard was born in 1862 in Alberton, Victoria.
Mary Appleyard married William MacKenzie, son of John MacKenzie and Catherine Ferguson, on 25 June 1892 in Carlton, Victoria.
     Mary and William were registered at Won Wron on the between 1908 and 1912 electoral roll.
     Mary died on 1 October 1928 in 'Calrossie', Yarram, Victoria. She was buried on 3 October 1928 in the Presbyterian section, Yarram.

Children of Mary Appleyard and William MacKenzie

Mary Elizabeth Apps

     Mary Elizabeth Apps married Arthur Barrett Bugg, son of Henry Bugg and Hannah Maria Barrett, on 10 April 1884 in Run of Waters, Windsor, New South Wales, Australia.

Isabella Apsley

( - 1733)
     Isabella Apsley married Sir William Wentworth, son of Sir William Wentworth, circa 9 February 1666 in Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir Allen Apsley, treasurer to the household of James, Duke of York.
     Isabella died in 1733.

Child of Isabella Apsley and Sir William Wentworth

Margaret Arbuthnott

( - 8 June 1801)
     Margaret Arbuthnott married Sir Alexander Dunbar 5th Bart of Northfield, son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 4th Bart of Northfield (de jure) and Helen Dunbar, on 21 April 1769. His daughter's marriage to James Coull of Ashgrove, MD was announced in the Bath Chronicle and Weeklt gazette, 1 March 1792..
     Margaret died on 8 June 1801.

Children of Margaret Arbuthnott and Sir Alexander Dunbar 5th Bart of Northfield

Philippa Arcedekne

( - before October 1417)
     Philippa Arcedekne married Sir Hugh Courteney before 1407. She was the daughter and co-heiress of Sir Warin Arcedekne, 3rd Baron Arcedekne and Elizabeth Talbot.
     Philippa died before October 1417.

Children of Philippa Arcedekne and Sir Hugh Courteney

Elisabeth Archbald

     Elisabeth Archbald married Robert Hooper, son of Robert Hooper and Margery Dawson, before 1776 in Scotland. Note that a William Archbold's family from Nenthon produced testificates on July 20 1698 at Ednam. A Robert Hooper and Betty Archibald marry at St Cuthbert's Edinburgh on 9 June 1774.

Children of Elisabeth Archbald and Robert Hooper

Thomas Archdale

     Thomas Archdale married Alice Serjeantson, daughter of Robert Serjeantson and Mary Smith.

Angel Archdall

(circa 1688 - 1745 or 1747)
     Angel Archdall was born circa 1688 in Ireland. She was the daughter of William Archdall (1641-1722 ). She seems a little old to have a son born c 1724. She was the daughter of William Archdall.
Angel Archdall married Nicholas Montgomery, son of Hugh Montgomery and Catherine Dunbar, before 20 March 1724 in Ireland. Montgomery to Archdall 20/3/1724 - (1) Nicholas Montgomery and Catherine his mother & (2) Mervyn Archdall & (3) Guy Carleton in consideration of a marriage between Nicholas & Angell Montgomery alias Archdall his wife, sister of said Mervyn Archdall, for £1500, the manor & lordship of Derrygonelly & Castleton.
     Angel died in 1745 or 1747 in Loughcrew, Meath.

Child of Angel Archdall and Nicholas Montgomery

Angel Archdall (Richardson)

(15 September 1765 - 1817)
     Angel Archdall (Richardson) was born on 15 September 1765 in Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of Mervyn Archdall and Mary Dawson.
Angel Archdall (Richardson) married John Richardson.
     Angel died in 1817.

Child of Angel Archdall (Richardson) and John Richardson

Eight others Archdall

(circa 1770 - )
     Eight others Archdall was born circa 1770 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of Mervyn Archdall and Mary Dawson.

Martha Caroline Archdall

(March 1767 - 1784)
     Martha Caroline Archdall was born in March 1767 in Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of Mervyn Archdall and Mary Dawson. Martha Caroline Archdall was christened on 20 April 1767 in St Peter, Dublin.
     Martha died in 1784.

Mervyn Archdall

(22 April 1723 - 18 June 1813)
     Mervyn Archdall was born on 22 April 1723 in Fermanagh, Ireland. Wikipedia states (2012): Mervyn Archdall (1723–1791) was an Irish antiquary and clergyman of the Church of Ireland. He was descended from John Archdale, of Abbotts Hall, Darsham, in Suffolk, who settled at Castle Archdale, co. Fermanagh as an Undertaker in the Plantation of Ulster[1]. He was born in Dublin 22 April 1723. After graduating from Trinity College, Dublin, his antiquarian tastes introduced him to the acquaintance of Walter Harris, Charles Smith the topographer, Thomas Prior, and Richard Pococke, archdeacon of Dublin. When Pococke became bishop of Ossory, he appointed Archdall his domestic chaplain, bestowed on him the living of Attanagh (partly in Queen's County and partly in co. Kilkenny), and the prebend of Cloneamery in the cathedral church of Ossory (1762), which he afterwards exchanged (1764) for the prebend of Mayne in the same cathedral. Archdall was also chaplain to Francis Pierpoint, Lord Conyngham, and a member of the Royal Irish Academy. Having married his only daughter to a clergyman, he resigned part of his preferments in the diocese of Ossory to his son-in-law, and obtained the rectory of Slane in the diocese of Meath, where he died, 6 August 1791.
His major work is Monasticum Hibernicum ; or an History of the Abbies, Priories, and other Religious Houses in Ireland. (Dublin, 1786). Mistakes in it are rectified in John Lanigan's Ecclesiastical History of Ireland. Considerable portions of the work appear to have been contributed by Edward Ledwich. The publication of a new edition, with notes by Patrick F. Moran and other antiquaries began in parts, at Dublin in 1871.
He also produced an edition of John Lodge's Peerage of Ireland, 'revised, enlarged, and continued to the present time,' (7 vols. 1789). He was the son of Nicholas Montgomery and Angel Archdall.      
Mervyn Archdall was Governer of Fermanagh in 1756. An unknown person was a Member of Parliament, from 1761 to 1800.
Mervyn Archdall married Mary Dawson in 1762. Mervyn Archdall was High Sheriff of Fermanagh in 1773.
     Mervyn died on 18 June 1813 in Castle Archdale, Fermanagh, aged 90. Other sources state 6 August 1791.

Children of Mervyn Archdall and Mary Dawson

Mervyn Archdall

(24 May 1763 - )
     Mervyn Archdall was christened on 24 May 1763 in St Peter, Dublin. He was baptised as the son of Mervyn & Elizabeth!. He was the son of Mervyn Archdall and Mary Dawson.
Mervyn Archdall married Abigail Young on 25 November 1782 in St Mary, Dublin, Ireland.

son Archdall

(17 February 1768 - )
     Son Archdall was born on 17 February 1768 in Kildare St, Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of Mervyn Archdall and Mary Dawson.

William Archdall

     William Archdall William Archdall was HighSheriff of Fermanagh in 1667 and was grandsnof John Archdale, original patentee of the Manor of Tullanagh (Caslte Archdale). in 1667.

Child of William Archdall

Constance Archdeacon

     Constance Archdeacon married Richard Godolphin, son of John Godolphin and Margery Trevanger or Trevanyon?. Constance Archdeacon was the daughter of Otes Archdeacon.

Child of Constance Archdeacon and Richard Godolphin