Maria Jane Gay

(circa 1854 - 1882)
     Maria Jane Gay was born circa 1854.
Maria Jane Gay married James Emerson Coulthard in 1873 in Victoria, Australia.
     Maria died in 1882 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia.

Children of Maria Jane Gay and James Emerson Coulthard

Eleanor Gaye

     Eleanor Gaye married Robert Ruby on 15 July 1566 in South Huish, Devon.

John Gayson

     John Gayson married Elizabeth Hales, daughter of Sir James Hales K.B. and Mary Hales, circa 1526.

Thomas Gaze

     Thomas Gaze married Grace Bland, daughter of Raffe Bland (of Lowestoft) and Joan or Jone Unknown, on 5 July 1596 in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

David Campbell Cryer Gebbie

(1866 - 1944)
     David Campbell Cryer Gebbie was born in 1866 in New Zealand. He was the son of John Gebbie and Ellen Cryer.
David Campbell Cryer Gebbie married Violet Bowker, daughter of Henry Layton Bowker and Margaret Agnes Dudley, in 1923 in New Zealand.
     David died in 1944 in New Zealand.

Donald Lancelot Gebbie

(1884 - 1954)
     Donald Lancelot Gebbie was born in 1884 in New Zealand. He was the son of John Gebbie and Ellen Cryer.
Donald Lancelot Gebbie married Edith Gertrude Bowker, daughter of Henry Layton Bowker and Margaret Agnes Dudley, in 1908 in St Luke's, Christchurch, New Zealand.
     Donald died in 1954 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Children of Donald Lancelot Gebbie and Edith Gertrude Bowker

Ethel Mary Gebbie

(9 December 1910 - 1991)
     Ethel Mary Gebbie married Aubrey Pollock.
Ethel Mary Gebbie married Basil Ames Gammon as her second husband.. Ethel Mary Gebbie was born on 9 December 1910 in New Zealand. She was the daughter of Donald Lancelot Gebbie and Edith Gertrude Bowker.
     Ethel died in 1991 in New Zealand.

Gerald Bowker Gebbie

(23 January 1918 - 1992)
     Gerald Bowker Gebbie was born on 23 January 1918 in New Zealand. He was the son of Donald Lancelot Gebbie and Edith Gertrude Bowker.
     Gerald died in 1992 in Christchurch, New Zealand.
     His will was proved in 1992 at Christchurch.

Child of Gerald Bowker Gebbie

Ian Donald Gebbie

(22 February 1909 - 28 May 1987)
     Ian Donald Gebbie was born on 22 February 1909 in New Zealand. He was the son of Donald Lancelot Gebbie and Edith Gertrude Bowker. Ian was a surgeon.
Ian Donald Gebbie married Honor Carswell in June 1936 in the Presbyterian church, Ipoh, Malaya.
     Ian died on 28 May 1987 in Cromwell Hospital, Lake Hawea, South Island, New Zealand, aged 78.
     His will was proved in 1987 at Dunedin.

Jean Gebbie

(14 February 1913 - after 23 June 1963)
     Jean Gebbie was born on 14 February 1913 in New Zealand. She was the daughter of Donald Lancelot Gebbie and Edith Gertrude Bowker.
Jean Gebbie married Francis Cleve Overbury Cox on 7 August 1935 in St Barnabus, Fendalton, Canterbury, New Zealand. Ian Donald Gebbie died 28 May 1987 Cromwell Hospital South Island NZ. Married (1) Honor Carswell June 1936 Presbyterian Church Ipoh Malaya (2) Lorna Domithorne Millane 29 October 1971 St Marys Church Merrivale Christchurch NZ
Geral Bowker Gebbie married Daphne Rowe.
     Jean died after 23 June 1963 in New Zealand.

Child of Jean Gebbie and Francis Cleve Overbury Cox

Jerome Hunter Gebbie

(4 November 1941 - 6 October 1981)
     Jerome was a lawyer. He was born on 4 November 1941 in New Zealand. He was the son of Gerald Bowker Gebbie.
     Jerome died on 6 October 1981 in New Zealand aged 39.

John Gebbie

(1840 - 1888)
     John Gebbie was born in 1840 in Petone, Wellington, New Zealand. He was the son ofJohn Gebbie from Ayrshire (1822-1850) who settled in NZ in 1840.
(His father) John Gebbie and Mary, his wife, came to Wellington in 1840 under engagement with William Deans, and moved down with the Deanses when they settled at Riccarton in 1843. By the time he came to Riccarton Gebbie had saved £90 from his wages, and in the summer of 1845, when his engagement expired, he and Samuel Manson, another hand who had come out with the Deanses each hired a 'bowen' of 14 cows from Deans Brothers and settled near the head of Port Cooper. They both rented land from the Maoris. The terms on which they had their cattle were 50/-a year for each cow, and all calves to be reared for the Deans brothers. Gebbie had enough savings also to buy two good cows and a mare outright, and enough money over for about a year's stores. He (and also Manson) did very well from the beginning and would have done better still if, in their first season, a large part of their produce had not gone down with Captain Sinclair in his cutter on the way to Wellington. From 13 cows in milk Gebbie had made 7001b of butter and near 24001b of cheese in the season. At that time butter sold at 1/1½ and cheese at 1/-, but butter soon rose to 1/3. In 1847 Gebbie began sheep-farming as well as dairying. On the arrival of the Canterbury settlers he bought a fifty-acre section of page 338freehold with a small pre-emptive right grazing lease attached to it.
Unfortunately Gebbie died early in 1851, aged 28 or 29, leaving a wife and six children and £1000 worth of property; but with the help and advice of John Deans Mrs Gebbie carried on the station and continued to do well. In his Letters from Canterbury Archdeacon Paul speaks of the Gebbies' 'dairy station famous for producing the best Port Cooper cheese.'
In January, 1852, Mrs Gebbie got a pasturage license for Run 12 of five thousand acres, and in 1862 another for Run 431, on the lake shore, also five thousand acres, but owing to freehold buying, the area of both together had been reduced to seven thousand seven hundred acres in 1864. In the 'seventies and 'eighties the station was carrying some 6000 sheep, and about 1890 the land was divided among the family, some of whom are living on it still. The name of the homestead is Burnt Hollow; but the station was always known as Gebbie's Run in the old days. This account of John Gebbie is taken from Canterbury Pioneers, edited by John Deans.
Copied from:
The Early Canterbury Runs: Containing the First, Second and Third (new) Series, by L. G. D. Acland. Whitcombe and Tombs Limited, 1946. Part of: [EMAIL:]New Zealand Texts Collection [:EMAIL].
John Gebbie married Ellen Cryer in 1865 in New Zealand. They had 4 sons and 5 daughters.
     John died in 1888 in New Zealand.
He and his father ares mentioned under 'Old Colonists' in the Cyclopedia of New Zealand.
Mr John Gebbie, of Gebbie's Valley, was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1822, and came out to the Colony under the New Zealand Association in 1840, in the ship “Aurora.” After passing three years in Wellington he came to Riccarton in 1843. He settled at the head of Port Cooper, (now Lyttelton), in 1845, and leased land from the natives, as he could not get possession of, or a transfer for the land, which he had bought in London. He subsequently took up the valley, which came to be known by his name, and stocked the land with dairy cattle, the produce of which was sold chiefly in Wellington. Mr Gebbie died in 1850, and the valley became the property of his second son, Mr John Gebbie, who was born at Petone, Wellington, in 1840. He greatly improved the valley as a property. While doing this he also took an active part in public affairs, and was a member of the Akaroa County Council, and the road board, a director of the Saleyards Company, and chairman of the local school committee. In 1865 he married Miss Cryer, and when he died in 1888 he left a family of four sons and five daughters

Children of John Gebbie and Ellen Cryer

John Campbell Cryer Gebbie

(1866 - 1926)
     John Campbell Cryer Gebbie was also known as John Campbell Crier in records. He was born in 1866 in New Zealand. He was the son of John Gebbie and Ellen Cryer.
John Campbell Cryer Gebbie married Agnes Maryann Bowker, daughter of Henry Layton Bowker and Margaret Agnes Dudley, on 1 June 1904 in Christchurch, New Zealand. They had no issue.
     John died in 1926 in Gebbie's Valley, New Zealand.

Jean Geddes

(circa 1780 - )
     Jean Geddes was born circa 1780.
Jean Geddes married Alexander MacPherson, son of unlinked early MacPherson, before 1803.

Children of Jean Geddes and Alexander MacPherson

Margeria Gee

( - 26 December 1638)
     Margeria Gee married Nicholas Ludlam on 16 May 1591 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.
     Margeria was buried on 26 December 1638 in Tankersley, Yorkshire.

Child of Margeria Gee and Nicholas Ludlam

Walter Mallock Gee

     The marriage of Walter Mallock Gee and Elizabeth Mary Gertrude Hilton, daughter of Rev John Denne Hilton and Elizabeth Frances Steer, was registered in Uxbridge RD, Middlesex, in the September 1873 quarter. They had issue.
     Walter Mallock Gee and Elizabeth Mary Gertrude Hilton were recorded on the 1881 census in the Woodlands, Frimley Rd, Frimley, Surrey. He was a wine merchant aged 36, born Maldon?, Devon; she was aged 33 born Blackdown Dorset, they had 5 children Collingwood w, aged 6, Hilton aged 4, Nora G aged 3, Bertha 2, & Herbert R H aged 2, the last three born at Frimley, the first two at Halstead, Kent. At the same address, but a separate household were Jane Gee, mother aged 81, Arthur H Molesworth, visitor, unmarried aged 20, undergraduate, born Betteshant, Kent adn 6 servants.

Alice Geere

     Alice Geere was the daughter of Thomas Geere and Barbara Berde.
Alice Geere married Stephen Towner on 24 October 1626 in Ovingdean, Sussex. Stephen Towner of Kingston & Als Geer of Ovingden [1624?].

Allen Geere

( - 26 April 1569)
     Allen Geere was the son of John Geere and Joan Unknown (Geere).
     Allen was buried on 26 April 1569 in Wivelsfield, Sussex.

Ann Geere

     Ann Geere was the daughter of John Geere and Joan Unknown (Geere).
Ann Geere married John Howell on 15 January 1574/75 in Rottingdean, Sussex. They witnessed Diones Geere's will dated circa 1607 in North Mundham, Sussex.

Ann Geere

(26 June 1596 - )
     Ann Geere was christened on 26 June 1596 in Rottingdean, Sussex. She was the daughter of Thomas Geere and Barbara Berde.

Barbara Geere

(10 January 1590 - before 12 May 1623)
     Barbara Geere was christened on 10 January 1590 in Rottingdean, Sussex. She was the daughter of Thomas Geere and Barbara Berde.
Barbara Geere married Nicholas Pancaster or Pankhurst on 24 June 1613 in Ovingdean, Sussex. 1613 Marryed Nichlas Pacaster (with mark of omission over the "a") & Barbara Geere.
For further details on this family see:
     Barbara Geere made a will dated 4 May 1623. In her will, dated 4 May 1623, Barbara Panckhurst widow of Nicholas Panckhurst late of Iford deceased" asked to be buried "in the churchyard of the parish of Iford" and bequeathed to "Simon Johnson, Henry Strowd, Thomas Baker, William Mershe and William Morrice, poor men of Iford," 12d. apiece; to "the widow Collier and the widow Peckham, the widow Jeffery & the widow Peckham," 12d. apiece; to "the widow Lansing & to Tomson Colliar," 6d. apiece; to "my daughter Elizabeth," 10lb; to "my daughters Anne and Barbara," household goods; to "my maid Dennis Mersh," 20s., "providing she be willing and do go dwell as servant where my children shall be kept"; to "my servant John Peckham," 2s. 6d; residue to "my daughter Joane," she to be sole executrix; "my loving brother Dennis Geere" to be overseer[ A18:108].
On 2 October 1639, "Michael Williamson & Anne his wife make a letter of deputation & procuratorship to Anthony Stapley of Patcham in Sussex, Esq., to receive of Elizabeth Geere of Lewis [Lewes] in Sussex, widow, executrix of the last will & testament of Dennis Geere late of Saugost deceased 50lb. legacy given by him to the said Anne by the name of Anne Panckhurst"[Lechford 206].Lechford also prepared "a letter to Mrs. Geere. And a release conditional to Mr. Stapley"[Lechford 206].On 1 September 1640, "Michael Williamson of Rode Island in New England, locksmith, and Anne his wife otherwise called Anne Panckhurst releases the [said] Elizabeth Geere &c."[Lechford 302]

     Barbara died before 12 May 1623 in Suffolk.
     Her will was proved on 12 May 1623.

Catherine Geere

(25 August 1594 - )
     Catherine Geere was christened on 25 August 1594 in Wivelsfield, Sussex, England. She was the daughter of Richard Geere.

Charity Geere

(29 March 1681 - )
     Charity Geere was christened on 29 March 1681 in Rottingdean, Sussex. She was the daughter of Diones Geere and Charity Beard.
     Charity Geere was mentioned in the will of Diones Geere dated 1697.
Charity Geere married Henry Light circa 23 September 1706 in Sussex.

Charles Geere

( - circa 1740)
     Charles Geere was the son of Thomas Geere and Mercy Doe.
     Charles died circa 1740. Charles owned large estates including Hangleton and Balsdean Manor and was also the owner of Rottingdean windmill. In his will he is described as gentleman. He left his estate to his widow Elizabeth. The Victoria County History relates how, creditors being very pressing, she was forced to sell the estates.
1741 Friend v. Geere. Bill & 6 answers. Plaintiffs: Thomas Friend, mercer of Lewes, Sussex (a creditor of Charles Geere, deceased, and a creditor of Elizabeth Geere, a daughter of Thomas Geere, deceased who was nephew of said Charles Geere), Sarah Geere and Charles Geere (children of said Thomas Geere), Charles Geere an infant (son of said Charles Geere; by his said father), Charles Penfold and Mary Penfold his wife (a daughter on said Thomas Geere), William Penfold (son of said Charles Penfold and Mary Penford, an infant; by his said father), Robert Paul Freeman and Mercy Freeman his wife (daughter of said Thomas Geere) legatees of said Charles Geere.
Defendants: Elizabeth Geere, widow, Edward Wood, house carpenter of Rottingdean, Sussex, John Beard, gent, Daniel Beard, gent, John Pool and Elizabeth Pool his wife and Thomas Geere.
1742 Friend v. Pool. Bill only: Plaintiffs: Thomas Friend, mercer of Lewes, Sussex (a creditor of Charles Geere, deceased), Elizabeth Geere, Sarah Geere and Charles Geere (daughters and son of Thomas Geere, a nephew of said Charles Geere) and Charles Geere (son of said Charles Geere) infant (by his said father), Charles Penfold and Mary Penfold his wife (another daughter of said Thomas Geere), William Penfold (son of said Charles Penfold and Mary Penfold his wife) infant (by his said father), Robert Paul Freeman and Mercy Freeman his wife (another daughter of said Thomas Geere) (legatees of said Charles Geere). Defendants: Thomas Pool.

Charles Geere

(26 August 1687 - before 3 March 1739)
      Charles owned several estates including Bevendean Manor. His brothers Richard & Robert were bachelors and their property passed to him on their deaths. He married late in life and left an only daughter, aged 7 at his death. She later married the Rev Newton.. Charles Geere was christened on 26 August 1687 in Rottingdean, Sussex. He was the son of Diones Geere and Charity Beard.
     Charles Geere was mentioned in the will of Diones Geere dated 1697.
     Charles died before 3 March 1739 in Ovingdean, Sussex. He was buried on 3 March 1739 in St Wulfran, Ovingdean. Capt Charles Geere.

Daughter Geere

     Daughter Geere was the daughter of Thomas Geere and Elizabeth Bannister.

Diones Geere

(26 August 1565 - before 21 October 1607)
     Diones Geere was christened on 26 August 1565 in Wivelsfield, Sussex. He was the son of John Geere and Joan Unknown (Geere).
     Diones resided at Bletchingly, Hampshire, between 1582 and 1585.
22 Sep. 1592. He was listed in a Deposition book, f17. Dep. Dennis Geere yeoman of North Mundham. Lived N. Mundham 7 years. Before lived Bletchingly Hants 3 years. Born Wivelsfield. Age 26. Wit.sign. f17v.
Early Sussex Charters and Documents (Volume 8, Page 15) records:
9.INDENTURE between John Brown of Chichester Cole burner and Dorothy his wife on one part and Denis Geere of Laythorn Gent on the other.
Agreement to levy a fine to use of Denis Geare concerning a freehold messuage and close of two acres in South Pallant Chichester situated between the cottage one John Dunstables and now Richard Stanney's Esq on the north and the Queen's highway leading near the South Walls of the city on the south, a croft of land of the Hospital of St Mary on the East and the Queen's highway on the West. 5th April 1599.
10.Conveyance of same for £60. 5th April 1599..
     Diones Geere made a will dated circa 1607 in North Mundham, Sussex. I Dennys of Laythorne in the parish of North Mundham in the county of Sussex being of good and perfect remembrance thanks be unto Almighty God do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.
Firstt I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God my Creator and to Jesus Christ my Redeemer who shed his most precious blood upon the cross for the redemption of me and all mankind trusting only by his death and passion to have free pardon and remission of all my sins.
My body I bequeath to the earth from whence it came and to be buryed in the Church of North Mundham according to the appointment of my Executor and Overseers.
And my desire is that the worshipfull and my good friend Francis Cox Doctor of Divinity to preach at my burial unto whom I give a legacy of twenty shillings.
And as touching my house curtilage and b.... and lands with the apputenament in the pallard within Chichester within the county of Sussex I do will give full power and authority unto my Executor hereunder named to alien and sell the land and house or tenement curtilage and b.... and the lands and .... aforesaid thereunto belonging containing two acres more or less within one year of my decease and the money thereof .... to be employed towards the payment of any debts legacies and funeral expenses All which debts and legacies my mind is shall be paid within one year after my decease. And if it fortune my Executor to decease within the said year above written then my Overseer (?) should sell the .... to the use and intent above expressed and declared
Item .. (long list of legacies to friends): £3 5s 8d, 20s, my yelding, 40s, 10s, chest of linen in the gallery plus £40, one hundreth ..... of lawful money (?), my cloak of ...... with velvet, 10s, 20s, 10s, 40s and 20 bushels of wheat, 10s, 40s, 10s, 10s, 5s, 40s, 5s, £5, 40s to the poor of Northmundham
Item I do give twenty shillings to be employed upon a window in the church at Mr Danyells appointment or the other Vicar that shall succeed
Item 10s to the poor of Luntton (?), £5 to Mr Boyan Lister Clerke (?) And 10s to his wife.
Item £10 to nephew John, 40 s to Joane, 40s to Jane, £3 to Elizabeth, children of my brother John.
Item I give unto each child of my sister Gurners (Turners ?) forty shillings apiece
Item I give unto my sister Anne Howell's children forty shillings a piece
Item £3 to my sister Elizabeth Gurner (Turner ?) And £3 to my sister Anne Howells.
tem I do give unto Thomas Geare the eldest son of my brother Thomas Geare's five pounds and unto every child that my brother hath forty shillings a piece and unto his wife ten shillings.
Other legacies to friends 10s, 10s, 10s, 10s, 20s, £5, £10, 40s, 20s, 40s, 20s, £3 5s 8d, 10s. [Transcript by Jeremy Geere]
"Sidlesham Past and Present" p.141
The Anchor Inn an ancient hostelry copyhold of the Manor of Sidlesham which belonged to the Bishops of Chichester for over 900 years from time of St Wilfred until the Manor was confiscated and sold by Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1598. Deeds have been seen by courtesy of Solicitors.
Aug 11th 1607 Adrian Houghton and John Thompson of West Stoke the new Lords of the Manor did demise grant and to farm unto Diones Geere one parcel of land called Long Garden containing about an acre lying in Sidlesham at Street End by the name of a cottage and Park land which cottage being ruined, there had lately been erected thereon 2 Messuages or dwelling houses which had before been in the tenure of William Laundish (who held by Copy of Court Roll according to Custom of the Manor of Sidlesham) to hold unto Diones Geere from Feast of St Michael the Archangel last for term of 1000 years at 8 pence a year. Heriot of 7d at death, quit rent of 7d to be paid. Later a fine of 5s paid at each change of Tenancy.
1660 - held by George Greene, citized and Alderman of Chichester
     Diones died before 21 October 1607 in North Mundham, Sussex. Diones settled at North Mundham and was a bachelor. He was buried on 21 October 1607 in North Mundham, Sussex.

Diones Geere

(circa 1605 - 1637)
     Diones Geere was commonly known as Dennis. He was born circa 1605 in Ovingdean, Sussex. He was the son of Thomas Geere and Barbara Berde.
     Diones Geere was mentioned in the will of Diones Geere dated between 1620 and 1639.
Mortgage (bargain and sale) for £102 21 Sep 1630: John Duffield of Lewes, mercer, and his son and heir William Duffield of Lewes, butcher, to Diones Geer of Ovingdean, yeoman
Two messuages, barns, stables, buildings, gardens and orchards in Lewes St Michael, occupied by John and William Duffield, Mary Everenden, widow, and John Standen
W: William Dodsonn the younger, Edward Hodson, George Seager
Endorsed this belongs to ?Blakers house
Diones Geere married Elizabeth Mounke on 21 December 1630 in Ovingdean, Sussex. New England marriages states that he was married c.1631 at Lynn, Mass.
1 Nov 1633. By Pardon Tillinghurst of Ifeild, cooper, to Dennis Geere of Ovingdean, yeoman, for £250, of a messuage &c. and 12ac. in Streat, (described in part as in deeds SAS-M/1/319 and 320), also 3½ ac. called Streetlyd lately purchased by John Tillinghurst, father of the grantor, of Gregorie Pardon, grandfather of the grantor, and another piece called Bottommeade sometime Gregory Pardon's
Signature of Pardon Tillinghurst and seal. Witnesses:--Robert Moonk, Gregory Pardon
Lived in Ovingdean until 1635 when he emigrated to the puritan colony of Massachusetts, USA. Both he and his wife died there within a few years. He left his American estate to the puritan cause, his executors for this included John Winthrop the elder, founder of the colony, and Hugh Peter, preacher, one of the regicides who was executed after the restoration for his part in the death of Charles I. His English estate he left to his children. They probably lived with their uncle at Ovingdean.
Diones Geere and Elizabeth Mounke emigrated from England between May 1635 and July 1635 to Massachusetts, USA, per "Abigail". 4 May-10 July 1635: Passengers to be transported [from London] to New England in the "Abigail", Mr Richard [elsewhere Robert] Hackwell ... From Isleworth: Dennis Geere, 30, his wife Elizabeth, 22, and two children, Ellizabet 3 and Sara 2 ... They were of Lynn Isleworth, Middlesex. Arrived Boston 8 Oct 1635; another transcript states they were from Falmer Sussex and bound for Lynn, Massachusetts.
xv° Junij, 1635. Theis vnder written names are to be transported to New England: imbarqued in the Abigail de Lo: Mr H. Hackwell : The p'tie having brought Certificate from the minister of Thisselworth of his conformitie to the orders and discipline of the Church of England. He hath taken the oaths of Allegiance and Supremacie.
(Thisselton may be found mentioned in the Topographies of that time, but no Thistle-worth or Thesselworth. Thisselton then, and Thistleton now, exist in Rutlandshire. But Isleworth in Middlesex was sometimes called Thistleworth.
Dennis Geere 30, Elizabeth Geere, uxor, 22; Elizabeth Geere 3, Sara Geere 2, children; Anne Pancrust 16, Eliz: Tusolie 55, Constant Wood 12
     Diones died in 1637 in Massachusetts. Other sources state 1635. He left £300 to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Children of Diones Geere and Elizabeth Mounke

Diones Geere

(16 October 1624 - )
     Diones Geere was also known as Dennis in records. He was christened on 16 October 1624 in Ovingdean, Sussex. He was the son of Thomas Geere and Mary Friend.
Diones Geere married Letitia Whittington. She was the daughter of Thomas Whittington of Beeding als Seale, Sussex, gent. Diones Geere was an executor of Thomas Geere's estate on 25 April 1650 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
     Diones resided at Warningcamp, near Arundel, Sussex.

Child of Diones Geere and Letitia Whittington

Diones Geere

(circa 1644 - 1698)
     Diones Geere was also known as Dennis in records. He was born circa 1644 in Sussex. He was the son of Thomas Geere and Mercy Doe.
Diones moved to Rottingdean where he was a yeoman farmer.
Diones Geere married Charity Beard, daughter of Richard Beard, on 20 October 1672 in Rottingdean, Sussex. Diones Geere was mentioned in the manor court roll dated 6 January 1679/80, in Rottingdean Rottingdeane Mannor: Thomas Geere and Richard Geere surendered the premises to Nicholas Tattersall and his heirs.
Curia Baron: ... Thomas Geeer & Rici Geere ... 5th day November ... Dionis Geere ...
Nicholas Tattershall ... 1690 ... Ricus Geere et Elianora uxor ejus ipa? Elianora Sela ... Nchus Tattersall .. Rici Knight
. Diones was present at Charles Geere's christening on 26 August 1687 in Rottingdean, SSX.
In 1692 Dennis Geere mortgaged the property described as formerly George Beards to Barbara Harison (BRD/1/8/1-3). In 1748 Thomas Geer, youngest son of Thomas Geer, deceased, was admitted to the reversion of the property (and to other copyhold property previously George Beards, Wildboars and Charles Geers) after the death of his mother Elizabeth (BRD/1/8/8-9). In 1758 Elizabeth and Thomas sold the property to John Payne of Falmer and his son (BRD/1/8/10) who in 1782 sold to Samuel Ridge of Rottingdean (BRD/1/8/12-15). On his death in 1791 it passed to his daughter Ruth (BRD/1/8/16-18) who married Thomas Beard of Rottingdean. In 1811 Thomas Beard mortgaged it to John Farncombe of Bishopstone, gent (BRD/1/10/4). Diones Geere was mentioned in the manor court roll dated 3 August 1692, in Rottingdean, SSX, Rottingdeane Mannor: Richard Geer and his wife and Nicholas Tattersall out of the entayl by recovery & declared the uses thereof to the said Nicholas and his heirs.
Manor of Rottendeane: ... Ricus Geere et Elianora uxor ejus ipa Elianore Sola ... et Nichus Tattersall ... custom tenentes ... cottagin et garden ... in Rottingdeane ... Rici Knight de Rottingdeane ... so admitted ...
Et ... Dionisius Geere in ... ... sua x Rici Knght doe ...
     Diones Geere made a will dated 1697 in Rottingdean. Releases: Of Henry Light and Charity, his wife, Charles Geere, Dennis Geere, Mrs Charity Geere, John Ade and his wife, Mrs Persis Geere, Robert Geere, William Hylands and wife and Mrs Elizabeth Geere for legacies under the will of Dennis Geere of Rottingdean dated 1697.
     Diones died in 1698.

Children of Diones Geere and Charity Beard