Judith George

(22 December 1776 - )
     Judith George was christened on 22 December 1776 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire. She was the daughter of John George and Betty Coward.

Maria George

(18 July 1779 - before 1781)
     Maria George was christened on 18 July 1779 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire. She was the daughter of John George and Betty Coward.
     Maria died before 1781.

Maria George

(2 September 1781 - )
     Maria George was christened on 2 September 1781 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire. She was the daughter of John George and Betty Coward.
Maria George married John Woodman on 10 April 1814 in Portsea, Hampshire.
     Maria Woodman was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.

Children of Maria George and John Woodman

Mary George

(7 May 1775 - 21 May 1838)
     Mary George was christened on 7 May 1775 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire. There was also a Mary George, daughter of John, baptised 3 Aug 1766 at St Mary's and a Mary Ann, daughter of John on 21 Aug 1763 there. If aged 65 at death as stated in the newspaper, she should be born c 1773. She was the daughter of John George and Betty Coward.
Mary George married James Dempster, son of George Dempster and Elizabeth Unknown, on 21 December 1797 in St Thomas, Portsea, Hampshire. Pallot's marriage index (via Ancestry.com) gives this marriage date as 1773 in the index which starts in 1780!.
     Mary died of inflamation on 21 May 1838 in Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, aged 63.

Mary Ann George

(circa 1867 - after 1935)
     Mary Ann George was born circa 1867 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. She was the daughter of Thomas Daniel George & Mary..
Mary Ann George married George John Ross, son of George Mantoch Ross and Mary Anne Creats, on 27 March 1895 in the Register Office, Pontardawe, Glamorganshire, Wales. He was a horse trainer in Ynispenllwch Rhyndwyclydach at the time.
     Mary died after 1935.

Child of Mary Ann George and George John Ross

Noel Butler George

(24 April 1911 - )
     Noel Butler George was born on 24 April 1911.
Noel Butler George married May Jessie Cawkwell, daughter of Henry Atkinson Cawkwell and Jessie May Dobson, on 19 June 1941.

Cadwy ap Geraint

     Cadwy ap Geraint was born in Wales. He was the son of Gwyar ferch Amlawdd.

Child of Cadwy ap Geraint

Unknown Gerald

(before 1100 - )
     Unknown Gerald was born before 1100.

Children of Unknown Gerald

Frans Johannes Jacobus Gerber

(26 October 1860 - 8 May 1919)
     Frans Johannes Jacobus Gerber was born on 26 October 1860.
Frans Johannes Jacobus Gerber married Lilian Bowker, daughter of Francis William Bowker and Susannah Turner, on 31 July 1893 in George, Western Cape, South Africa.
     Frans died on 8 May 1919 aged 58.

William German

     William resided at Woodwalton, Huntingdonshire. He was born in England. As of 23 January 1827, William German was also known as Germain in records.
William German married Mary Bowker, daughter of David Bowker and Elizabeth Doggit, on 23 January 1827 in Stanground, Huntingdonshire. Married by licence.
William German witnessed John Johnson and Laura Bowker's wedding on 12 April 1827 in Stanground, HUN.

Samuel Leslie Germon

(1892 - 1965)
     Samuel Leslie Germon was also known as Les in records. He was born in 1892 in Dromana, Victoria. Registered 1893.
Samuel Leslie Germon married Hazel Carey, daughter of Reginald Steven(s) Carey and Eleanore Constance Bird, on 4 May 1920 in Malvern, Victoria.
     Samuel died in 1965.

Child of Samuel Leslie Germon and Hazel Carey

Vernon Leslie Germon

(circa 1921 - 1942)
     Vernon Leslie Germon was born circa 1921 in Victoria. He was the son of Samuel Leslie Germon and Hazel Carey.
     Vernon died in 1942 in McKinnon, Victoria.

Sidney Gerrard

     Sidney Gerrard was born. She was the daughter of Sir William Gerrard, Lord Chancellor of Ireland..
Sidney Gerrard married Sir John Wynn (1st Bart), son of Morris Wynne and Jane Bulkeley, circa 1575.

Children of Sidney Gerrard and Sir John Wynn (1st Bart)

William Gerry?

     The marriage of William Gerry? and Emily Ruby, daughter of Samuel Rendell Ruby and Loveday Barter, was registered in Newton Abbot RD, Devon, in the September 1896 quarter.

Elizabeth Gery

     Elizabeth Gery married Michael Le Heup.

Child of Elizabeth Gery and Michael Le Heup

Lola Eileen Giani

(19 September 1907? - 1994)
     Lola Eileen Giani was born on 19 September 1907?.
Lola Eileen Giani married Leslie Thompson MacKenzie, son of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Lily Hannah Attenborough, in 1936 in Victoria.
     Lola died in 1994 in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. She resided at 52 Young St, Bacchus Marsh.

Ann Gibbs

     Ann Gibbs married George Becher, son of John Becher and Mary Cranfield.

Child of Ann Gibbs and George Becher

Elizabeth Gibbs

(circa 1743 - )
     Elizabeth Gibbs was born circa 1743 in Langtoft, Lincolnshire, England. There were two Elizabeths in Langtoft, one baptised 18 July 1743 daughtere of Thomas & Mary, the other on 27 Sep 1744 daughter of John & Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Gibbs married William Bowker on 17 April 1767 in Langtoft, Lincolnshire. A William Bowker 31, of Moulton, married Elizabeth Gibbs, 24.

Children of Elizabeth Gibbs and William Bowker

John Gibbs

( - 1848)
     John Gibbs married Mercy Smith in June 1798 in Purnea/Purnia, India.
     John died in 1848 in India.

Children of John Gibbs and Mercy Smith

Kathleen M Gibbs

     The marriage of Kathleen M Gibbs and Richard Noakes Heatherley, son of Arthur Heatherley, was registered in Leicester, Leicestershire, in the December 1928 quarter.

Lucy Gibbs (McDonald)

(29 September 1805 - )
     Lucy Gibbs (McDonald) was christened on 29 September 1805 in Sultanpoor/Sultanpur, India. She was the daughter of John Gibbs and Mercy Smith.
Lucy Gibbs (McDonald) married Lt Col William Frederick Steer, son of Charles William Steer and Mary Wood, on 3 January 1825 in Cawnpore, Bengal Presidency, India. She was the widow of Lt Cosmo McDonald, of the 1th N.I. (whom she married 6 Sep 1819 at Dacca).
     Lucy Gibbs (McDonald) and Lt Col William Frederick Steer were recorded on the 1841 census in 'Burleigh House', Trinity Rd, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. William Steer 45, Army, born England, Lucy Steer 35, Fanny Steer 12, Frederick Steer 11, Henrietta Steer 6, none born on the same island, Letitia Steer 4, born England, with 3 female servants.
He insured property in Jersey between 1845 & 1850.

Children of Lucy Gibbs (McDonald) and Lt Col William Frederick Steer

Sophia Gibbs

(13 March 1809 - 30 January 1881)
     Sophia Gibbs was also known as Sophy in records. She was born on 13 March 1809 in Dinapore, Bengal Presidency, India. She was the third daughter of Lt Col John Gibbs, Honourable East India Company and Mercy Smith. She was the daughter of John Gibbs and Mercy Smith. Sophia Gibbs was christened on 20 March 1819 in Cawnpore.
Sophia Gibbs married Robert Richard Halahan, son of John Halahan and Mary Handy, on 20 September 1823 in Dinapore, Bengal Presidency.
     In Robert Richard Halahan's will dated 25 September 1831, Sophia Gibbs was named as executrix of the estate; Richared Robert otherwise Robert Halahan: ...Robert Halahan now a Lieutenant in HM service and Quarter Master of His Majesty's 44th Regiment of Foot...
Sophia Gibbs was mentioned on 23 September 1846.
     Sophia died on 30 January 1881 in 30 Palace Rd, Upper Norwood, Croydon RD, Surrey, aged 71.
     Her will was proved on 9 March 1881 at Upper Norwood, Surrey. The will of Sophy Halahan late of 30 Palace Rd Upper Norwood, co. Surrey, widow, who died 30 Jan 1881 at 30 Palace Rd was proved by Ellen Lucy Halahan of Durham House, Sydenham, Rise, Forest Hill, Kent, spinster the daughter the sole executrix.

Children of Sophia Gibbs and Robert Richard Halahan

Janet Lillian Gibon BEM

(2 September 1901 - 13 November 1982)
     Janet Lillian Gibon BEM was born on 2 September 1901.
Janet Lillian Gibon BEM married Godfrey Edmond Dobson, son of Godfrey St Aubyn Dobson and Mary Ann Louisa Thomas, in 1923 in Victoria.
     Janet resided at 23a Thompson St, Maidstone, Victoria.
     Janet died on 13 November 1982 in Maidstone, Victoria, aged 81.

Alwyn Edith Gibson

(1905 - 16 May 1905)
     Alwyn Edith Gibson was born in 1905 in Fremantle, Western Australia. She was the daughter of Robert Wright Gibson and Edith Harriet Bland.
     Alwyn died on 16 May 1905 in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Annie Gibson

(circa 1855 - )
     Annie Gibson was born circa 1855 in Pelham Furneaux, Hertfordshire.
The marriage of Annie Gibson and Rev George Brereton Hooper, son of Rev Robert Poole Hooper and Harriet Brereton, was registered in Wokingham RD in the June 1884 quarter.
     Annie Gibson and Rev George Brereton Hooper were recorded on the 1891 census in the Vicarage, Duloe, Cornwall. George B Hooper, head, 40, clerk in Holy Orders, vicar, born Stanmore, Mdx; Annie, wife, 35, born Pelham Furneaux, Hertfordshire?; with his brother in law Bernard Gibson, 43, graduate of Christ's College, Cambridge, born Pelham Furneaux, Hrt, and his sister in law (both married, presumably to each other) Harriett C Gibson, born Paddington, Mdx and a nephew Arnold ... Gibson, 8 and niece Dorothy Gibson aged 6, both born at Paddington; and two servants.
     Annie Gibson and Rev George Brereton Hooper were recorded on the 1901 census in the Rectory, Camborne, Cornwall. George B Hooper, head, 50, clergyman (Church of England), born Stanmore, Mdx; Annie, wife aged 47, born Pelham, Hrt; with three servants.

Esther Gibson

     Esther Gibson married Thomas Lay, son of William Lay and Ann Smith?, on 21 September 1790 in Stepney, Middlesex.

Children of Esther Gibson and Thomas Lay

Irene Lyndon Gibson

(1896 - 1896)
     Irene died in 1896 in Fremantle, Western Australia. She was born in 1896 in Fremantle, Western Australia. She was the daughter of Robert Wright Gibson and Edith Harriet Bland.

Mary Gibson

     Mary Gibson married Samuel John Ashby, son of Patriarch Ashby, on 8 June 1811 in St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Children of Mary Gibson and Samuel John Ashby

Ray Lyndon Gibson

(1 July 1902 - 31 March 1903)
     Ray Lyndon Gibson was born on 1 July 1902 in Fremantle, Western Australia. WRIGHT GIBSON - On July 1 at Mary Street, Fremantle, the wife of R Wright-Gibson - a daughter.. She was the daughter of Robert Wright Gibson and Edith Harriet Bland.
     Ray died on 31 March 1903 in South Fremantle, Western Australia.

Robert Wright Gibson

(circa 1870 - 12 August 1949)
     Robert Wright Gibson was born circa 1870 in Wangaratta, Victoria.
Robert Wright Gibson married Edith Harriet Bland, daughter of Abraham Bland and Harriet Bullett, on 21 December 1892 in 'Aylesbury', Yarram. Bland.— On the 21st December, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. A. F. White, R. Wright, eldest son of Robert Gibson, Esq., of Ascot Vale, to Edith, daughter of A. Bland, Esq., of "Aylesbury" ,Yarram Yarram, South Gippsland..
     Robert died on 12 August 1949 in Perth, Western Australia. GIBSON: On August 12, 1949, at Perth, Robert Wright Gibson, of 18 Nicholson-road, Subiaco, beloved husband of Christobel, father of Vern and Vera; aged 85 years. Privately interred in the Anglican Cemetery, Karrakatta, on August 13, 1949. The Rev. Hawkins officiated at the graveside..

Children of Robert Wright Gibson and Edith Harriet Bland