Mary Duffield

(circa 1727 - before 25 December 1802)
     Mary Duffield was born circa 1727.
Mary Duffield married Thomas Noble, son of William Noble and Sarah Rumbelow, on 16 June 1751 in Diss, Norfolk.
     Mary died before 25 December 1802 in Thelnetham, Suffolk. She was buried on 25 December 1802 in Thelnetham. Mary, wife of Thomas Noble late Duffley aged 80 years, pauper.

Children of Mary Duffield and Thomas Noble

Catherine Dufour

( - 1831)
     Catherine Dufour was born. She was the daughter of Peter Dufour.
Catherine Dufour married Cdr Thomas Mahon Halahan, son of John Halahan and Mary Handy, circa 1821 in Ireland.
     Catherine died in 1831.

Child of Catherine Dufour and Cdr Thomas Mahon Halahan

Jane Dugdale

(circa 1810 - 7 February 1855)
     Jane Dugdale was born circa 1810 in Dublin, Ireland. She was the daughter of Bennett Dugdale, of Belvedere Place, Dublin.
Jane Dugdale married Rev Richard Fleming Handy, son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Catherine Fleming, on 6 January 1831 in St George's, Dublin. In St George's Church, by the Rev. William Bushe, the Rev. Richard Fleming Handy, of Castlepollard, county Westmeath, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Bennett Dugdale, of Belvidere-place, Esq (June 1831). Witnessed by John Handy..
     Jane died. She may be the Jane Handy who died 22 Oct 1839, late of Sandford Place, Dublin, whose will was proved by her son William Handy of same place..
     Jane died on 7 February 1855 in Castleblunden Cottage, Ballinamara, Kilkenny. Roots Ireland"s Church of Ireland records give death date as 10 Feb 1855, aged 50, of Castle Blunden Cottage,St Canice's parish, buried at Mallardstown.

Children of Jane Dugdale and Rev Richard Fleming Handy

Dianah Duggan

(1874 - )
     Dianah Duggan was born in 1874.

Ellen Duggan

     Ellen Duggan married George Glover.

Children of Ellen Duggan and George Glover

Martha E Duggan

(1869 - )
     Martha E Duggan was born in 1869.

Rachel Ann Duggan

(1876 - )
     Rachel Ann Duggan was born in 1876.

Thomas Duggan

     Thomas Duggan married Margaret Mackglew on 9 February 1804 in St Leonard, Shoreditch, London.

Jane Duke

     Jane died in Sussex, England.

Child of Jane Duke and John Smith Dempster

Mary Dumford

     Mary Dumford married Thomas Arundell.

Child of Mary Dumford and Thomas Arundell

Alice Dummitt

(circa 1867 - 1921)
     Alice Dummitt was born circa 1867.
Alice Dummitt married Samuel Walling, son of Reuben Thomas Walling and Harriett Ruby, on 14 January 1903 in York, York County, Ontario, Canada.
     Alice died in 1921 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Children of Alice Dummitt and Samuel Walling

Isabella Dunbar (Leith)

     Isabella Dunbar (Leith) was the daughter of Robert Dunbar and Isobel Sharpe.

Elizabeth Dunbar (Moodie)

( - 1798)
     Elizabeth Dunbar (Moodie) was the daughter of Thomas Dunbar and Janet Dunbar (Dunbar) (of Westfield).
     Elizabeth died in 1798.

Mary Maxwell Dunbar (Nicolson)

( - 1806)
     Mary Maxwell Dunbar (Nicolson) was the daughter of Thomas Dunbar and Janet Dunbar (Dunbar) (of Westfield).
     Mary died in 1806.

William Dunbar Home

     William Dunbar Home was born in Scotland.
He married his cousin who obtained the lands of Home from her father Patrick the 5th Earl of Dunbar and he assumed the name of Home. They were progenitors of the Earls of Home. [The Scottish nation, p.74]

. He was the son of Patrick Dunbar and Cecilia Fraser.
William Dunbar Home married Ada Dunbar (Courtenay), daughter of Patrick Dunbar 5th Earl of Dunbar and Ada, of Scotland,, after 1225.

Ada Dunbar (Courtenay)

(before 1200 - )
     Ada Dunbar (Courtenay) was born before 1200. She was the daughter of Patrick Dunbar 5th Earl of Dunbar and Ada, of Scotland.
Ada, who was married, first, to William de Curtenay, without issue. He died before 11 September 1217, and between 1218 and 1220 she was married, secondly, to Theobald de Lascelles, who left her again a childless widow before October 1225. She is further said to have married her father's cousin William, son of Patrick of Greenlaw, and through him to have been the ancestress of the family of Home. She certainly was styled Lady of Home, and had part of the territory of that name, but the marriage is nowhere proved, and the terms of a charter by William of Home in 1268 suggest that she was not his mother.
Ada Dunbar (Courtenay) married William Dunbar Home, son of Patrick Dunbar and Cecilia Fraser, after 1225.

Adam Dunbar

(before 1630 - )
     Adam Dunbar was born before 1630.
Adam Dunbar married Janet Cuming on 1 April 1649 in Dyke, Moray.

Adam/Fergus Dunbar

(before 1200 - )
     Adam/Fergus Dunbar was born before 1200. He was the son of Patrick Dunbar 5th Earl of Dunbar and Ada, of Scotland.

Adrian Ivor Dunbar 12th Bart of Mochrum

(11 June 1893 - 14 June 1977)
     Adrian Ivor Dunbar 12th Bart of Mochrum was born on 11 June 1893. He was the son of Clement Adrian Dunbar.
     Adrian died on 14 June 1977 aged 84.

Child of Adrian Ivor Dunbar 12th Bart of Mochrum

Agnes Dunbar

(before 1350 - )
     Agnes Dunbar was born before 1350 in Scotland. She was the daughter of Sir Patrick Dunbar and Isabella Randolph.
In 1368 she became the mistress of David II, whose affection for her was the chief reason for his divorce from Margaret Logie.
Agnes Dunbar married Sir James Douglas (of Dalkeith), son of Sir John Douglas, on 21 November 1372. Agnes, whom George, Earl of Dunbar, styles his very dear sister, when in 1372 he granted to her the lands of Mordington and Whittinghame, on her marriage with Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith, ancestor of the Earls of Morton.
He married secondly between 1411 and Oct 1439, Janet, daughter of Sir William Borthwick of Borthwick. His widow married George Crichton, Earl of Caithness who died August 1454. She was living 5 June 1464.

Child of Agnes Dunbar and Sir James Douglas (of Dalkeith)

Agnes Dunbar

     Agnes Dunbar was the daughter of Patrick (III) Dunbar 7th Earl and Cecilia Fraser?
Agnes de Dunbar, who married Christell de Seton, 'in Jedburgh Forrest' (d.c1300).

Agnes Dunbar

(3 October 1650 - )
     Agnes Dunbar was christened on 3 October 1650 in Petty, Inverness-shire.

Agnes Dunbar

     Agnes Dunbar married George Douglas on 2 December 1628 in Edinburgh, Midlothian.

Agnes B C Dunbar

(circa 1831 - December 1920)
     Agnes B C Dunbar was born circa 1831 in Italy. She was the daughter of Sir Archibald Dunbar 7th Bart of Northfield and Keith Alicia Ramsay. Agnes B C Dunbar was listed as Sir Archibald Dunbar 7th Bart of Northfield's daughter in the 1871 census in Duffus, Moray, Scotland. Agnes B C Dunbar was listed as Sir Archibald Dunbar 7th Bart of Northfield's daughter in the 1891 census in Duffus, Moray.
     Agnes B C Dunbar was recorded on the 1901 census in 3 Vernon Court, Southampton Row, London, St Giles. Aged 70, single, compiler working at home, born Italy, British subject.
     Agnes's death was registered in the quarter ending in December 1920 in Richmond RD, Surrey.

Agnes Dunbar (Dunbar)

     Agnes Dunbar (Dunbar) married Patrick Dunbar, son of Robert Dunbar. Agnes Dunbar (Dunbar) was born in Moray, Scotland. She was the daughter of Ninian Dunbar and Finduella Christian? Dunbar.

Agnes or Elizabeth Dunbar (Maitland)

(before 1350? - )
     Agnes or Elizabeth Dunbar (Maitland) was born before 1350? In Scotland. Sir Patrick Dunbar had another daughter, who married John Maitland of Thirlstane. She is, by Mr. Wood, called Elizabeth, but in several charters in 1369 she is styled Agnes, and must have been married, some time before that year, when Earl George styles her his 'sister' and bestowed upon her husband and her son Robert the lands of Tibbers, co. Dumfries. She was the daughter of Sir Patrick Dunbar and Isabella Randolph.
She married Sir John Maitland of Lethington, and from was descended the Duke of Lauderdale, who took as a second title the marquisate of March.

Alan Dunbar

(before 1138 - after 16 August 1139)
     Alan Dunbar was born before 1138. He was the son of Gospatrick Dunbar 1st Earl.
     Alan died after 16 August 1139.

Alexander Dunbar

(October 1455? - circa 31 March 1493)
     Alexander Dunbar was also known as Alexander Dunbar (of Conzie & Kilbuyack, Aldcash, Alves) in records. He was born in October 1455? In Moray, Scotland. He was the third son. He was the son of Sir Alexander Dunbar and Isobel Sutherland.
Of Conzie & Kilbuyack. Old Aulcash & Kilboyack. Kilbuyack is in the parish of Alves, Moray along with Hempriggs.
Conzie is near Westertown and Huntly. "The Scottish nation" states that the Countess of Sutherland, widow of the 7th Earl married Alexander Dunbar, brother of her daughter's husband (James of Cumnock).
This line is now represented by Alexander Dunbar of Thunderton.
His patrimony was the lands of Conzie, in the barony of Frendraught, which were given by the Countess of Moray to her brother Sir Alexander Dunbar of Westfield, and confirmed by charter from King James III in 1473.
Conzie Castle is now called Bognie.
Alexander Dunbar married Janet Sutherland, daughter of John Sutherland 7th Earl of Sutherland and Margaret Baillie, in October 1480.
     Alexander died circa 31 March 1493 in Moray. Alexander was killed by Alexander Sutherland of Dilrec/Dalred/Dirlot in Caithness, who was executed and forfeited for the crime. His son James was served heir in 1501.
Alexander of Kilboyack is mentioned in cases 8 Feb 1497/8 and 16-16 July 1498.

Children of Alexander Dunbar and Janet Sutherland

Alexander Dunbar

(circa 1500 - 9 June 1527)
     Alexander Dunbar was also known as Alexander Dunbar (Bailie of Pluscarden) in records. He was born circa 1500. He was the son of David Dunbar.
He was served heir of his father 26 May 1523, called "of Durris" in Tarbet's charter of 16 January 1523/4. His son Robert was called "of Durris" 27 June 1542 when he is presumed dead.
He resigned Durris to his son Robert on 14 November 1526, reserving liferent.
     Alexander died on 9 June 1527 in Moray. Obitus honorabilis viri Alexandri Dunbar de Durris nono Junii 1527 et sepultus est in Pluscarden. Pluscarden Abbey records: Hic jacet honorabilis vir ALEXANDER DUNBAR de Durris et Baillivus de Pluscarte q.o.a.d. m. q. v. s. (qui obit AD 1527)..

Child of Alexander Dunbar

Alexander Dunbar

(say 1510 - 19 September 1560)
     Alexander Dunbar was also known as Alexander Dunbar (Prior of Pluscarden) in records. He was born illegitimate say 1510. He is assumed to be one of the natural sons of Chancellor Patrick Dunbar but he is not listed with Gavin, James, John, George & David, bastards, natural sons of Patrick Dunbar who were legitimized 6 Mar 1539/40 [Register of Privy Seal, v.2 1529-1542 #3442], however he is described as brother germane to John of Bennetsfield in 1542. Gavin Dunbar is also described as the brother of the Prior in 1551.
It is also vaguely possible that he is Alexander, the son of the deceased James Dunbar of Sudy, bastard, who is legitimized with Patrick of Darkles & John of Bennagefield 20 March 1543/4 at Edinburgh [Register of the Great Seal of Scotland 1513-1546 #3000] when he would have been prior. He was the son of Patrick Dunbar.
     Alexander matriculated at St Andrews University in 1520?. An Alexander Dunbar matriculated at St Andrew's University in 1493 and another in 1520. Alexander was the Prior of Pluscarden monastery 1532-60 at Pluscarden, Moray, Scotland, between 1529 and 1560. He was the last prior of the Benedictine community. It was not necessary at that time for a prior to be a monk or cleric. The earliest mention of him (which supports the theory that he was a near relation of Bishop Gavin Dunbar, is his appearance as a witness to the foundation charter of St Mary's Hospital, Aberdeen, dated 23 Feb 1532.
     During his first 6 years, Henry VIII of England rejected Papal supremacy and suppressed the monasteries, seizing their revenues. He is next mentioned in an instrument of sasine in favour of himself, on the resignation of William Sutherland of Duffus, of 2 roods of land near Elgin, dated 1533. Many of the monastery's lands were feued or disposed of to pay for the "great tax" to support the College of Justice which King James V established. His annual contribution of £11/4/0 had been unpaid for 11 years in February 1548/9.
     Watt states: Prior of Pluscarden: As a canon of Ross (VA, Reg. Lat. 1525, fos. 333-5) prov. on resignation of Learmonth 20 May 1529 (MHRS, 61) cf PRO 31/9/32/154 of 13 Nov 1529; cf. ibid, 162) and 11 Feb 1530 (VA, Reg. supp., 2001, fo.. 150); occ. 24 Feb 1532 (RMS, iii, 249, no. 1145); occ. 12 Sep 1560 (RMS, v, 217-218, no. 708); dead by September 1560 VA, Reg. Supp., 3022, fo. 167) IOn 17 April 1561 George Dunbar challenged for wrongful possession (see Cranston). Cranston as provost of Seton ... gets crown presentment to the priory on death of Dunbar 18 March 1562 (RSS, v. 259, no. 1008)
     For a detailed account of his years as Prior see Anson's "A Monastery in Moray". He was mentioned in a deed dated 20 March 1543/44. 20 March 1543/4 at Edinburgh: Queen etc. confirmation charter of John Ogilvy of Sanquhair who for pro summa pecunie per Alexander Dunbar of Cumnock persoluta, sold to Patrick Dunbar of Darkles, lands & barony of Sanquhare, Quhitray, Newtoun, Chapeltoun, Tullocht, Auchinleske, Drum de Pluscardin, terras forrestiarum de T. et D., with tenentibus etc. et lie ailhousis vic. Elgin et Forres: Tenend. said Patrick & his legitimate male heirs q.d. John Dunbar of Bennettsfield & heirs, q.d. Alexander Dunbar son of the late James Dunbar in Sude & heirs, q.d. Alexander Dunbar of Cumnock, heirs & assigns qu[ibuscumque of the Queen: concessit etiam quod unica sanea apud principale messuagium de Sanquhare capiendaunbar de Conqu; Wm Hay of Mayne; Archibald Muyrson of Marke; D. Johi, Faithe capellano ... at Elgin 26 Nov 1543.
12 April 1545: Charter by Alexander, Prior of Pluscarden and the convernt thereof, in favour of Alexander Dunbar, natural son of deceased James Dunbar of Suddie, of town and lands of Urquhard [Urquhart], mill & mill lands thereof, with 12 acres of said lands of Urquhart excepting 2 acres of lands & chaplainry of Holyrood, the lands of Wiodland with the wood called Crukwoud, lands of Threipland & Hillis, with the wardenship of the place of Urquhart and the office of mair of the barony of Urquhart. Signed by the Prior and others.
     He was named as father at the legitimation of Robert Dunbar and John Dunbar on 12 February 1547/48. There is an entry in the "Register of the Privy Seal of Scotland", recording the legitimation of Robert Dunbar, and John Dunbar, brothers of Patrick Dunbar, Baron of Sanquhar, natural sons of Alexander, prior of Pluscarden. (The reference to Sanquhar indicates that the Prior must have made over these lands near Forres to his eldest son before 1547). The following year a precept of sasine was drawn up. On 24 June it was signed by Alexander & 12 monks. This document made over extensive lands within the barony of Fochabers, which belonged formerly to Urquhart Priory, to Alexander Innes of Cromy (Crombie) who married Beatrix Dunbar, reputed to have been one of the Prior's daughters.
Alexander Dunbar was mentioned in a sasine on 24 June 1548. On 12 Feb 1547... The following year a precept of sasine was drawn up. On 24 June it was signed by Alexander & 12 monks. This document made over extensive lands within the barony of Fochabers, which belonged formerly to Urquhart Priory, to Alexander Innes of Cromy (Crombie) who married Beatrix Dunbar, reputed to have been one of the Prior's daughters.
Gawin Dunbar, brother to the Prior of Pluscardin to appear 18 December 1551 re Cumnok.
He erected a chapel (now known as the Dunbar Vestry) on the north side of the choir. This curious, rather sinister looking chapel is characteristic of the last phase of Scottish flamboyant Gothic. The boss of the groined ceilling is carved with the 3 cushions of the Dunbar arms.
He frequently attended parliament, and in 1554 he had a charter drawn up by which the lands of Incharnock & Croy, on the hillside facing Pluscarden, where made over to Alexander Dunbar (probably of Durris).. They was mentioned at the legitimation of Sir Patrick Dunbar between 1554 and 1555. Et de viije li? comp. bonorum escheatorum Patricii Dunbar, filiis et heredis apparentis Alexander Dunbar of Cumnock, Alex Brody de eodam et..., concessorum Alexander Priori de Pluscarden et Magistro Davidi Dunbar decano Moraviensi.
On the first day of January 1554 the Inneses, to the number of 80 persons, all armed, camed to the Cathedral oaf Elgin during vespers, and of ancient feud and forethought felony, cruelly invaded Alexander Dunbar, Prior of Pluscarden, David Dunbar, Dean of Moray, and other Dunbars, laymen, with purpose to slay them, in presence of the Holy Sacrament. The Dunbars on the other hand, had come to the church with a like deadly intent, but not against the Churchmen. They had only intended to kill Wiliam Innes of that Ilk, and his servants. The battle was not decisive, for both parties had recourse to legal proceedings for the next twenty years.
On 8 Dec 1554 he had a contract with Alexander Innes of "Crommy".
On the 30 April 1555, Alexander Dunbar was at the Convocation of Lieges.
Alexander Dunbar and Gavin Dunbar were mentioned on 30 April 1558.
More monastic lands were disposed of in 1559. In that year Prior Alexander granted a feu charter of the town and land of Leuchars ot Alexander Innes of Crommy, son and heir of James Innes of Roth-MacKenzie and Beatrix Dunbar his wife. In 1560 another charter confirmed to Alexander Innes and his wife a half-coble fishing at Inverspey.
On 12 September 1560, the Prior and 4 of his monks made over "the land and town of Westerton of Pluscardin" to John Dunbar, the younger brother of Patrick Dunbar of Sanquhar, near Forres, but in consideration for a specified annual rent. In the event of John Dunbar having no heirs, the property was to pass to another brother Alexander, who failing, Patrick, or in the event of the death of all of these, to their cousin, David Dunbar of Bennethfield. Patrick, John & Alexander were all natural sons of the Prior. Robert (who may have been dead by 1560) and John were legitimated on 12 Feb 1547/8.
Bruce Bishop (2000) wrote: The estate of Westerton was originally part of the Priory lands ... Alexander Dunbar, the last Prior, seeing the times were to prove fatal to the RC church, on 12 Sep 1560, with the consent of the convent, granted a charter of the lands of Westerton to John Dunbar, one of his illegitimate sons. he does not name him as his own son, but designates him brother to Patrick Dunbar of Sanquhar, who was generally known to have been one of Alexander's sons..
     Alexander died on 19 September 1560 in Scotland.
Alexander Dunbar was mentioned in a sasine on 19 September 1560.
1561 April 17 at Jainvile: ... to Alexander Dunbar, our schiref of Murray, and Maister George Dunbar and all utheris quha hes wranguulslie intrusit thame in possessioun of the priourie of Pluscardin, places and housis thairof .... of all termes bigane sen the deceis of umquhile Maister Alexander Dunbar, last prioure theirof... Quhairfew we charge straitlie and commandis you all and sindried quhome it efferis forsaidis and in special you the said Alexander Dunbar, oure schireff of Murray, and Maister George Dunbar and all utheris quha hes wranguuslie intrusit you in possessioun of the said priourie ... etc. He was mentioned as deceased in the confirmation charter dated on 14 July 1584. A confirmation of charter dated 14 July 1584 & 15/18 July at Falkland: George Dunbar, rectore de Kilmure witnessed confirmation of charter per Alexander Dunbar, Prior of Pluscarden ... to John Dunbar tonsori [but introductory clause "chirurgo"] lands of Ballinlonen, etc. Tenend: dicto Jo. and heirs male, q.d. John Dunbar fratri Patrick Dunbar de Sanquhair & heirs, etc. He was mentioned as deceased in the confirmation charter dated on 14 July 1586 to Rev John Dunbar. 14 July 1586 at Falkland: Confirmation charter made by late Alex. Prior of Pluscarden, & his convent - qua ad feudifirmam dimiserunt M. John Dumbar, natural son of the late John Dumbar of Benethfeild, - town and lands of Over & Nether (Wester) Meftis, with brewhouse & 3 accris, in the barony and regality of Urquhart, near Elgin & Forres: TENEND. said M. Jo.[ & his legitimate heirs male of his body, whom failing to, David Dunbar of Bennetsfield & his heirs (as above), q.d.. George Dunbar, brother germane of the said late John, & his heirs etc., q.d. Patrick Dunbar of Sanquhair & his heirs, q.d. Robert Dunbar, of Durris & his heirs, of said monast ; with communi pastura a terris arabilus de Lucharis ad boream; cum ...REDDEND pro Ovir Meftis ....
Alexander Dunbar was mentioned on 27 April 1592.

Children of Alexander Dunbar