Jacob Erisey

     Jacob Erisey was also known as James in records.

Child of Jacob Erisey

Juliana Erisey

(circa 1505 - circa 1567)
     Juliana Erisey was born circa 1505. Juliana, was the daughter of James Erisey of Erisey in Grade and Ruan Major, widow of one Gourlyn. She was the daughter of Jacob Erisey.
Juliana Erisey married Sir John Arundell, son of Sir John Arundell and Jane Grenville, in 1526 in Erisey, Cornwall.
     Juliana died circa 1567.

Children of Juliana Erisey and Sir John Arundell

Mary Erisey

(20 June 1687 - January 1717/18)
     Mary Erisey was born on 20 June 1687 in Falmouth, Cornwall, England. She was christened on 21 June 1687 in Falmouth. She was the daughter of Richard Erisey and Frances Killigrew.
Mary Erisey married John West in June 1711.
     Mary died of smallpox in January 1717/18 in York, Yorkshire, aged 30.
Mary West and Frances West (infants), daughters and co-heirs of Mary West, their late mother, deceased, and also granddaughters and co-heirs of Richd. Erisy, esquire, deceased, by his wife Frances (who was daughter of Sir Peter Killigrew, deceased), by John West, Esq., their father and next friend. v. Mary Erisey, and Thomas Barrale (an infant) under the age of twenty-one years, by the said Mary Erisey, his guardian.: Last will and testament of Richd. Erisey, of Erisey (late brother of defendant Mary), and the real and personal estates of said Rich. Erisey (nephew of James Erisey of Erisey (Cornwall), Esq.), and of said James Erisey. Touching the settlement of lands, &c., made by said James Erisey, upon the marriage of his nephew Richd. Erisey with Frances the daughter of Sir Peter Killigrew, Knt. and Bart., late of Aberwenack (Cornwall). The said estates including several manors, &c., in the counties of Cornwall and Devon, viz., the barton and manor of Erisey, the barton and manor of Clahar, the manor of Treleigh, the moiety of the barton and manor of Penventon, "the sixth part of part of the mannor of Pengersick," and a ninth part of and in other part of the said manor of Pengersick, the sixth part of the manor of Lannack, the sixth part of the manor of Trezeela and Mulfa, the sixth part of part of the manor of Penzance and St. Just, and a ninth part of and in other part of the said manor of Penzance and St. Just, the messuages and tenements of Carno and Halwoon, in the parish of Grade, the moiety of the messuage and tenement of Trevenwith, in the parish of St. Keverne, the messuage and tenement of Wythan, in the parish of St. Martin's in Meneage, all in the county of Cornwall. The barton of Lowroorthy, in the parish of Wolfordesworthy, the manor of Pyworthy and Clawton, in the several parishes of Hartland, Pyeworthy, Clawton, and Bridgerule, all in the county of Devon, &c., &c. Sale &c., of manors, &c., by said Richd. Erisey to Francis Penneck, Andw. Harris, John Pollard, Esq., John Rogers, junr., Saml Oliver, Wm. Rogers, Humphrey Rogers, James Gwennup, Henry Harvey, John Ellis. Wm. Murley, Caleb James, John Borlace, Esq., Phillip Tregurtha, John Sicklar, John Huthnance, Anthony Hoskyn, John Sandry, Henry Phillips, Sir Wm. Pendarvies, Knt., Thos. Kelly, Ephraim Weymouth, Wm. Matthew, Noah Luke, Wm. Thomas, Richard Brimfield, Edwd. Hodge, Joseph Roberts, Geo. Ward, Richard Edwards, John Giles, Matthew Wells, Arundel Son, and George Harris, &c., &c.: Cornwall; Devon.
Mary Erisey was mentioned on 30 November 1736.
Mary Erisey and Frances Erisey and Martin Lister were mentioned on 1 December 1736.
Mary Erisey and Frances Erisey were mentioned on 1 December 1736.
He and his brother in law Merrill went to Arwenack in 1744

Children of Mary Erisey and John West

Richard Erisey

(before 1670 - )
     Richard Erisey was born before 1670 in Errisey, Cornwall.
Richard Erisey married Frances Killigrew, daughter of Sir Peter Killigrew (2nd Bart) and Lady Frances Twisden, on 20 April 1686 in Falmouth, Cornwall. She was cast off 3 years after their marriage. In 1701 her husband sued her father for his daughter Mary.

Children of Richard Erisey and Frances Killigrew

Elizabeth Erroll (Gray)

     Elizabeth Erroll (Gray) was born in Scotland.
     Elizabeth Erroll (Gray) married George Gordon 2nd Earl Huntly as his third wife, on 12 May 1476 in Scotland.

daughter of Sir John Erskine

     Daughter of Sir John Erskine married Sir William Livingston, son of Sir Archibald Livingston.

Child of daughter of Sir John Erskine and Sir William Livingston

Muriel Erskine

     Muriel Erskine married William Keith 2nd Marischal, son of William Keith Marischal of Scotland and Mary Hamilton. Muriel Erskine was born in Scotland. Daughter of Thomas, 1st Lord Erskine. Muriel Erskine was also known as Mariota in records.

Child of Muriel Erskine and William Keith 2nd Marischal

Sarah Esgar

(circa 1790 - 5 September 1843)
     Sarah Esgar was born circa 1790.
Sarah Esgar married George Rich on 6 May 1817 in Bleadon, Somerset.
     Sarah Esgar and George Rich arrived per "Chelydra. Anotehr voyage departed Sydney (4 Jun 1840) to Auckland (28 Jul 1840), under Captain Smale. A Mr Rich travelled from Sydney (16 May 1841) to Wellington." on 17 February 1840 at Auckland, New Zealand.
     Sarah died on 5 September 1843 in Epsom, New Zealand. Sarah Rich of Epsom aged 53 years. She was buried on 7 September 1843 in Symonds Street cemetery, Auckland.

Children of Sarah Esgar and George Rich

Adeline Espec

(say 1090 - before 1157)
      Some charters of the Ros fee. The charters printed in the present chapter relate mainly lands forming part of the fee of Helmsley, which was inherited by the Ros family by reason of the marriage of Peter de Ros with Adeline, one of the three sisters and coheirs of Walter Espec; and they include some documents relating to Kirkham priory, one of the religious houses which Walter himself had founded. A large number of charters relating to lands of the Helmsley fee is available in the printed edition of the Rievaulx Chartulary; and some other charters, including the original confirmation by Robert de Ros 1 of his uncle Walter Espee's charter to Rievaulx abbey,' and a few relating to Birdsall,2 have been printed or calendared by the Historical Manuscripts Commission.
Walter Espec was one of the most distinguished of the northern barons during the first half of the twelfth century. The leading part which he took in the battle of the Standard in 1138 is recorded by Ailred;3 and he founded the house of Augustinian canons at Kirkham in or about 1122, the Cistercian abbey of Rievaulx in 1132, and, as a daughter house, Wardon abbey, co. Bedford, in or about 1135.
H inherited the lands which later formed the honour of Wardon from William Spech, who held them at the Domesday survey; and, although there is no evidence of the actual relationship, there can be no doubt that he was related to William.4
In the period 1114-29 he is mentioned as acting or potentially acting on the king's behalf.5 At Easter 1121 he was among the northern magnates at Durham, when the monks of Durham renewed their claim to the church of Tynemouth.6 References to pleas heard before him and Eustace FitzJohn in Yorkshire, Northumberland and Carlisle, are recorded on the Pipe Roll for 1130;7 and charters of Henry 1 were addressed to him, usually with Eustace Fitz.john and sometimes with the barons or ministers of Yorkshire, in the last decade of his reign.8
He witnessed archbishop Thurstan's charter to the men of Beverley, 1115-28;9 several of Henry 1 in the period c. 1119-1135.... Adeline Espec was born say 1090 in England. She was the youngest of the three sisters & coheirs of Walter Espec, Lord of Helmsley and of Wark, Northumberland. She was the daughter of William Speche.
Adeline Espec married Piers or Peter de Ros before 1109.
     Adeline died before 1157.

Children of Adeline Espec and Piers or Peter de Ros

Walter Espec

(before 1100 - March 1154)
     Walter Espec was born before 1100. He was the son of William Speche.
Walter Espec erected Helmsley Castle in North Yorkshire in 1120. The massive earthworks remain but there is no trace of the original timber buildings. Walter was in possession of several of the estates originally granted to Robert de Mortain by his half brother, William the Conqueror. Indirect evidence suggests that he was granted his Yorkshire estates by Henry I, who was strengthening his border with the Scots. Espec was a member of the Royal court, being one of the Justiciars and also an Army Commander at the Battle of the Standard near Northallerton in 1138 with William le Gros (Count of Aumale), Roger de Mowbray, Robert de Ferrers and William de Percy.
He founded Kirkham for Augustinian canons c.1122 and in 1131 he granted lands in Ryedale and Bilsdale to Abbot Barnard of Claivaus, on the the great Cistercian mission centre of Rievaulx was established the following year. About 1136, he granted his late father's estates at Warden in Bedfordshire to Rievaulx to found another Cistercian house.
     Walter died in March 1154. He had no issue and on his death in March 1154, his estates and the castle of Helmsley passed to Peter de Roos, husband of his sister Adelina. Helmsley was held by descendants of the Roos until 1688.

Elizabeth Etheredge

(1743 - before 7 September 1821)
     Elizabeth Etheredge was born in 1743. Elizabeth was a school mistress.
Elizabeth Etheredge married James Dempster, son of Patriarch? Dempster, on 16 December 1763 in St Mary, Iwerne Steepleton, Dorset. He is probably the James Dempster who married Elizabeth Etheredge by licence (Faculty Office) 16 Dec 1763 in Iwerne Steepleton, Dorset, both of this parish. The witnesses were Robert Waghorn & Jno. x Sheppard.      
Elizabeth Etheredge paid land tax as Elizabeth Dempster in 1795 in Mitcham, Surrey. There was also a Mrs Dempster senior paying tax there a the same time.
Elizabeth Etheredge witnessed Capt George Robertson and Elizabeth Dempster's wedding on 17 August 1797 in St Katherine Cree, London.
In 1798, Mrs Dempster, Ladies Boarding School, Mitcham purchased 12 copies of The structure of the English language.... Elizabeth Dempster was widowed before 14 December 1803 on the death of her husband James Dempster.
     Administration of the estate of James Dempster was granted to Elizabeth Etheredge, on 21 February 1804 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury James Dempster the elder of Mitcham Surrey, to Elizabeth his widow, the personal property being under £1000.
Elizabeth Etheredge was listed in a directory dated between 1805 and 1814 as Mrs Elizabeth Dempster at Ladies Boarding School, Mitcham, Surrey.
     Elizabeth resided at Mitcham, Surrey, 29 December 1810. Lease and release: 1) Charles Knowlton of Spalding, Lincolnshire, gent and Jane his wife and Elizabeth Gascoigne of Mitcham, spinster, said Jane and Elizabeth being two of the children of James Clobury Gascoigne esq, late of Mitcham, deceased
2) Harry Stoe of Hammersmith, Middlesex, esq
Premises: messuage at Mitcham, heretofore in possession of Alexander Trotter, late of John Raffle, deceased, now of [blank], with barn, stable and outhouses belonging, and several pieces of land viz: 1½a meadow or pasture at Blacklands abutting south on lands now or late of George Smith, north on lands now or late of Henry Byne; ½a in Eastfield in Baker Lane Shott late adjoining lands in possession of Thomas Hinckley; 3r in said field in Tomaline Lane Shott late adjoining land of [blank] Thurland esq; 3r in same field in Middle Shott late adjoining lands of [blank] Brewton; 1½a in Sandy Lane Shott; a close in Mepham of 1½a, [other lands with field names and bounds given] late in occupation of executors of John Raffle; also messuage at Mitcham, with garden, stable, coach-house, brewhouse and coalhouse, 3a meadow, and 1a meadow [bounds given] formerly in occupation of William Dawson; also messuage called the Great White House, with wash house, stable, yard, garden and orchard [bounds given] late in occupation of John Fookes now of Mrs Elizabeth Dempster; also messuage in Mitcham with garden, stable, wash house, brewhouse and coalhouse. Also clause to lead to uses of a Fine.
Consideration £3,000 subject to unclaimed legacies, [details given] under will of James C Gascoigne.
On 13 January 1811, Elizabeth Dempster, of Mitcham, Surrey school mistress paid duty for the apprenticeship indenture for Ann Marsh..
     Elizabeth Etheredge and James Dempster were recorded on 27 May 1811 census in Mitcham, Surrey. No. 332: Mrs Dempster, no. 504: James Dempster. This could be father or son. Elizabeth Etheredge witnessed the second marriage of Timothy Smith and Elizabeth Dempster on 24 June 1812 in St John, Clerkenwell, London.
     In James Dempster's will dated 6 May 1819 in Mitcham, Elizabeth Etheredge was named as heir.
     Elizabeth died before 7 September 1821 in Kennington, Surrey. She was buried on 7 September 1821 in Mitcham. Elizabeth Dempster (of) Kennington (aged) 78 years.

Children of Elizabeth Etheredge and James Dempster

Elizabeth or Margaret de Etton

     Elizabeth or Margaret de Etton married Thomas Fairfax in 1349.

Child of Elizabeth or Margaret de Etton and Thomas Fairfax

Cynan ap Eudaf Hen

Child of Cynan ap Eudaf Hen

Coronoc ab Eurbre Wyddel

     Coronoc ab Eurbre Wyddel was the son of Eubre Wyddel.

Child of Coronoc ab Eurbre Wyddel

Albert Evans

(5 January 1877 - 1 April 1929)
     Albert Evans was born on 5 January 1877 in Wangaratta, Victoria. He was the son of John Evans and Eleanor Lucy Whitty.
     Albert died on 1 April 1929 in East Melbourne, Victoria, aged 52. He was buried in Whitfield.

Albert Edward Evans

(11 April 1894 - 1952)
     Albert Edward Evans was born on 11 April 1894 in Corryong, Victoria. He was the son of Evan Robert Evans and Ann Maria Smith.
     Albert was registered as Albert Edward Evans, farmer at Cudgewa, Indi, Victoria, on the 1924 electoral roll.
     Albert died in 1952 in Victoria.

Alicia Monica Evans

(17 September 1993 - 19 September 1993)
     Alicia Monica Evans was born on 17 September 1993.
     Alicia died on 19 September 1993.

Ann Evans

(2 July 1787 - )
     Ann Evans was christened on 2 July 1787 in Little Ness, Baschurch, Shropshire. She was the daughter of William Evans and Elizabeth Unknown (Evans).

Ann Evans

(5 August 1781 - 19 May 1803)
     Ann Evans was born on 5 August 1781 in Baschurch, Shropshire. She was the daughter of Thomas Evans and Elizabeth Unknown (Evans).
     Ann died on 19 May 1803 in Pescott, Baschurch, Shropshire, aged 21. She was buried on 24 May 1803 in Baschurch, Shropshire.

Ann Evans

(21 December 1777 - )
     Ann Evans was christened on 21 December 1777 in Baschurch, Shropshire. She was the daughter of Samuel Evans and Mary Unknown (Evans).

Arthur Evans

(circa 1774 - before 14 April 1833)
     Arthur resided at Yagdon, Shropshire?, England.
Arthur Evans married Mary Unknown (Evans). Arthur Evans was born circa 1774. Arthur was present at William Evans's christening on 7 January 1798 in Baschurch, Shropshire. Arthur was present at Arthur Evans's christening on 15 February 1801 in Baschurch, Shropshire. Arthur was present at Richard Evans's christening on 29 April 1804 in Baschurch, Shropshire. Arthur was present at Elizabeth Evans's christening on 22 November 1810 in Baschurch, Shropshire.
     Arthur died before 14 April 1833 in Baschurch, Shropshire. He was buried on 14 April 1833 in Baschurch, Shropshire.

Children of Arthur Evans and Mary Unknown (Evans)

Arthur Evans

(15 February 1801 - )
     Arthur Evans was christened on 15 February 1801 in Baschurch, Shropshire. He was the son of Arthur Evans and Mary Unknown (Evans).

Arthur Edward Evans

(27 April 1869 - 1 February 1871)
     Arthur Edward Evans was born on 27 April 1869 in Oxley, Victoria. He was the son of David Evans and Mary Jones.
     Arthur died on 1 February 1871 in Victoria aged 1.

Arthur Llewellin Evans

(1873 - )
     Arthur Llewellin Evans was born in 1873 in St Kilda, Victoria. He was the son of Evan Evans and Mary Louise Johnson Wintle.

Benjamin Evans

(11 November 1834 - 9 January 1839)
     Benjamin Evans was born on 11 November 1834 in Llangadock, Carmarthenshire, Wales. He was the son of John Evans and Eleanor Evans. Benjamin Evans was christened on 11 December 1834 in Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
     Benjamin died of whooping cough on 9 January 1839 in Llangadock, Carmarthenshire, aged 4. He was buried on 22 January 1839.
Benjamin Evans married Jane King in 1875 in Victoria, Australia. He does not appear to be the son of John Evans as he is not mentioned in the disposal of his estate..

Children of Benjamin Evans and Jane King

Benjamin Evans

(1887 - )
     Benjamin Evans was born in 1887 in Moyhu, Victoria. He was the son of Benjamin Evans and Jane King.

Bertie Thomas Evans

(11 December 1907 - before 25 September 1978)
     Bertie Thomas Evans was also known as Tom in records. He was born on 11 December 1907 in Corryong, Victoria. He was the son of Evan Robert Evans and Ann Maria Smith.
     Bertie died before 25 September 1978 in Corryong, Victoria. He was buried on 25 September 1978 in Corryong.

Caroline Elizabeth Evans

(1850 - 18 November 1895)
     Caroline Elizabeth Evans was commonly known as Carrie. She was christened in 1850 in St James Church of England, Melbourne, Victoria. She was the daughter of James Evans and Amelia Barham.
Caroline Elizabeth Evans married James MacKenzie, son of William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal, on 14 October 1872 in Fitzroy, Victoria. McKENZIE-EVANS. - On the 14th inst., at 92 Napier street, by the Rev. R. Hamilton, James M'Kenzie, of Port Albert, to Caroline Elizabeth, second daughter of the late James Evans, builder, Fitzroy.
James & Carrie were both popular amateur singers, both at the Alberton and the Tarraville courthouses, James often sang with (at the time not-so-famous) Ada Crossley.
     Caroline died of tuberculosis on 18 November 1895 in Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, Victoria. Obituary: The friends of Mr James McKenzie will regret to hear that Mrs McKenzie, who had been a long time sufferer from a complication of troubles which baffled the best medical skill, passed away on Monday last. The deceased lady, who had been a great sufferer for several years prior to her death, was well known and highly esteemed in the more prosperous days of Port Albert as a prominent member of the social circle, and active worker with local residents whenever a church bazaar was on the wing, or a local institution claimed attention. In her own home she was hospitable to a degree, and on the amateur platform in the early 80's Mrs. McKenzie was always sure of a cordial welcome. The patrons of mirth and melody in the Alberton Courthouse, before the local institute became a pleasing fact, will remember how genial was the reception that was accorded to her by the closely packed audience in that old historic building. Of late years affliction and sickness compelled retirement from the musical circle, and hence the fact that it was only personal friends that knew how much of suffering to the wife and painful solicitude for the husband had been the painful experience of Mr. & Mrs. McKenzie for several years - prior to the closing scene on Monday last, which forms the subject of a brief but sombre notice in our advertising columns this morning. The very best skill and advantages of trained nursing were brought into requisition by Mr. McKenzie; but it was of little avail, and after patiently enduring the pain and suspense of hoping against hope, the subject of our notice passed quietly away at her temporary residence in Victoria Parade on Monday afternoon.
The funeral will take place this afternoon, Mr. D. T. McKenzie being a passenger by the midday train yesterday, for the purpose of being present at the funeral
. She was buried on 20 November 1895 in Melbourne General Cemetery, Victoria. Her gravestone reads: In memory of Caroline Elizabeth, the beloved wife of James McKENZIE of South Gippsland, who died 18 Nov 1895. age 45 yrs.

Catherine Elizabeth Evans

(30 January 1789 - )
     Catherine Elizabeth Evans was born on 30 January 1789 in Islington, London. She was the daughter of William Evans. Catherine Elizabeth Evans was christened on 1 March 1789 in St Mary, Islington, Middlesex.
Catherine Elizabeth Evans married John Mould on 13 August 1810 in St Benet Fink, London. The banns were called in July 1810..

Charles Evans

(circa 1856 - 15 June 1934)
     Charles Evans was born circa 1856 in Birmingham, Warwickshire. A Charles was registered in the March quarter of 1857 in the Warwick Registration District and in the Sep quarter of 1858 in the Birmingham RD. He was the son of John Evans and Sarah Baker. George, Clara, Charles, John, Frances and Sarah were listed as the children of John Evans in the 1861 census in 78 Moseley Street, Deritend, Aston, Birmingham. Clara, Frances, John and Charles were listed as the children of Sarah Baker in the 1871 census in 53 Conybere Street, Bordesley, Aston, Birmingham. Charles was a music teacher, in Birmingham. Frances, John and Charles were listed as the children of Sarah Baker in the 1881 census in 222 Conybere Street, Bordesley, Aston, Birmingham.
     Charles resided at Conybere Street, Birmingham, from 1881 to 1901. He was described as a music teacher.
The marriage of Charles Evans and Alice Harriett Hipkins was registered in Kings Norton RD in the September 1883 quarter.
     Charles Evans and Alice Harriett Hipkins were recorded on the 1891 census in 210 Conybere St, Aston, Birmingham. Charles Evans, 34, musician, born Birmingham? and his wife Alice aged 35, born Birmingham and son Charles A aged 6, scholar, born Birmingham.
     Charles Evans and Alice Harriett Hipkins were recorded on the 1901 census in Aston, Birmingham . Charles Evans, head, 44, professor of music, working at home, his wife Alice H, 45 and sons Charles A 16, physiological laboratory steward, Harold J 8, all born at Birmingham.
     Charles resided at 69 Edward Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, from 1902 to 1935. He was described as a music teacher.
     Charles died on 15 June 1934 in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, Warwickshire. His wife was listed at that address from 1935 to 1937

     His will was proved on 30 August 1934 at Birmingham. Charles Evans of 69 Edward Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, died 15 June 1934; to Harriet Evans, widow, Charles Arthur Lovatt Evans, D.Sc. & Harold John Baker Evans, Post Office official. Effects underl £10780/14/8.

Children of Charles Evans and Alice Harriett Hipkins