Sir Alexander Dunbar 5th Bart of Northfield

(12 January 1742 - 20 December 1791)
     Sir Alexander Dunbar 5th Bart of Northfield was born on 12 January 1742. He was the son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 4th Bart of Northfield (de jure) and Helen Dunbar.
Sir Alexander Dunbar 5th Bart of Northfield married Margaret Arbuthnott on 21 April 1769. His daughter's marriage to James Coull of Ashgrove, MD was announced in the Bath Chronicle and Weeklt gazette, 1 March 1792..
     Alexander died on 20 December 1791 aged 49. He left issue. See Burke etc for continuation of this line.
     His will was proved on 2 April 1795 at Moray, Scotland. Sir Alexander Dunbar, of Northfield, baronet.

Children of Sir Alexander Dunbar 5th Bart of Northfield and Margaret Arbuthnott

Alice Mary Dunbar

(1892 - 1968)
     Alice Mary Dunbar was born in 1892 in Bonnie Doon, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar and Margaret Ann Green.
Alice Mary Dunbar married Edward Stanley Collis in 1910 in Victoria.
     Alice died in 1968 in Hurstville, New South Wales.

Children of Alice Mary Dunbar and Edward Stanley Collis

Alice Sarah Dunbar

(12 October 1870 - 31 August 1947)
     Alice Sarah Dunbar was born on 12 October 1870 in Ipswich, Queensland. She was the daughter of Frederick Killigrew Dunbar and Harriet Ledger.
     Alice was registered as state school teacher, Workshops estate at Pine Mountain Rd, Ipswich district, Queensland, on the 1900, 1908/9, 1910 electoral roll. Alice was a teacher before June 1907, Longreach, Queensland. Alice was a teacher from June 1907, Rosewood, Queensland. Alice was a teacher in 1909, the Girls & Infant School, Ipswich North, Queensland. She was listed as a P[ensioner?] from January 1910.
     Alice died on 31 August 1947 in Cooparoo, Queensland, aged 76.

Alicia Dunbar (Seton)

      Alice or Helen, is said to have married Philip Seton, but no satisfactory evidence is given.. Alicia Dunbar (Seton) was the daughter of Waldeve or Waltheof Dunbar and Aelina or Aline Unknown (Dunbar).

Alison Dunbar (McCulloch)

(before 1547 - after 1581)
     Alison Dunbar (McCulloch) was born before 1547 in Mochrum, Wigtownshire, Scotland. The fourth daughter, Alison, married David McCulloch of Drouchtag, and was alive in 1576, when she agreed with Sir John Dunbar of Mochrumpark for a sale of her half of Mochrum loch and Kilconquhar.. She was the daughter of Patrick Dunbar and Margaret Gordon.
Process of Adherence: Cristiane [Christian] Adair and John Adair v Alisoun [Alison] Dunbar and David Makculloch of Druchlage her spouse.
     Alison died after 1581. She was described as the senior heir female of John of Mochrum via her brother Andrew..

Allan Eric Dunbar

(7 December 1911 - 8 December 1973)
     Allan Eric Dunbar was born on 7 December 1911 in Ipswich, Queensland. He was the son of John Henry Dunbar and Florence Beatrice Buckenham.
Allan Eric Dunbar married Beryl E Welsh in 1939 in Bulli, New South Wales.
     Allan died on 8 December 1973 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, aged 62.

Andrew Dunbar

(circa 1500 - November 1564)
     Andrew Dunbar was also known as Andrew Dunbar (of Loch) in records. He was born circa 1500 in Wigtownshire, Scotland. He was the son of Patrick Dunbar and Margaret Gordon.
20 May 1549: Instrument of Sasine of the Lands and Barony of Kilconquhar in favour of Andrew Dunbar son of the deceased Patrick Dunbar.
Charter of Resignation by Andrew Dunbar of Kilconquhare granting to William Chalmer, son and heir of the late John Chalmer of Drumlochquhy, and Eufame Spens, his spouse, the lands of Kynmowkis Eister, with pertinents, lying within the lordship of Kilconquhar, regality of St. Andrews and sheriffdom of Fyfe, which pertained to Mr. John Spens of Maristoun, and were resigned by him into the hands of the granter at Elcho: To be held to the said William Chalmer and spouse and the longer liver of them in conjunct infeftment, and the heirs to be lawfully procreated between them, whom failing, to the lawful and nearest heirs or assignees of the said William whomsoever, de me, rendering therefor annually the rights and services used and wont. At Elcho 11th January 1550-51.
     Andrew died in November 1564 in Mochrum, Wigtownshire. He died without issue in 1564, or before February 1564-65, and his four sisters, Janet, Elizabeth. Margaret, and Alison were his heiresses.
Andrew Dunbar married Eupheme Unknown (Wemyss) after 1570. Andrew Dunbar married Eupheme Wemyss, whose parentage is not known. She married before 1566 a John Wemyss & was his wife in 1570.
Inventory of writs delivered by Patrick McDowell of Logan to Francis Hay of Arioland concerning the lands of Mochrum Loch. Contract betwixt Margaret Dunbar relict of John Wemis and a sister and heir of deceast Andrew Dunbar of Loch disponing her part of the lands to Patrick Bellenden of Stenhous sheriff of Orkney 22 Feb 1564.
Charter by said Margaret to John Bellenden of Achnoull Justice Clerk as assignee of said Patrick, of ¼ of the lands of Carhalloch Mylton and others 8 May, 1565.
Charter by said Margaret & John Giffert her spouse to said John Bellenden and Janet Seaton spouse, of her said ¼ part, 2 Dec. 1565.
Contract between the said Margaret and John Graham as procurator for John Bellenden concerning her 1/3 part of her sisters ¼ part - 2 Sept. 1566.
Sasine of Janet Dunbar 9 June 1565.
Sasine of Bessie Dunbar 22 July 1566.
Sasine of Alison Dunbar 9 June, 1565.
Sasine of Sir John Bellenden in half of Bar on 22 July, 1564.
Alison Dunbar's Assignation of her part of the lands to the Laird of Freugh - no Date.
Gift of the nonentry of lands of Loch to James Bellenden of Auchnoule - no date.
Contract between Ninian Adair of Kinhilt and John McDowell of Freuch whereby John assigns to Ninian any right he has to the lands of Loch as heir executor and assignee to Alison Dunbar 4 March, 1583.
Great Seal Charter on comprising, to Ninian Adair and Christian Adair of a third of the lands 21 Feb. 1585.
Christian Adair's Sasine to Kinhilt, as heir to Janet Dunbar her mother of a third of Loch 8 April, 1586.
Christian's resignation in favour of Ninian 8 April, 1586.
Kinhilt's Sasine in a third of Loch 2 June 1584.
Kinhilt's Sasine in [another?] third of Loch 8 April, 1586.
Contract Kinhilt and Deuchtag whereby D. renounces all rights he has to the lands of Loch 8 May, 1584.
Excambion Sir Patrick Vaus of Barnbarroch and Ninian Adair. Ninian exchanges Milton called Ariollan with ½ of its myln, the mains of Loch called Bar the 5 merkland of Carholloch 5 merkland of Elrig 5 merkland of Durie the lands of Drumescat, Carduchan and Skeoth, the lands of Altecry and Clonteboy is with the superiority of little Deuchtag and of Drumblare - in exchange for the lands of Creichan, Kildonan, myln of Drumore, lands of Nether Ganoch, Clenries Glentirrow Creochis, Kilstay and others - 24 Feb. 1584.
Reg. at Edinburgh same date.
Procuratory of resignation by Ninian Adair for resigning the lands and Barony of Mochrum Loch into hands of Crown in favour of Sir Patrick Vaus. [ ] 158[ ].
Crown Charter of the same to Sir Patrick Vaus 9 May, 1586.
Sasine thereon, 24 May, 1586.
Crown Charter to Dame Katherine Kennedy in liferent 24 July, 1586.
Procuratory of resignation Dame Janet Seaton and James Bellenden her son in favour of Sir Patrick Vaus - no date.
Instrument of redemption of the lands of Myltoun, Bar and Carholloch from Sir John Dunbar to Sir John Vaus 10 Nov. 1603.
Inhibition Sir John Vaus v. Kinhilt on the contract of excambion. 1 Feb. 1606.
Ratification Sir Patrick Vaus younger of Barnbarroch of the comprising at instance of Arthur Ray against the lands of Myltoun and others now in the person of Alex. McDowell of Logan having right from said Arthur Ray. 3 July, 1632.
Great Seal Charter to Arthur Ray on the comprising 16 Feb. 1626.
Precept from Chancery to infeft Arthur Ray 16 Feb. 1626.
Precept to infeft Mr. John Ray as heir to Arthur - no date.
Sasine following thereon 24 March, 1635.
Disposition of said comprising by Mr. John Ray to Alexander McDowell of Logan - 13 Dec. 1634.
Inhibition Arthur Ray v. Sir John Vaus - 1624.
Disposition by Sir John Vaus to said Alex. McDowell 9 May, 1645.
Sasine of John Gordon of Auchinskeoch in the 5 merkland of Bar-no date.
A charter of Carholloch by Mochrum to Deuchtag - no date.
Chancery precept in favour of John Broun of Corhalloch - no date.
Sasine of Bar given by young Kinhilt to Barnbarroch in warrandice of the lands of Creichan - no date.
Contract between Barnbarroch and young Kinhilt for the lands of Bar and Myltoun in warrandice of Kildonan and Creichan.
Tack by Kinhilt to Barnbarroch of the lands of Kildonan.
Contract between Sir Lewis Bellenden and young Kinhilt concerning the said lands - no date.
Charter of Bar by Kinhilt to Barnbarroch of lands of Bar.
The Lady Barnbarroch's charter of Loch.
Charge to enter heirs by Patrick McDowell of Logan v. Heirs of Mr. John Rae(sic) - 1662 and again 16 Oct. 1665.
Sasine in favour of Patrick McDowell of Logan 4 Dec. 1668.
Reg. in P.R.S. 15 Dec. 1668.
Endorsed with discharge by Francis Hay of Ariolan who bound himself to make the above writs forthcoming to Patrick McDowell of Logan or his heirs conform to contract of exambion passed between them..

Ann Dunbar

(say 1675 - before July 1755)
     Ann Dunbar was born say 1675. She was the daughter of Major John Dunbar and Catherine Wynne.
Ann Dunbar married unknown Turner.
     Ann Dunbar was mentioned in the will of Major John Dunbar dated 27 May 1724.
     Ann Dunbar made a will dated 18 June 1747 in Dublin, Ireland. Abstract of will of Ann Turner of Dublin, widow, 18 June 1747. Precis 1/2 p. 12: July 1755: Mentions her sister Palmer. Her sister Bernard, her husband. Her nephew George Dunbarr Esq. Lands at Killelongford, part of Lordship of Clonmore, co. Carlow. Witnesses: Thomas Groves, Dublin, servant to said testator, Edward Cullen, clerk to George More, Dublin, public notary, and said George More. Memorial witnessed by: Edward Cullen, George More. 177, 150, 117848. George Dunbar (Dunbarr) (seal).
     Ann died before July 1755 in Dublin.
     Her will was proved on 12 July 1755 at Ireland.

Ann Dunbar

     Ann Dunbar was the daughter of Sir John Dunbar and Katherine Graham.
Ann Dunbar married Alexander Weir, son of Robert Weir and (?) Lindsay, in 1614 in Ireland. On the outbreak of the civil war in 1641, Anne with her orphans, suffered severely .... Mrs Weir was suffered to escape to Ennniskillen with but one son Alexander aged 9 and his sister Jane, alone saved from the massacre ....

Children of Ann Dunbar and Alexander Weir

Ann Dunbar

(before 1764 - )
     Ann Dunbar was born before 1764. She was the daughter of Isaac Hayes Dunbar and Mary Unknown (Dunbar).

Ann Dunbar

(circa 1672 - 14 August 1708)
     Ann Dunbar was born circa 1672. She was the daughter of Sir William Dunbar 1st Bart of Durn and Janet Brodie.
Ann Dunbar married (?), Earl of Seafield, in 1687.
     Ann died on 14 August 1708.

Anna Dunbar

(27 June 1670 - )
     Anna Dunbar was christened on 27 June 1670 in Cullen, Banffshire. She was the daughter of Nicholas Dunbar and Elizabeth Lawtie.

Annabel Dunbar

(9 June 1644 - )
     Annabel Dunbar was christened on 9 June 1644 in Inverness, Inverness-shire.

Anne Dunbar

(circa 1838? - 1868?)
     Anne Dunbar was born circa 1838?. She was the daughter of Major John Killigrew Dunbar and Jane Mary Vivian.
Anne Dunbar married William Develin on 10 November 1857 in Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland. He was the son of Paul Develin and she was the daughter of Major Dunbar.
     Anne died in 1868? In Ireland. An Anne Devlin, aged 30, died in 1868 in the Lurgan district and a William Devlin married Hannah Wallace in the same year. An Anne Devlin aged 2 died in 1869 in the Enniskillen district.

Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar

(circa 1850 - 3 August 1918)
     Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar was born circa 1850 in Newchurch, Manchester, Lancashire. She was the daughter of Patrick Dunbar and Mary Wood. George, Annie and Charles were listed as the children of Patrick Dunbar in the 1851 census in Underbank?, Newchurch, Lancashire, England. Lillian, Annie, Charles, Edward and Frederick were listed as the children of Patrick Dunbar in the 1861 census in Rochdale rd, Beecroft Terrace, Blackley, Manchester, Lancashire. Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar was listed as Mary Wood's daughter in the 1871 census in Buxton, Derbyshire, England.
Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar married William Brown on 15 May 1873 in St Mary, St Denys & St George, Manchester, Lancashire.
     Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar and William Brown were recorded on the 1891 census in Barrington Rd, Althrincham, Cheshire. William Brown, 50, Railway Clerk, wife Annie E St A Brown, 41, sons William F 15, Mechanical Engineers Apprentice, Lionel J 13 scholar, all born in Lancashire, Frank C 9, John W 7, George F 4, Frank John & George all born in Cheshire, plus Robert B Smith, Boarder, Single 32 Surgeon Duly Registered, born Lancashire, John W Smith Boarder Single 27, Medical Student, born Lancs.
     Annie died on 3 August 1918 in Bracken Villa, BarringtonRd, Altrincham, Bucklow RD, Cheshire. The Manchester evening news on 5 Aug 1918 reported: On the 2nd inst., at her residence, Bracken Villa, Barrington Road, Alttrincham, Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Brown, widow of the late William Brown and granddaughter of the late Sir John Kelligrew Dunbar. in her 65th year. Interment Bowden parish church tonorrow (Tuesday) at 2 pm.
Annie Elizabeth St A Brown, aged 64 was buried on 6 Aug 1918 at Bowdon, Cheshire.

Children of Annie Elizabeth St Aubyn Dunbar and William Brown

Annie Veronica Dunbar

(14 July 1884 - 5 March 1972)
     Annie Veronica Dunbar was commonly known as Cissy. She was born on 14 July 1884 in Tooradin, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar and Margaret Ann Green.
Annie Veronica Dunbar married Daniel Patrick Kearns on 15 May 1906 in the Roman Catholic church, Penshurst, Victoria. KEARNS-DUNBAR. -On the 15th May, at R.C. Church, Penshurst, by Rev. Father Cain, of Hamilton, Daniel Patrick, eldest son of Patrick Kearns, Dunkeld, late of county Galway, to Annie (Cissie), eldest daughter of John Thomas Killegrew Dunbar, Penshurst, and granddaughter of the late George Killegrew Dunbar, of Dandenong, also of Mrs. Jane Green, of Walker- street, Dandenong. (Home papers please copy. ).
     Annie died on 5 March 1972 in Hamilton, Victoria, aged 87.

Children of Annie Veronica Dunbar and Daniel Patrick Kearns

Arbuthnot Percy Byng Sutherland Dunbar

(18 November 1847 - 1 March 1890)
     Arbuthnot Percy Byng Sutherland Dunbar was born on 18 November 1847 in Dacca, Bengal Presidency, India (now Bangladesh). He was the son of John Dunbar and Anna Sophia Hagar. Arbuthnot Percy Byng Sutherland Dunbar was christened on 19 December 1847 in Dacca. Arbuthnot Pery [sic] Byng Sutherland, son of John Dunbar and Anna Sophia his wife, of Dacca, Bengal Civil Service.
Arbuthnot Percy Byng Sutherland Dunbar married Catharina Hester Orred on 16 April 1873. They had another 7 children.
     Arbuthnot died on 1 March 1890 in London aged 42.

Child of Arbuthnot Percy Byng Sutherland Dunbar and Catharina Hester Orred

Archibald Dunbar

(after 1483 - 1563)
           Archibald Dunbar, elder brother germane of Gavin, Bishop of Glasgow & Chancellor, appears in writ dated 17 Feb 1533/4. Also mentioned as Archibald de Blakcrag, brother of Gavin. [Register of the Great Seal of Scotland 1513-1546 #1365, 1461].. Archibald Dunbar was born after 1483 in Scotland. He was the son of Sir John Dunbar and Janet Stewart.
Archibald Dunbar married Janet Mure. He married Janet, daughter of Mure of Rowallan. [Burke - see the Hope-Dunbar pedigree for full details of this line].
28 July 1526 at Edinburgh: Archibald Dunbar, brother germane to Gawane,
Archbishop of Glasgow ....
He was Provost of Glasgow and Bailie of the barony and lordship of Glasgow in 1533.
He obtained a charter of the lands of Baldoon, in the parish of Kirkinner 17 Feb 1533.

Was Provost of Glasgow.
     Archibald died in 1563 in Wigtownshire, Scotland.

Children of Archibald Dunbar

Archibald Dunbar

(after 1635 - )
     Archibald Dunbar was born after 1635. He was the son of Archibald Dunbar.

Archibald Dunbar

(25 July 1583 - circa 1641)
     Archibald Dunbar was born on 25 July 1583 in Orchardton, Wigtownshire, Scotland. He married Mary ---. He was the son of Gavin Dunbar.
     Archibald died circa 1641.

Child of Archibald Dunbar

Archibald Dunbar

(before 1645 - 3 May 1689)
      Young, in Annals of Elgin, describes him as: of Newtoun in Moray, Thundertoun in Aberdeenshire and Achmadies in Banffshire.. Archibald Dunbar was born before 1645 in Scotland. He was the son of James Dunbar.
     A contract for the marriage of Archibald Dunbar and Elizabeth Hacket was signed on 12 May 1666. She was the daughter and coheir of Walter Hacket of Mayen by Janet, elder daughter of George Leslie of Burdsbank.
Archibald Dunbar married secondly Katherine Innes on 28 April 1681 in Alves (Spynie), Moray. Without proclamation, having received an order from the Bishop. She was the daughter of Sir Walter Innes of Balveny.
     Archibald died on 3 May 1689 in Newtown, Alves, Moray. He took the name 'Thunderton' from the name of his residence, Thunderton House, in Elgin..
     His will was proved on 16 June 1691 at Moray. Commissariot of Moray, Archibald of Newtown, (spouse Katherine Innes).

Children of Archibald Dunbar and Elizabeth Hacket

Children of Archibald Dunbar and Katherine Innes

Archibald Dunbar

(29 October 1671 - 16 April 1733)
     Archibald Dunbar was christened on 29 October 1671 in Alves, Moray. He was the son of Archibald Dunbar and Elizabeth Hacket.
Archibald Dunbar married Rebecca Adamson in August 1703. She was the widow of Robert Mackenzie/Menzies, W S and daughter of the Rev James Adamson, minister of Ettrick.
Extract Post-nuptial Marriage Contract dated 9 August 1703 between Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton (Thundertoun) and Rebecca Adamson, only daughter of deceased James Adamson minister at Atrick (Ettrick) and Margaret Coltt (Colt), his spouse, whereby said Rebecca is to have in liferent an annuity of 500 merks, her tocher being 1,600 merks. Registered in Elgin Sheriff Court books, 16 August 1717. Archibald was Sheriff of Moray & Provost of Elgin.
Charter of Resignation by William Duff, elder, provost of the burgh of Innerness (Inverness), and the bailies thereof, with assent of the councillors and community, to Mr. Archibald Dunbar of Thundertoune, his heirs and assignees whatsoever, of three roods of burgh built land, with yard, kiln and coble, formerly pertaining to deceased Alexander Dunbar, lately provost of Innerness, bounded between the king's common highway, at the east, the road running near the water of Ness, at the west, the lands formerly pertaining to deceased John Cuthbert of Castlehill, then to David Cuthbert, his son, and now to Hugh Falconar [Falconer], commissary clerk of Innernes, at the south, and the common vennel leading to the said water of Ness at the north, resigned on date hereof in the hands of the said magistrates, sitting in burgh court, by James Fraser, merchant burgess of Innerness, as procurator for Alexander Dunbar of Barmuckatie [Barmuckity] (who had right to the said subjects from the said Alexander Dunbar, lately provost) in favour of the said Mr. Archibald Dunbar of Thundertoun, in implement of disposition, dated at Edinburgh 15th May 1704; and sasine, given by Mr. Alexander Fraser, bailie, of the said three roods to Mr. Robert Fraser, advocate in Edinburgh, as attorney for the said Mr. Archibald Dunbar.
     Archibald resided at Thunderton, Duffus/Elgin, Moray.
Disposition by Mr Archibald Dunbar of Thundertoun, with consent of James Dunbar, younger, merchant burgess of Inverness, to Alexander Mcintosh of Termit (Termett), merchant and present treasurer of the said burgh, and his heirs male of his body, whom failing his heirs and assignees whatsoever, of three roods or tenements of burgage land, with houses, kiln maltbarn, coble etc. lying on the west side of the Kirk Street of Invernes; which roods sometime belonged to deceased Alexander Dunbar, late provost of Invernes, thereafter to Alexander Dunbar of Ballmuckatie [Barmuckity], and were acquired from the latter by the said Mr Archibald.
Archibald Dunbar married secondly Phillis Walker.
Execution of Summons of reduction, raised by Alexander Dunbar of Grangehill, heritable Lord and Baillie of the Regality of Stonny Forenoene [Farneen] and William Garden, at the Milne of Moy within the said Regality, his tenant, against Ludovic Dunbar of Westfield, heritable Sheriff Principal of Elgin and Forres; Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton, Sheriff Principal of said shire; and others
     Archibald died on 16 April 1733 in Edinburgh, Scotland, aged 61. He was buried in Greyfriars churchyard.He left no male issue..

Children of Archibald Dunbar and Rebecca Adamson

Archibald Dunbar

(before 1399 - )
     Archibald Dunbar was also known as Archibald Dunbar (of Spot) in records. He was born before 1399 in Fife, Scotland. He was the son of George Dunbar (10/11th Earl of Dunbar & March) and Beatrix Unknown (Dunbar).
Archibald, named in above charter of 1423, along with his brothers. He had a charter from his father on 8 March 1425-26 of the lands of Wester Spot near Dunbar. He may be the Archibald of Dunbar who seized, in 1448, the castle of Hailes, and surrendered it to James, Master of Douglas, in revenge, it is said, because Dunbar Castle was then in the keeping of the younger Hepburn, whom Archibald bound and placed in a dungeon, thereafter taking possession of Hailes. An Archibald Dunbar, probably the same, held the lands of Little Spot from the Crown from 1452-67. He had also the lands of Balbuthie in Fife..

Archibald Dunbar

( - before 28 April 1578)
     Archibald Dunbar was also known as (of Pennick) in records. He was the son of James Dunbar and Elizabeth Leslie.
Archibald Dunbar married Janet Tulloch circa 25 July 1559. She was the daughter of Thomas Tulloch of Fleurs/Tannachy. She was also widow of DDavid Hay of Penick.
He was the fourth son of James of Tarbat & his wife Elizabeth Leslie - Archibald of Pennick who in 1560 bought Pennick from George Dunbar, brother of John of Bennetsfield & married Janet daughter of Alexander Tullock by contract dated 25 July 1559 and had issue: Alex & James.
     Archibald died before 28 April 1578. He's testament was registered 28 April 1578. Archibald Dunbar, of Penik. sheriffdom of Nairn.

Children of Archibald Dunbar and Janet Tulloch

Archibald Dunbar

(before 1665 - )
     Archibald Dunbar was born before 1665. He was the son of James Dunbar and Janet Hay.
Archibald married 4 May 1682 .... Innes, daughter of Mr John Innes of Coxton and had James Dunbar of Balnagieth 1664!.

Archibald Dunbar

(circa 1615 - )
     Archibald Dunbar was born circa 1615.
Archibald Dunbar married Magdalen Falconer on 6 September 1635 in Dyke & Moy, Moray, Scotland.

Archibald Dunbar

(before 1599 - )
     Archibald Dunbar was born before 1599.

Children of Archibald Dunbar

Archibald Dunbar

(9 August 1662 - )
     Archibald Dunbar was christened on 9 August 1662 in Alves, Moray. He was the son of Alexander Dunbar.

Archibald Dunbar

(7 October 1680 - )
     Archibald Dunbar was christened on 7 October 1680 in Alves, Moray. He was the son of George Dunbar.

Archibald Dunbar

(25 November 1681 - )
     Archibald Dunbar was christened on 25 November 1681 in Alves, Moray. He was the son of William Dunbar.