Charles P J Dempster

(1865 - 1866)
     Charles P J Dempster was born in 1865 in Liverpool, New South Wales. He was the son of Richard Alfred Dempster and Louisa MacKenzie.
     Charles died in 1866 in Paddington, New South Wales. He was buried after 22 March 1866 in St Jude's churchyard, Randwick, New South Wales, Australia.

Charlotte Annan Dempster

(4 June 1837 - )
     Charlotte Annan Dempster was born on 4 June 1837 in Turnham Green, Chiswick, Middlesex. Her birth was registered at Dr William's Library from the Independent Church. She was the daughter of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford. Charlotte Annan Dempster appeared on the 1841 census in the household of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford in 'Falkland House', Turnham Green, Chiswick, Middlesex; Falkland House, next to Turnham Green, was headed by John Dempster, aged 40, schoolmaster, not born in the county, Catherine Dempster, 35, born in county, John Dempster, 15, Richard 15, Engineer's apprentice, Hubert 11, Charlotte, 4, none born in county, Percival 1, born in county. Among the pupils are Robert and William Dempster aged 14 and 11, neither born in the county.
     Charlotte Annan Dempster was recorded on the 1851 census in Chatham House, Brixton Hill, Lambeth, Surrey. Nevill Browne 69, City Marshall; C A Browne 60, Emily Browne 32, school mistress; Ellen Browne 39, schoolmistress; Ernestine Erskine 17, assistant governess, born Paris; Charlotte Dempster 13, scholar, born Turnham Green Mdx; Mary Ann Woods 10, Caroline Hill 25 servant. Catherine, Charlotte and Wallace were listed as the children of John Smith Dempster in the 1861 census in 'Falkland House', Ballards Lane, Finchley, London.
     Charlotte resided at Brentford, Middlesex, 1862.
Charlotte Annan Dempster married David Rutherford Easthope on 8 October 1862 in St Margaret, Plumstead, Kent. On the 8th ult., at the parish church Plumstead, Kent, by the Rev A Robertson, David Rutherford, eldest surviving son of John Easthope, Esq, of the same place, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of John S Dempster, Esq., of Falkland House, Finchley, Middlesex.
     Charlotte Annan Dempster arrived per "Auckland" in July 1867 at Sydney, New South Wales, from Auckland. A Mrs Charlotte Easthope and infant aged 1, travelled to NSW as unassisted migrants.
Charlotte Annan Dempster married Isaac Dadd Norrie as her second husband, on 23 December 1871 in Sydney, New South Wales..
Supreme Court: Monday, February 22. Evidence was taken in the case of Norrie v Norrie and Burne. Mr. Hely, instructed by Mr. W. H. Wilson, solicitor, appeared for the petitioner. The greater part of the evidence in the case was de bene esse, the respondent and co-respondent having already been examined. It was a suit iu forma pauperis, on the part of Isaac Dadd Norrie, for a dissolution of marriage, on the ground of the adultery of the respondent Char lotte Annan Norrie with the co-respondent Alfred Burne. Proof of service of copy of petition having been served on the parties on June 6, 1874, having been admitted, Mr. Wilson's affidavit of service of similar docu ments on the Attorney-General was also ad mitted. The petitioner, who was the only party -examined, stated: " I am a book-keeper, residing at Maryborough. I resided in Sydney in 1871 , I knew a lady at that time named Charlotte Annan Easthope ; in May that year a friend of mine advised me to advertise for a wife ; I unfortunately followed that advice ; the result was that I received an answer from Miss Easthope. About a week after receiving that letter I met her near the Museum, and a short time after that I married her. She told me she was the widow of David Easthope, a school fellow of mine ; we were married at Christ church, Brickfield Hill, Sydney, New South Wales by the Rev. George Vidal, on December 23, 1871." It was deposed that after the mar riage ceremony the parties went to apartments, taken by the petitioner, but after remaining there thirty-six hours Mrs. Norrie left her husband with the avowed purpose of living with the co-respondent The petitioner stated, in con clusion, " She went without any provocation from me ; I have not seen her since, nor have I had any communication with her." This closed the evidence, which was ordered by His Honor to be set down with the previous evi dence for the hearing of the full court Wednesday, February 24. Evidence was completed in the divorce case of Smythe v. Smythe. The only wit ness examined was the Rev. Thomas Jones, who deposed to a knowledge of the parties in the suit, and detailed the circumstances of the re spondent living with the co-respondent during the petitioner's visit to England. This concluded the list of divorce cases at present set down for hearing.
DIVORCE. In this cause the petitioner, Isaac Dadd Norrie, seeks for a dissolution of his marriage with the respondent, Charlotte Annan Norrie, on the ground of adultery with the co-respondent, Alfred Burne. Mr. Hely, instructed by Mr. Wilson, for the petitioner. In pursuance of an intimation given by the Court the previous afternoon, additional evidence was called with a view of establishing the adultery. Two witnesses—Thomas Field, and his wife, Ellen Alice Field—were brought forward, and gave evidence to the effect that on the evening after the marriage of petitioner and respondent, in 1871, the latter was seen walking with the co-respondent; and that in 18/3, the respondent was found in the same house and apparently living with Burne. At the conclusion of the evidence the Court adjourned until Monday. Monday, March 15. Before their Honors Sir James Cockle, Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Lutwyche, and Mr. Justice Lilley. NORRIE V. NORRIE AND BURNE.—DIVORCE. The Court having expressed itself as dissatis fied with the evidence as to the petitioner in this cause being within the jurisdiction of the Court, Mr. Hei.y, who (instructed by Mr. Wilson) appeared for the petitioner, called their Honors' attention to section 1 of the Queens land Matrimonial Causes Jurisdiction Act, which gave the Court the same powers as the English Divorce Court; and, as to the question of domi cile, called attention to that portion of the evi dence of the petitioner which stated that he had resided at Yengarie, near Maryborough, since between two or three months after his marriage with the respondent, who, however, had never lived in Queensland. The Chief Justice intimated that the Court would like further evidence as to the domicile of the petitioner, and ordered that such evidence be furnished, by affidavit or otherwise, before a Judge in Chambers, on a day to be fixed by the Judge.
A Charlotte Easthope, daughter of Richard dies in Sydney in 1902 (ref: 4044).

Child of Charlotte Annan Dempster and David Rutherford Easthope

Christobel Jean Dempster

(25 June 1918 - circa 2008)
     Christobel Jean Dempster was born on 25 June 1918 in Adelaide, South Australia. She was the daughter of Reginald Robert John Dempster and Hilda Lane.

     Christobel died circa 2008.

Clara Elizabeth Dempster

(8 October 1871 - )
     Clara Elizabeth Dempster was born on 8 October 1871 in St Clement Danes, Westminster. She married but there is a Clara Dempster buried at the GAp Rd Cemetery, Merton on 18 June 1982. She was the daughter of John Dempster and Emily Louisa Pearce.

Colin Robert Dempster

(4 September 1918 - 1 September 1983)
     Colin Robert Dempster was born on 4 September 1918 in College Town, South Australia. He was the son of George Percy Dempster and Laura Alice Stevens.
     Colin died on 1 September 1983 in Somerton, South Australia, aged 64. He was cremated in Centennial Park cemetery, Pasadena.

Doris Florence Dempster

(1899 - 1980)
     Doris Florence Dempster was born in 1899. She was the daughter of James Hubert Dempster and Helen Elizabeth Wainer.
     Doris died in 1980.

Edward Dempster

(19 February 1823 - )
     Edward Dempster was christened on 19 February 1823 in St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent. He was the son of Joseph Dempster and Mary Ann Unknown.

Edward Dempster

(1 June 1884 - )
     Edward Dempster was christened on 1 June 1884 in St Ann, Tottenham, Middlesex. He was the son of John Dempster and Emily Louisa Pearce.

Edward James Dempster

(29 June 1853 - before 1 July 1886)
     Edward James Dempster was christened on 29 June 1853 in St Mary, Petworth, Sussex. He was the son of Charles Dempster and Jane Russell. Joseph, Catherine, Charles, Alice, Edward and Jessie were listed as the children of Charles Dempster in the 1861 census in Market Place, Petworth.
Edward James Dempster married Emily Jane Unknown before 30 March 1880 in Lambeth RD, Surrey.
     Edward James Dempster and Emily Jane Unknown were recorded on the 1881 census in Clapham, Surrey. Edward Dempster was aged 26, a married bank clerk lodging with Charles E Turner, born at Petworth, his presumed wife Emily J Dempster, a 24 year old married milliner who was born in Clapham, also lodged there.
     Edward died before 1 July 1886 in Wandsworth RD, Surrey.

Edwin Wafford Dempster

(27 December 1879 - 5 October 1963)
      Edwin Wafford Dempster was born on 27 December 1879 in Queenstown, South Australia. He was the son of George Wafford Dempster and Helen Wylie Caithness Begg.
Edwin Wafford Dempster married Ellie Holbrook Turner in 1904 in Frome RD, South Australia.
     Edwin Wafford Dempster were administrators of Helen Wylie Caithness Begg's estate, on 19 August 1912 in South Australia.
     Edwin died on 5 October 1963 in Brighton, South Australia, aged 83. His usual residence was Gawler. He was buried in Centennial Park cemetery, Pasadena.

Children of Edwin Wafford Dempster and Ellie Holbrook Turner

Elisabeth Dempster

(circa 1899 - )
     Elisabeth Dempster was born circa 1899 in Quebec, Canada. She was the daughter of James Dempster and Ellen Shanahan. Elisabeth Dempster was listed on the 1911 census with James Dempster and Alice Unknown in 1911; James Dempster, Chef, 47, born Terre Neuve (NFD), wife Alice Dempster, wife 38, born Angleterre; children: Elisabeth Dempster 12, John Joseph Dempster 10, George Dempter 6 (born Monteal), Catherine Dempter 1, all born Quebec.

Elisha Dempster

(12 June 1774 - )
     Elisha Dempster was christened on 12 June 1774 in Well St, Scotch Church, St Marylebone, Westminster. The link to this family is only a guess. He was the son of John Dempster and Susanna Unknown.

Elizabeth Dempster

(circa 1773 - before 29 September 1825)
     Elizabeth Dempster was born circa 1773. She was aged 52 at her death. She was the daughter of James Dempster and Elizabeth Etheredge.
     Elizabeth resided at Mitcham, Surrey, 1797.
Elizabeth Dempster married Capt George Robertson on 17 August 1797 in St Katherine Cree, London. George Robertson of this parish bachelor & Elizabeth Dempster of the parish of Mitcham in the county of Surrye, spinster were married in this church by licence 17 August 1797. He signed Geo Robertson and she signed Elizabeth Dempster in the presence of James Dempster & Elizabeth.
     In Capt George Robertson's will dated 7 March 1799 in West Indies, Elizabeth Dempster was named as executrix of the estate; In the Name of God Our Lord, Amen. I, the underwritten, being inclined to dispose by Testament of all the goods which the almighty has granted to me, do revoke all other last wills, dispositions, which I might have executed before the date of these presents, either separately or jointly with any other person or persons. I nominate and institute for my universal heirs of all my Estate and Effects, my dear Wife Elizabeth Dempster dwelling at Mitcham, Surrey, in England, for the --- one half thereof. One fourth part to the child James begotten by her, and those which she may further beget by me, and one fourth and last part of my Estate to the children begotten by my former wife [Catreit?] Leith, deceased, named George, Margaritha, and Ann, each of them for an equal share thereof, and in case one or more of them three should happen to die, then their share shall devolve to the Survivor. I nominate and appoint for Executrix of my Estate and Guardian of my aforesaid children my said wife Elizabeth Dempster, granting to her such power and authority as to Executors and Guardians according to Law can or may be given, recommending her specially the good [sic] fare and education of the above named children, with further power of substitution, assumption, and surrogation. But in case my said wife should happen to die the whole proceeds of my Estate and Effects must devolve and be divided to my aforenamed four children already begotten, or those which hereafter may be begotten by my wife, which, in such case, I institute and appoint for my sole and universal heirs , each of [them for an equal share?]. In this unexpected case I [announce?] for Executor of my Estate and Guardian of the aforesaid children E I Mallough, Esqr., dwelling in London, also with such power and authority as is due to Executors and guardians according to Law, specially the power of substitution, assumption and Surrogation ---- ---- and thereof. I nominate and appoint for Executor of the Goods which at my decease I may leave behind in this Colony or in other places in the West Indies where I may happen to die, my Bookkeeper or Clerk on Board the ship the James W.[Hy?] Buckoll, and in case of his decease I, the Testator, request the Honorable A C Boode, Esqr., to nominate in that case such other person as he shall think proper according to the best of his knowledge. Therefore, I, the Testator, declaring to acknowledge and fully to approve such person as the said A C Boode, Esqr., shall nominate and appoint as if the same was nominated and appointed by me, with such power as is due to Executors according to Law, and also that of Substitution, assumption, and Surrogation, with special request that my Estate in this Colony or other places in the West India [sic] may directly be brought to liquidation and cause to effect the [necessary?] informations in Europe by the first opportunity, and further with seclusion of the Orphan Chambers where I might happen to die. I declare this to be my last Will and Testament which I desire that may be fulfilled and executed, [requesting?] the best benefits of the Law. Done at the plantation Sellitislugt the seventh March 1799. George Robertson. As Witness J. Bohm; L T Bourgeois; C Broekhuysen; S[Ph?] Muncker [or Muircker]; J L Bregmann; A F Burquebanc [or Burquebane]; T Verlag
Faithfully Translated from the original from the Dutch into English. London, the 21 March 1800. Quod Attestor. A G Guitard, Not. Publ.
She was widowed between 7 March 1799 and 1800 on the death of her husband Capt George Robertson.
Timothy Smith married secondly Elizabeth Dempster on 24 June 1812 in St John, Clerkenwell, London. Timothy Smith widower of this parish and Elizabeth Robertson of Mitcham in the county of Surrey, widow, were married in this church by licence 24 June 1812. Both signed, in the presence of Elizabeth Dempster & John Hinds. She was an executor of Timothy Smith's estate on 24 January 1818 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
     Elizabeth resided at Mitcham, Surrey, 6 May 1819. The 1824 Mitcham Rate book states, "deducted for Mrs Smith, was paid in Mrs Dempster's account". But she was living at Brighton on 6 May 1819 according to the Mitcham parish notes.
     Elizabeth Smith was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 6 May 1819.
     Elizabeth Dempster made a will dated 12 November 1821 in Mitcham. Elizabeth Smith of Mitcham, Sry, leaves her estate to her friend Mr Joseph Botherby? of Kingsland, Middlesex in trust for the sole use and benefit of her son James Dempster Robertson now of Demerara in the West Indies and nominates the aforementioned Joseph Botherby? sole executor.
     Elizabeth died before 29 September 1825 in Mitcham, Surrey. She was buried on 29 September 1825 in Mitcham. Elizabeth Smith, aged 52, of Mitcham.
     Her will was proved on 19 October 1825 at PCC.

Child of Elizabeth Dempster and Capt George Robertson

Elizabeth Dempster

(26 August 1793 - )
     Elizabeth Dempster was born on 26 August 1793 in Streatham, Surrey. She was the daughter of John Sinclair Dempster and Elizabeth Stoakes. Elizabeth Dempster was christened on 20 September 1793 in St Leonard, Streatham, Surrey. Elizabeth Dempster, daughter of John Sinclair & Eliza Dempster, schoolmaster, born August 26. She witnessed the second marriage of John Sinclair Dempster and Mary Frost (Davies/Davis) on 6 July 1812 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey.
Elizabeth Dempster married George Robertson, son of Capt George Robertson and Catherine Leith, on 9 October 1817 in St John, Hackney, London. George Robertson of this parish, bachelor & Elizabeth Dempster, of this parish, spinster, were married by banns, 9 Oct 1817. THey signed in the presence of J Dempster & Mary Ann Dempster, John Smith Dempster & A ? Robertson.
Elizabeth Dempster was listed in a directory dated 1861 as Miss Elizh Dempster, ladies school at 6 Comm'l Place, Comm. Rd, London.

Child of Elizabeth Dempster and George Robertson

Elizabeth Dempster

(5 June 1781 - )
     Elizabeth Dempster was born on 5 June 1781 in Stepney, London. She was the daughter of George Dempster and Elizabeth Edwards. Elizabeth Dempster was christened on 21 June 1781 in St Vincent St, Scotch Church, Stepney.

Elizabeth Dempster

(21 March 1676 - )
     Elizabeth Dempster was born on 21 March 1676 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster. She was the daughter of Charles Dempster and Ursula Unknown.

Elizabeth Dempster

(1852 - )
     Elizabeth Dempster was born in 1852 in Newfoundland. She was the daughter of John Dempster and Elizabeth Bishop.

Elizabeth Dempster

(12 November 1892 - )
     Elizabeth Dempster was born on 12 November 1892 in Flowers Cove, Newfoundland, Canada. She was the daughter of William Dempster and Mary Martin.
Elizabeth Dempster married John Carnelle on 7 October 1911 in Flowers Cove, Newfoundland.

Elizabeth Jane Dempster

(1877 - )
     Elizabeth Jane Dempster was born in 1877 in Prahran, Victoria. She was the daughter of Charles Dempster and Elizabeth Jane Blackmore.

Ella May Dempster

(24 November 1883 - 21 June 1956)
     Ella May Dempster was born on 24 November 1883 in Queenstown, South Australia. She was the daughter of George Wafford Dempster and Helen Wylie Caithness Begg.
Ella May Dempster married Horace Egcombe Stevens on 21 February 1906 in Port Adelaide, South Australia.
     Ella died on 21 June 1956 in Malvern, South Australia, aged 72.

Children of Ella May Dempster and Horace Egcombe Stevens

Ellen Dempster

(December 1853 - )
     Ellen Dempster's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1853 in Camden Town, St Pancras RD, Middlesex. She was the daughter of James Dempster and Mary Ann Lawson. Ellen, Alice, James and Albert were listed as the children of James Dempster in the 1861 census in 3 Laurel St, Dalston, Hackney, London. Ellen Dempster was christened on 15 November 1863 in St Matthias, Stoke Newington, Hackney. She was listed as George Bundock Dempster's cousin in the 1871 census in Kings Arms Hotel, Castle End, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. George B Dempster head, 32?, hotel keeper, born Brighton, Sussex; his wife Hannah aged 27 born London, Mdx; his cousin Ellen Dempster, unmarried, 17, assistant housekeeper born London, Mdx, and 7 other staff. James, Ellen and George were listed as the children of James Dempster in the 1881 census in 34 Kingsbury Rd, Islington, London, Middlesex.
Ellen Dempster witnessed Edward Holt Miller and Alice Dempster's wedding on 7 June 1881 in St Paul Canonbury, London.
     Ellen Dempster and Mary Ann Lawson were recorded on the 1891 census in 3 Grosvenor Villa, Twickenham, Middlesex. Mary A Dempster, widow aged 57, living on own means, born Islington, Ellen Dempster, daughter aged 37, born Camden Town. Ellen Dempster was an executor of James Dempster's estate on 22 May 1891 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     Ellen Dempster was recorded on the 1901 census in Clapton, Hackney. Ellen Dempster was aged 47, single was living on her own means with the Elliots and the Scotts, born St Pancras, London.

Ellen Jane Dempster

(10 March 1867 - before 23 January 1870)
     Ellen Jane Dempster was christened on 10 March 1867 in St Andrew, Hove, Sussex. She was the daughter of Joseph Dempster and Fanny Hopkins.
     Ellen died before 23 January 1870 in Horsham, Sussex. She was buried on 23 January 1870 in St Mary, Horsham.

Emily Ann Dempster

(27 June 1833 - )
     Emily Ann Dempster was born on 27 June 1833 in Turnham Green, Chiswick, Middlesex. She was the daughter of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford. Emily Ann Dempster was christened in 1837 in Independent church, Mitcham, Surrey.
     Emily Ann Dempster did not appear with her family on the 1841 census. Catherine, Hubert, Wallace and Emily were listed as the children of John Smith Dempster in the 1851 census in 'Falkland House', Chiswick, London.
Emily Ann Dempster married William Henry Spratt on 23 August 1855 in Christ Church, Turnham Green, Chiswick, Brentford RD, Middlesex.

Emily Louisa Dempster

(20 October 1869 - )
     Emily Louisa Dempster was born on 20 October 1869 in Westminster. She was the daughter of John Dempster and Emily Louisa Pearce. Emily Louisa Dempster was christened on 5 December 1869 in St Clement Danes, Westminster, London.
     Emily Louisa Dempster and John Dempster were recorded on the 1891 census in Tottenham, London. He was a carpenter and unlikely to be connected.

Emma Ann Mary Dempster

(13 July 1814 - )
     Emma Ann Mary Dempster was christened on 13 July 1814 in St John, Hackney, London. She was the daughter of John Sinclair Dempster and Mary Frost (Davies/Davis).
     Emma Ann Mary Dempster was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841. She was of Kingsland Crescent.
Emma Ann Mary Dempster married Henry Macardy on 1 November 1849 in Hackney West, London, England.
     Emma Ann Mary Dempster and Henry Macardy were recorded on the 1861 census in 35 London St, Greenwich, Kent. Henry MacArdy 41 /46 collector, born Manchester, Lancashire; his wife Emma A M MacArdy 42, born Kingsland, Middlesex, & daughter Ada Eliza MacArdy 10, ditto.
     Emma Ann Mary Dempster and Ada Elizabeth Macardy arrived per "Kent" in January 1867 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Emma 41 & Ada 16 Macardy came as unassisted steerage passengers. they departed from Gravesend 4 Oct 1866.

Child of Emma Ann Mary Dempster and Henry Macardy

Ernest Edwin Dempster

(16 November 1904 - 20 February 1983)
     Ernest Edwin Dempster was born on 16 November 1904 in Quorn, South Australia. He was the son of Edwin Wafford Dempster and Ellie Holbrook Turner.
Ernest Edwin Dempster married Imelda Edwards before 1953.
     Ernest died on 20 February 1983 in Somerton, South Australia, aged 78. He was cremated in Centennial Park cemetery, Pasadena.

Falkland Dempster

(circa 1831 - before 14 May 1833)
     Falkland Dempster was born circa 1831 in Turnham Green, Chiswick, Middlesex. He was the son of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford.
     Falkland died before 14 May 1833 in Turnham Green, Chiswick Middlesex. He was buried on 14 May 1833 in Zion Chapel, Mitcham. He was aged 1 year and 10 months.

Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster

(24 July 1866 - 17 September 1907)
     Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster was also known as Fanny Elma in records. She was born on 24 July 1866 in Williamstown, Victoria. She was the daughter of William Dempster and Margaret Herbert Davies.
Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster married Arthur Frederick Hooper, son of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday, on 2 July 1894 in Holy Trinity Church of England, Williamstown, Victoria. Hooper-Dempster-On the 2nd inst. at Holy Trinity Church, Williamstown, by the Rev. G. F. Cross, Arthur Frcderick, second son of William Hooper of Deniliquin, to Fanny Elma, third daughter of William Dempster, of Williamstown. A Williamstown newspaper dated 26 Feb 1898 reported in the Corresoondence column: The Messrs [Misses?] Dempster, who have been staying at Cowes, Phillip Island, accompanied by their little nieces for the last six weeks, returned to 'Oma' Toorak on Wedensday last. Mrs Arthur Hooper and her children who were staying with them, returned to 'Enmore'm Toorak, on the same day.
     In James Wesley Hall's will dated 5 December 1898 in 'Oma', Toorak, Victoria, Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster was named as heir.
Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster was mentioned on 2 February 1901. Fannie and her sisters Malla and May each received 1000 shares in the Mt Morgan goldmine on their brother in law's death.
Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster was mentioned on 6 January 1906. Mrs Arthur Hooper and her family along with Miss Hume Black were guests of Mrs Wesley Hall who rented a house at Rickard's Point, Sandringham for three months in Jan 1906.
     Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster in 'Enmore', Mathoura Rd, Toorak, Victoria, sent a letter dated 4 September 1907 to Maria Hunn Dempster.
     Fannie died on 17 September 1907 in 'Enmore', Toorak, Victoria, aged 41. Terribly sad and pathetic was the death of Mrs Hooper, Mrs Wesley Hall's sister. There seems to be a fatality amongst this family, for it has been most noticeable that the best-looking ones die early. The first Mrs Wesley Hall, who was a sister of the present one, was a great beauty even in London, but died long before her time. Although Mrs Hooper had not been well, no one supposed for a moment the end was at hand. This family of sisters are noted for their affection for each other, so that great sympathy is felt for them in their loss.
     Miss Malla Dempster is back in Melbourne after a long absence at the other side of the world, and had taken charge of the children of her late sister Mrs Arthur Hooper. Mrs Dunlop Jackson Jackson is also back for a short time I believe. As far as money is concerned, this family has been what is called lucky, but in other respects they have had more than their fair share of trouble. They have lost father and mother, and two sisters, the two beauties of the family too. Then Mrs Wesley Hall is never well two days together, so that the truth that "money does not bring happiness" has been proved in this family. She was buried on 18 September 1907 in Boroondara cemetery, grave 67, Kew.
     Her will was proved on 26 October 1907 at Victoria.
The Sydney correspondent of the Brisbane Telegraph, writing on the 13th instant, says :— Strong sympathy and kind words have been written and cabled to London to Mrs Dunlop Jackson, whose husband disappeared from one of the North Queensland steamers, near Townsville, some five weeks ago. The details of the mystery are still in volume I, and no one knows the whys and wherefores of the calamity. Married only about three years ago in Melbourne, Mrs Jackson was an equal favourite with her sisters— Mrs Wesley Hall and Miss Malla Dempster. She is a handsome, bright piece of womanhood, and met her late husband whilst on a trip to Europe, when he was acting as officer on a steamer of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. The Dempster sisters have been chased with one sorrow after another, the fourth member of the clan, Mrs. Hooper, passing away only about eighteen months back. And within twelve moons, the widower remarried, an action that the family greatly resented. Miss Malla Dempster travelled out specially from home to take charge, at her sister's dying wishes, of her little niece and nephew. The second 'marriage of their father upset things generally, so Miss Malla redeparted to the fog city accompanied for a few months' visit by Mrs Jackson, who now returns in May to fix up the sad details of her late husband's affairs.

Children of Fannie Madeline Elma Dempster and Arthur Frederick Hooper

Fanny Dempster

(28 November 1833 - before 1848)
     Fanny Dempster was christened on 28 November 1833 in Mitcham, Surrey, England. She was the daughter of George Augustus Frederick Dempster and Marian Murch Webb.
     Fanny died before 1848.

Fanny Dempster

(31 May 1848 - 22 August 1891)
     Fanny Dempster was christened on 31 May 1848 in St Mary, Petworth, Sussex. She was the daughter of Charles Dempster and Jane Russell. Sarah, Joseph, Catherine, Charles and Fanny were listed as the children of Charles Dempster in the 1851 census in Market Place, Petworth, Sussex. Fanny Dempster was a visitor in the household of John Daniel Collins in the 1861 census in Deptford, St Paul, Kent. John Collins, 25, warehouseman manchester born Lostwithiel, Cornwall with his wife Sarah aged 19, born Petworth and a visitor Fanny Dempster, aged 12, born Petworth. Fanny and Alice were listed as the children of Charles Dempster in the 1871 census in Half Moon Hotel, Petworth, Sussex. Fanny Dempster was listed as Charles Dempster's daughter in the 1881 census.
     Fanny Dempster was recorded on the 1891 census in Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon.
     Fanny died on 22 August 1891 in 18 Tamar Terrace, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, aged 43. The Times on 26 August reported: Deaths - On the 22nd Aug at 18, Tamar-terrace, Stoke, Devonport, Fanny, daughter of the late Mr Charles Dempster of Petworth, Sussex.