Hubert Frederic Dempster

(12 September 1829 - March 1886)
     Hubert Frederic Dempster was also known as Herbert Frederick in records. He was born on 12 September 1829 in 1 Union Place, Clapham, Surrey. He was the son of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford. Hubert Frederic Dempster was christened on 24 July 1837 in Independent church, Mitcham, Surrey. This is to certify and decare that Hubert Frederic the son of John Smith Dempster of Clapham, Surry, school Master and Catherine his wife (who was dauaghter of John Wafford of Hackney Mdx, Gent, was born at the house of the said John Smith Dempster in no. 1 Union Place, Clapham Rise, Surrey, on 12 day Sept 1829. Both parents signed.
     Hubert Frederic Dempster appeared on the 1841 census in the household of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford in 'Falkland House', Turnham Green, Chiswick, Middlesex. Catherine, Hubert, Wallace and Emily were listed as the children of John Smith Dempster in the 1851 census in 'Falkland House', Chiswick, London.
Hubert Frederic Dempster married Frances Joanna Startin on 17 January 1856 in St George, Hanover Square, Westminster. Hubert Frederick Dempster of full age, bachelor, surgeon, of New Bond St, son of John Smith Dempster, school master, to Frances Joanna Startin, of full age, spinster, of Chiswick, daughter of William Startin, civil engineer. Married by Licence. Signed Hubert F Dempster & Frances Joanna Startin, in the presence of Richd Fredc Dempster, J w Wishwood??, Frances Ann? ... Elizabeth Sarah Startin, & Kate Dempster.
Newspapers reported: Hubert F Dempster Esq, of Barnstaple to Frances Joanna, eldest daughter of William Startin, Esq, of Turnham Green. Hubert was a surgeon dentist until 1859,Barnstaple, Devon. He left for London because of pecuniary difficulties.
In Summer 1860 he was arrested for debt and imprisoned for 10 months.
An insolvent Debtor: To be heard at the Court house, Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Mdx, on the first day of December next, Hubert Frederic Dempster sued and committed as Hubert Dempster, formerly of Falkland House, Turnham Green, at some time renting apartments at 4 Park-terrace, Hammersmith, Mdx, dentist, afterwards of 4 Barbican-terrace, Barnstaple, in the county of Devon, dentist; having at the same time an apartment at 3 Mill-street, Bideford, and also at 8 High-street , Ilfracombe, Devon, then of 10 Holwell-place, Blackheath, Kent, at the same time carrying on a business at 12 St Thomas-street, Southwark, Surrey; and late of no. 1 Thornton-row, Greenwich, Kent; and at the same time carrying on a business as a dentist at 12 St Thomas's-street, Southwark, aforesaid. He and Frances Joanna Startin were divorced in December 1861. Frances Joanna Dempster v. Hubert Frederick Dempster. She married secondly in the June quarter of 1864 as Frances Joanna Dempster in the Croydon registration district.
Dempster v. Dempster. Dr Phillimore, QC, and Mr Pritchard appeared for the petitioner. The parties were married in January 1856 at St George's Hanover-square, and afterwards cohabited at Barnstaple, where the resondent Mr Dempster, followed the occupation of a surgeon-dentist. In 1859 he was obliged to leave Barnstaple in consequece of pecuniary difficulties, and they removed to London. They continuted to cohabit at different places in the neighbourhood of London until the summer of 1860, when Mr Dempster was arrested for debt and imprisoned. Mrs Dempster prayed for a decree of dissolution on the grounds of her husand's adultery and cruelty. Evidence was given of repeated acts of adultery by the repsondent, with prostitutes, both in Barnstaple and London, previous to his imprisonment. Mrs Dempter, and some medical men who had attended her and her husband, were examined n support of the charge of cruelty. His Lordship took time to consider the effect of the evidence relating to that charge'
Another doucement states that he was now or late of the Queens Prison, Southwark
     Hubert's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1886 in Paddington RD.
Alfred Joseph Dempster, aged 32, married Fanny Coates, aged 42, widow, in 1902, and stated Hubert Frederick Dempster surgeon deceased was his father. Hubert was already divorced by the time Alfred was born. He was already divorced from a Florence Emily Gordon who was widow when she married Alfred Joseph. I can find no record of Alfred’s birth. He sounds a bit of an adventurer from family lore travelling to South Africa to diamond mine, then Canada for mineral mines.

Child of Hubert Frederic Dempster

Ida Ellie Dempster

(29 December 1906 - )
     Ida Ellie Dempster was born on 29 December 1906 in Quorn, South Australia. She was the daughter of Edwin Wafford Dempster and Ellie Holbrook Turner.
Ida Ellie Dempster married Theodor Bernhard Luestner on 27 May 1931 in St Mary Magdalene, Brinkworth, South Australia.

Irene Gwendoline Marion Dempster

(23 August 1908 - )
     Irene Gwendoline Marion Dempster was born on 23 August 1908 in Portland Estate, South Australia. She was the daughter of George Percy Dempster and Harriet Carter.
Irene Gwendoline Marion Dempster married Gerald Tench O'Hara on 28 January 1928 in St Paul's, Port Adelaide, South Australia.

Isabel Dempster

(13 January 1777 - )
     Isabel Dempster was born on 13 January 1777 in Erskine, Renfrewshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of George Dempster and Katherine Cameron.

Isabel Caithness Dempster

(11 April 1887 - )
     Isabel Caithness Dempster was born on 11 April 1887 in Queenstown, South Australia. She was the daughter of George Wafford Dempster and Helen Wylie Caithness Begg.
Isabel Caithness Dempster married Reginald Braund Hussey on 27 March 1917 in Kensington, South Australia.

Child of Isabel Caithness Dempster and Reginald Braund Hussey

James Dempster

(circa 1738 - before 14 December 1803)
     James Dempster was born circa 1738 in England. He may have been baptised on 13 May 1739. A George & Hannah Dempster had sons James baptised 13 May 1739 at Otterbourne, Hampshire and George born 27 June 1742 at Hursley, Hampshire. He was the son of Patriarch? Dempster.
He may be connected to the following - A first notice of insolvency was published in the London gazette 7 & 21 June 1755: James Dempster, formerly of the parish of St Martin in the Fields, Mdx, late of the parish of St George the Martyr, co. Surrey, Brazier.
James Dempster married Elizabeth Etheredge on 16 December 1763 in St Mary, Iwerne Steepleton, Dorset. He is probably the James Dempster who married Elizabeth Etheredge by licence (Faculty Office) 16 Dec 1763 in Iwerne Steepleton, Dorset, both of this parish. The witnesses were Robert Waghorn & Jno. x Sheppard.
On 10 Oct 1768 the Salisbury & Winchester journal advertised: At the request of friends, will be published on Monday the 31s instant, 24 copies of RoundHand, wrote and adorned with flourishes in the neatest manner James Dempster, and engraved on seven foliio copper plates by Thorowgod. Those that shall be pleased to subscribe for the said Copy Book are requested to send their names and places of abode to the author in Blandford, Dorset ... they will be delivered to each subscriber, with a frontispiece, wrote in all the hands now taught, and an alphabetical list of subscribers names and places of abode.
Young gentlemen are genteely boarded, and taught writing in all its various forms, arithmetic in all its useful branches, the extraction and use of the square and cube roots, mensuration, book-keeping, etc. by James Dempster, at Blandford aforesaid, as 12 guineas per ann. and one guinea entrance, or linen in lieu thereof.
1771 churchwardens accounts and rate books: "James Dempster for trade, 1/2d". There was no entry to indicate he paid rates on a dwelling. The reference to 'trade' indicates this James was not a school teacher.
He is probably the James Dempster who witnessed the marriage by licence of Charles Cooper of St Peter, Shaston & Elizabeth Biles at St Peter Shaston, Dorset on 29 September 1771 with William King at Blandford Forum.
On 17 Nov 1772 and later, the Salisbury & Winchester journal advertised: Articles of intelligence are taken in at London ... Mr J Dempster, Bookseller, and Mr Clench, Post-Master, Blandford..
He is probably the James Dempster who witnessed the marriage of James Holloway & Molly Gollop at Spettisbury, Dorset on 12 Oct 1774 with William Meech.
He is likely to be the subject in the "London gazette" on 23 June 1778: James Dempster, formerly of Blandford, Dorset, late of Calais, France, accomptant, in second & third notice of fugitives surrendered to the Keeper of Whitechapel Gaol, on the 20th & 23 June. As Blandford, Dorset is the birthplace of John Sinclair Dempster and a James was married nearby, this is probably the correct man.
     James resided at Croydon, Surrey, from 1778 to the 1780s. He paid land tax in 1780-1782 as occupier of a house. Also listed were Robert Osborn & several Chatfields. Edmonds was the owner in 1782. He was a Freemason in 1783. with his son James as members of the Royal Mecklenburgh Lodge in Croydon. James Dempster aged 45 schoolmaster of Croydon and James Dempster junr, aged 20, ditto, [schoolmaster] of Mitcham, admitted as members in 1783.
They were also members of the Patriotic Lodge at Croydon: James 45, schoolmaster and James junr aged 19, writing master, of Croydon, admitted March 13 1783, James jr by dispensation. James was a schoolmaster, Mitcham, Surrey. He taught at Raleigh House and Baron House Academy from 1785.
     James resided at Mitcham, Surrey, from 1785. He was insured re his property - the Academy Mitcham Surrey, as schoolmaster on 19 September 1791 at The Academy, Mitcham, Surrey.
James Dempster was listed in a directory dated 1792 as James Dempster, school master at Croydon, Surrey.      
James Dempster paid land tax in 1794 in Mitcham.      
James Dempster paid land tax in 1795 in Mitcham. James Dempster paid land tax in Croydon to 1808, Cobham & Merton in 1795? Weybridge from 1800 and from 1806 in Kingston. In 1795 James sr & jr were paying tax in Mitcham, as were Elizabeth Demster and Mrs Dempster sr.
Samuel Oxtoby, proprietor, James Dempster, occupier, assessed £2/17/2; Mrs Dempster was occupier of property owned by Mrs Gascoigne, which was assessed £1/10/6 on 4 March 1799. James also occupied land owned by Samuel Oxtoby and Rev Mr Myers, assessed at £2/17/2 and 15/2.
In 1798 Mr Dempster, Raleigh House Academy, Mitcham, purchased 50 copies of The structure of the English language....
On 11 July 1799 James Dempster advertised: Mr James Dempster begs leave to take the present opportunity of returnng his sincere thanks to those numerous and respectable friends who have patronised his school for these fourteen years past in a manner ... his late premises Raleigh House ... inadequate ... removed to the elegant and magnificent mansion in Lower MItcham known as Baron House ... unrivalled for the purpose of a boarding school... Baron House Academy 9 July 1799.
"The London gazette" on 15 June 1802 reported: Pursuant to a decree in the High Court of Chancery made in a cause wherein James Dempster the Younger, and others, are plaintiffs, and Harriett Williams, spinster, defendant, the creditors of Mrs Sophia Wiliams, late of Berkeley St, Berkeley Square, Mdx, are... to prove their debts.
His ex-pupils gave him a benefit ball in February 1803: Of all the public manifestations of affection and esteem which we ever remember to have seen exhibited by grateful pupils to a revered Master, the Meeting at the Crown and Anchor, on Friday night, of the friends of Mr Dempster, of Mitcham, may surely claim first place. We understand a few of the former pupils of that Gentleman had resolved, at Christmas last, to give him some token of the esteem in which they held him, and for that purpose, issued 100 'tickets', at one guinea each, for a ball at the Crown and Anchor : but of all those who for the space of eighteen years had witnessed or experienced the liberal and conscientious conduct of the proprietor of Baron House, such was the eagerness to have an opportunity of demonstrating their respect, that the room which had been appropriated for the meeting, was found at an early part of the evening insufficient for the company, which assembled... they would meet again next year on the same joyful occasion; and Mr Dempster was given to understand that he should be annually gratified with this tribute to his worth, as long as he chose to continue the Master of Baron-House Academy.
     James died before 14 December 1803 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was buried on 14 December 1803 in Mitcham.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Elizabeth Etheredge on 21 February 1804 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. James Dempster the elder of Mitcham Surrey, to Elizabeth his widow, the personal property being under £1000.

Children of James Dempster and Elizabeth Etheredge

James Dempster

(8 July 1764 - 24 March 1821)
     James Dempster was born before March 1764 in Durweston, Dorset. He was christened on 8 July 1764 in Durweston, Dorset. James son of James & Elizabeth Dempster. He was the son of James Dempster and Elizabeth Etheredge.      
James Dempster paid land tax from 1780 to 1808 in Croydon, Surrey. A James Dempster paid land tax in Cobham, Merton, up to 1808 in Croydon, and from 1806 in Kingston. From 1800 a James Demster paid tax in Weybridge.
James Dempster, aged 30, schooolmaster admitted 18 December1782 at the Inflexible Lodge. The age doesn't fit..
James Dempster married Sarah Osborn, daughter of Robert Osborn and Sarah Grover, on 7 July 1786 in St Mary Abbots, Kensington, London. James Dempster, bachelor, Kensington & Sarah Osborn, spinster, Croydon, by licence. The witnesses were Robert Osborn, Elizabeth Osborn, Robert Reynolds and Dan Arundell.
James Dempster and Robert Osborn were mentioned in a document dated from 5 February 1787 to 1801. James Dempster Junior of Mitcham, Surrey and Sarah his wife who was daughter of and devisee in the Will of Robert Osborne late of Croydon, convey to Thomas Osborne of Croydon, stonemason, all that close of land called Crown Close, 7 acres at Bensham or Bensham Lane. James Dempster was insured James Dempster, schoolmaster insured the Academy, Mitcham, Dec 1791, 1802 & Jan 1832 with the Sun Fire Office. in 1791 at Mitcham.      
James Dempster paid land tax as James junior in 1795 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was widowed on 17 June 1800 on the death of his wife Sarah Osborn.
On 9 March 1802 James Dempster is mentioned in the Sun Fire insurance records: Insured: Christopher Lethbridge, Launceston, Esq. and John Pearse, Mevagissy, both in the county of Cornwall, merchant, devisees in trust, named in the will of Jasper Baron, Esq., deceased
Other property or occupiers: west side of Broad Wall near Great Charlotte Street, St. Georges Road, London (Mary Burnes and Smither); The Mitre, east side of Broad Wall (Williams, victualler); Burch; May; Messrs. Dunnage and Co; John Neate; east side of Green Walk, St. Georges Road (the executors of Theodosia Wyld); 11 to 13 Cross Wall (R. Dummett); south side of Green Walk opposite Brunswick Court (Golden, constable); 2, 15 and 16 south side of Great Charlotte Street, St. Georges Road; 1 the corner of St. Georges Road and Great Charlotte Street; west side of St. Georges Road (G. Bowerman); west side of Green Walk (Wingfield, carpenter; Susan Cox; Gresson and Co.,basket makers); 21 and 22 Green Walk (R. Dummett), The Eight Bells (Messrs. Barclay and Co.,victuallers); Green Walk (north of Cross Street (Wheatley; Turnly); 24 and 25 west side of Brunswick Street, St. Georges Road; 53 to 56 Upper Ground Street (Nicholson); 1 to 4 Higlers Lane, St. Georges Road; 1 to 24, Barons Buildings, St. Georges Road; 18 to 31 Duke Street, St. Georges Fields (assignees of James Spittle); 2 to 5 and 8 to 16 Surrey Row; Mitcham, Surrey (Dempster, schoolmaster)
     James resided at Mitcham, Surrey, 24 May 1802. #33 Jas Dempster, senior, 16/6; #51 Mr Jas Moor, House, Ditto for a house, Barons; #70 Mr Jas Dempster, jr. £1/15/0, paid 24 May; Mrs Bundick 1/6 paid May 7. James was the principal of Baron House Academy from 1803, Mitcham, Surrey. From the death of his father in 1803, James Dempster had been the proprietor of the Baron House Academy, a celebrated private boarding establishment for young gentlemen in Lower Mitcham, preparing students for entry to the Universities, commerce or the armed forces. Principal of Baron House Academy, Dempster was also a visiting master at Glebelands, another of Mitcham's preparatory boarding academies run by the Rev. Richard Roberts. William John Monson (1796-1862), sixth Baron Monson and one of Roberts' pupils between 1804 and 1809, before proceeding to Eton and Oxford, recalled Dempster as "the most remarkably fat man except Daniel Lambert I ever saw".
     Baron House, Lower Mitcham was once the home of Sir Thomas and Lady Margaret Blanke, where Queen Elizabeth stayed briefly in 1591 and again 1594, Baron House had a succession of occupants during the 17th and 18th centuries ... Oliver Baron, a barrister who gave his name to the house lived there between 1767 and 1786. By 1798 it was a boarding academy for young gentlemen run by James Dempster. The house was demolished around 1926, and the site is now occupied by blocks of Council maisonettes.
     James Dempster and Ann Milham obtained a marriage licence on 5 July 1803. Jas Dempster & Ann Bunduck.
James Dempster married secondly Ann Bunduck on 7 July 1803 in Erith, Kent. They had both been widowed in 1800. The Morning Post, Monday, July 11, 1803 stated: On Thursday lst, at Erith, Mr James Dempster, of Baron House, Mitcham, to Mrs Bundoch, widow of the late John Bundoch, Esq, of Mitcham.
James Dempster was listed in a directory dated 1805 at Baron House Academy, Mitcham.
James Dempster was listed in a directory dated between 1806 and 1814 at Mitcham, Surrey. J Dempster, Baron House Academy, Lwr Mitcham.
     James was a defendant in a court case in November 1806. He was sued by Smith the livery stables keeper for debt, but countered with Smith's debt for his son's schooling.
The1808 list of Jury-qualified freeholders and copyholders for Mitcham, Surrey, mentions James Dempster at Mitchm..
     James Dempster was mentioned in the manorial court roll dated 14 June 1808 in Mitcham Admission 1) Edward Worsfold of Mitcham, maltster; 2) James Dempster of Mitcham, gentleman. Re: Messuages or tenements, yards, and backsides in Mitcham parish and manor of Biggin and Tamworth, formerly owned by Maria Kent, widow, formerly occupied by Joseph Summerfield, [-] Bar¸and John Holden.      
James Dempster paid land tax as owner of property (occupied by Mr Bally/Balley) between 1810 and 1822 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.
     James Dempster and Elizabeth Etheredge were recorded on 27 May 1811 census in Mitcham, Surrey. No. 332: Mrs Dempster, no. 504: James Dempster. This could be father or son.
James and Ann made an indenture dated 12 July 1811, which is mentioned in a document dated 17 October 1828 by James' son James. A picture of James Dempster painted by Charles Parsons Knight, after Edmund Scott, |National Portrait Gallery was publoished 12 April 1814 - see web image at A stipple engraving, 10 3/4 in. x 8 1/2 in. (274 mm x 216 mm) plate size; 17 1/2 in. x 12 in. (443 mm x 304 mm) paper size in 1814.
The Times on 3 March 1819 advertised: Anniversary - The Gentlemen educated at Messrs Dempster's school, Baron House, Mitcham, will dine together at the Piazza coffee house, Covent Garden, on Friday, March 26, 1812[sic]. Dinner on table at 5 o'clock. Stewards: Messrs Webster, Saxby & W Howell; Barnett, D Lewis & Jackson Walton; Messrs Firth, Barclay. Tickets 1 guinea, to be had of the stewards; at no 72 St Paul's church-yard; no. 1 reat Portland Street, and at the bar of the coffee house. Those gentlemen who intend to honour the stewards with their company are partiularly requested to apply for tickets on or before the 22nd.
     James Dempster made a will dated 6 May 1819 in Mitcham. James' will mentions his wife Ann, his eldest son James, his mother Elizabeth, his four sons James, Richard, John & Robert, daughters Sarah Norris & Mary Ann Dempster, his grand-daughter Frances (daughter of his son James by Augusta Frances his first wife) and his grandson George, son of James; his brother John & his sister Elizabeth Smith. James Dempster the elder of Mitcham in the county of Surrey schoolmaster I give all the manors messuages lands and hereditaments which are now vested in me as a Trustee or Mortgagee only unto Jackson Walton of Warnford Court in the City of London, Gentleman, John Parrott the elder of Mitcham Surgeon and Richard Barnett of Clarence Row Pentonville in the county of Middlesex Gentleman upon such Trusts and subject to such equity of redemption... and I give my copyhold messuage at Carlton Place Brighthelmstone in the County of Sussex now in the occupation of Mr Knowles ... upon trust that they permit my wife Ann Dempster to receive the rents for her life or permit my wife to reside therein during her life without paying rent and do after the decease of my wife assure the said messuage to such one or more of my children as my wife shall by her will appoint And I give my messuage called Baron House situate at Mitcham with the Gardens and all the lands adjoining held by me as tenant from year to year together with all my furniture, fixtures, plate, linen, china and books in and about the same (except such parts hereinafter given to my wife and grandson) and the goodwill of the business or concern now carried on at Baron House unto my eldest son James Dempster subject to the payment of an annuity of £40 to my mother during her life ... to each of my four sons James Dempster, Richard Dempster, John Dempster & Robert Dempster successively in the order in which they are here named or or such of them if any as shall have obtained the age of 25 years at the time of my decease ... six equal shares ... sons James, Richard, John at 25, Robert at 25, daughter Sarah Norris the wife of Thomas Norris, late of Holborn, Mdx, upholsterer, daughter Mary Ann Dempster ... and whereas by indenture of settlement dated 12 July 1811 made between me and my wife Ann ... after her decease to my eldest son James and his wife and children ... for my granddaughter Frances Dempster, the daughter of my son James Dempster and of his first wife Augusta Frances ... the large silver cup to my grandson George Dempster, son of my son James Dempster, and I give unto my mother Elizabeth Dempster, to my brother John Dempster, and to my sister Elizabeth Smith £20 a piece for mourning ... to my friend John Peter Cook of Brighthelmstone, schoolmaster £20... Signed and witnessed at Brighton by Charlotte Annan, Marlbro' Place; Robert Rogers, North St, Brighton, draper, William Scott, New Street, Brighton, artist... He added a codicil to his will on 5 March 1820 in Mitcham. James Dempster of Mitcham, Surrey, schoolmaster, being desirous of making further provision for my dear wife Ann Dempster in case she survive me do hereby give the piece of copyhold land situate being Carlton Place in hilly Lane, Brighthelmstone, Sussex ... witnessed by Jno Lloyd, Joseph Willan, Augustus Busch, all teachers at Baron House.
In The Times on 8 Nov 1820 an advertisement was placed: We are requested to state, that Mr Dempster alluded to in our number of yesterday, as the intended chairman of a meeting of schoolmasters, for the purposes of addressing her Majesty, is not Mr Dempster, of Baron-house, Mitcham.
     James died on 24 March 1821 in Baron House, Mitcham, aged 56. On the north wall of the north transept of Mitcham church a marble tablet is inscribed: This tribute of filial affection, reverence and respect is erected in memory of Mr James Dempster who died on the 24th March 1821 in the 57th year of his age.
The Monthly magazine, or, British register
9 Apr 1821 reported: At Baron-house, Mitcham, 56, Mr Dempster, a very eminient schoolmaster at that place and at Brighton. He was buried on 30 March 1821 in Mitcham.
     His will was proved on 1 June 1821 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. The executors of James Dempster were paying land tax in Mitcham from 1819.
     James Dempster was mentioned as being deceased in the will of Ann Milham dated 30 December 1837.

Children of James Dempster and Sarah Osborn

James Dempster

(17 November 1788 - 13 July 1857)
     James Dempster was born on 17 November 1788 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was the son of James Dempster and Sarah Osborn. James Dempster was christened on 26 November 1788 in Mitcham.
     James was educated from between 1801 and 1805 at Harrow School, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex. James Dempster of Mitcham, Surrey left Harrow 1805-7.
James Dempster married Augusta Frances Bunduck, daughter of John Bunduck and Ann Unknown, on 29 December 1807 in Willmington, Kent. James Dempster witnessed the second marriage of John Sinclair Dempster and Mary Frost (Davies/Davis) on 6 July 1812 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. James Dempster was widowed on 19 March 1813 on the death of his wife Augusta Frances Bunduck.
     James Dempster and Sarah Johnson obtained a marriage licence on 21 June 1815 in London.
James Dempster married secondly Sarah Johnson on 28 June 1815 in Ifield, Surrey. He was described as a widower of Mitcham.
     In James Dempster's will dated 6 May 1819 in Mitcham, James Dempster was named as heir. James was a teacher, Mitcham, Surrey. There is a sketch of the school in Turners of Augusta by Tom Turner, who attended the school from Jan 1826 to June 1827. He also taught at Eagle House Academy according to E Dempster. In 1839 the school was not listed in the directories, other families are listed after 1845.
He inherited Baron House Academy from his father in 1821 and was described as a gentleman from 1825
James Dempster and Ann Milham witnessed Jackson Walton and Mary Ann Dempster's wedding on 19 August 1823 in St John, Hackney.
     James and John resided at Mitcham, Surrey, between 24 March 1823 and 1824. 1823: #98 James Dempster. House & garden £12/5/0. Ditto for cottage Mrs Smith £1/7/6. His mother and was also listed. #20 John Dempster, house, £2/10/0.
     1824: #98 James Dempster, house and land, #11 afsd?, house [bracketed] £4/1/9. His brother John was also listed for a house valued at 15/-.
     James Dempster signed the collections for 1823 & 24 March 1824.
     James Dempster was mentioned in a deed dated 17 October 1828 in Mitcham, Surrey. The deed between Mr James Dempster of Mitcham, schoolmaster and Richard Barnett Esquire, recorded the assignment of a policy of Assurance for £500 and a Life Interest in Remainder in £4200. It mentions the indenture dated c.12 July 1811 between James Dempster his father and Ann his father's wife and James jr's wife Augusta Frances and their son George.
An original document at the Society of Genealogists for assignment of a policy of assurance for £500 and a life interest in the remainder .. £4200. New ..; In trust for securing the repayment of £500 and interest at ? 5 %. This indenture made 17 October 1828 between James Dempster of Mitcham, Surrey, schoolmaster of the one part and Richard Barnett of Kentish Town Hill, Middlesex on the other part Whereas by indenture dated on or about the 12 day of July 1811 made between James Dempster the elder (since deceased) father of the said James Dempster and Ann his wife of the one part and other ... whereas Augusta Frances died leaving only one child by the said James Dempster party hereto her surviving... viz George Dempster..
A View of Old Baron House on London Road in Mitcham, Surrey; Mitcham is now in the London borough of Merton, is available at Collage, in Guildhall Library Print Room, part of the Wakefield Collection. It may have been drawn at the time of the sale/re-lease of the school.
James Dempster was declared bankrupt on 30 April 1830 in Mitcham, Surrey. On 1 May 1830 Palmer's Index to The Times, reported the bankruptcy of James Dempster but it was annulled (bankruptcies superseded) on 18 June 1830. James was a witness for the prosecution on 9 October 1830 in Mitcham, Surrey. James Dempster stated in the case against Ralph Cousens for stealing . I am a schoolmaster , and live at Mitcham. On the 9th of October I was in a pheaton, and stopped in Euston-place , between two and three o'clock -I went into a house and left a great coat in my pheaton; the prisoner asked if he should hold my horse; I said I should stop but a few minutes, and there was no necessity for it - I was in the house about five minutes when I heard the servant call out, "The man at the head of the horse has stolen the coat;" I went out and saw the prisoner in custody of a Police-officer - this is my coat.
An advertisement under Education in the Times on 10 Jan 1831, stated: Mr Dempster, of Baron-house, Mitcham, respectfully announces, that his school will re-open on the 24th of this month. Terms, with numerous references, may be had at Mr Sams's [sic] library at 1, St James's-street, Messrs Howdery and Kirby's, 190 Oxford Street, and Mr Leech's, London coffee house, Ludgate-hill.
18 Jan 1832: Insured: James Moore, Mitcham Surrey esq Other property or occupiers: Baron House Mitcham (James Dempster schoolmaster); James Hillier. [Guildhall Library, Records of Sun Fire...].
     James was registered as the householder & occupant at the Dorset Hotel, East Grinstead, Sussex, on the 1837 electoral roll.
     In Ann Milham's will dated 30 December 1837 in Brighton, Sussex, James Dempster was named as heir.
     James Dempster and Sarah Johnson were recorded on the 1841 census in Dorset Arms, High St, East Grinstead, Sussex. James Dempster 50, Inn Keeper, Sarah Dempster 45, Harry 25, Sarah 20, Mary 15, Augustus 6, none born in the county. See [EMAIL:] [:EMAIL]for a picture of the hotel c. 1921.
     James Dempster was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.
     James Dempster was assessed under the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836 on 26 July 1842 in East Grinstead, Sussex. He occupied 23 plots, some owned by Earl de la Warr. He was named as an heir in the codicil on 27 October 1850 to the will of Ann Milham. This is a codicil of me Ann Dempster of Brighthelmstone Ssx widow I hereby confirm the direction in my will to James Dempster of East Grinstead the eldest son of my late husband James Dempster of the copyhold messuage and piece of freehold ground with stabling And whereas I appointed £300 three pound ten shilling per cent bank annuities in trust for my grandson George Dempster And I gave the land tax of £2.18.8 charged on Turks farm and all my real estate and residue of my personal estate unto my grandson George Dempster And appointed George Dempster executor And whereas my grandson George Dempster has departed this life Now I revoke all appointments and devises in my will in favour of my late grandson George Dempster And I hereby appoint the said £300 unto Sarah Dempster one of the daughters of the said James Dempster and I bequeath all my wearing apparel to Sarah the wife of the said James Dempster And I bequeath all the furniture wine spirits plate linen china books and other household effects belonging to me in my house no.42 Grand Pde Brighton and all my trinkets watches and jewellery to Sarah Dempster one of the daughters of James Dempster and I bequeath £19.19.0 each to Sarah Dempster and Mary Dempster and Ann Dempster two other daughters of James Dempster I give all the residue of my real and personal estate to Richard Dempster of Brighton Esq. and George Tamplin of no.150 Fenchurch St, London, gent upon trust to convert the same into money and be possessed of the same in trust for Augustus George Dempster and George Bundock Dempster the two children of my deceased grandson George Dempster to be equally divided between them share and share alike at the age of 21 And if both died before 21 in trust for Sarah Dempster, the daughter of James Dempster I appoint Richard Dempster and George Tamplin executors. Dated 27 Oct 1850. Witness Joseph Dempster, of 42 Grand Pde Brighton, H P Tamplin, 1 Lennox Place, Brighton.
     James Dempster and Sarah Johnson were recorded on the 1851 census in Crawley St, Ifield, Surrey. James Dempster, 62, fundholder, born Mitcham, Surrey, with his wife Sarah aged 58? born Ifield and children Ann aged 26, and Joseph aged 23, solicitor, both unmarried and born Mitcham, Surrey.
     James Dempster made a will dated 26 June 1857 in Crawley, Ifield, Sussex. Will of James Dempster of Crawley (parish of Ifield) Sussex gentleman... I give my set of plated dishes and stand unto my son Henry Dempster and I give all the rest of my estate unto my dear wife Sarah Dempster... dated 26 June 1857. Witnessed by Joseph Dempster Solicitor of Brighton & Anne Dempster.
     James died on 13 July 1857 in Crawley, Ifield Sussex, aged 68. James Dempster, esq, late of Mitcham, Surrey, died July 13th 1857, aged 68. He was buried on 16 July 1857 in St Margaret, Ifield.
     His will was proved on 18 December 1858 at Probate Registry, Chichester, Sussex. The will of James Dempster late of Crawley in the parish of Ifield Ssx, gent. who died 13 July 1857 was proved at Chichester by Sarah Dempster of Crawley widow the relict and sole executrix. Effects under £300.

Children of James Dempster and Augusta Frances Bunduck

Children of James Dempster and Sarah Johnson

James Dempster

(before 2 July 1787 - before 2 July 1787)
     James Dempster was born before 2 July 1787 in England.
     James died before 2 July 1787 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was the son of James Dempster and Sarah Osborn. James Dempster was buried on 2 July 1787 in Mitcham.

James Dempster

(20 January 1822 - before 20 December 1824)
     James Dempster was born on 20 January 1822 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was the son of James Dempster and Sarah Johnson. James Dempster was christened on 18 March 1822 in Mitcham.
     James died before 20 December 1824 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was buried on 20 December 1824 in Mitcham.

James Dempster

(31 January 1828 - 17 March 1891)
     James Dempster was born on 31 January 1828 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was the son of James Dempster and Sarah Johnson. James Dempster was christened on 1 March 1828 in Mitcham.
     James Dempster appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Richard Dempster and Ann Wafford in Marlborough Place, Brighton, Sussex.
James Dempster married Mary Ann Lawson on 23 March 1850 in St Peter, Islington, London. James Dempster, of full age, bachelor, commercial cler, of 28 Hanover St, Islington, son of James Dempster, gentleman; to, Mary Sn Lawson, minor, spinster, of same address, daughter of Richard Lawson, warehouseman; by license. James signed, Mary Ann made her mark, in the presence of William Mayor? (who witnessed the previous marriage) and Margaret Niel.
     James Dempster and Mary Ann Lawson were recorded on the 1851 census in 3 Orchard St, St Pancras, London. James Dempster, 23, railway clerk, born Mitcham with is wife Mary A aged 20, born Islington.
     James Dempster and Mary Ann Lawson were recorded on the 1861 census in 3 Laurel St, Dalston, Hackney, London. James Dempster, head, married 33, railway clerk, born Mitcham, Surrey; Mary A Dempster wife aged 28, born Islington, Mdx; Ellen Dempster, daughter 7, born Camden Town, Mdx; Alice Dempster, daughter 5, scholar, born Kentish Town, Mdx; James E Dempster son 2, born Dalston, Albert Dempster, son, 4? months, born Dalston.
     James Dempster and Mary Ann Lawson were recorded on the 1871 census in 14 Bloomfield St South, Hackney West. James Dempster, head ,married 43, railway clerk, born Mitcham Surrey; Mary A wife, 37 born Islington; Alice daughter, 15, born Kentish Town; James E, son, aged 12, born Dalston; Albert son aged 10 born Dalston; George son 7, born Dalston. As of 3 April 1881, James Dempster was also known as Ernest A in records.
     James Dempster and Mary Ann Lawson were recorded on the 1881 census in 34 Kingsbury Rd, Islington, London, Middlesex. Ernest A [sic] Dempster, married aged 54, born at Mitcham, Surrey, railway clerk and his wife Mary A Dempster, aged 50, and children James E Dempster, aged 23, estate agent; Ellen Dempster aged 28; George Dempster aged 18, commercial clerk, all born London.
     James resided at 34 Kingsbury Road, Islington, January 1882. He was an executor of Ann Dempster's estate on 27 January 1882 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     James died on 17 March 1891 in 3 Grosvenor Villas, Twickenham, Middlesex, aged 63.
     His will was proved on 22 May 1891 at PPR. The will of James Dempster of 3 Grosvenor Villas, Twickenham, Mdx, gentleman, who died 17 March 1891 at 3 Grosvenor Villas, was proved at the Principal Registry by Joseph Dempster, of 79 Lansdowne place, Brighton, Sussex, solicitor, the brother & Ellen Dempster of 3 Grosvenor Villas, spinster the daughter, the executors.

Children of James Dempster and Mary Ann Lawson

James Dempster

(28 May 1809 - before 27 February 1819)
     James Dempster was born on 28 May 1809 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was the son of James Dempster and Augusta Frances Bunduck. James Dempster was christened on 10 January 1810 in Mitcham.
     James died before 27 February 1819 in Mitcham, Surrey. He was buried on 27 February 1819 in Mitcham.

James Dempster

(28 May 1682 - )
     James Dempster was christened on 28 May 1682 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster. He was the son of Charles Dempster and Ursula Unknown.

James Dempster

(between 1770 and 1772 - 5 April 1847)
     James Dempster was born between 1770 and 1772 in Scotland. He was the son of George Dempster, dissenting minister according to his second marriage certificate. He gave Scotland (S) as his birthplace in the 1841 census, but it has been indexed as Ireland (I). He was the son of George Dempster and Elizabeth Unknown.
James Dempster married Mary George, daughter of John George and Betty Coward, on 21 December 1797 in St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire. Pallot's marriage index (via gives this marriage date as 1773 in the index which starts in 1780!.
Eleanore Dempster wrote: James Dempster owned property there [Isle of Wight] from 1819 (from rate books).. James Dempster was widowed on 21 May 1838 on the death of his wife Mary George.
James Dempster married secondly Eleanor Busby on 19 March 1839 in St Matthew, Brixton, Surrey. James Dempster of full age, widower, gentleman, son of George Dempster, Dissenting Minister, to Eleanor Busby, of full age, widow, daughter of William Shillingford, farmer. They were both of Brixton and were married in the established church by licence. They signed in the presence of Charlotte Berens [Barnes?] and Richard Shillingford.
     James Dempster and Eleanor Shillingford were recorded on the 1841 census in Platoff Cottage, Newchurch, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. James Dempster 70, born Scotland; Eleanor Dempster 55, not born in the county; in the same building but separate household were Mary Shephard 20, female servant & Thomas Horwood 20, solicitor, not born in the county.
     James Dempster made a will dated 18 August 1841 in Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. His will mentions his wife Eleanor Dempster; his cousin Mary Ann Horwood, the wife of Thomas Horwood the elder of Newton Court, Middle Temple and of Sydenham Esquire, … messuages and tenements called Albury Villa, Claremont Cottage and Platoff Cottage; his half sister Ann now of Southampton, Widow, the daughter of my deceased Mother.
He gives nineteen guineas each to:
Miss Caroline Boyce, the daughter of Mrs John Boyce of Saint Michaels Square, Southampton.
Mr Frederick Woodman, the son of Mr John Woodman of Esher in the County of Surry (Surrey).
Mrs Elizabeth Tucker, the wife of Mr George Tucker of Esher aforesaid, Plumber.
Mrs Maria Woodman, the wife of the above named John Woodman.
Mrs Mary Ann Dempster the widow of Mr Robert Dempster, late of Offington in Sussex farmer deceased, to be by her applied for the benefit of her children in such manner as she shall think fit
James Dempster of East Grinstead in the said County of Sussex to be by him applied for the benefit of his two younger daughters as he shall think fit.
Richard Dempster of Brighton in the said County of Sussex to be by him applied for the benefit of his son Frederick Richard Dempster as he shall think fit.
John Smith Dempster of Turnham Green in the County of Middlesex to be by him applied for the benefit of his children as he shall think fit.
Mary Ann the wife of Mr Jackson Walton of Warnford Court, London, Gentleman.
George Dempster of Brighton aforesaid Gentleman to be by him applied for the benefit of his son Augustus Dempster as he shall think fit.
Harriet Wolstead, the daughter of Mrs Charlotte Wolstead of Parry(?) Street, Portsmouth.
each to Emma Ann Mary Dempster of Kingsland Crescent and her sister Sarah Frances, now the wife of Mr Robert Forbes.
unto and equally between the four sons of George Robertson late of Demerara deceased
unto and equally between the three daughters of the said George Robertson.
The sum of two hundred pounds equally between the five children of my late deceased brother George Dempster formerly of Hawks Bay, Newfoundland, I direct that the same shall be accepted by them in full for all demands which they may have against me on account of the Estate of their late father
The like sum of two hundred pounds unto and equally between Edwin Dempster Littlejohns and Augustus Easter Littlejohns, the two sons of the late Mr Isaac Littlejohns of Portsea, deceased
James Dempster, eighteenth day of August 1841 ---J Dempster---Signed by the Testator James Dempster in the presence of us Charlotte Berens, 4 Claremont Place, Brixton--- Ellen Park, Ringwood, Hants.
A Charlotte Berens [Barnes?] (aged 34 born Southampton) and her husband & family resided at Millbrook, Hampshire in the 1851 census. She was probably Charlotte Snellgrove - no connection found yet.
     James Dempster was assessed under the Tithe Commutation Act between 1823 & 1837 in Newchurch, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England, on 10 June 1843. James Dempster owned 3 adjacent plots of land and #23: House,pleasure ground & c..., 1.1 acres, occupied by the Rev M S Phillips; # 108 House & C... 108aL occ by Dr Mc Gill he ocupied one with others..
The Dumfries & Galloway standard on 1 May 1844 reported that James Dempster of Southampton donated 10/- to the Thornhill Soup Kitchen.
     James died of angina pectoris on 5 April 1847 in West St, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. James Dempster aged 77, gentleman. The Gentleman's magazine reported it as on 15 March.
     His will was proved on 26 April 1847 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Will of James Dempster, Gentleman of Ryde in the Isle of Wight , Hampshire.

James Dempster

(13 May 1739 - )
     James Dempster was christened on 13 May 1739 in Otterbourne, Hampshire, England. He was the son of George Dempster and Hannah Stallard.

James Dempster

Child of James Dempster

James Dempster

(12 January 1767 - )
     James Dempster was born on 12 January 1767 in Erskine, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He was the son of George Dempster and Katherine Cameron. James Dempster was christened on 14 January 1767 in Erskine, Renfrewshire.

James Dempster

(31 May 1772 - )
     James Dempster was christened on 31 May 1772 in Eling, Hampshire, England. He was the son of George Dempster and Ellizabeth Powell.

James Dempster

(before 1725 - )
     James Dempster was born before 1725.
James Dempster married Rachel Gregory on 17 September 1743 in London. James Dempster, brasier of St Clement Dean, widower & Rachel Gregory of St Stephen Coleman St.

James Dempster

(July 1864 - 20 April 1936)
     James Dempster was also known as Jack in records. He was born in July 1864 in Flowers Cove, Newfoundland, Canada. He is the gt grandfather of Robert Adam, who supplied much of the information on this family but gave the birth date as 1865 - from his grandmother's notes.. He was the son of John Dempster and Elizabeth Bishop.
James Dempster married Naomi Wells? before 1894.
Ellen Shanahan married secondly James Dempster on 5 November 1895 in St Patrick, Quebec, Quebec, Canada. On the 5th day of November 1895 ... Archbishop of Quebec has granted a dispensation from the law of the Church which forbade marrriage between James Dempster, a Protestant, widower of Naomi Wells? ... son of age, of the late John Dempster and Elizabth Bishop on the one part: and Ellen Shanahan, a Catholic, daughter of .., James Shanahan and Elizabeth Gr..., on the other part. ...
     Alice Unknown married thirdly James Dempster after 1907.
     James Dempster and Alice Unknown were listed in the 1911 census. James Dempster, Chef, 47, born Terre Neuve (NFD), wife Alice Dempster, wife 38, born Angleterre; children: Elisabeth Dempster 12, John Joseph Dempster 10, George Dempter 6 (born Monteal), Catherine Dempter 1, all born Quebec.
     James Dempster and Alice Unknown were listed in the 1921 census in Limoilou, Quebec, Canada.
     James died on 20 April 1936 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada, aged 71. He was buried on the 22nd at Mount Hermon cemetery, Sillery, Quebec.

Children of James Dempster and Ellen Shanahan

Child of James Dempster and Alice Unknown

Sgt James Dempster

(circa 1842 - )
     Sgt James Dempster was born circa 1842 in Ireland. He was the son of James Dempster.
Sgt James Dempster married Emma Jane Daborn on 13 February 1872 in East Clandon, Surrey. James Dempster, aged 27, soldier of East Clandon, son of James Dempster, soldier. He signed James Dempster Sergeant.
     Sgt James Dempster and Emma Jane Daborn were recorded on the 1881 census in the Barracks, Winchester, Hampshir. James Dempster 39, Sgt Co Rifles, born Ireland, Emma Dempster 28, born Guilford, Surrey, Wm. Dempster, son, 8, born Winchester, Osmond Dempster, son, 6, born Devonport, son Ernest Dempster     4, Margaret Dempster under 7 months, both born Wincheste.

Child of Sgt James Dempster and Emma Jane Daborn

James Edwin Dempster

(2 February 1826 - 12 June 1893)
     James Edwin Dempster was born on 2 February 1826 in Whitford Lane, Mitcham, Surrey. He was the son of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford. James Edwin Dempster was christened in 1826 in Independent church, Mitcham, Surrey.
A 1936 newspaper article in SA reported: Fine Handwriting "What do you think of that for writing by a boy of 10?" said Major H. C. R. Batcbelor to me yesterday, as he showed me a letter in a beautiful copper-plate hand. It was written by Mrs. Batchelor's father, the late James Edwin Dempster, to his parents when he was at boarding school in England. It is couched in such respectful terms that it is worth reproducing. Here it is:— Falkland House. Turnham Green. December I. 1836. My dear Parents, I nave the pleasure to acquaint you that our Christmas vacation will commence on Saturday the 17th instant, when I anticipate the happiness of meeting you and all my friends in perfect health. Pray, accept my best love, and believe that I remain, my dear parents. Your affectionate son, James Edwin Dempster. Mr. Dempster became head of the firm of Dempster, Webb & Dempster, Port Adelaide, solicitors, and died in June, 1893.
He may be the James Dempster who had a son James by Elizabeth baptised 29 Sep 1844 at Chichester. He was not listed with his family in the 1841 census.
James Edwin Dempster married Matilda Caroline Humberstone, daughter of William Humberstone and Mary Steer, on 10 June 1851 in St Mary's, St Mary's on the Sturt, Mitcham, South Australia.
     James resided at Alberton, South Australia. James was a solicitor, Supreme Court, South Australia. He was listed in an 1875 & 1881 directories at Queenstown and in partnership with Webb at Divett St, Port Adelaide. He was a JP in 1876.
     James Edwin Dempster made a will dated 17 May 1893 in Port Adelaide, South Australia. James Edwin Dempster of Port Adelaide.... to my son George Wafford Dempster ... my wife Matilda during her llife ... my children Ada Blanch Boot, the wife of William Boot of Mt Gambier, licenced land broker, and Amy Catherine Batchelor, wife of Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor of Port Adelaide, clerk in the Civil Service ... for their separate use ... executors Geprge Wafford Dempster & William Brindley Webb, solicitors, (his legal partner). Effects sworn at less than £3000.
     James died on 12 June 1893 in 'Grosvenor House', Queenstown, South Australia, aged 67. His obituary in The Advertiser stated - DEATH OF MR. J. E. DEMPSTER. A PROMINENT PORTONIAN.
The legal profession of the colony and of Port Adelaide in particular has suffered a severe below in the death of Mr. James Edwin Dempster, which took place at his residence Grosvenor House, Queenstown, on Monday afternoon. The announcement of his demise did not cause much surprise, as he had been suffering very acutely from heart disease, complicated with other complaints, for many weeks. On several occasions during his long illness his death was expected, but so strong was the old gentleman's constitution and so bright his spirits that they, assisted by careful nursing and unremitting medical attention, managed to keep him alive for a considerable time. Mr. Dempster had been compelled to keep his room since early in April last, but as he rallied last year from a similar attack it was thought that complete rest and treatment would again bring about his recovery, and not until some 10 days ago did his medical attendants, Drs. Marten and Tiechelmann, consider his case hopeless. His death took place at about 2 45 o'clock in the afternoon in the presence of most of the members of his family. As a solicitor Mr. Dempster was esteemed above all by his contemporaries at the Port, where he had been in practice for a longer period than any other member of the legal profession. He excelled as a shipping adviser, being unequalled in the colony in that special branch of law. His name invariably figured in connection with any large shipping action which might be brought into court, his wide knowledge of merchant shipping law being well known to his legal brethren and to the mercantile community. Mr. Dempster arrived in the colony some 47 years ago, and after a brief clerkship with the then Sheriff (Mr. Newnham) took up the study of the law, being articled to Messrs. Hardy, James, & James. In connection with that firm he on the death of Mr. Wm. James accepted the charge of the Port Adelaide branch of their business, entering into partnership with Mr. H. B. James, whose interest he subsequently purchased. Having an unusually good presence, ready wit, and a fluent speech he was very successful in winning the cases entrusted to his care. The practice he assisted in building np was a very extensive one, and at the present time the firm of Dempster, Webb, & Dempster are legal advisers to the corporations of Port Adelaide and Semaphore, and the district councils of Woodville, Queenstown and Alberton, and Rosewater. Under instructions of the late Hon. Charles Mann, then Attorney-General, Mr. Dempster drafted a consolidation of the Marine Board Act, which was, however, owing to Parliamentary exigencies, postponed for a shorter measure.' also prepared by him for certain emergencies which had arisen, but it is under stood the Act now in use follows largely upon the lines of Mr. Dempster's draft. He was not infrequently called upon to advise the Government shipping departments, and received the appointment of Solicitor to the Treasury, which he subsequently resigned in the interests of his general clients. By this gentleman's demise Port Adelaide loses one of its most promising and respected citizens. Until late years, during which Mr. Dempster has owing to infirmity arising from an affection of the heart led a somewhat retired life, he was most active and greatly appreciated in connection particularly with all local public matters. Is 1881 be unsuccessfully contested the election for the Assembly, being beaten by his neighbor, Mr. Martinson, who secured the support of the various labor unions. Although of late, owing to his infirmities, Mr. Dempster was unable to take the active part he used to in public affairs, many people remember bow useful were the services he rendered the Port-road carriers by drafting petitions to the Government for the repair of that much maligned thoroughfare, upon the surface of which almost the whole of the goods traffic between the Port and Adelaide was at one time conducted. The deceased gentleman was highly respected by all classes, and especially by the members of the Church of England, to which he firmly adhered. He was a staunch supporter of Canon Green, and for 10 years acted as his vestry man at St. Paul's Church, a post he only resigned when infirmities compelled him to do so. For several years he held office in the Diocese of Adelaide as church advocate, and for a long period was an active and useful member of Synod. His wife and family, consisting of one son and two daughters, survive him. The son. Mr. G. W. Dempster, has been in practice with his father and Mr. Webb as Dempster, Webb, and Dempster for a number of years, while the two daughters are married to Dr. W. Boot, of Moruya, New South Wales, and Mr. H. C. R. Batchelor, of the Port Adelaide Customs. The remains of the deceased gentleman will be interred at St. Mary's, Edwardstown, where several of his family and relations are buried, to-morrow afternoon. The funeral arrangements have been placed in the bands of Mr. J. C. Haddy
. He was buried on 14 June 1893 in St Mary's, South Australia.
     His will was proved on 17 August 1893 at South Australia.

Children of James Edwin Dempster and Matilda Caroline Humberstone

James Ernest Dempster

(circa 1857 - before 17 September 1938)
      He is possibly the James Ernest Dempster aged 55, a gorce, who was a member of the Whiteway Lodge in Newfoundland on 24 Sep 1915.. James Ernest Dempster was born circa 1857 in Dalston, Hackney, London. He was the son of James Dempster and Mary Ann Lawson. Ellen, Alice, James and Albert were listed as the children of James Dempster in the 1861 census in 3 Laurel St, Dalston, Hackney, London. James Ernest Dempster was christened on 15 November 1863 in St Matthias, Stoke Newington, Hackney. Alice, James, Albert and George were listed as the children of James Dempster in the 1871 census in 14 Bloomfield St South, Hackney West. James, Ellen and George were listed as the children of James Dempster in the 1881 census in 34 Kingsbury Rd, Islington, London, Middlesex. James was an estate agent living with his parents in Islington, London, on 3 April 1881.
James Ernest Dempster married Fanny Marion Huggins in December 1882 in St Paul Canonbury, London. Banns were called 4, 11 & 18th December, she was of the parish of Galston, Suffolk.
     James died before 17 September 1938 in Berkshire, England. He was buried on 17 September 1938 in South Moreton, Berkshire.

James Hubert Dempster

(September 1870 - 1942)
     James Hubert Dempster's birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1870 in Camden Town, St Pancras, Middlesex. He was the son of Percival Wilkes Dempster and Mary Ann Sophia Elizabeth Dean. James, Ansell, John, Herbert, Horace and Florence were listed as the children of Percival Wilkes Dempster in the 1881 census in 1A Murray Street, St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England. Sophia, James, Herbert, Horace, Florence, Ada, Adam and Beatrice were listed as the children of Mary Ann Sophia Elizabeth Dean in the 1891 census in 51 Russell Rd, Tottenham, London.
James Hubert Dempster married Helen Elizabeth Wainer on 17 November 1895 in St Paul, Old Ford, London, Tower Hamlets. He was 25 and she was 23, both single, he was a clerk of North B..., London sonfo fPercivla Wilkes Dempster, clerk..
     James Hubert Dempster was recorded on the 1901 census in 22 Claude Rd, Bedford Terrace, Leyton, Essex. James H Dempster, aged 30, dock constable, born Camden Town,Mdx, wife Helen E, 29, born Spalding Lincs; children: Beatrice E 3, Doris F 1, both born Leyton, sister Beatrice L Dempster, aged 13, born Mdx..
     James Hubert Dempster was recorded on the 1911 census in 66 Goldsmith Rd, Leyton, Essex. James Hubert Dempster, 40, Gateman, Midland Railway, born St Pancras, wife Helen Elizabeth, 38, marrief 16 years, 6 children, all alive, born Spalding, Lincs; children (a;; born in Leyton): Kate Lilian, 15, boot machinist, born Leyton, Beatrice Louise, 13, Doris Florence 12, Percivla James 8, Frank John 6, Harold William 3, Horace Sidney, brother aged 25, single, labourer, born St Pancras.Horace Sidney 25, DempsterAge25NameKate Lilian DempsterAge15NameBeatrice Louise DempsterAge13NameDoris Florence DempsterAge12NamePercival James DempsterAge8NameFrank John DempsterAge6NameHarold William DempsterAge 3.
     James died in 1942 in Essex, England. He was admitted to the Trade Union in 1915, and was a loader in Natinal Union of Railwaymen, Kentish Town..

Children of James Hubert Dempster and Helen Elizabeth Wainer

James John Dempster

(1849 - )
     James John Dempster was born in 1849 in Newfoundland. He was the son of John Dempster and Elizabeth Bishop.

James Percival Dempster

(26 February 1852 - 1 February 1853)
     James Percival Dempster was born on 26 February 1852 in Nelson Cottage, Gilles St, Adelaide, South Australia. He was the son of James Edwin Dempster and Matilda Caroline Humberstone.
     James died on 1 February 1853 in Gouger St, Adelaide, South Australia.

Jane Dempster

(22 November 1818 - before 1841?)
     Jane Dempster was born illegitimate before 22 November 1818 in Mitcham, Surrey. She was christened on 22 November 1818 in Mitcham, Surrey. Jane, daughter of John Dempster & Jane Duke, writing master of Mitcham, [illegitimate]. She was the daughter of John Smith Dempster and Jane Duke.
     Jane died before 1841?. She was not listed with her father's family in the 1841 census. But she may be with her mother's family, may have married or be working elsewhere.

Jane Elizabeth Dempster

(5 December 1802 - )
     Jane Elizabeth Dempster was born on 5 December 1802 in London. She was the daughter of William Dempster and Elizabeth Newby. Jane Elizabeth Dempster was christened on 9 January 1803 in St Sepulchre, Holborn, Holborn, London, Middlesex.
Jane Elizabeth Dempster married Henry George Jenns on 24 October 1832 in St Pancras, London.

Jean Dempster

(13 June 1920 - 16 April 1992)
     Jean Dempster was born on 13 June 1920 in Caltowie, South Australia. She was the daughter of Edwin Wafford Dempster and Ellie Holbrook Turner.
     Jean died on 16 April 1992 aged 71.

Jean Dempster

(6 May 1777 - )
     Jean Dempster was christened on 6 May 1777 in Erskine, Renfrewshire, Scotland. She was the daughter of George Dempster and Katherine Cameron.