Mary D'Ewes (Tasburgh)

     Mary D'Ewes (Tasburgh) was the daughter of Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart and Delariviere Jermyn.

Merelina D'Ewes

(6 July 1700 - )
     Merelina D'Ewes married Richard Elwes. Merelina D'Ewes was born on 6 July 1700 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. She would have been named for her aunt baptised 16 Jan 1673 at Rushbrook. She was the daughter of Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart and Delariviere Jermyn.

Symonds D'Ewes

(24 May 1692 - 12 July 1693)
     Symonds D'Ewes was christened on 24 May 1692 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. He was the son of Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart and Delariviere Jermyn.
     Symonds died on 12 July 1693 aged 1.

Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart

(circa 1656 - May 1722)
      D'Ewes of Stowlangtoft Hall, created 19 July, 1641. Paul D'Ewes, esq. one of the six clerks in Chancery, son of Gerard D'Ewes, of Upminster, in Essex, and a lineal descendant of the ancient family of D'Ewes, Lords of Kessal, in the duchy of Guelderland, married Cecilia, only daughter and heir of Richard Symonds, esq. of Coxden, in Dorsetshire, and had issue, SYMONDS, his heir. Richard. Johanna, m. to Sir William Elliot, knt. of Godalming. Grace, m. to Wyseman Bokenham, esq. of Weaton, in Suffolk. Mary, m. to Sir Thomas Bowes, knt. of Essex. Elizabeth, m. to Sir William Poley, knt. Paul D'Ewes died in 1630, and was succeeded by his son, i. Sir Symonds D'Ewes, of Stowlangtoft, born in 1602, at Coxden, the seat of his maternal grandfather. This eminent antiquary commenced at a very youthful age. even while a student at St. John's College, Cambridge, those historical studies, in which he eventually attained such distinction, and, almost at the same early period, gained the friendship and acquaintance of Cotton, Selden, Spelman, and many others of the first rank in the republic of letters. The labours of Sir Symonds have contributed not a little to illustrate the general history of Great Britain ; and his most prominent work, "The Journals of all the Parliaments during the Time of Queen Elizabeth," exists as an able record of the important transactions of one of the most glorious reigns in English history. In 1639, Sir Symonds served the office of sheriff of Suffolk, having been knighted some time previously ; and in the long parliament, which was summoned to meet 3rd November, 1040, was elected member for Sudbury. In 1041. he was created a Baronet by Charles I; yet, upon the breaking out of the civil war, he adhered to the parliament, and took the solemn league and covenant in 1643. He continued to sit in the House of Commons until December, 1648, when he was turned out with others who were thought to retain some little regard for the person of the king, and the old constitution in church and state. He wedded, first, in 1626, Anne, daughter and heir of Sir William Clapton, km., a lady of exquisite beauty, by whom he had two daughters, namely : Cecilia, m. to Sir Thomas Darcy. Bart. of St. Osith's, Essex. Isolda, died unm. He m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart, of Risley, in Derbyshire, and by her, who m. secondly, Sir John Wray, had a son Willoughby, his heir. Sir Symonds died 18th April, 1650, aged forty-eight, and was succeeded by his son, n. Sir Willoughby D'Ewes, who m. Priscilla daughter of Francis Clinton, esq. of Stourton, in Lincolnshire, and bad issue, Symonds, his heir.
Priscilla, m. to John Hastings, esq. of Hinton, in Northamptonshire.
Elizabeth, m, to Heigham Coke, esq. of Suckley, had had a son -
D'Ewes Coke, esq. of Suckley, great grandfather of D'Ewes Coke esq. of Brookhill Hall, Derbyshire.
Sir Willoughby died 13th June, 1685, and wag s. by his son,
in. Sir Symonds D'Ewes, who m. Delariviere, daughter and co-heir of Thomas, Lord Jermyn, and by her, who died in 1702, had issue,
i. Jermyn, his heir.
ii. Willoughby, d. in 1710, aged 19,
iii. Symonds, d. 1693.
iv. Thomas, d. 1698.
v. Delariviere, m. to Thomas Gage, esq. eldest son of Sir Thomas Gage, Bart.
?. Mary, m. to George Tasburgh, esq. of Bodney, in Norfolk, by whom she had one son, George Tasburgh, who m. first, in 1755, Teresa, daughter of Thomas, Viscount Gage, which lady died .v. ?. in 1773, and secondly,
Barbara, daughter of Thomas Fitzherbert. of Swinnerton, by whom he had no issue. Mr. Tasburgh's widow wedded, for her second husband, George Crathorne, esq. of Crathorne, and died in I808, leaving a daughter, Mary Anne Rosalia Crathorne.
iii. Harriott, m. to Thomas Havers, esq. of Thelton Hall, Norfolk, and from this marriage descends the present
Thomas Havers, esq. of Thelton Hall. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. i. p. 381.)
iv. Merelina, m. to Richard Elwes, esq.
Sir Symonds died in May, 1722, and was s. by his son, Sir Jermyn D'Ewes, who died unmarried 21 April, 1731, when the Baronetcy became extinct
. Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart was born circa 1656 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk.
Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart married Delariviere Jermyn. She was the daughter of Thomas, Lord Jermyn.
     Symonds died in May 1722.

Children of Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart and Delariviere Jermyn

Thomas D'Ewes

( - 1698?)
     Thomas D'Ewes was the son of Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart and Delariviere Jermyn.
     Thomas died in 1698?.

Willoughby D'Ewes

(circa 1691 - 1710)
     Willoughby D'Ewes was born circa 1691. He was the son of Sir Symonds D'Ewes 3rd bart and Delariviere Jermyn.
     Willoughby died in 1710.

Emma Jane Daborn

(1851 - )
     Emma Jane Daborn was born in 1851 in Stockport RD, England.
Emma Jane Daborn married Sgt James Dempster, son of James Dempster, on 13 February 1872 in East Clandon, Surrey. James Dempster, aged 27, soldier of East Clandon, son of James Dempster, soldier. He signed James Dempster Sergeant.
     Emma Jane Daborn and Sgt James Dempster were recorded on the 1881 census in the Barracks, Winchester, Hampshir. James Dempster 39, Sgt Co Rifles, born Ireland, Emma Dempster 28, born Guilford, Surrey, Wm. Dempster, son, 8, born Winchester, Osmond Dempster, son, 6, born Devonport, son Ernest Dempster     4, Margaret Dempster under 7 months, both born Wincheste.

Child of Emma Jane Daborn and Sgt James Dempster

Mabel Dacre

     Mabel Dacre married Henry Scrope 7th Lord Scrope of Bolton, son of Henry le Scrope 6th Lord Scrope of Bolton and Lady Elizabeth Percy. There is confusion between father and son: "He married, 1stly (before 20 April 1494), Alice (aged 12 and more 23 April 1493), suo jure Baroness Scrope (of Masham), only daughter and heir of Thomas (le Scrope), 6th Lord Scrope (of Masham), by Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of John (Neville), Marquess of Montagu. She died s.p.m. about 1510.
He married, 2ndly, Mabel, daughter of Thomas (Dacre), 2nd Lord Dacre (of Gilsland), by Elizabeth, according to modern doctrine suo jure Baroness Greystoke, daughter and sole heir of Sir Robert Greystoke.".
In June 1520 she was mentioned at the Field of Cloth of Gold. She was the daughter of Thomas Dacre, 2nd Lord Dacre of Gilliesland and his wife Elizabeth Greystoke.

Elizabeth Dale

     Elizabeth Dale married George Ludlam on 12 February 1688/89 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
     Elizabeth died in Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was buried on 4 March 1696/97 in St Peter, Sheffield.

Rose Dale

(1871 - 9 December 1939)
     Rose Dale was born in 1871.
The marriage of Rose Dale and Richard Fergusson Halahan, son of Richard Flemyng Halahan and Mary Mills Legh, was registered in Blackburn RD, Lancashire, in the December 1926 quarter.
     Rose died on 9 December 1939 in Blackburn, Lancashire.
     Her will was proved on 15 February 1940 at Lancaster, Lancashire. Rose Halahan of 148 Montague St, Blackburn, widow who died 9 Dec 1939. Probate granted to Thomas Marsden, solicitor. Effects £3057.

Bruce Daley

(circa 1923 - 16 July 1994)
     Bruce Daley was born circa 1923.
     Bruce died on 16 July 1994.

Jane Moore Dalgliesh

(circa 1870 - 1944)
     Jane Moore Dalgliesh was also known as Jean in records. She was born circa 1870.
Jane Moore Dalgliesh married William John Parker Hodgkins, son of William Mathew Hodgkins and Rachel Owen Parker, in 1901 in New Zealand.
     Jane died in 1944 in New Zealand.

Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray)

( - 20 September 1672)
     Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray) was the son of William Dallas (of Cantray) and Janet Campbell.
Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray) married Christian Dunbar, daughter of Ninian Dunbar and Finduella Christian? Dunbar, in 1642. On 2nd May 1642 a charter was granted by Alexander Dollas, fiar of Cantray, with consent of his father and mother, in favour of Christian Dunbar, eldest lawful daughter of Ninian Dunbar of Granghill, in liferent, in implement of a contract of marriage, of the town and lands of Croy, with the kill and croft thereof. Amongst the witnesses were Robert Dunbar, apparent of Granghill, and William Dollas of Budzett. To the sasine, given on the same day, the fiar is himself a witness. (Part. Beg. Sas., Inverness, vi. fol. 44.).. And on the same date he granted another charter in favour of Christian Dunbar, his future spouse, of the town and lands of Cantray Frische, the sasine being witnessed by Mr. Alexander Dollas, apparent of Budzett, Patrick Dollas, maltman in Dollas Cantray, Hugh Dollias, his servitor, and William Dollas, servitor to Mr James Campbell of Moy, while to the precept William Dollas of Budzett is a witness. (Ibid., 415.)
On a charter, dated at Boith, 21st September 1640, by Patrick Paipley and Bessie Dunbar, his spouse, sasine was given to Alexander Dollas, fiar of Cantray, and Christian Dunbar, ' now ' his spouse, on 31st July 1646, of that part of the lands of Meikle Geddes now called the lands of Brounehill, in the shire of Nairn (Reg. Sas., Elgin and Nairn, iii. fol. 367), but this was merely a wadset, which was subsequently redeemed..
     Alexander died on 20 September 1672.

Child of Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray) and Christian Dunbar

Marjorie Dallas

     Marjorie Dallas was the daughter of Alexander Dallas (III of Cantray) and Christian Dunbar.
Marjorie Dallas married Thomas Dunbar.

Children of Marjorie Dallas and Thomas Dunbar

William Dallas (of Cantray)

(circa 1590 - )
     William Dallas (of Cantray) was born circa 1590.
William Dallas (of Cantray) married Janet Campbell. She was a natural daughter of the Thane of Calder/Cawdor..
William Dallas (of Cantray) married secondly Christian Dunbar after 21 January 1651/52. Marriage contract is dated at Cantray and Suddie 8 & 21 January 1651-2, between William Dallas of Cantray and Alexander Dunbar of Bennetsfield, as taking burden on himself for Christian Dunbar, his lawful sister. Dallas undertakes to invest her, 'his future spouse' in liferent, and the children of the mariage in fee, in the lands of Teirphogreien, Little Conlachane, and salmon fishings on the Findhorn...she and her brother oblige themselves to convey what estate she may derive from her late father, John Dunbar of Bennetsfield. The contract is signed by William Dallas at Cantray, 8 Jan 1651, before Colin Dunbar, and James Andeson, Sheriff Clerk of Nairn, and by Alexander Dunbar and Christian Dunbar at Suddie, 21 january 1651, before Geroge Dunbar, brother german to the said Alexander Dunbar and William Dunbar in Lochloy.
Sasine was given 3 March 1651, Colin Dunbar, the bride's brother, acting as her attorney, and the records the fishings of Terphograine are stated to be 'called poldowie'.

Child of William Dallas (of Cantray) and Janet Campbell

Mary Dallman

(circa 1759 - 24 June 1822)
     Mary Dallman was born circa 1759.
Mary Dallman married Robert Hooper, son of Robert Hooper and Elisabeth Archbald, before 1793.
     Mary died on 24 June 1822 in Stitchell, Roxburghshire.

Children of Mary Dallman and Robert Hooper

Janet Dalrymole

( - 12 September 1669)
     Janet Dalrymole married David Dunbar, son of Sir David Dunbar 1st baronet of Baldoon and Elizabeth MacCulloch, on 12 August 1669 in Old Luce, Wigtownshire?. She was the daughter of 1st Viscount Stair) - the Bride of Lammermoor is based on this marriage.
     Janet died on 12 September 1669.

Ann Dalton

     Ann Dalton married Marmaduke Grimston.

Child of Ann Dalton and Marmaduke Grimston

Sarah Jane Dalton

(circa 1804 - 3 March 1873)
     Sarah Jane Dalton was born circa 1804. She was the daughter of Richard & Sarah Dalton. Her father was constable and Deputy Gaoler; Master of the Benevolent Asylum. See list of references in AONSW Colonial Secretary's correspondence 1788-1825. On list of grants and leases in 1804, 1810 appointed a constable. 1820 Deputy gaoler. 1821 Recommended as master of Benevolent Asylum. 1824 Master. 1825 duped by George F Jackson.
1819 Nov 2 - Sarah requested as witness against R L Murray [AONSW reel 6048 p.91-2] 1821 Sep 28 - Her mother Sarah was recommended as matron of Benevolent Society [AONSW reel 6051 p.49-51]
Her brother Richard tendered for situation of Superintendent of Carpenters at Carters Barracks Aug 15 1825. [AONSW reel 6064 p.186].
Her known siblings were: Samuel William born Eng, (plus 3 others came free to colony) Charles born 1808 V1/2993, 7/158; Charlotte b 1810 V 1/2994, 7/159; Caroline b. 1812 V1/2736, 6/796 [NSW Index] died 20 Aug 1870 [NSW probate].
     Sarah Jane Dalton arrived per "Experiment" on 24 June 1804 at Sydney, New South Wales. The family departed from London. See Dalton Society notes via Pat Adams. Richard Dalton, free settler who came on the "Experiment" and 1 female child were in Tasmania for the 1822 muster.
Sarah Jane Dalton married George William Paul, son of John Paul and Tempest Margaret Hughes, on 30 October 1823 in St Philip's, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 1823 Oct 20 - Affidavits re marriage to Sarah Jane Dalton (AONSW reel 6028 p.55-7). Application to marry & consent of R & Sarah Dalton. 21 Oct 1823 licence to marry [AONSW 4/1710 COD 10 p189] marry [COD 10], The marriage was witnessed by Richard Dalton & Tempest Margaret Paul, She was aged 18 and he was 25..
     Sarah Jane Dalton and George William Paul were recorded in November 1828 census in George St, Sydney, New South Wales. George Wm Paul. aged 29, Came Free, Minstrel 1821, merchant, George St Sydney; Mrs George Paul 25 C F Experiment 1804; George Sydney 3 months B C; Margaret 3 years B C. His brother John & his wife were included in the family group. George had 640 acre,s 40 cleared, 30 cultivated, 1 horse, 20 cattle.
1828 census: Richard 59 C F Experiment, Master of Benevolent Asylum Sydney; Mary 55 C F Experiment; Charlotte 20 B C.
Application for land in the Illawarra area by Richard Dalton, Sydney Benevolent Asylum on 21 Nov 1831. The deeds were finally issued to his son-in-law George Paul in 1838 [AONSW 2/7947 reel 1171] "I have the honour to request that you will be pleased to lay this my application before His Excellency the Acting Governor for the title deeds of my favour of 80 acres of land measured to me at Illawarra some years ago by Mr Assistant Surveyor Alexr Brien and which description has been regularly transmitted to your Office prior to the arrival of His Excellency General Darling. The favour of a reply is solicited."
Jul 13 1829: Richard Dalton, master of the Benevolent Asylum Sydney in application for 2 allotments of ground in the town of Sydney states, 26 years in the colony, came as free settler with wife & 4 children.
Oct 21, 1830: Memorial .. 80 acres of land at Illawarra bounded by Stokes and Pauls land which farm your memorialist intended to settle his two sons Samuel William Dalton born in England and Charles James Dalton born in the colony, both of them met a watery grave at sea in a small craft belongint to your memorialist ... therefore unable to cultivate it and wishes to exchange for a town allotment. 1836 directory: Richard Dalton joiner Brickfield Hill Sydney. He was also superintendent of Carters Barracks (a military hostel) in Macquarie St., Sydney (see land application?).
     Sarah Jane Dalton was mentioned in the will of John Paul dated 13 June 1851.
     Sarah died on 3 March 1873 in Sydney, New South Wales. The Probate index gives death date as 31st March. She was buried after 3 March 1873 in St Thomas' Church of England, North Sydney.
     Her will was proved in 1873 at New South Wales.

Children of Sarah Jane Dalton and George William Paul

Ann Daly

(before June 1834 - 21 June 1871)
     Ann Daly was also known as Dailly in records. She was born before June 1834 in Ireland.
Ann Daly married Thomas Handy, son of John Handy and Julia Thomson, on 2 December 1855 in Ireland.
     Ann died of bronchitis on 21 June 1871 in 7 Ash Lane, Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
     Ann Daly were recorded on the 1881 census in Smith's Pend, Session St, Dundee. Ann Handy, head, married, aged 66 born Ireland; William Handy aged 46, married, son, carpet weaver, born Ireland; James Handy aged 37, son, carpet weaver, born Dundee; James Handy, grandson, 15, millworker born Dundee; William Handy, grandson, 12, scholar, born Dundee; James Handy grandson, 8, scholar born Dundee.
This doesn't seem correct if her daughter Julia states in 1877 that her mother died 7 years ago.

Children of Ann Daly and Thomas Handy

Margaret Dammant

(circa 1705 - 1786)
     Margaret Dammant was also known as Bultitude in records. She was born circa 1705.
Margaret Dammant married John Bullett on 20 July 1736 in Lt Stonham, Suffolk. He was called John Bultitude.
     Margaret died in 1786 in Eye, Suffolk. She was buried in Eye. Margaret Bultitude, widow, pauper.

Child of Margaret Dammant and John Bullett

Catherine Dandy

(13 July 1707? - )
     Catherine Dandy was christened on 13 July 1707? In Rushbrooke, Suffolk. She is probably the Catharine Dandy baptised 13 Jul 1707 at Rushbrook, daughter of John & Elizabeth, but there is also a Katharine baptised there 31 Oct 1690, daughter of Wiliam & Elizabeth.. She was the daughter of John Dandy and Elizabeth Bennett.
Catherine Dandy married John Mothersole, son of William Mothersole, on 9 October 1729 in Hessett, Suffolk. Catherine Dandy was buried on 4 July 1756 in Hessett, Suffolk. Catherine, wife of John.

Children of Catherine Dandy and John Mothersole

Elisabeth Dandy

(17 April 1682 - )
     Elisabeth Dandy was christened on 17 April 1682 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. She was the daughter of William Dandy and Elizabeth (?). Elisabeth Dandy was buried on 5 February 1683 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk.

Elizabeth Dandy

(13 September 1700 - )
     Elizabeth Dandy was christened on 13 September 1700 in Rushbrook, Suffolk. She was the daughter of John Dandy and Elizabeth Bennett.

Elizabeth Dandy

(28 December 1708 - )
     Elizabeth Dandy was christened on 28 December 1708 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk, England. She was the daughter of John Dandy and Elizabeth Bennett.

John Dandy

(8 September 1676 - )
     John Dandy was christened on 8 September 1676 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. John Dandee, son of William & Elizabeth. He was the son of William Dandy and Elizabeth (?).
John Dandy married Elizabeth Bennett on 10 September 1700 in Bradfield St Clare, Suffolk.
Elizabeth Unknown (Thorpe) married secondly John Dandy on 15 January 1715 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. John Dandy, widower, & Elizabeth Thorpe, widow. He was buried on 20 July 1741 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk.

Children of John Dandy and Elizabeth Bennett

John Dandy

(12 April 1706 - )
     John Dandy was christened on 12 April 1706 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. He was the son of John Dandy and Elizabeth Bennett. John Dandy was buried on 17 April 1706 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk.

Katharine Dandy

(31 October 1690 - )
     Katharine Dandy was christened on 31 October 1690 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. She was the daughter of William Dandy and Elizabeth (?).

Sarah Dandy

(1 April 1689 - )
     Sarah Dandy was christened on 1 April 1689 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. She was the daughter of William Dandy and Elizabeth (?).

Thomas Dandy

(8 October 1703 - )
     Thomas Dandy was christened on 8 October 1703 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. He was the son of John Dandy and Elizabeth Bennett.